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Looking for a shot doctor to help you with your jumper? I've spent years working on this skill and studying film of the best shooters ever. I'd love to share my knowledge with you. View all coaching experience

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In-Person Training for a single athlete

1 session package with Coach Dave. 60 minute session length

Session Length: 1 hour

$60 1 session + applicable fees

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In-Person Training for a single athlete

5 session package with Coach Dave. 60 minute session length

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  • DePaul University (IL)

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Guard, Forward

  • Reading the Floor, Moving Without the Ball, Attacking the Rim, Shooting, Post Moves, Passing, Footwork, Ball Handling


  • DePaul University (IL)

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Guard, Forward

  • Reading the Floor, Moving Without the Ball, Attacking the Rim, Shooting, Post Moves, Passing, Footwork, Ball Handling

More About Coach Dave

I have worked with CoachUp since July 2016. My past experience has mainly been in performance fields; however, my specialty has always been on how to get the most out of individuals physically. Teaching high school and middle school students is my main focus, but I am open to working with all age ranges.

I competed at the high school level and my team won two state title games. In college, I twice received talent scholarships for my work in the acting and writing fields, but didn't compete athletically. Since college, I became a featured NBA writer for Fansided.com and am a voting member of the Gatorade High School Athlete of Year award panel. I've made a study of my own jump shot, and I know how to teach others proper form, balance, mechanics and repetition.

My sessions zero in mainly on shooting, because it has never been more important in basketball. Dribbling, handling, passing and post moves can be emphasized too, and every lesson can be geared towards what the individual athlete wants to focus on. Typically, I would start my session with a light cardiovascular warmup that also involves dribbling plus handling, and I would follow this up with some basic drills focused on shooting mechanics. The next step would be making the jump shots more difficult (in both distance and balance) while adding in jab steps, pump fakes, hook shots, hesitation jumpers, drives to the lane and off hand skills.

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Client Reviews

Coach Dave was very helpful in working on my shot. He quickly focused on a few areas to improve and I have seen an immediate change

coach dave is a great coach ,When I return to chicago I hope to train with this excellent coach again

Awesome. Super focused on my son's progress. Targets specific needs - pivots immediately to identify areas for improvement along with tactics for improvement. Makes drills fun and keeps the pace high throughout the coaching session. Well organized and professional in all of his dealings with me.

My 14 yr old had his first session with Coach Dave and it was fantastic. He can't wait for the next one. My son is rather introverted, but immediately felt comfortable and free to fully focus on the dynamics Dave was working on. My son gave him a very high review for all he learned, he was emphatic that Dave is "REALLY good", and I'm thrilled with his considerate and timely responsiveness and professionalism. Hopefully he'll be around a while as I see this growing into a long term thing, and helping my son immensely.

Coach Dave is able to present his shooting techniques and tips in a helpful way, and is able to help me understand small errors in my foot work. Helpful for all levels of basketball.

Very professional and courteous coach. Told me exactly what the session would be about and helped a lot on my shooting. He made sure I was getting proper form on my shot as well as providing great tips to work on in my freetime. Definitely recommend him.

Dave Daniels is a natural coach with a deep respect for the art of basketball. Balance and form are essential elements of his personal practice, and his tone is kind but disciplined. This makes for a great mix when you want to find a confident headspace that will carry you through a solid practice session. For the past three years in Chicago, Dave has made it a personal goal to make 700 shots per day. He puts in the hours of practice, in almost a zen-like way, shooting, consistently finding balance and form. Today his shot is pretty stellar and his dedication to the game is stronger than ever. Dave has spent many years studying and writing about young athletes. He is a voting member of Gatorade's High School Player of the Year awards and has interviewed major young talent like Jabari Parker, Andrew Wiggins and Karl-Anthony Towns. These early interviews have inspired Dave to help other young athletes to achieve their own personal goals.
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