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Welcome! I specialize in the 6-11 age group and the emphasis is always on ball mastery, footwork and fundamentals. View all coaching experience

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Training Locations
  • National University of Ireland Galway

  • 20 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Kids

  • Midfield, Forward, Defense

  • Shooting, Passing, One-on-Ones, One-Touch, First Touch, Dribbling, Crossing, Agility


  • National University of Ireland Galway

  • 20 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Kids

  • Midfield, Forward, Defense

  • Shooting, Passing, One-on-Ones, One-Touch, First Touch, Dribbling, Crossing, Agility

More About Coach Patrick

Welcome! I specialize in the 6-11 age group and 1:1 sessions are a fantastic way for a kid that age improve. The emphasis is always on ball mastery, footwork, fundamentals, small-sided games and of course having fun! I have been coaching since 1999 and currently coach for Force Soccer Club. Force is a nationally recognized professionally coached academy.

Current Coaching Position: De Anza Force
Past Coaching Positions: Skyline College Men’s (4 Years), SF Elite Academy, SF Vikings, Los Gatos Utd, Futsal 415, Lycee Français, International High School, French American Middle School, St. Ignatius Freshmen, St. Ignatius Varsity, SF Seals, Daly City Strikers
Camps & Clinics: SF Elite Academy, Real Madrid Foundation, World Cup, West Ham Utd, USF, SF Vikings, Futsal 415
Certificates, Licenses & Diplomas
California Youth Soccer Licenses: F, E, E/D, D
United States Soccer Federation Licenses: National Youth, National B, Grade 8 Referee, Grade 9 Referee, 4v4 Grassroots, 7v7 Grassroots
National Soccer Coaches Diplomas: National, Advanced National, Premier, Director Of Coaching, Futsal, Get aHEAD Safely In Soccer
Changing The Game Certificates: Transformational Coaching, Respect The Kids & Respect The Game, Warriors Not Winners
Positive Coaching Alliance Certificates: Double-Goal: Coaching For Winning & Life Lessons, Double-Goal: Culture, Practices & Games, Double-Goal: Developing Triple-Impact Competitors
United Soccer Coaches Diplomas: Small Sided Games: 4v4, 7v7 and 9v9, Sports Psychology & Individual Mental Skills, Foundations Of Coaching, Key Moments In The Game, Creating Talent Diploma: How To Get the Best From Soccer Practices, Attacking Principles of Play, Defending Principles of Play, 11v11 Formations and Systems of Play, Soccer Mindset: Developing The 7-C’s, Advanced Technical Training: Passing Patterns & Functional Training, Creating Talent: Developing A Team Philosophy and Purpose, Performance Analysis, 7v7-9v9 Diploma, 4v4 Diploma, Decision Making and Body Position In Attack
The Football Association Masterclass: Behavioral Management, Counter Attacking, Creative Attacking Play, Developing Creativity, Developing Possession Through the Thirds, Possession
TOVO Institute Certificate: 7 A-Side

Begins with lots of touches on the ball and the focus is on touch techniques. A typical session includes ball juggling, change of speed and direction, turns, moves/fakes, using all surfaces of the foot, running with the ball, and improving the weaker foot. Players receive extensive feedback and training tips so they can improve their skills on their own.

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Client Reviews

Coach Patrick was awesome and put our shy kiddo at ease right away. The instruction was high quality and we were so pleased.

We’ve done a few sessions with Coach Patrick. We have been really impressed and my 8 year old daughter took to him immediately. She requested some training during the off-season. He’s been focusing on footwork and agility. Kids don’t get enough 1x1 attention these days and he’s helping her level up her game. He is very friendly and easy to work with. If you are considering some private sessions, definitely go with Coach Patrick!

Coach Patrick made it comfortable for my son in the first session. He was also good at providing feedback which my son accepted and is excited to work on. He is looking forward to more sessions with Coach Patrick!

We had a first session with Patrick and it went really well. The kids really enjoyed the session. He did drills to assess their skill level and was very honest with his feedback. We will definitely book another session with him.

(no details provided)

Very friendly, made my daughter feel comfortable. Worked in footwork and juggling. Looking forward to future sessions

Coach Patrick was great. He truly cares about soccer and knows how to motivate kids. Our 9-year-old enjoyed his session.

My 11-year old son did an evaluation with Coach Patrick where he did a thorough assessment. He ran him through many fundamental skills to determine what future sessions will focus on. He explained the drills well, both to my son and myself. Patrick is also a wealth of information regarding the whole soccer process from rec to competitive leagues.

Coach Patrick was patient and good humored with our 10 year old son; he learned some technique and details that he hasn't learned in standard after-school practices, and got some good drills in. We'll likely be booking again!

Our 10 year old had a great session with Coach Patrick. Our kid went through a series of drills that focused on footwork and control of the ball. He was very engaged and observant during the session and it was clear to us that he is a great coach. Our kid had a game the next morning and we already noticed a difference!

Great training session. Thanks

Coach Patrick cares about the sport, the fundamentals and making sure the kids have fun.

Patrick was great at asking for background info about my son's playing and designing a training program that focuses on his areas of development. We have only done two sessions with Patrick and my son's team coach noticed improvement after the 2nd session. So much so that he pulled me aside and ask me if we were training outside of team practice :) We recommend a session with Patrick, especially if you live in the SF area.

Coach Patrick was very patient with my kid. He was fun yet serious about teaching. I strongly recommend him!

(no details provided)

Coach Patrick was extremely calm with my two boys for their initial session and focused on ball control. They had fun!

My 12 year old daughter had a great first session with Coach Patrick. They worked on refining and strengthening her fundamental skills. She has a renewed enthusiasm for soccer and is excited to continue training.

Coach P is a great coach! At first my daughter was a bit hesitant with the 1:1 training, but Coach P made her feel completely at ease. My daughter asked to continue to train with Coach P. We have attended only a few sessions with Coach P and my husband already noticed improvement in her footwork. - Chi C (mother of 10-year-old girl)

Coach Patrick is an engaging and technically excellent coach. The time he spent with our daughter produced pretty phenomenal results right away. I highly recommend an introductory session with the coach to test a fit with him.

We signed up with Coach Patty for our two boys ages 10 and 7.5 for some one on one soccer training. After the first coaching session with Coach Patty our boys said they learned something new and that's what got them excited. They were always excited to meet with Coach Patty and I think the one on one help build their confidence as well as learning new skills they don't get to learn during practice. We found this a great supplement to their practices and hope it will help with next season try outs.

From Olin (11 years old): Coach P knows exactly what's best for me to work on. He's really good at noticing what I'm doing wrong, to help me correct myself and improve my game. He has great ideas and he makes me want to work hard.

Coach P was wonderful and dynamic. He really knows how to connect with my son and teach solid soccer techniques. They worked on dribbling, ball control, juggling, turning, and passing and receiving. He talked to my kid about good dribbling technique (little toe/big toe) and how to receive a ball/control a control (toe up, ankle locked, slight hop, planted foot pointed at passing player, and touching the ball out of your feet). Besides the skills, he presented it in a fun and engaging way.

Overall, my kid had a fun time learning and working with Coach Patrick.

Wish we found Coach P earlier in our son's soccer playing years. He quickly assessed what my son needed to work on and immediately showed him and had him practicing. He has a very calm demeanor and explains well. My impression is he genuinely cares about his clients' success.

Coach P. has been a delight. I felt like he really listened to us and designed a program specifically for my son. He has been upbeat and supportive - yet serious and focused at the same time. He is also good at communicating with parents. He clearly loves the game of soccer and that comes across in everything he does.

I highly recommend coach Patrick! He took his time to identify the weaknesses of my game and customized a perfect training for my needs. He is never in a rush and a very pleasant person, who knows how to motivate. Even after the training he provides you with material so you can work on your skills by yourself! As said highly recommended!!

Coach P was fantastic with my 7 year old! Very patient and taught him a great variety of skills in a fun way. Highly recommend!

So glad to have found Coach Patrick to help our son on establishing basic foundation skills! Our son had such a great learning experience and is so enthusiastic about doing the drills he learned and already looking forward to the next session. Coach Patrick is extremely thorough and sends followup notes on drills and exercises covered in the session for further practicing. Thanks Coach Patrick!

This is my 14 year old daughter first time learning soccer, and she has a great time and it's very well organized. Coach Patrick has fantastic energy, great attitude with the kid while maintaining a strong focus on soccer fundamentals.

Can't say enough good things about Coach P! After only two sessions, he has our son very excited about the game and learning fundamentals and techniques he's missed out on in several years of league play. A great find.

Coach Patrick is very professional. My son is 13 and plays on a club team year round. Coach Patrick in only the 1st session has shown my son many practice tips, game tips and drills to hetter his game. He makes it fun and at the same time a great work out!!

I've been playing soccer for 24 years, and Coach P is one of the best coaches I've had. In just an hour, he identified and helped me fix key issues with my shooting and passing form. I'm way improved now. He noticed that I was making my runs in a confusing way and helped me fix that. He also gave me some drills to do on my own. I would highly recommend Coach P and am looking forward to working with him again.

My sons are two years apart and trained with Patrick for nearly two years. The semi-private two-on-one lessons were a terrific format. The boys would alternate performing drills with and against each other and as a team against Patrick. The emphasis of Patrick's training was on skills, fitness, and footwork, which often are not given enough attention in club training. The benefits have been huge. When we moved out of San Francisco, my younger son immediately placed into the local club's competitive team, mainly due to his foot skills. He continues to use these skills daily, as a mid-field player with excellent passing ability that enables his team's strikers to score. I'd highly recommend Patrick's lessons for any kid with a desire to improve their soccer ability.
Coach Patrick has coached our son, Alex, through private sessions for the last 3 months, and his technical skills have immensely progressed. While having played for 3 years prior to seeing Coach Patrick, Alex had received limited technical training, and we can now feel his confidence grow along with his skills! We could not be happier to have been introduced to Coach Patrick. His style enables him to push Alex while also building a solid foundation. We have also received great and ongoing communication from Coach Patrick which have been very helpful in maintaining our focus between sessions. We are looking forward to continuing private practices with Coach Patrick!
Patrick has been an amazing coach to our son. When our son started with Patrick, he was playing club soccer but seemed to be falling behind his peers, and I realized that he really needed to have some instruction in terms of skills-building. As soon as he started working with Patrick, we could see a difference in his play. After he had worked with Patrick for about 7 months, it was time for spring tryouts ... and he made a huge jump in terms of team level. And more importantly, he learned that hard work pays off!!
We have been working with Coach Patrick for almost a year. Our sons have really enjoyed working with Coach Patrick. He offers a complete training package including individual skill drill as well as video review of professional moves. He is energetic and passionate when coaching and has been a very nice complement to our sons’ coaches who focus more on team positioning and tactics. I feel like he has instilled the same passion for the game in our sons as he has himself. We can’t wait to keep working with him to see our boys' ongoing progression and improvement!
We have been with Coach Patrick for about six months now and we cannot say enough about how lucky we are! Not only has he significantly developed our young daughter’s technical skills, but, more importantly, he has helped her gain the confidence she will need in order to be a great player. Our daughter looks forward to her trainings with Patrick each week which speaks to his ability to work with kids in a manner they enjoy. One of Patrick’s main goals is to instill a love of soccer and that is definitely what we see happening with our daughter! We highly recommend Patrick as a personal coach.
Coach Patrick is an outstanding trainer! I have been very impressed with his ability to bring out the best in my daughter. We feel very lucky to have come across Coach Patrick. Here is a summary of our experience. My 10-year-old daughter played in one of the big soccer clubs in San Francisco and wanted to get to a higher-level team. She was already one of the better players on the team, but wasn’t getting the skill-work she needed to improve. Lots of scrimmaging, but very little technique. I started looking for other options to get her the extra training she needed to be better prepared for the big tryout weekend in May and stumbled upon Coach Patrick. My daughter began her training with Coach Patrick about 6 weeks before the tryouts. She was a bit apprehensive about 1:1 training and it took a while to convince her to give it a shot. Coach Patrick is great with kids. At the end of her first training, my daughter told me that she really enjoyed her training and wanted to continue to train with Coach Patrick. Not only is Coach Patrick a great technical coach, he is extremely knowledgeable and stresses the importance of developing individual skills and techniques in game-related activities. His program is comprehensive. He gives my daughter short, weekly homework to help improve her understanding of the game. He also gives us handouts and soccer DVDs to watch. He is very dedicated. He traveled to tryouts and games to see her play and provided feedback on her games. On the personal side, Coach Patrick also took time to getting to know us and is always available for questions and advice. He also guided us through the club tryout process. I am happy to share that my daughter was offered a position in another more competitive club in San Francisco that offers a pathway to the US Development Academy. In the 3 months my daughter has been training with Coach Patrick, I’ve noticed significant improvement in her techniques and ball handling/movement. Again, I have been so impressed with Coach Patrick’s ability to bring out the best in my daughter. I can’t wait to see her pulling some of these moves in her games!
There were some aspects of my son’s soccer skills that couldn’t be honed in a team practice/training setting. Patrick has been a tremendous help in improving our son's individual skills: first touch, trapping & controlling a long pass, simple & highly effective moves to get free from defenders, aggressiveness on counter-attack, and improved overall confidence on the pitch. And all this within the first few weeks!
About a year and a half ago our then 14-year-old daughter Bethany tried out for a competitive club team and was not chosen. Prior to this, she played AYSO recreational soccer since she was five. We knew she was just a mediocre player, but she loved playing. We decided we would try and find her a personal coach. So, our search led us to Coach Patrick McPhillips. We asked Coach Patrick to help us get Bethany playing at a higher level. He told us frankly that he could do it, but it would take more than just a few sessions. For the last year, she has been training with Coach Patrick for one hour. Not only did he improve her physical skills, but he also improved her knowledge and mentality by giving her weekly homework. I am thrilled to report that Bethany recently tried out for Burlingame Soccer Club and was offered a spot on their competitive team. Success! Not only did Coach Patrick help her become a much better player, he took the time to chat and get to know us and offered us a lot of guidance. He even came out to watch her play in games and practices. His quality of coaching is hands down, top notch. If you want to tap in to your child’s full potential, Coach Patrick will certainly deliver.
My son has enjoyed working with Coach Patrick on improving his soccer skills. Coach Patrick actually takes the time to teach the fundamentals of footwork and knowledge of the game which has made my son a more confident player and teammate. I also believe he has more fun playing now too! Thank you Patrick!
We have been working with Coach Patty for about a year now. He helped my 12-year old son take his game to the next level and to the next club. Patrick is patient and positive. He is attentive to detail, offering slight adjustments players can make that lead to significant improvements. He talks at length with his players about the nuances of the game. In addition to skill-development, Patrick has really helped my son become a leader on his team. Coach Patty has been a delight! I felt like he really listened to us and designed a program specifically for my son. He has been upbeat and supportive - yet serious and focused at the same time. He is also good at communicating with parents. He clearly loves the game of soccer and that comes across in everything he does.
Our son learned more from Coach Patty in a few months of training than he had learned in years of playing for a team. We’ve been with Patty for almost two years now, and he has completely changed the way my son – and our family – thinks about soccer. Our son was always enthusiastic about the game, but Patty gave focus and direction to his training and showed him what was possible with hard work. Patty’s dedication to the game and to kids shines through, both in the way he conducts himself during training sessions and in the other features of his program – including written and verbal game evaluations for players and weekly homework (e.g., written analysis of video clips from games in top professional leagues) that he carefully reviews with his students and weaves into his sessions. We couldn’t be happier!
Our daughter, Bethany has been coached by Coach Patrick now for about 6 months. Before Bethany started, she was a mediocre soccer player. Coach Patrick made it clear from the beginning that he expects us and Bethany to be committed and consistent with our time and effort and in return Coach Patrick has give us nothing less. Now Bethany's confidence, performance and self-esteem have improved tremendously. So much so, that her current team allows her to play in many different positions. In addition to this, through evaluations and homework Coach Patrick has given Bethany plenty of insight on how the game of soccer is played. Every week, Bethany gets to learn something new and ask any question she wants. If you truly want your child to improve their skills, Coach Patrick is the man for the job.
Coach Patty is a great communicator and a great coach. After my first session he asked me who would I like to play like and I told him Mousa Dembele (Tottenham). Subsequently he sent me an email carefully describing the training exercises necessary to play like Dembele. He also took the time to describe what was necessary to increase my Soccer IQ. Coach Patty is very thoughtful with his training sessions and has a keen eye for detail. He has the ability change each exercise to accommodate your current ability and build from there. I would gladly recommend Coach Patty for anyone who loves the game and has the mindset to get better.
Coach Patty is coaching my 10 year old son who absolutely loves it. He is very encouraging and the one on one focus has already improved my son's skill set.
Coach P was very helpful in identifying some key areas that my son needed to work on to improve his game and gain more confidence. He is a very patient and knowledgeable teacher who has a lot of experience working with kids. I wish we had found him sooner.
Coach P has been great identifying our son's strengths and weaknesses, building his skills and his confidence, and inspiring him. We've seen real improvements in his game, and more importantly our son loves the training!
Coach P provided one on one instruction to my 11 year old daughter over the summer. He was quick to assess her strengths and weaknesses and was able to guide her through skill sets to help her improve her speed, agility and technique. He was patient, kind and gave constructive advice. He also provided me with an assessment and drills exercises for her to work on her own. He was extremely easy to work with as he was always flexible with our summer scheduling. My daughter really enjoyed her sessions with him and she felt her confidence grow back to where it used to be, before she joined competitive soccer. She now feels ready for upcoming fall soccer season.
Our son had the opportunity to have Patrick as a U8 lead coach at Lycée de San Francisco this past year. As a participant for several years in the Lycée after-school soccer program, our son had previously enjoyed soccer but was not passionate about it. This changed for our son this past year as Patrick taught age-specific skills, strategy and teamwork at the weekly practices and this brought a new level of appreciation and enthusiasm to the practices and games which was felt by our entire U8 team. Our son has become much more knowledgeable and physically skilled as a soccer player. It was also exciting to watch the children evolve from individual players to developing a sense of teamwork under their coaches' direction. Patrick established regular email communication with the team parents, keeping them informed of game and practice schedules and locations. He was also quick to respond to individual parent questions and concerns. Our son and our family thoroughly enjoyed the growth and development he experienced during the 2014-2015 soccer season with Patrick.
I have worked with Patrick for over six years in multiple capacities. He brings a passion to the sport of soccer that is unparalleled and his dedication to his players is unyielding. Patrick's commitment to protecting and advancing his players is reflected in their loyalty to him as not just a coach but as a mentor. He is tireless when it comes to the well-being of any team or institution he is responsible for. Simply put, Patrick loves soccer and he is unusually talented at translating this passion through coaching.
I am a parent at Lycee Francais de San Francisco. Patrick has coached both my 9-year-old son and my 7-year-old daughter. Patrick's dedication to his mission and ability to create a fun learning environment at any age, as well as his knowledge and love of the game, equally stand out. He will manage a group of children to the best of their individual abilities, and teach them both technical skills and team spirit. Patrick definitely stood out as the best soccer coach my children ever had at the Lycee.
Patrick volunteered his time to help prepare our teams for the US Futsal National Championship and the Northwest Regional tournaments. During his time with Futsal 415, Patrick was a positive influence on the players bringing a considerable amount of professionalism and knowledge. Patrick is a versatile coach, having the ability and qualities to work with all age groups both boys and girls. If you ever need a reliable, positive, and classy coach I highly recommend Patrick.
Patrick has coached my nine and eleven year old sons through a couple of years of Futsal. He has an outstanding ability to teach the game and player code of conduct. As a coach he values strong play and development over winning and is not over-invested in wins and losses. Patrick teaches a balanced collection of ball skills, court (field) vision, and strategy and he is always a pleasure to work with.
I have been playing on an adult men's team led by Patrick for about four years now. In that time, Patrick's leadership has guided the team to an era of domination over the top 8 v 8 men’s league in the city. The team has made the playoffs every single season and won the league over 75% of the time. Coaching adults is a very difficult job, as most simply do what they want to do but Patrick's deep understanding of both player psychology and tactics allows him to set up the team in ways that keeps the team winning even against superior competition at times. Players have come and gone in the four years that I've been playing but Patrick has always been the constant that holds the team together and keeps the team winning again and again.
I had the pleasure to be Patrick’s assistant coach for this past soccer season. At the French American School Patrick and I coached the middle school and varsity girl’s teams consisting of beginning and advanced players. He is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to coaching both soccer and Futsal and goes above and beyond to help the players develop. He meticulously builds his trainings based on the team he is coaching and for each training he picks a topic and builds upon that topic throughout the session challenging every player regardless of experience. As a first hand witness I saw the results of his coaching ability. Players showed vast improvements throughout the season. Patrick has also built a long lasting impression on both the players and parents, before and after our trainings his previous players and player’s parents stop by to catch up with him. Not only is Patrick a great coach for the players, but he is also a great teacher and mentor for coaches looking for more experience and guidance.
For the past ten years, I have played with Patrick in his men’s game in the Mission. From the very beginning the game has been very competitive because most of the players played in competitive leagues such as the SFSFL where he coached several teams. Patrick organizes the game and makes sure we have good competition and have goalkeepers every week which really makes the game. I can't remember a day we did not play in the last ten years. Patrick's dedication to soccer is unparalleled and his knowledge of the game is refreshing. But most importantly, he really knows how to coach! I played on one of his teams and his command of the players and team strategy was superb. I highly recommend Patrick for anything soccer! He's a professional with real passion for the game, and he is a great coach for young players and their parents.
Patrick has been coaching at Lycée de San Francisco for two years and in this period he proved to be a reliable, competent and professional coach. His seriousness and commitment have translated to the field via highly efficient practices and his proper handling of adverse situations. Patrick has also been very committed to improving the school’s soccer program as well as our other staff coaches by mentoring them and passing on his knowledge of soccer.
When I moved to San Francisco in 2008, one of the first things I did was look for a soccer team to join. Of all the myriad online postings, teams, meet-ups, and leagues that I reached out to, very fortunately for me, Patrick was the first person to respond to my inquiry. This prompt, professional approach was the tip of the iceberg of Patrick's seemingly limitless dedication to the organizational logistics and personnel management that comes with running a successful club. Where many coaches and managers burnout or lose interest, Patrick seems to grow into the role more and more with each passing season and each new managerial challenge. Patrick has an affable nature and he immediately welcomed me into his team and network of San Francisco soccer. His personality if perfectly suited to that of a coach, personal trainer and manager. He demands fair play, good sportsmanship, respect and commitment, but not at the cost of being overly aggressive or abusive as some coaches and managers tend to be. His ability to connect with players is incredible. He has the rare ability to simultaneously see the unique qualities in players while also knowing how to properly challenge them to improve their game...and always to be a better teammate to one another. Even though my career has taken me away from San Francisco, I still count Patrick as a close friend and never miss an opportunity to play with the club when I'm back in town. I recommend him with the highest confidence to anyone who wants the very best for their team or as an individual player. Patrick will make you better player, and he will never let you down.
I have known Patrick for the better half of the last decade. As a fellow coach in the SF soccer community it is very apparent Patrick is extremely dedicated to the sport and player development. Patrick is both well organized and extremely passionate about the sport he loves. I have had the luxury of being a part of a men’s game that Patrick has single handedly organized and managed for over seven years. Patrick's thankless efforts to maintain this game has helped create a recurring event that its members consistently look forward playing in each week. He is well integrated in the SF soccer community and I have no doubt he will continue to grow as a valued coach for years to come.
I had the pleasure of coaching under Patrick during the most recent spring season at International High School and French American International School. On the first day when we met the girls, it was clear that the season would be a challenge. There was a significant range of skill levels, ranging from club soccer level to touching a ball once a year during the school soccer season. Patrick handled it beautifully and was able to set up very productive practices where every player on the field was able to improve their skill level, while having fun at the same time. Every single player had better control of the ball by the end of the season and I was very impressed with how Patrick was able to take a team with such different skill levels and bring them together as one entity on the field. They were connecting passes, making plays and getting some good shots on goal toward the end of the season. In addition to his work with the players, Patrick was able to communicate well with the parents. They valued him as a coach and if they had any concerns, he did not hesitate to speak openly about them. He was able to build a trusting relationship between the families and our coaching staff, which is important for a successful school season.
I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Patrick for over eight years and have been privileged to watch him develop and manage a program. Our interactions were primarily related to a men’s game Patrick has organized every week for a decade. Despite multiple culture shifts and difficult personalities our group has never missed a week and the game has done nothing but improve under Patrick’s stewardship. His reliability both as a friend and leader are commendable, as is his knowledge of the game. I would recommend Patrick wholeheartedly for driving organizational knowledge and skills development across all ages and levels of soccer.
I have played for and alongside of Patrick for nearly fifteen years and it has been a privilege. Patrick organized a game at Moscone over ten years ago during the off season of the men’s league. For the last eight years the game has been played at Garfield Square and it is known as the best men’s game in SF. Patrick meticulously manages the game, field, players and equipment. Due to the popularity, high level and organization Patrick has maintained this game has grown to include a list of regulars of about twenty participants and an equal waiting list of players who would do anything to join the game. I also personally know the SF referee assignors and can testify that Patrick is also seen as a great asset whether in the center or as an AR up to and including U18 level. It is this well rounded experience and Patrick's dedication to soccer that differentiate him from all the rest.
As an avid player, I appreciate Patrick for his steadfast devotion to the game of soccer. Since 2008, I have played in a weekly men’s game that Patrick has administered. Patrick has recruited a constant supply of competitive players who respect one another and the game. His communication has always been outstanding and he is punctual and dependable. He is also a skilled midfielder in offense and defense. I had the misfortune of playing against Club Marin FC while Patrick coached the men’s side in the major division of the SFSFL; as an opposing midfielder the team's organization and tactical approach was tough to penetrate. Finally, I have observed Patrick coaching varying levels of SFVSC youth players while visiting the local park with my son. During those times, Patrick maintained an age-appropriate, respectful and poised demeanor while conveying a deep appreciation and respect for the game of soccer. I believe Patrick will immediately improve the play of any committed young players.
Patrick was one of the first players I met when I moved to San Francisco in 2008 and he quickly recruited me to play on his different competitive teams and men’s games as well. Patrick has as an eye for talent and his teams always have top-notch players. His organizational skills, passion for soccer, and knowledge for the game ensure that any team that he has a hand in will be truly excellent. It's been a pleasure to know him for so many years and to have benefited from the beautiful games and camaraderie that he has created.
Patrick coached my son's SF Vikings’ club team for two years and I appreciate many things about his coaching including his high level of professionalism, knowledge, fairness and passion for the game. He treated my teenager son with respect and provided age-appropriate and clear communications and guidance. Highly recommended!
I have known Patrick since 2004 when we both played competitive and recreational soccer in San Francisco. In 2008, Patrick recruited me to play on his league team and his fantastic men’s games where I was able to witness his true passion and commitment for the sport. His leadership and effective communication skills reflect teamwork, fair play, and respect on and off the pitch. His dedication to the game has transformed our group of players into a friendship that we all appreciate. Patrick's punctuality and motivation is admirable and it reflects his professionalism in The Beautiful Game!
As a Head Coach for French American and as an Assistant Coach for International High School, Patrick has proven to me to have a strong knowledge of the game and an even stronger trait of teaching the game. Patrick is a dedicated coach who is committed to his craft of teaching the game and a strong believer in teaching and developing fundamentals. In addition to coaching middle and high school kids some of his duties at FAIS/IHS include developing and mentoring of staff coaches.
Patrick was my assistant Varsity coach last season at Saint Ignatius College Prep. As a coach Patrick has a lot of passion and knowledge of the game, he is very organized and works well with young adults. He is always looking for ways to improve his coaching skills, and has a willingness to learn from his peers.
Patrick was the coach for my daughter’s U11 soccer team. He is an experienced coach with the ability to use innovative lessons to mentor and develop the team and the girls’ skills improved immensely under his training. Patrick kept the practices fun and all of the girls returned the following season. The girls placed second in their division!
I am the director of a summer soccer camp for the SF Vikings Soccer Club (SFVSC). The camp is a six week full day camp that serves close to 700 children between the ages of 5 and 14. Patrick has worked as a coach at the camp the last two summers all day and at every session. Patrick's ability to manage a large group of children in this type of environment is very impressive. He has the ability to create optimal learning sessions that are both inspirational and fun for the children. His knowledge of the game and his relentless efforts to improve as a coach are equally impressive.
Patrick approached me on the field as we were beginning the tryouts for our Premier and Reserve teams in the San Francisco Soccer Football League. During his tenure as coach he showed amazing dedication not only to his team, but also to our club. He had great insights into the makeup of the organization and went above and beyond to gain the respect of his players. He and I would often sit for long periods of time discussing tactics and what impressed me was his ability to continue to be open to learning.
As an assistant coach under Patrick I learned a lot. He showed me how to go above and beyond the call of duty if it meant the program would improve and the players would get better. Patrick is not only an excellent coach but is also trustworthy, knowledgeable, and can adapt to all ages and levels of players. If I were to recommend a coach for anyone who is interested in learning soccer for the first time, or increasing their soccer knowledge, I would recommend Patrick. You will not regret it.
I have been a youth soccer coach, assistant coach and manager for the last ten years in San Francisco as part of the San Francisco Viking Soccer Club (SFVSC) and the San Francisco Seals Academy. I am also a member of the San Francisco Viking Soccer League Board. In 2010 and 2011, I was an assistant coach to Patrick. He had just taken over a competitive travel team for the SFVSC. This team had experienced significant turmoil in its three previous years of existence and seen very little success. In his first season with the team, Patrick was able to lead them to their best finish (division title) and, more importantly, developed many of the players from both a technical and tactical standpoint. Patrick showed tremendous dedication and commitment to the team, especially in comparison to the team's previous coaches. Patrick's keen sense of the game and willingness to listen to my suggestions impressed me. He has coached various youth teams as well as adult teams, and clearly understands the different dynamics of how to handle both youth players and adult players. I know Patrick has a tremendous passion for the game and truly enjoys being a teacher. He relishes improving player's skills and seeing his teams develop.
I have been coaching with Patrick for the past few years. He has shown a great amount of enthusiasm and commitment. He preaches respect and fair play. He has shown good knowledge of the game and works well with adult and youth of all ages in our community. Patrick is always looking to improve himself and stay current in the game. Patrick has the ability to work with my Skyline College Men's soccer team as well as youth of all ages with the Futsal 415 program. He has been very insightful in his organization and thoughts. He has taken on the role of head coach, assistant coach, trainer, team manager, fan, referee, and observer. The San Francisco Bay Area needs more coaches like Patrick, dedicated to player development and advancement of the sport. It is a pleasure to work with Patrick!
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