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Over 20 years of coaching volleyball and the club, junior national and collegiate level. Skill development and technical training with 200 plus student athletes; recruiting consult View all coaching experience

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In-Person Training for a single athlete

1 session package with Coach Dawn. 60 minute session length

Session Length: 1 hour

$85 1 session + applicable fees

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In-Person Training for a single athlete

3 session package with Coach Dawn. 60 minute session length

Session Length: 1 hour

$230 3 sessions ($77/ea) + applicable fees

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10 session package with Coach Dawn. 60 minute session length

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$595 10 sessions ($60/ea) + applicable fees

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5 session package with Coach Dawn. 60 minute session length

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  • University of Iowa (IA)

  • 20 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Setter, Outside Hitter, Opposite, Middle Blocker, Libero

  • Spiking, Setting, Serving, Serve Receive, Jumping, Hitting, Digging, Blocking


  • University of Iowa (IA)

  • 20 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Setter, Outside Hitter, Opposite, Middle Blocker, Libero

  • Spiking, Setting, Serving, Serve Receive, Jumping, Hitting, Digging, Blocking

More About Coach Dawn

Trainer with Upward Stars
Head Coach for NCAA Div 1
Recruiting Coordinator top Clubs in DC, IL and VA

Head Coach for 1st Alliance 18 White
Previous Coach for Michio Volleyball Club Academy x6yrs
work with USA HP Developmental Camps and Clinics for over ten plus years

recruited and played for NCAA Div 1 and NAIA. Participated in Prairie State Games and tried out for World University Games and National team tryouts in 1992

dynamic stretching; cardio; arm mechanic work; core work; lots of reps on specific area or fundamental requested help with. May use baseball or tennis balls when working with arm swing; focused on core when teaching blocking; very structured practice session and some agility and speed training.

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Client Reviews

Coach Dawn was a godsend for my daughter. She was exactly what she needed. The improvement in just one hour was amazing. I saw an excitement and desire from Abby that I had been waiting to see from her since she started playing. The best part of the session was seeing coach Dawn in action balancing the importance of team work, hustle, discipline and skill all into one hour. We are excited to continue to work with coach Dawn!

Coach Dawn is an excellent Coach if you are new to volleyball or if you have played and want to improve your skills. She breaks down all of the fundamental skills while going through the motions with the athlete enabling them to visualize her instructions. While our athlete has played for one season, she has picked up some bad habits and incorrect footing along the way. Coach Dawn was quick to analyze and begin the instruction of corrections. While this will take some work and time I truly believe she is the Coach to ensure our athlete will correct her footing, bad habits, get stronger, faster to be on her way to becoming a better volleyball player overall.

Thanks Coach Dawn

Coach Dawn is a great coach. My daughter is new to volleyball and needed individual training. After her first session with Coach Dawn she started to feel more confident. Coach Dawn is very informative and taught her some valuable techniques for serving, hitting and foot movement. My daughter can definitely benefit from more sessions. Unfortunately our schedules are conflicting with Coach Dawn at this moment. However, I would definitely recommend Coach Dawn if you want your son or daughter to improve their volleyball skills.

Dawn is great! I personally like her approach in teaching. She has a strong personality that is needed to train yet a soft spot for her trainees when appropriate. My daughter knows Dawn doesn't play around and wants things done. It was definitely a rude awakening knowing how much our daughter needs to focus on her core and mental attitude on the court. We appreciate Dawn and her ability to tell her the truth, teach, and guide her in the sport of Volleyball! Thank you!

Coach Dawn provided some valuable insight into Brooklyn’s mechanics and great tips on how to correct them. Brooklyn learned a ton about her techniques in this first session and is ready to accelerate her game with Coach Dawn’s help. Coach Dawn was direct, but kind, as to the fundamentals that need to be corrected. We appreciated the honest feedback. Unfortunately, at this time, our club schedules overlap so not sure when we’ll get another session in. Hoping we figure something out soon.

Coach Dawn evaluates and assisted my son on how to improve his overall game. She suggested several exercises to get stronger so that he won’t get hurt. He was very excited about her recommendations and looks forward to being a better player.

Let me start by saying that Coach Dawn is an amazing person overall. She’s very detailed when she is training/coaching. She has a very charismatic energy and is always dialed in on her players. You can tell she loves coaching and loves to see her players succeed. Coach Dawn is a great coach to have and we look forward to continue to progress with her.

We could tell that Coach Dawn is a very experienced and knowledgeable volleyball coach. She was able to identify and offer suggestions for our daughter to improve her volleyball game right away. We feel that one on one coaching from Coach Dawn would be invaluable for any athlete that wants to improve their volleyball skills.

Knowledgeable of the game, committed to athlete development, shows real passion.

We really enjoyed meeting Coach Dawn. My daughter learned so much in just one session and we can’t wait to meet with Coach Dawn again and keep improving her skills. She was super friendly and we really enjoyed the one to one coaching.

Coach Dawn was excellent. My son was able to learn so much in one hour. I highly recommend her. If the gym were closer, my son would be seeing her weekly. Unfortunately, the location is too far; however, we will keep checking if a new location opens up. We appreciate you, Coach Dawn!

Coach Dawn was engaging, detailed in her instructions and was both holding high expectations for execution, balanced support for skills that were new and encouraged reps + muscle memory to be developed. Reagan truly enjoyed working with Coach Dawn and is super motivated for her next session!

Coach Dawn was excellent! She gave a thoughtful review of my daughter’s needs and strengths and provided recommendations that helped her make improvements immediately. She is clearly invested in cultivating the whole athlete.

Coach Dawn is amazing! We are so excited to share this journey with her and are so appreciative of her support. She coaches with patience in a way that makes my daughter confident in her ability to progress and learn what Coach Dawn is teaching her. My daughter left amazed at how Coach pointed out things that none of her other Coaches had taught her properly. IE: that she wasn’t placing her feet correctly for the plays she needed to make and how to hold and hit the ball for each placement etc. Coach immediately helped her realize this and is now working to correct those fundamental positions.

Coach Dawn ran an excellent session with great structure and a variety of skills worked on. She checks for understanding and reviews the skills covered. Her knowledge of the game and coaching is evident right from the start and is highly impressive. Thank you very much for an extremely productive session.

Coach Dawn is a breath of fresh air , we have been surrounded by mediocre coaches for so long then we meet coach dawn and my daughter feels like she can actually do it! She is such an amazing coach / person she knowledgeable patient but also knows when to lay down the law. She’s awesome !

We highly recommend Coach Dawn. In one hour she had evaluated my daughter’s abilities, already started to work on fundamentals that she needs to improve on and addressed her confidence issues that have developed over our last few rough school and club seasons. We achieved more in this one hour than we have over the last year of group coaching. Coach Dawn has that highly sought after ability of getting a player to want to perform at their best while critiquing their form in a strong but positive way and then don’t forget a little humor to get them to relax as well. It was an amazing experience and we look forward to working with Coach Dawn in future sessions to see what my daughter can achieve. Thanks so much!

My daughter appreciated the feedback from
Coach Dawn and looks forward to learning more.

Coach Dawn was great with my daughter, very patient! She is very thorough and taught in a methodical way. Steps were broken down to help my daughter understand the movements she needed to do to break bad habits. This is exactly what we needed. We just wish we found her sooner!

Coach Dawn is an excellent coach. In the first session she evaluated my daughter's skills and made some corrections that she will be able to apply immediately. We have already booked additional sessions and look forward to continued improvements. I highly recommend Coach Dawn.

Great coach, extremely knowledgeable and professional. My child really learned a lot and is looking forward to her next lesson.

Coach Dawn is a very good coach. She was able to help me out with changing bad habits that I had picked up. She also helped me get the right form on many different things. I would recommend Coach Dawn to anyone.

I had a great first session with Coach Dawn. She’s very knowledgeable of the game on both the men and women’s side; However her training is fast paced and conditioning focused.

This was a wonderful session. Kennedi was able to gain a lot of insight on things to work on to improve. In just a short time, Coach Dawn was able to determine several items for her to concentrate on including core and upper body strengthening. She will also work on her block, transition, and approach. I will have to check our club schedule prior to booking future lessons.

Coach Barnes was very thorough with her instruction and provided plenty of repetitions to allow my son and daughter to demonstrate each skill or action. Would highly recommend her services.

Coach Dawn was excellent to work with. She is very skilled and knew in a short period of time during the one session exactly what my daughter needed. Would recommend her!

Thoroughly enjoyed practice session with Coach Dawn unfortunately Our schedule is not able to correspond with hers so at this time we will not be booking any more sessions

Coach Dawn is awesome! She took the necessary time with Jayda for her first session and gave positive feedback and constructive criticism. I believe this is just what was needed to get Jayda to the next level.

Coach Dawn was exceptional. On time and right to the point. She was able to see and address my daughter's issues within the first hour. Regrettably my/our schedule will not match up for further sessions. This comes as a great disappointment as I know for sure she would have my daughter at the next level quickly. In the mean time Coach Dawn has given us tips and drills to perform on our own. Thanks again Coach, we'll see you on the court one day in the future.

Coach Dawn was fantastic. She was kind, funny, and patience. She broke down the skills so our daughter could better understand what was being asked of her. In just one session our daughter has a better understanding of the game and has improved in her passing, hitting, and serve skills. It is very evident that Coach Dawn loves the game of volleyball and is extremely knowledgeable.

Coach Dawn is extremely knowledgeable. She instructed my daughter in all aspects of the game. My daughter became frustrated because in the past she was either taught incorrectly or never shown the techniques at all. While Coach Dawn was patient she was also firm with my daughter so that she was not able to get completely lost in the moment. Coach Dawn’s vast knowledge of volleyball is beneficial to all levels of athletes. This lesson opened my daughter’s eyes too why her game has been lacking. We will definitely be reaching out to Coach Dawn again.

Obviously experienced and works well with young people.

My daughter had her first session with Coach Dawn and I must say I am impressed with her style. I truly believe she can help my daughter greatly improve her volleyball. We will continue to explore future opportunities according to her schedule.

Coach Dawn was amazing! Upon meeting her, I knew it was going to be a good session. She was very professional and put my daughter at ease immediately. She was kind and gave constructive correction to basic techniques, that with reinforcement and practice, will make her a much better player. My daughter was a different player in just 1 session with Coach Dawn. I’m so glad we found her and we cannot wait to see her again! Jessie said on the way home, “that was the best training I’ve ever had!” Thank you Coach Dawn! She is ready to work hard!

Great Experience!! So much good information and work ethics to put into play.

I cannot say enough about Coach Dawn. She did a thorough evaluation with Madeline during our first session. Coach Dawn gives direct and precise instructions, but delivers it with a kind and caring tone. She spoke to my daughter with respect all while delivering precise expectations in her performance. She offered up criticism without making Maddie feel bad or defeated. Her greatest asset is not only seeing the error that is being made, but her ability to give corrections on how to repair it. Coach Dawn is a woman of great knowledge of her sport. She communicates well regarding what volleyball has to offer when done correctly and her patience to teach the technical corrections of volleyball are invaluable. Girls benefit in so many ways when they are able to see a women such as Coach Dawn. She is strong, powerful, knowledgeable, fierce, firm, kind and nurturing all in one beautiful person. Maddie felt hopeful and much better about her future in volleyball after having a disappointing week of being waitlisted for club volleyball. Even one session with her was a valuable experience of showing even the tiniest of people have a place in the world of volleyball. We look forward to working with Coach Dawn and feel confident she can get Maddie at the point she needs to be at to play high school volleyball next year. We could not have lucked out more with finding Coach Dawn. Thank you Coach Dawn.

I know this may sound like a cliche but Coach Barnes is the best hands down! My daughter has played volleyball for over five years and was taught techniques today by Coach Barnes that she has never been shown before. She and I both wish we had meet her much sooner..but it’s not too late!

Coach dawn is a very honest coach. She taught me new skills that will prepare me for high school. She is very passionate about volleyball. I will definitely be doing another session.

Coach Dawn was amazing! In one lesson, my daughter learned the correct technique for several skills. She gave her work to do at home that will help her build core strength. Coach Dawn was extremely caring and thoughtful yet no-nonsense and tough. I wish all coaches were like her!!

Coach Dawn was amazing! She immediately demonstrated her knowledge of all aspects of the sport. Her method of teaching was one of the best I have seen. She has a gift for acknowledging areas of improvement for the athlete in a positive manner. She is tough and expects the athlete to work hard while encouraging the athlete. While being direct and honest, Coach Dawn has a heart and passion for the individual athlete. My daughter worked as hard as she had ever worked and left the training session excited for being pushed to the next level. She ( and I) believe Coach Dawn will help her reach that goal. I would recommend Coach Dawn to any athlete that is committed to taking their game to new level.

The first session with Coach Dawn was excellent! She did a very thorough evaluation of my daughter and gave great feedback. Would highly recommend her!

Coach Dawn was awesome! My daughter is new to the sport of volleyball. Coach Dawn was very encouraging and patient with her. My daughter learned so much during her first session and walked away feeling confident that with Coach Dawn’s help, she’ll make the volleyball team next year.

Coach Dawn is truly remarkable. What is especially impressive is coach Dawn’s attention to detail and her insistence on the acquisition of proper technique as the foundation for every athlete’s performance. While attentive to detail, rigorous, and thorough with respect to execution, coach Dawn is incredibly kind and generous. She understands perfectly how much to push so as to obtain optimal performance from the athlete. Both my daughter and I were incredibly impressed and are grateful to coach Dawn.

Dawn was perfect. Just exactly what my daughter needed to get her going.

Coach Dawn is such a great coach. She was able to quickly access my daughter's strengths and weaknesses in order to be able to take her to the next level. She is very thorough in her explanations and you can tell that she definitely knows her stuff!

We are going to coordinate schedules and I'll let her know when I am ready to book another session.

Coach Dawn is wonderful! She was able to do a skills assessment and create a plan to further my child's performance in one session.

Coach Dawn was awesome!! She had our son working out, having fun, and learning skills. Her coaching style is a perfect blend of supportive and knowledgeable. Thank you!

Coach Dawn was great. Her passion for the sport is infectious and inspiring. My daughter came home immediately after her session to review everything she learned. Looking forward to the next session.

Coach Dawn was great and I would highly recommend her to anyone! My daughter lacks a lot of mechanical skills that she needs in order to truly succeed in this sport and it seems like the suggestions that Coach Dawn gave us were right on point! My daughter really needs to get in better shape and I feel like after 1 session Coach Dawn will provide her with the right tools to not only get her in better shape but to also improve my daughter as an overall player. Unfortunately she coaches Club and my daughter plays for a Club so scheduling sessions won't work out right now but hopefully in the future we can figure something out.

Coach Dawn was a great coach. My 12 year old daughter has just recently become involved with volleyball and has not had any classes that were as professional and inspiring. Nobody had been as specific with her weaknesses and knew immediately a game plan to bring her to the next level and beyond. I would highly recommend her for students of all levels of volleyball. We will be working with our club schedule to try to find more opportunities to improve her skills.

Dawn is a great coach! She immediately assessed my daughter, her needs, strength, and weaknesses, and addressed those. She goes thru long list of fundamentals in just one session; hence, her role in athlete's development is huge.

My 13yo daughter just had her first private volleyball lesson with Coach Dawn. I was beyond impressed. Coach Dawn is technically sound. The improvement in my daughter's footwork, swing, running, attacking and digging in a single lesson, passed my expectations. I especially liked how, at the end of the lesson, Coach Dawn quizzed my daughter about her biggest takeaways, and gave her "homework" (plank, crunches, jump roping, etc.). I'm so glad we found her. This trial lesson was money well spent - Coach Dawn is worth every penny!

Coach Dawn knows her stuff! She quickly identified the needs of my child and was direct in the steps we need to take to improve. Looking forward to more sessions.

Coach Dawn is such an amazing coach, she's very tough but she knows what she's doing. definitely going back!!

Coach Dawn is an incredibly skilled coach. She is beyond technically sound. Guaranteed she will bring your game to the next level if you are attentive and eager. Whether you are an athlete in school or looking to bring your rec league game to the next level I highly recommend you give Coach Dawn one session and you will see for yourself. Just remembered to bring your knee pads!!

Coach Dawn is very knowledgeable in volleyball technique. She has high standards for skill. I wish I started training with a coach like her when I was younger! Sometimes she can move too quickly (I couldn't process all of the valuable information all at once) but we can work on that. I might just be a little slower-to-learn that some other volleyball players. She motivates me to get better. Awesome coach, easy to get along with, would recommend.

Coach Dawn is top notch. She is tough but teaches with compassion. She is extremely knowledgeable about volleyball and works on fundamentals. My daughter is 14 and has played volleyball for many years she is all about making her better. It is a great workout and if you want your child to take it to the next lesson then coach Dawn is your person! I would highly recommend her to others come with a lot of water and get ready to sweat!

Coach Dawn was great with my 10-year old boy, who is just learning to play volleyball. Dawn was very prompt and I was able to schedule a session within a couple of days of first contacting her. During the session, Dawn covered all that you would expect -- bumping, setting, serving -- and a few other things like foot-work that and positioning, etc. Overall, it was a great session.

My session was really helpful and I would 100% recommended Coach Dawn!

(no details provided)

Coach Dawn is an excellent coach who cares about her students. She is very knowledgeable and teaches her students the skills and techniques they need in order to reach their goals. We are very pleased and will recommend her to others!

This session was very effective. She did everything to try and perfect my techniques in this sport down to feet movement, hand positioning, the proper way to serve a bath etc. I feel like it was a challenge for me at some points only because of me being out for so long due to a knee injury but she still found a way to help me strengthen things I was weak in. I look forward to working with her more in the future.

It was a pleasure meeting Coach Dawn. I saw first hand why she has so many 5 star reviews. From the start she was professional in setting up the training session in a timely matter. Coach Dawn was encouraging and direct. We loved her style. My daughter gained some new knowledge. Coach Dawn knows her volleyball. We appreciate her feedback and highly recommend Coach Dawn. Thank you.

Passionate and caring. Coach Dawn wants the best for the student and meets the student where they are. At the end of one visit my daughter was serving without effort. Coach Dawn left me and my daughter excited for the next visit and for the growth on the court!

Coach Dawn is a great coach. She taught me so much in just one session. She was very informative and I learned so much in just one session! I would definitely recommend her!

From the minute we entered the gym she was amazing! Coach Dawn covered so much in the first lesson! My daughter can't wait to go back.

Coach Dawn is amazing!! My daughter learned so much in just one session! Coach dawn is very well experienced and is great at teaching the proper technique and form!

Dawn was great with my 11 year old and my daughter was excited to start practicing as soon as she got home! She learned a lot and the individual attention is what she needed.

Coach Dawn is wonderful. She is firm but patient and kind. She assessed all aspects of my daughter’s game and gave constructive feedback. She also gave my daughter plenty of things to work on at home. She was on time and very professional. I would highly recommend Coach Dawn.

Coach dawn is different form all the other coaches I have seen or been with. She is very patient but, she is tough and will push you to be the best you can be. I would definitely recommend her. She is amazing.

(no details provided)

Coach Dawn was a great coach. Coming back from a two-year hiatus, it was a great way to settle back into the sport. Keen and precise attention to detail and technicality, very accomadating and understanding of my skill level, and definitely knows what she is talking about!

Coach Dawn is an awesome straightforward professional. She comes with know-how and dedication. My daughter is nine years old and this has been a great first volleyball experience. I appreciated her kind feedback, follow up and demonstrations. Thanks, Coach Dawn.

Had a great first session with coach Dawn. My daughter came out of the session and said she learned more in the last hour then she did the last 3 years of playing volleyball in middle school. Dawn gave my daughter direction on what she should be practicing until next session. Coach and I will have to coordinate and schedules and figure out when next session could be. Daughter is already looking forward to next session. I would highly recommend coach Dawn.

Coach Dawn was patient and very informative. Although my daughter played volleyball in the past, she was never taught technique. Coach Dawn broke volleyball down for her and explained why she needed to play volleyball in this "new" form being taught. Don't get me wrong she was tough but my daughter said that's what she liked. My daughter has homework and would agree that this is training like she never had before. Thanks Coach Dawn

I loved our session with Coach Dawn. I was impressed with the way she connected with my daughter and how she was able to quickly evaluate her and understand her needs. As we were leaving, my daughter said “She is going to make me a great volleyball player”. We are definitely going to schedule more sessions as soon as I can coordinate our schedules.

Very good motivator and knows her craft well. My daughter learned a lot from her in one hour of training.

Coach Dawn is really good. I wish my daughter had trained with her a lot earlier.

Coach Dawn was Great! She gave us a lot of great advice. My daughter needed a lot of the constructive criticism and feels she is going to improve with Coach Dawn .

Coach Dawn is doing a wonderful job assisting my daughter in developing and improving her volleyball skills. After a few lessons there is marked improvement with her performance.

I love her Trainning session, there intense and challenging. Great job Coach!

The coach was very patient and informative during her lesson. My 13 year old learned a lot. Thank you for your time. We will contact in the future when schedule frees up.

My daughter had her first lesson with Coach Dawn this week and I couldn’t be more impressed. Her focus on technique is exactly what my daughter needs to improve her game. She was tough, but at the same time made the session fun. I highly recommend Coach Dawn!

Coach dawn did an excellent job in the one on one session with my daughter. Her knowledge of technique and body posture was remarkable. We have never had a coach do such an awesome job educating our daughter on her fundamentals. All in all she gave a fantastic lesson

I was extremely impressed by Coach Dawn's patient, through, and professional training. She was able to rapidly evaluate my strengths and weaknesses and tailored my training session perfectly to meet my immediate needs. I didn't think it was possible to adjust and improve as much as I did, and I was really proud when my teammates commented on how much more solid and confident I was after our first game this season. I'm an adult (and aging) athlete, and I wasn't sure It was worth it to invest in a professional coach. My decision to follow-through with booking Coach Dawn was one of the best decisions I've made this year and I can't thank Coach Dawn enough for her expert instruction. I would recommend her to anyone without hesitation.

Coach Dawn is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My daughter had her first session with Coach Dawn today, she is professional, dedicated, her resume speaks for itself. She is patient, yet stern and very serious about her talent. It is very important to her that her students "get it"
My daughters goal is to tryout & make her high school team in the fall, I have no doubt that she will make it with training from Coach Dawn. After just one session I HIGHLY recommend Coach Dawn, money well spent.

Coach Dawn possesses every quality you'd want in an excellent coach! Her integrity, knowledge and expertise was top notch and exceeded all our expectations. The one-on-one coaching session with Coach Dawn was hands down the BEST coaching session we have ever experienced, I highly recommend Coach Dawn... She is truly an Amazing Coach!

Hi - Coach Dawn did a great job helping my son with some basic moves. He needed help in all areas, the HS coaches just don't teach the mechanics and fine tune movements when they get out of sync - like teenagers often need. After just this first session we can see an improvement. She has a fun personality and was able to talk to a teenage boy that usually just grunts, so that's impressive! haha!

Coach Dawn is a wonderful coach. My daughter is on a club team but didn't have much confidence in her overhand serve. Dawn showed her the fundamentals and had her hitting great serves in under an hour. A few of her teammates joined the session and were also hitting much better by the end of the hour. Coach Dawn was very patient and professional with the girls. She gave them each individual attention and ensured they were implementing the fundamentals she had taught. We would definitely use Coach Dawn again and highly recommend her.

Coach Dawn was amazing!!! Correcting and teaching new skills she was never taught in the past. I was amazed by the improvements I seen after one session.

Coach Dawn was great! I, my husband, and my daughter appreciate her taking the time to assist us in enhancing my daughter's volleyball skills. We were impressed with Coach Dawn's knowledge of the game, her patience, and her very genuine willingness to accurately assess my daughter's skills, including strengths and weaknesses, in the process of devising a plan of action for continued growth in the sport. Coach Dawn provided much needed instruction in many areas vital to my daughter's success as a player. We recommend Coach Dawn for aiding in the development of your volleyball player without any hesitation! You won't be disappointed!

My daughter Izabela just had her first practice with Coach Dawn and I'm very pleased. I stayed to watch and help out and I saw growth in the hour long practice. She pushes her and doesn't baby her. My daughter and I are looking forward for the other upcoming practices.

Coach Dawn is AMAZING! She is what my daughter has been missing. I'm looking forward to what's to come working with Coach Dawn.

My daughter felt that she learned more in one lesson with Coach Dawn, than she has in her last 3 years in club. Coach Dawn, was both patient and encouraging. She gave my daughter plenty of skills to work on at home to improve her game.

Coach Dawn was honest and helpful with specific instructions to improve. She knew exactly how to correct mistakes while still making my son feel bad. Every skill was broken down and evaluated. It was a great experience; one I would love to continue.

Coach Dawn exceeded our expectations. She made our daughter feel comfortable the moment she stepped onto the court. She was able to quickly assess her and note areas for improvement. During the session she was able to utilize a variety of techniques to teach our girl. We could see improvement even after one session. Our daughter walked away even more excited and confident for the game. Overall we would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a well qualified Coach to take you to the next level.

Really liked Coach Dawn she has what it takes to help my daughter get to the next level.

Great first session! Coach Dawn tailored my daughter's session who is an entry-level player to meet her needs.

I would highly recommend Coach Dawn to anyone looking to improve their volleyball skills. Dawn was very easy to schedule and communicate with. She has worked with my daughter and has a no-nonsense approach to coaching...something my daughter greatly benefits from. Dawn is very knowledgeable in the technique and skills necessary to become an elite level player and she coaches her players accordingly.

Coach Dawn is amazing! My daughter learned so many technique tweaks; she is on her way to tryout for club ball after just one session. It is money well spent, my daughter had an intense work out with tips on how to keep practicing at home. I even learned new things that I can immediately apply as a parent coach for school volleyball.
Thanks Dawn!

Coach Dawn was great. She is super knowledgeable about volleyball technique, strategy and what it takes to be successful in this sport. She presents everything in a straightforward, easy to understand manner that really helped my son improve his game. I would definitely recommend working with her!

Coach Dawn was awesome! She was able to teach my daughter skills in one session that she didn't learn after two weeks in volleyball camp.I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in a great coach.

Coach Dawn was very responsive in setting up the first session. She was friendly but tough in the first coaching session, already giving great pointers on proper technique and strengths/weaknesses. Just what my daughter needed.

Coach Dawn was very helpful to my child she was able to point out some very basic concepts of the game of volleyball in the short period of time. I saw growth in my child as an athlete. We have been seeking one on one training for quite some time and I believe coach done will be a great fit. We hope that she will work with us in the future. Thanks a million.

Great coach! Loved the technics and exercises we did.

I had a very effective volleyball lesson with Coach Dawn.
With her patient teaching, passing, setting, spiking, serving . . . . . .
I learn a lot for this one hour lesson.
Now I have more confident to play volleyball and will get more enjoyment.

Coach Dawn is an awesome coach! I am very impressed with her skills, her patience, and her commitment to excellence. My daughter said that she really enjoyed her, and definitely would love to work with her again.

I was extremely impressed with Dawn's gifts in coaching volleyball. In just 1 hour, she was able to identify my daughter's strength's and areas for improvement........her assessment was right on point! I loved her communication style which was firm/no nonsense, yet very encouraging. I would STRONGLY recommend Dawn to any athlete wanting to develop their individual talent in volleyball.

Theresa M.

Great first session with Coach Dawn. Love her way of fine tuning basic skills.
Love that she incorporates core strength into her sessions.

Coach Dawn was awesome! She is clearly very knowledgable about the game of volleyball, and has a way of teaching and motivating that is great for young players. My daughter has had several private lessons at her club before, and she immediately said how much more she learned from Coach Dawn! I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a volleyball coach - I am very happy that we found Coach Dawn!

Within 10 minutes on the court I knew we made the right decision with Coach Dawn. She immediately identified strengths and weaknesses with technique and made corrections. Our lesson did not end at the the 1 hour mark she gave homework for my daughter to work on at home. She was kind with her critiques and worked my daughter hard for the first hour. There were techniques I felt my daughter was doing wrong but never corrected by school or club coaches. Coach Dawn was right on top of it! My daughter gained more in one hour with Coach Dawn than she did in the last 3 years.

Coach Dawn kept my son moving the entire session. She covered all aspects of volleyball with great attention to body mechanics and footwork. It was a very positive experience. I want to schedule more sessions with Dawn.

Coach Dawn was thorough and it was apparent that she knows volleyball and the technique that is required to be a great player. She gave honest and thoughtful feedback as well. I would definitely recommend her and sign up for another session.

Coach Dawn was very polite and patient. She was knowledgeable in volleyball techniques and correct form. She helped me see my weak points in volleyball and worked on addressing them in the limited time we had available.

Coach Dawn is a great coach. My 14 year old 8th grader, daughter said she learned more about serving in her first session with coach Dawn then she has in a year and a half of club volleyball. Coach Dawn is very knowledgeable and focuses on the fundamentals needed to take a player from good to great. My daughter is looking forward to additional sessions with Coach Dawn.

Coach Dawn was very approachable and jumped right in with training our 13 year old daughter. She had a lot of great tips for working on the proper technique and gave her a good direction to move forward with training. We will definitely continue with Coach Dawn!

This was my daughter's first session with Coach Dawn and she was phenomenal. She really took her time with my daughter teaching and showing her the core fundamentals of Volleyball. Coach Dawn not only focuses on the physical but incorporated mental confidence and security within. I would HIGHLY recommend Coach Dawn and you won't be disappointed.

Thank you Coach Dawn

Coach Dawn was great! With one private session, my daughter learned and improved more in one hour then she has in weeks of team practice. Dawn is great with her athletes, is experienced and it's clear she knows what each athlete needs to work on as an individual..

Coach Dawn was great! She was motivating, challenging, and fun . She connected well with my daughter and was able to make a difference in her volleyball skills in the first session. I highly recommend Coach Dawn to anyone looking to be a better athlete and player.

The first session with Coach Dawn went so well, my daughter Joy likes it very much and she found out it is very helpful and promising to get her volleyball skills improved with more sessions going on. I was there for the first training and I am also very impressed by all the work Coach Dawn did to help Joy, all the work she did is right for Joy and is what she needs badly. We will keep doing the training, thanks to Coach Dawn!

Love Coach Dawn! My daughter learned a lot in one lesson. She is very thorough with all the aspects of volleyball and hope to book again soon!

Coach Dawn was awesome. In just one session she was able to correct our daughter's footwork. Additionally, she stressed to her the importance of strength and conditioning as it relates to the game. After one session, we have no doubt that Dawn will have a positive impact on our daughter and her game. Coach Dawn is very patient and candid with her approach and feedback. This is extremely important as it allows her to get the most out of the athlete. Additionally, she is a tremendous communicator and makes learning the game fun for the athlete. In the end, Coach Dawn is very knowledgeable about the game and is somebody I would highly recommend to anybody who wants to take their Volleyball game to the next level.

Dawn was top notch. She was genuinely concerned with my strengths and weaknesses, and tailored the session to improving not just what I thought to be weakness, but my all around skill sets. I am looking forward to working with her again, her patience and constructive feedback was much needed.

We could tell immediately that Coach Dawn is incredibly knowledgeable. We have a shy and budding athlete and Dawn was able to connect with her in her first lesson. She completed a very thorough assessment and gave useful, honest and actionable feedback. Our daughter will be working with her again and I won't hesitate to share her information with other parents interested in finding a responsible, ethical and talented coach.

Coach Dawn is great. She is extremely knowledgable and kind. She not only teaches volleyball skills, but she takes the time to teach core strength and balance.

After working with Dawn only 3 times, my daughter, who never touched a volleyball before her lessons with Dawn, went on to make her school volleyball team! (There were 64 girls trying out!) Dawn even took the time to FaceTime my daughter during the 4 days of tryouts, to go over serving. I would definitely recommend coach Dawn!
She is an amazing coach and teacher! 🏐

Coach Dawn is awesome! She is patient and very knowledgeable about volleyball. She will start with the fundamentals of the game and build from that. My daughter is on her 8th grade team and has really learned a lot from her sessions with coach Dawn. She has also gained more confidence and skills which shows on the court in her games! I highly recommend Coach Dawn for any level player!

My daughter had her first experience with Dawn today. Dawn is tough and very passionate about her game. She pushes her students to the max. My daughter left the session a little frustrated after realizing she didn't know as much as she thought she knew. However, she is ready to get back to Dawn. She said it was hard but it was what she needed. She is highly recommended.

Coach dawn is a great coach. I love the experience, she pushes you like you've never been pushed I promise. She wants the best for you as long as you give 110%.

My daughter and I met Coach Dawn today for my daughters first volleyball lesson. Coach Dawn was able to quickly assess the areas my daughter needs to work on to improve her volleyball game. She worked with her during the lesson using different drills and techniques and gave us some ideas on drills we can work on together. Overall, she was a great coach! We plan on having more lessons with Coach Dawn.

Coach Dawn was great. It is obvious she has great expertise when it comes to volleyball. My daughter received more than just a volleyball lesson; a life style lesson as well. Coach Dawn demonstrated skills and is truly serious about the progress of her students. GREAT!!!.

Coach Dawn is a great coach! After one session I knew that I was going to be challenged to be the best athlete I can be. Her training and techniques are none like I've had before. I would recommend Coach Dawn to anyone. She pushes you to better yourself and checks up on you to see how you're feeling and how you think your lesson went for the day. I love that in a coach!

Coach Dawn is fabulous. Her training was well organized, thorough, and customized based on the needs of my daughter. We were very happy with our session. Thank you.

Coach Dawn is great! She has a lot of coaching experience, knows how to tailor her approach to anyone, and makes the most of the session.

Coach Dawn was a breath of fresh air. She was able to quickly see the fundamental flaws in my daughters game. Correcting her bad habits will take time but knowing them is a great start. Coach Dawn is a great coach that I hope my daughter gets to work with again.

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