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Cedric L.

Former pro player in Europe and in the NBA


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Adults, Kids, Teenagers


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Rebounding, Footwork, Defense

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60 minutes

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My coaching experience enabled me to train and work out professional, college, high school and elementary basketball players. I have coached for several years for Jericho Christian Academy until my kids became interested in playing. That is where I began to teach kids as young as five years old.
Working with a broad range of ages has taught me how to better understand the importance of meeting the client where they are skill-wise and tailor my sessions to their level.

I attended Archbishop John Carroll High School and was a member of the 1987 Capital Classics DC All Star Team. I received a full athletic scholarship to the University of Maryland to play basketball, where I set a single season record for having the most blocked shots with 143 blocked shots and tied a NCAA single game blocked shot record with 12. These records still stand today. I have a multitude of basketball experience which included playing professional basketball in Europe in countries such as Spain, Greece, Italy, Germany, France, Turkey and the NBA's Washington Bullets.

After retiring from professional basketball, I have dedicated my time by coaching all age groups from toddlers to high school. I have had an opportunity to work with some dynamic programs. As a father of two kids, a boy and girl, I have demonstrated a great deal of patience and understanding of teaching and coaching all ages. Most recently I coached my10 yr old daughter who played on a 12 yr. old girls team and we had a record of 19-2. Our team lost in last years county championship, but I was recognized by the parents and girls for the hard work and dedication displayed.

At 6'9", I understand the importance of good footwork and fundamentals necessary to compete on the next level. The game of basketball is not only physical, but mental. After working with me, you will alo see an increase in your basketball I.Q. I believe in playing smart and working hard.

A typical session will have at least two participants of comparable sizes. According to skill level, they will be taught a series of low post back to the basket moves, low post positioning, rebounding and clean, but hard play. They will also go through a series of low post "face up" moves. They learn footwork that will teach them how to gain a positioning advantage over their opponent.

Participants will also be taught how to play a perimeter mid range game. All drills will be geared to help build confidence through positive reinforcement, repetition and hard work.

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Client Review Basketball

So far only one session but Cedric is great with my 12 year old. Ball handling, foot work, etc. Use him!

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