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Deanna J.

Former collegiate Basketball with high school coaching experience


Decatur, GA





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Qualified_coach_badge Qualified Private Coach

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Adults, Kids, Teenagers


Wing player, Shooting guard, Point guard


Strength, Defense, Shooting

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Group Sessions

Yes; up to 2 athletes


My training location only

Session Duration

60 minutes

Facility Costs

Not Included

More About Me

1 year Assistant Coach for Therrell High School in Atlanta, GA
Spearheaded defensive drills
Kept the Score book
Provided athletes with personal game goals
Provided in practice constructive criticism

3 years team captain and Assistant Coach of the West Georgia Fast Break Intramural University team.
Led team to 3 school championships; 2 state runner ups; 1 Final four appearance
Assisted in the development of offensive plays
Managed the defensive strategies during practices and games

2 years Assistant Basketball Coach for Oak Mountain Academy Varsity Girl’s Team.
Ensured that the girls were properly conditioned and stretched
Mentored and advised the girls in their academics and athletic ability.
Assisted Head coach in drawing up plays and drills so that the team could be more successful.
Taught and demonstrated how to play smart basketball both on defense and offense.

1 year Head basketball coach for Carroll County Parks and Recreation
Taught the basic fundamentals of the game to 9 &10 year old girls.
Formed a healthy rapport with parents for their support
Created and implemented Offensive and Out of Bounds Plays for players to execute.
Mentored young girls during and outside of practice

1 year - Shadowed Former University of West Georgia Head Basketball Coach Craig Roden during women's basketball practices at UWG for career development

1 year - Volunteer coached for A Place of Refuge’s Church basketball team.

Willing to assist in player development through individual and group training.
Will provide all equipment for training/coaching (exercise equipment, cones, basketballs, basketball pump, performance drinks, and water)

Point Guard & Captain of University of West Georgia Fast Break Intramural Team
(2004 - 2008)
4 year Captain
3 year school Women's Intramural Champs
2 years Final Four State Competitors (2005 - 2007)
1 year Semi-Final State Competitors (2008)

Point Guard of Varsity Girls Basketball at Redan High School (2001 - 2004)
4 year Student Athlete with the highest cumulative GPA
2 year Letterman
2 year co-captain

Point Guard of AAU Dekalb County ICE Girls Team (2002 - 2003)

Point Guard and Captain of Junior Varsity Girls Basketball at Redan High School
(2001 - 2002)

Point Guard of Miller Grove Middle School Raiders 8th grade team
Co Captain
Student Athlete with Highest GPA in entire school

Point Guard/Shooting Guard of Boys and Girls Club Association 10U & 11U teams
(1997 - 1998)

Depending on the athlete(s) presented to me, I assess where they currently are ( in conversation and basic skills drills) and tailor make the practices to their needs from that point.

I always begin practice/training sessions with the following necessary routine:
10 minute cardio session
10 minute stretching session

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