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Former professional soccer player who won the 2011 MLS Cup with the LA Galaxy and the 2006 U.S. Open Cup with the Chicago Fire who has been coaching soccer for 12 years View all coaching experience

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Training Locations
Training Locations
  1. Chicago, IL
  2. Berens Park, 493 N Oaklawn Ave, Elmhurst, IL
  3. Oak Brook, IL

Coach is willing to travel up to 25 miles

  • University of Dayton (OH)

  • 12 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Defense, Forward, Midfield

  • Agility, Corner Kicks, Crossing, Dribbling, First Touch, Free Kicks, Goal Kicks, Heading, One-Touch, One-on-Ones, Passing, Shooting, Throw-Ins


  • University of Dayton (OH)

  • 12 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Defense, Forward, Midfield

  • Agility, Corner Kicks, Crossing, Dribbling, First Touch, Free Kicks, Goal Kicks, Heading, One-Touch, One-on-Ones, Passing, Shooting, Throw-Ins

More About Coach Dasan

I have been coaching youth soccer, teams, and individuals for the last 12 years ranging from ages as young as 5 to as old as 63. I enjoy teaching the game's fundamentals and other intangibles that allow players to reach their goals on and off the field.

I have traveled extensively throughout the world playing and learning the game of soccer. I have played with some of the best players in the world including Brian McBride, Robbie Keane, David Beckham and Landon Donovan. Now I want to share my knowledge and experiences with those I am coaching.

I am a former professional soccer player. I played 6 years in Major League Soccer with the Chicago Fire, Toronto F.C., and the Los Angeles Galaxy. During my career, I won the 2006 U.S. Open Cup with the Fire, the 2011 MLS Cup with the Galaxy, and in 2010 was named Chicago Fire Humanitarian of the year. I was also invited to 2 U.S. Men's National Team Camps in 2007.

Each session will incorporate some level of Speed and Agility, Ball Work, Dribbling, Passing, and position-specific drills. You will also receive HW, daily, weekly and monthly goals to strive for if you would like. Sessions are also explicitly catered to what your needs are as a client.

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Coach Dasan is phenomenal. He addressed my concerns with our son Dylan not being physical enough, final touch and shot power within the first two sessions. Dylan loves coach Dasan and is always looking forward to the private sessions.

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Coach Dasan was a great coach!! His training and technique were definitely helpful, will be scheduling another training sessions with Dasan. Made me feel comfortable and was very knowledgeable, but mostly could tell that he genuinely cared that I get better. Thank you Coach Dasan..

Wonderful training. Very professional and helpful

In our three sessions so far we've shown up with different technical requests. Coach qas able to instantly produce drills that met that and were effective enough to employ during the following weekend's games.

Coach Dasan is an excellent Coach. He worked well with the students and all of the children had a wonderful and enjoyable time.

Coach Dasan is beyond fantastic. We have never had such personalized training for our son. Coach Dasan is continuously evaluating him to determine the best training plan possible. But he is also asking our son what he wants to work on and adapts that into each training session. We had different situations where our son just wasn’t grasping what coach was teaching him. Coach Dasan went back and took the time to research other ways to teach the concept to our son vs repeating the same thing over. Coach Dasan truly takes ownership of meeting each child where they’re at and growing each child individually at an appropriate pace for them.

Coach Dasan ‘s soccer skills are fantastic but what is extraordinary about him is his ability to teach it to children. As a former school teacher he is really able to connect with his students. He not only cares about them from a Soccer perspective but also as a whole person – physically and mentally. Our son has had some mentally challenging times with the game, and Coach Dasan took the time to truly listen to him and offer guidance. He is also attending our sons team soccer games. Coach goes above and beyond and we could be more thankful. Coach Dasan has truly become extended family. We are so grateful to him and all the time, energy and effort he has put into our son. We’ve seen take big strides in his soccer skills. Thanks Coach!

I would definitely recommend Coach Dasan to anyone wanting to learn the sport of soccer. He taught me how to perfect my form. He gave me numerous tips on touches, dribbling, shooting, and navigating obstacles. He is very patient and outgoing and explains terms and instructions in an easy-to-follow manner.

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Our 5-year old has enjoyed his sessions with Coach D and is excited for more.

My son loved it!! Dasan connected with him right away

Our first session with Coach Dasan was great. He spent time evaluating my son’s skills and tailored drills to his needs. He sent him home with appropriate things to practice at home. Looking forward to our next one!

Coach Dasan was a wonderful coach. He has expert knowledge of the game, gave us good drills specific to what my son needed to improve on and provided a lot of insight on how to move forward with a young player. He is both a rigorous and caring coach and my son really liked him. My son tried out for for the local traveling soccer club and got in due to Coach Dasan's expert training. We hope to be able to see Coach Dasan yearly so long as he is coaching! Thank you, Coach Dasan!

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Great coach and knowledgeable. My son enjoys training with him and can’t wait for another session.

Dasan is very professional coach . My high school soccer player really appreciates his knowledge and experience and any advice he can get from Dasan. I can recommend him to my friends and family.

Great Coach!

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I am thrilled we found Coach Dasan to work with our pre-teen son to fine tune his fundamentals. Dasan imparts knowledge, smarts, motivation with a style that is steady and kind, but not coddling. Dasan pushes our son to get better, and our son very much looks forward to his sessions with Dasan.

Very professional and highly skilled with kids!

Simply put. If you want your child, no matter the age to excel at their skills. This is the trainer you want. From first contact to present, Dasan has been outstanding. He can quickly recognize their skills and will help improve them no matter there level. Highly recommend.

My daughter who is a competitive club soccer player did a SAQ (speed, agility, and quickness) training session with Coach Dasan. This was one of the best sessions I have ever witnessed from any coach for SAQ. My daughter did a variety of SAQ drills without the ball (exactly the same type of SAQ training that European football club players do) and did SAQ drills with the ball. In my opinion, these drills should be mandatory at all club soccer programs but unfortunately, it is not; but these drills will not only improve player's SAQ but foot skills too. Also, these drills are actually translatable to other sports and this will help my daughter's basketball foot work as well. This was our first session with the Coach but we now intend to have series of training for my daughter AND my son who is also a competitive club soccer player. Coach Dasan was simply outstanding!

Addendum: This time, my son and my daughter had a training session with Coach Robinson last weekend. He worked on agility, speed, quickness with soccer ball and despite them being very tired at the end of the session, they asked to see Coach Dasan again this time for soccer specific training. My kids are looking forward to their next training with Coach Dasan.

Coach Dasan was great! Made the session fun but effective. Highly recommend!

Coach Dasan was amazing. He took the time to discuss what areas we would love his help and applied them quickly to the training time they had. He was very encouraging with my daughter during practice. She had a game the next day and I could see a lot of Coach Dasans teachings come to life in her game.

My 11-year old son has been working with coach Dasan for the past three years, and I must say it has had a significant impact on his soccer skills. We tend to do more sessions in between the heavy soccer travel seasons. The sessions are varied and tailored on areas based on parent input and the athlete's input, and always involve some speed/agility, ball skills, passing and finishing. Mostly, skills that are not taught by the club he plays with. In addition to 1:1 sessions, Dasan is great at running some small group sessions, with 4-10 players of similar skill level. I have recently started taking my 7-year old daughter to train with Dasan, and believe will continue for a while. Highly recommend!!

Coach Dasan is an awesome coach. I could see my son’s skills improve instantly once he began training under him. Coach Dasan is knowledgeable, patient and thorough.

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Awesome experience for both my son and I. Dasan is personable and knows how to engage young adults so they can absorb the info/training. We will definitely be booking another session. Thanks again for your time.

Coach Dasan is a great coach! Coach Dasan immediately struck up a rapport with our son and has him excited to work on drills he learned from Coach Dasan. Our son can wait for his next session with Coach Dasan. Coach Dasan has also been great on the scheduling front and is super responsive.

Coach Dasan has been working with my 11 year old daughter for several weeks. He has set up really interesting/useful drills and skill work each time and is very responsive to her needs and what she wants to work on. He is a very good teacher and she has been able to acquire new skills rapidly, often being comfortable enough to implement them in a game later that same weekend. Highly recommended.

Coach Dasan was great! My son is not much of a talker so he surprised me when he shared all the exercises he did. He had tryouts the next day and his confidence and ambition showed thanks to Coach Dasan. We will definetly try to work with him again!

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Coach Dasan was great! He really put my sons through some drills that made them learn but were also fun for them! So glad that we found him!

Coach Dasan was awesome coaching out 9 year old son. We have tried another coach first but our son did not respond to him very well. After the first session my son was excited and he was ready for more training. Coach had some drills that had my son moving, learning and having fun during it all. I would definitely recommend Coach Dasan! When we asked our son what he thought of Coach Dasan he said "yes yes yes!"

My 11 yo son really enjoyed learning from Coach Dasan. He is eagerly awaiting his next session.

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I just had one session with Dasan so far but the session was all that I hoped for. It was intense, or at least for me it was hehe. Dasan gave me some great feedback on some 1 v 1 and shooting technique details I was looking for. I am planning to seek more time with him once this pandemic is over...

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I really enjoyed my training session with Coach Dasan. I would definitely recommend him.

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Excellent and so happy we found Coach Dasan!

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Coach Dasan was awesome!

My son really enjoyed the lesson. Coach D worked him hard, started with warmups, agility and speed, moved to ball handling than shooting

Definitely book more lessons

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Dasan was great. My son got a lot of good tips to use on the field.

He is great and very patient to my son. After class he even sent us email about how to practice during the week. Very good soccer coach!

Coach Dasan was excellent for my 8 year old son. He was patient and helped teach him some of the mechanics of the game. My son is already asking to see him again!!

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Good sesion

My son Dusty is 14 and about to embark on high school soccer tryouts. We did two sessions with coach Dasan as preparation. Coach Dasan listened very carefully to my overview of Dusty's strengths and weaknesses, and designed a workout to maximize the short amount of time between our first session and tryouts. Coach Daysan was patient, knowledgable, and possessed the right combination of tact and toughness. He put Dusty through the drills and as he did so evaluated my son's ability. He put together a shooting workout to help Dusty shore up a weakness and meticulously taught and adjusted his mechanics. This type of one-on-one attention has never been available to Dusty through many years of AYSO and five seasons of club soccer. Coach Daysan is clearly a very good teacher and possesses a rare combination of personality traits--including kindness, empathy, and wisdom--to really make a difference.

My son is committed to reaching his next level. Dasan is the person who can get him their.

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Dasan was great! Very knowledgeable and able.

Kids had a great coaching experience. He is patient and teaches great skills

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(no details provided)

Coach Dasan provides great coaching sessions, both fun and informative. His drills are terrific for developing and improving skills. He also takes the time to ensure the kids understand.

Coach Dasan did a great job working with my son. He kept him engaged and worked him pretty hard. My son really enjoyed his session with Dasan , and we will continue to train with him. I would highly recommend him to serious soccer players...

Coach Dasan is working with my daughter. After only two session, she feels like he already knows what she needs to work on and has customized his training specifically for her. Keep up the great work.

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Coach Dasan was wonderful in both encouraging our nine-year-old and helping him improve core fundamentals in soccer. His attitude and approach were wonderful. Our son loved it! We highly recommend Coach!!

Coach Dasan is a true professional, and definitely helped me to improve. I would recommend him to anyone that wants to improve upon their game.

Coach Dasan was Great!
Worked well with My 6 year old boy got down to his level so he could understand.

Coach Dasan was responsive in the scheduling process. My 14 yr old son felt comfortable with him, and felt like he got some good training and tips during the hour session.

Coach Dasan was very helpful to my son. He identified his strengths and weaknesses quickly. He also had a good way of coaching which built confidence in a calm approach.

Coach Dasan worked with 10 boys for the week. He kept them moving and working hard, no standing around and waiting for drills. Firm but fair with them the entire week. I really could not have been happier with his work ethic and ability to motivate the boys throughout the week. He had a wide array of skill work and kept building up the skill work as the week went on. He is definitely worth working with for anyone that wants to improve their skills.

HE'S MOVING. We booked Coach Dasan twice and felt he was a great fit for our daughters who wanted more 1:1 training outside of their club soccer practices. I was impressed with how well he related to them and focused in on what they are trying to improve on. He packs a lot into his sessions & this was probably the best coaching experience they've had in a long time... BUT to be honest, I'm disappointed because I was pretty upfront about wanting to find someone they could work with throughout the soccer season. After the first session I asked how often we should meet and was told weekly and "you get out of it what you put into it" - but then just a little over a week later, after our 2nd session, I asked if we could put several sessions on the calendar. He hesitated and later messaged me saying he's moving out of the country soon and wouldn't be booking any more sessions with us. So now we're starting our search over again, which is tough for kids who had grown to like him.

My Son loved working with Dasan. He had a great approach and he learned a lot from him!

Coach Dasan makes learning fun but does so with drills that teach technical footwork and agility/quick movement. My son left everyday eager to practice his new skills. I would strongly encourage anyone who has children who enjoy soccer and who want to improve their playing skills. Thanks Coach Dasan!

We were very happy with our session with Coach Dasan. We found it to be a very valuable experience. He really worked well with our son. We look forward to doing more sessions.

Coach Dasan did a great job varying the training drills. I feel more confident and am motivated to continue to improve my soccer skills.

(no details provided)

Dasan is a wonderful coach. The two sessions my son spent with him were fantastic. Dasan is a skilled and enthusiastic coach. His praise and constructive criticism are on point and delivered in a very encouraging manner. Highest recommendation!!!!

Coach Dasan was amazing. He coached my 14 year old, very competitive, grandson who was visiting from the West Coast. After the session, my grandson was thrilled. Coach helped strengthen some of his skills and introduced new strategies. His approach was caring, supportive and rigorous.
Thank you Coach.

(no details provided)

Dasan is great. My son is 7 and was very comfortable with him! Dasan asked me before the session what I would like for him to work on and during the session to make sure he was on target. He gave my son a great session incorporating agility and fundamentals. My son will continue with Dasan and I without a doubt know I will see drastic improvement!

After one session with Coach Dasan I already have a better mindset for training to be the best. He challenged me in my element to take my skill to the next level. He is always positive and trains hard. When talking about my goals and dreams with the game, he did not belittle or disregard them like most, he only encouraged me to face them head on. I really enjoyed training with Coach Dasan and I am very excited to see how much more advanced my skill will become in our sessions to take on difficult opponents in the SEC next season.

Coach Dasan comes prepared with various equipment and an organized lesson plan. I liked how the session was challenging, yet fun. My 10 year old daughter was very receptive to his critiques. I would definitely recommend Coach Dasan. He is very experienced and he does a great job explaining the drills.

Coach Dasan was amazing! My son is 9 so he can get bored easily but Dasan did a great job switching up activities and keeping him interested. better yet kept motivating him to do his best. Right after the first session my son was asking when was the next one! Coach Dasan did a great job and I would totally recommend him!

Coach Dasan came to my first session with a thorough training plan that accurately addressed the areas that I identified I'd like to work on. The session was challenging and Coach Dasan was very encouraging, but also expected a high level which kept me focused and going 100% the whole time. At the end of the session, Coach Dasan emailed me things I can do to practice on my own and had me write a list of my soccer-related goals for the future. In general, I think going to Coach Dasan for training will help me improve and reach my goals.

My twins made major improvements in techniques, finishing, and long passes from one session with coach Dasan. I would definitely recommend coach Dasan if you are looking for quick improvements. We will be having many more sessions with him. Thanks coach

We are very pleased after our first coaching session with Coach Dasan and our 14 yo son. He has the right combination of enthusiasm and expectation for the athlete to perform.

Dasan does a great job coaching....not just with drills and practice sessions, but also in motivating the players to think broadly about personal goals, commitment, vision and drive. Dasan is a positive and patient soccer role model.

(no details provided)

Great session, kept the focus and motivation

Awesome drill experience with Dasan. I will order a new session.

(no details provided)

Coach Dasan was a great coach! After first session I few my son learn a new techniques are like none before. I'd recommend coach Dasan to anyone. Great coach!

He was very knowledgeable and knew exactly how to structure our training session. I really felt I like I got the most out of our hour together. Can't wait for the next one!

(no details provided)

My son had an incredible session with Coach Dasan. He worked on everything we discussed and kept my 10 year old involved and engaged throughout the session. Looking forward to doing many more sessions with Coach Dasan!

My son Dillon, who is a junior in high school, had two sessions with coach Dasan. Both sessions focused on areas Dillon felt he needed improvement in. Additionally, all drills focused on how the skills applied to his position, which he felt was extremely valuable. Coach Dasan was extremely prepared and had all sessions planned out in detail prior to arriving, which made very effective use of the time they had. Dillon has excellent coaches and has been to multiple college id sessions/practices, but he felt that Coach Dasan was by far, the best coaching session he has had to date.

Great coach

Coach Desan did a great job prepping for our daughters first training session. She has played very competitive soccer for 10 years on club teams and in high school.

The first session was fantastic (well organized, to the point, and fast moving). Great 1 hour of instruction that included critiques on form - corrections and different ways to approach things. The session ended with homework which has helped our daughter with continued develpment.

It does not matter that during Desan's career he played defense - he is emtremely well versed on offensive techniques and skills.

We will continue to use Desan and highly recommend him to all soccer players looking to improve their skills at a more junior level or high school level.

Very good drills and knew what he was doing. Also was on time and responded to my questions promptly.

Coach Dasan has really helped me to prepare to play at the collegiate level; with his help I have been able to receive numerous soccer offers. Coach Dasan is the real deal, I highly recommend if you want to play at the collegiate level to train with Coach Dasan.

Great session; the boys loved how hard he worked them from the beginning. Most importantly they were sweaty and out of breath but said how much fun it was. Coach Dasan was great at keeping the boys going. Thanks so much!

(no details provided)

When it comes to soccer, Coach Dasan definitely knows what he is doing. He's a fantastic instructor and has great rapport with my son. He is well prepared for each session and does his homework beforehand to determine what skills/drills to work on that day. I highly recommend him.

(no details provided)

Coach Dasan listened to feedback and created a custom and fun package. Responsive and accommodating.

Coach Dasan is an excellent coach. He pinpointed what my son's needs where and immediately worked with him on his targets/goals. He is very knowledgeable and inspiring. He gave my son back the spirit of the game and his confidence. My son said he is by far the best soccer coach he has had. I would highly recommend Coach Dasan.

Dasan is an excellent coach. He is very friendly, knowledgeable and likable. We really enjoyed the training session and got an excellent workout in the process. I would highly recommend Dasan for training.

Our son is very inspired by Coach Dasan. He loves his sessions.

Coach Dasan I've had several sessions with him and he's a great trainer. He pushes you to be a better player. The way he sets up the whole sessions is perfect. After a couple sessions I see progress in my game. I am going to continue to get him actually because he is a great trainer. I recommend highly for any player.

Very good initial session with Dasan. Was prepared and provided good feedback on what my son needs to work on. Worked with my son past the allotted one hour session and had good drills to assess his technical skills. Thanks.

Coach Dasan was great! He jumped right into working with my son and quickly established rapport. We're looking forward to the next session!

Our six-year old daughter had her first training session with Coach Dasan this week, and we plan to sign her up for more sessions on a weekly basis. Dasan has an excellent demeanor – he was appropriately encouraging and firm with our daughter to ensure that she got the most out of each drill. Not a minute of the session was wasted. Dasan explains the practical application on the soccer field for each drill, and instantaneously diagnoses and quickly corrects any flaws in technique. The session was designed to address each of the areas that we discussed with him, including heads-up dribbling, touch, moves, and passing. Immediately after the session, our daughter asked us when she was going to work with Coach Dasan again.

My daughter had a great first session with Coach Dasan. He was on time and came prepared with equipment and a huge arsenal of drills. He worked my daughter hard and was able to give her several tips to help improve her shooting. I was impressed!

(no details provided)

Every training session with Dasan is specifically designed with players needs in mind. Dasan continues to impress!

Don't think twice about scheduling a session with Coach Dasan! It only took me one session to realize how much I could improve with his help and guidance. Coach D is a great individual with a big passion for soccer and coaching. I'm so grateful for having come across with his profile in Coach Up. Definitely the best decision!! Thanks for pushing me Coach!!

My daughter felt like Coach Dasan really helped improve her game after just one session. He listened to her concerns and worked with her until she understood concepts and could perform the techniques being taught.

Coach Dasan was Fantastic! It was the first time in a Long time that my son felt like he had a truly great training session! Coach Dasan was easy to work with and treated my son with respect. We can't wait to continue training with him.

Dasan is very easy to work with--responds promptly to messages. My son loved his first session with Dasan--he walked away with some very practical skills and strategies to work on. His confidence was boosted, he was given some things to think about and work on, and I love that Dasan assessed my son and had a goal for him even in the first session--like work on agility. Our second session is already booked.

Coach Dasan has done great a job with my son. He is communicative, detailed oriented, prepared and motivational. I initially signed up for three sessions. Now I hope for a long term coach/player relationship between them in which I feel my son will do nothing but get better, both as a soccer player and as a person.

After one training session, Coach Dasan made a significant improvement to my sons defensive technique. We look forward to our future training sessions.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Excellent passionate coach. My son loves him.

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Dasan's coaching!! He is patient, funny, encouraging, has high expectations, and demands the player's best. He's boosted my 8 year old son's confidence and helped start him on the road to better ability, ball control, balance, and form. Can't wait for our next session!

Coach Dasan is very knowledgeable with the sport and is motivational during training. As I started to slow down while running drills with him, he kept my pace fast by being positive with me. He's also naturally a likable person. I highly recommend him.

(no details provided)

My 11-year-old son LOVED Coach Dasan! He was able to quickly figure out what my son needed to work on and motivate him. He was prepared and engaged in the practice and I felt very comfortable with him. And most importantly, he has re-ignited my son's passion for the sport. I highly recommend Coach Dasan.

My daughter has had several sessions with Coach Dasan. He is very knowledgeable and diligent. He has my daughter work on important skill-building drills that often get overlooked at regular team practices. We also appreciate Coach Dasan's positive attitude and plan to continue with more sessions.

Coach Dasan is great about communicating and setting up practice times. He is professional and successfully motivated my son to prep for high school soccer with super soccer/fitness training. Highly recommended.

Coach Dasan is very knowledgeable, professional and congenial. My 11-year old son is currently in his second year of travel soccer, and is working his way up the ranks at his club. He really enjoyed his training sessions with Coach Dasan, and felt that he was learning quite a bit. They went through an impressive variety of agility and footwork drills in just a few sessions, and Coach Dasan was able to push my son to work hard while also being very amiable and encouraging.

Coach Dasan is very thorough and is really helping me sharpen up my skills to become a better player on the soccer field. I highly recommend him.

Coach Dasan was a great coach. He let me know what I was doing well and was helpful when I made mistakes by letting me know what to work on to improve. I am looking forward to more sessions with Coach Dasan.

(no details provided)

Coach Dasan has a lot of knowledge and patience. I'm looking forward to schedule more sessions with him. It worth the time and money you spend. I highly recommend Coach Dasan.

After only one session it was clear that Coach Dasan is knowledgeable and skilled. My son was excited about the training session and has been looking forward to future sessions. By showing my son things he had not yet learned, Coach Dasan has re energized my son's focus and excitement for the game of soccer. We are very much looking forward to seeing how far this will take my son in his soccer aspirations

Coach Dasan was really good and professional. My daughter really enjoyed her training session with him. We really liked that he put a lot of emphasis on making sure touches were good and done right before moving on and making sure she did her drills correctly, accurately and fast. Great stuff for improving skills, speed, agility and having fun at the same time.

In the first lesson he introduced some drills our son has never done. We're excited to keep working with him.

Coach Dasan is a skilled coach who works well with his students. My son has only had one session, but is looking forward to more. Coach Dasan offered some great tips and is highly recommended.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

My first training session with Coach Dasan went very well! It was challenging, and I enjoyed every bit of it! I will be booking more sessions with Coach Dasan because I honestly feel he can definitely help with my development as a player.

(no details provided)

Coach Dasan kept my daughter enthused and focused on soccer training and this helped her get ready for her first Varsity soccer season as a high school freshman.

(no details provided)

I should give Dasan 5 stars, but it's only been one session so far so I don't to get ahead of things here. Dasan gets into the technicalities. Gives honest assessment, which is valuable. If your kid really needs improvement in one area or another, he's not going to sugar-coat his assessment. He seems to have motivated my son as well in a way that a parent cannot. And, most important, my son is having fun under Dasan's instruction. Definitely a good investment thus far.

My 7 year old had his first session with Coach Dasan and its was a great experience. He not only takes his time to understand skill level and needs, but also is determined to find the right approach for our son.

Once drills were started, he found a good way to keep my son engaged and driven to complete each task. His approach is exactly what we were hoping for. We're anxious to continue our one on one sessions and looking forward to my son's continual improvement.

Great experience! Highly recommend Coach Dasan!

Coach Dasan is awesome! He utilizes every minute of coaching time to work on foot skills, agility, and strategy. Every moment is a teaching moment. He also relates well to 13 year old girls. IN between toe taps and other skill work at home (yes.....she is doing her homework,) she speaks very highly of him. Would higly recommend working with him.

(no details provided)

Had Coach Dasan work with my HS Soph daughter, who has been involved in travel soccer programs since 5th grade. In between her texting and snap-chatting, she did manage to tell me that she loved working with Coach Dasan, and that after even one session, that she learned things that she hadn't known after 6 years of training. The sessions were a great mix of skills work with working out. She said she already feels like she's a better player just from the two sessions with Coach Dasan.

An outstanding coach. Really works at your level. Does a quick assessment to see where you will start for drills. He is definitely there to help you grow and you will grow while working with him. I saw results after every drill we completed. Motivates you to persevere and really challenge yourself. Easy to get along with but stern enough to not pushover at all. Certainly worth every penny. Thank you Dasan! I can't wait to come back for another session!

(no details provided)

He was awesome! One of the best coaches I've had in a long time!! I'd recommend him to any player!

I am a female college soccer player and in the off season I have to do a lot of intense training. I recently moved so I had to find a new coach and Coach Dasan blew away all of my expectations. The training was very challenging, and I could instantly see results after just one session! Not to mention he is very supportive and creates a great learning environment. I recommend him for anyone looking to seriously improve their foot skills, work hard, and have fun doing it.

First day and my kids have never been so excited about soccer! They have been playing all their lives, but they are truly feeling confident about being on the Travel team now. I love that he's running them hard and getting them conditioned.

We just had our first session with Coach Dasan. My 14 year old son plays travel soccer and needs to improve his footwork. Coach showed him drills and exercises that my son could do at home. My son thought that session was very useful and is looking forward to more practices with Coach Dasan. It was easy to schedule session and Coach was very responsive. Thank you!

My 7 year old grandson has had two sessions so far with Coach Dasan and I've already seen huge improvement in his ability to control the ball during games. He makes the coaching sessions fun and challenging. I highly recommend Coach Dasan.

Coach Dasan is very professional, organized, articulate and easy to work with. His has very high knowledge of the soccer and has tailored his coaching to the needs of our 12 year old son. Dasan pushes and encourages our son appropriately during each training session, and it is definitely a tough workout! Dasan also focuses on the technical details during the sessions and pushes our son to perform the skills appropriately. Our son likes the sessions, wants to schedule more, and feels like they are helping him become a better soccer player. We have seen an improvement in our son's confidence and ball skills since we have started training with Dasan.

Coach Dasan is really great! I had never kicked a soccer ball prior to our first lesson and by the end I was dribbling (slowly). I am really looking forward to my next lesson. I would definitely recommend Coach Dasan.

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Wonderful to have a coach with professional MLS experience. Dasan is both patient and no-nonsense.

Knowledgable, patient and a good teacher. He was able to provide constructive criticisms and teach techniques to correct errors.

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Our teenage son has been playing competitive soccer for years, yet working with Dasan one-on-one has been the most effective training to date. The two clicked right away, our son enjoys the sessions and knows he's getting a lot out of it - both in skill development and cardio training. We just signed up for another round of sessions.

Because of Coach Dasan's experience in professional soccer he knows exactly what is needed to improve any player, regardless of skill level.

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Our experience with Dasan was terrific. We booked sessions for our 12 year old son, who has been playing soccer for some time now. Dasan was quick to assess his skill level and to design sessions that challenged and engaged him appropriately. As a parent, I appreciated Dasan's clear ability to work well with children. He developed a nice rapport with our son, providing the opportunities for skill development that he was seeking, while also taking the time to engage with him personally. Finally, Dasan used the time we booked well. Each session included a series of focused drills, small games, and suggestions for how to continue working on technique development at home. The progression between sessions also seemed logical and carefully planned. While these are my opinions, possibly the most important comment is that our son was so thrilled with the time he spent with Dasan, that he has been negotiating for more chores around the house as a way to earn more lessons. It is hard to think of a higher complement from a 12 year old boy!

Coach Dasan is an outstanding coach. Just after one session my boys left him more confident and started practicing and doing drills on their own . The individual training that he provides is like no other. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking to take there kids to the next level . He is truly a five-star coach ! Rene Jimenez

Coach Dasan was a great coach and very accommodating. His training was a perfect fit for me and his personality makes it better. He even gave stuff to do at home which is very helpful.

Coach Dasan is a good coach. The training session was very fun, and a good learning experience. He taught me a lot during the training session. I would train with coach Dasan again.

Dasan is an all-around great coach. He worked with my 14-year-old daughter to help her prepare for club soccer while we were in Chicago. She came back to club in LA with a significantly improved technical skill set and felt more confident playing with the team. My daughter got along great with Dasan, even though he was tough on her and pushed her to be a more disciplined player. Dasan was professional and always on time. I highly recommend him, both for his technical skills and his demeanor.

Great person, good listener, works our son for the right skills & pushes him to a specific goal.
Fills us in on how & what to do & for how long. Glad we found him!

my son is learning a lot to gear up for HS try outs and is ready to sign up for more sessions!

(no details provided)

We really like Dasan - he is smart, even tempered, and a hard driver. He has all of the exact right tools in his bag of tricks to help players improve quickly.

Coach Dasan is just what we were looking for in a coach for our son. He is supportive while still being firm on fundamentals. He uses a variety of drills to work on the core skills while keeping things from feeling too repetitive. He also relates skills they are working on to characteristics of professionals' games to give them examples / role models.

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Dasan has been a very good coach for my son. He's patient with him, but firm with him - especially when he wants to teach him a fundamental concept.

Coach Dasan is an excellent coach. My son, who is 11 years old, has practice with him. He is very professional, energetic, and has excellent teaching skills with kids. My son is very happy after each practice. He provides the children with technical strategies and agility training. I recommend him for other parents with kids passionate about soccer.
Fundamentals, tactical and conditioning are focus points which Dasan excels at. The best local training in Chicago area. He is the real deal!
Coach Dasan has worked with our U14 Girls Team this fall and is a top notch trainer and coach. He has an excellent chemistry with the kids and runs a variety of drills based on what the team needs to be working on from week to week. His practices have the kids engaged and constantly moving. There has been noticeable improvement from the whole team. He's a great coach and better person.
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