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Former professional soccer player with coaching degree and years of coaching experience at many different levels. View all coaching experience

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  • Sveuèilište u Zagrebu

  • 15 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Midfield, Goalkeeper, Forward, Defense

  • Throw-Ins, Shooting, Penalty Kicks, Passing, One-on-Ones, One-Touch, Heading, Goal Kicks, Free Kicks, First Touch, Dribbling, Crossing, Corner Kicks, Agility


  • Sveuèilište u Zagrebu

  • 15 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Midfield, Goalkeeper, Forward, Defense

  • Throw-Ins, Shooting, Penalty Kicks, Passing, One-on-Ones, One-Touch, Heading, Goal Kicks, Free Kicks, First Touch, Dribbling, Crossing, Corner Kicks, Agility

More About Coach Danny

I have been coaching youth and adult soccer for the last 15 years.
I have been coaching youth travel soccer teams, high school team, soccer camps and clinics as well as individual players ranging from ages 5 to 25.
I coached at multiple European soccer camps in USA, as well as clinics and showcases organized by European professional clubs.

After playing high school soccer and semi-pro soccer in USA, I played professional soccer in Europe for five years, two of those years at the highest level in Croatia.

Beginning of my session is always warm up, and after that agility exercises follow. Bigger part of the session concentrates on the individual tactical and technical skills with shooting, and last 15 minutes of the session I concentrate on physical strength.

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Client Reviews

My son went to coach Danny to help get an edge in club soccer tryouts. Coach Danny was great and got started immediately with warmups and physical drills. He quickly assessed strengths and areas for improvement and focused on the challenges he identified throughout the session. My son left feeling well worked, more confident, and motivated to work harder than ever. Highly recommend coach Danny for anyone needing physical conditioning and immediate feedback on how to attack their challenges.


Coach Danny is a great coach who helps me progress physically and technically. This opportunity I had with him helps me to progress every day.

Very tough session, but my teen daughter said it was the best training session she’d ever done. Coach Danny’s high expectations have motivated her to work hard to improve her performance.

My son enjoyed working with Danny and got a great workout and training session. I was very impressed with his soccer resume and level of experience. The coach my son had worked with for years, who had to move away gave us Danny as his highest recommendation. I'm not a soccer expert, but when our coach strongly endorsed Danny that was good enough for me and Danny has been great for my son thus far.

Coach Danny was great, and my 6-year old son loved spending time working on improving his tactics and discipline. Danny understood how to adopt training based on his skill level and age, and we’ll definitely be back.

The minute my son began his 1st practice with Coach Danny was the minute I realized that I had made the right decision with getting my son the right soccer training he needed to take his game to the next level. Danny doesn't just work on skills; he works to improve the all-around game of a player by building their stamina and endurance. It's hard work. But hard work pays off and Danny's coaching methods are nothing short of professional and intense.

Danny was great. He quickly diagnosed my son’s strengths and opportunities to improve and pushes him in an appropriate way to get better.

Coach Danny provided very clear, technical, and actionable recommendations for my 11 year old son, who loved his introductory session!

To anyone reading this: Danny is an outstanding coach! He combines on-the-ball training with speed and agility. His drills are designed for real game situations. For example, he mixes receiving the ball during a short sprint and shooting the ball with either one-touch or no touch and he did this drill with my daughter who is a 15 y-o academy level player. He worked on both left and right foot. He had my daughter do some nifty dribbling drills, varying directions and speed. He uses long poles and they are great obstacles for training. I have seem many of these drills at European academy teams (I travel to Europe a lot for work) so you will be getting a real deal with Coach Danny. These are not easy drills and not for the faint of heart but after your son or daughter comes out of this at the other end, he/she will be a better player. Much better. Coach Danny's clients have done well. Many play for D1 schools and some have gone on to get professional contracts. He still trains these D1 players and he is very passionate about them. You need to know going in that he will demand the best of you during the training. We have had many coaches for 1:1 sessions in the past. Based on our experience, he is one of the best coaches we've ever had. My daughter was beaming after the session.

Great coach my kid learned a lot from Danny and had a great time. He does a great job. Will definitely use him for lessons.

(no details provided)

My son had his first lesson with Coach Danny and it went great. My son likes Danny's style. He is strict and honest and wastes no time. We are looking forward to setting up the next session.

Great coach. Has been working with our son for about a month now. Danny definitely pushes him hard but he knows how to do so in a way that motivates him to want to improve. Works on all aspects of the game - technique, agility, conditioning. Highly recommend Danny!

Coach Danny was a fantastic coach!!! My son, who is 13, wanted some additional training to make him stronger and more competitive. We had tried a few other alternatives, classes and personal training and he hated them all until we found this site and Coach Danny. I would definitely recommend. Now my son loves going and is learning things he doesn’t work on during his normal soccer practices. I would definitely recommend if you’re on the fence. Coach Danny is great!

(no details provided)

For the serious athlete! Coach Danny pushes hard and doesn’t allow excuses but has great results! He understands what it takes to be successful in soccer at the highest level and will help prepare athletes to get there! But it comes with lots of sweat and hard work!!!!

Coach Danny has worked with my 12 year old son for 3 sessions. The sessions incorporate both physical fitness and skill development. The sessions are challenging in a good way for players. Communication has been great and scheduling with Coach Danny has been very flexible to our club practices. He offers players the chance to train individually or with his other players for a group setting which is beneficial to be able to choose what might be best for my son.

We had a situation of our son needing a few soccer training sessions within a specific window during a visit. Coach Danny was responsive and flexible to sort out a schedule with us that worked and provided some key training time ahead of upcoming tryouts. The one-one sessions were focused on fitness and some ball work, along with shooting drills, which made sense given the short term training window. Danny was able to also provide feedback and guidance for what to continue to work on outside of the sessions. We're happy it worked out to find Coach Danny and arrange the training with him at times and location that worked out perfectly.

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Danny has been great for my son. My son is 14 going into high school and in need of confidence, agility, and better handling skills. Danny has been working on my son's physical fitness and started firming up his basic skills. My son feels stronger and I see his confidence beginning to build. His trainings are very physical and he brings out equipment that makes sessions visual and engaging. Wish we could have been more consistent with our first 3 sessions this summer but travel broke up our training schedule. We will be booking more as I know Danny can help my son be a better, more confident player for his school and travel team. Looking forward to seeing him play without doubt. Thanks Danny!

My son has been going to soccer team training for one and half years. He is now at the point where we feel that he needs some personal training. We found Danny at Coachup. Before the first class, I was not sure what to expect. The one-hour training totally exceeded my expectations. First Danny pointed out that my son has problems with basic skills, such as passing, dribbling. After half of the training, I can see my son was already getting better with his passing and dribbling. We already booked more sessions with Danny, and expect my son to get better every time.

Coach Danny is doing an excellent job with my daughter. She is at a beginning level of travel soccer and he does a great job of modulating drills for her level and to keep her interested and engaged while constantly improving, would definitely recommend him!!

My son just started couple weeks ago to train with coach Danny.I really don't want to say that much,but as a father who used play a professional soccer back in Europe I have to say it,he really really getting improved a lot.I know couple things,in order to become a good player and get improved first the kid needs to get really confident on the field and manage the ball.Thats what I see happening with my son,He getting more and mire excited every time he going to train with his academy and especially with coach Danny.I see for couple week the way he changed to way to control the ball and manage it and trust me that the mist most important thing for beginners-confidence and confidence.The way how coach Danny does the whole training to me look really on high level,because the order to train is as the order we serve the dish on the table on the table-start with the soup,appetizer,salad,the main course(the main food) and desert.Thats what I really liked coach Danny does-real good warming up(working on the body's development)-excising without the ball,worming up with the ball, developing the player kicking skills,passing and then to find out the player's best position on the field(which will happen on the future).Me and my son know coach Danny for just a month and we feel so so good because there is nothing best when the kids have are getting more and more excited any time joining the training.

Thank you coach Danny

Where do I begin? My son,16 years old, had heard of Danny and decided to see if what other people were saying about his training methods were true. I walked in skeptical, as I have had my son train with many other coaches at the personal level and I never felt that they really affected and improved his game. After one session, my expectations were blown away. What seperates Danny from the others is that he doesnt have a choreographed session where he has the players go through pre-established motions. He adapts the sessions according to the level where he determines where the player is at either physically or within his skill set. In my son's case, he established a physical level which he felt he needed to be at and worked on that first. Expect to run (a lot!). From there he works on situational play and focused on the drills that the skill set would require for a given play. This type of personal training is invaluable and the fact he can hold it in a facility such as the Northbrook Athletico Center is icing on the cake. To top this all off, Danny also attends subsequent games as well as my sons team practices to see if his lessons are being applied in real game situations. This he does without solicitation and I was surprised when he asked where my son trained and what his game times were. To say we are happy with the training is an understatement. My son will continue training as a supplement to his team training through the rest of his youth career and hopefully further!
Coach Danny has had a tremendous impact in the athletical development of Alex​,​ instilling lessons we believe to have been embedded in his core as a player and athlete . His role as a coach encompasses much more than coaching. He is a mentor, a role model and a motivator instilling confidence, stamina and self-worth.
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