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Both these ladies have been students of mine: Mom [on the left] earned a 4 yr scholarship [2001 grad]. Daughter, [2023 grad] Signed her LOI. This day she threw a perfect game View all coaching experience

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  • Michigan State University (MI)

  • 30 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Catcher, Pitcher, Outfield, Infield

  • Pitching, Hitting, Fielding, Baserunning


  • Michigan State University (MI)

  • 30 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Catcher, Pitcher, Outfield, Infield

  • Pitching, Hitting, Fielding, Baserunning

More About Coach Brian

I have played, coached, and taught Fastpitch Softball for over 35 years. I have played and coached Mens FP [Indiana, KY & Michigan] Rec [Texas, Indiana, KY], Travel [Indiana & Kentucky], HS [Michigan, Ohio, Indiana & Illinois] and College [U of Evansville, IN]. I teach ages 7-22. I have written a book on hitting and had a dozen or more videos on Youtube. I teach all the skills of softball [pitch-hit-slide-throw-catch-run-bunt-strategy]. I have taught clinics for various communities [Teutopolis, IL - 12 yrs] - [Dieterich, IL - 5 years] - [Greenwood Lassie League - 2 years] , High Schools [Franklin Community - 1 year] and colleges [Wabash Valley JC - 7 years].

I competed in Fastpitch softball while in the US Navy and then in Men's Fast Pitch leagues in Indiana, Kentucky and Michigan. I played on and managed teams in those states and competed in the Men's State Fast Pitch tournaments in Indiana and Michigan. I was selected for the manager/sportsman of the year while playing/coaching in Niles, MI. I have attended many NCAA coaches clinics. I taught myself to pitch and then started teaching others. I have had a Miss Softball in KY [Jackie Elston Carter] with multiple girls in the top 10 of voting in KY and IN. I have had girls go on to be All-American in softball as well as lead their teams in hitting [Samantha Young - Western KY U] and fielding [Michelle Williams] while at Eastern Ky University. One of my hitting students set the season HR record at Northern Ky University [Katey Beth Coode]. One of my students signed to pitch for Clemson University [Shelby Kelly], another with St. Louis University [Kai Hanner], and another with the University of Indiana [Grace Lorsung]. I work with rec, middle school, high school and travel ball players. The following students of mine were inducted into the KY Preps Softball Hall of Fame: Jackie (Elston) Carter, Michelle Williams, Jamie (Robinson) Roby, Lisa Pinkston, Tara (Evans) Monhollen, and two of my students hold ten or more records in the Kentucky HSAA Fastpitch Softball record books (Heather Lawrence - Boone Co) and Stacy McWhirter - Henderson Co). Others earned college scholarships for softball to: Bellarmine University School of Nursing (Jessica (Reinbold) Watson); Columbia University (Elizabeth Reinbold); Kaskaskia College (Kalyn Nalewajka); Kaskaskia College (Alyssa Dothager); Bellarmine University School of Nursing (Erika (Whelan) Aimers); Northern KY University - All American [Ricki Rothbauer]; St Catherine University (Ashley Dempley Grimes); (Caroline Thompson) Manchester University; (Megan Godoyo) Wabash Valley JC/University of Southern Arkansas; (Jade Montgomery) Wabash Valley JC/University of S Illinois.

I try to teach the importance of 4 things [1 - Balance; 2 - Technique; 3 - Rhythm; 4 - Resistance]. when warming up, doing a balance drill, a pitch drill, calling balls and strikes, closing eyes for balance testing. I try to make the sessions fun and challenging. Each session should be more mentally challenging than an actual game. Each drill will isolate multiple parts of the balance, technique, rhythm and resistance. For pitching I work on four pitches [screw(rise), fastball, drop curve, change(multiple)], through the use of drills to isolate various parts of the pitch and body. I break down the fundamental steps of pitching to allow parents to see where I'm going better so they can have more information to help their daughters with. My experience is to teach them how to "pitch" not "throw" so they walk less than 10 batters in a season and average 7-10 strikeouts per 7 inning game. I'm not just expecting these stats,....my students have achieved these types of stats. When working on hitting, we continually test how many line drives they hit out of 10 soft tosses, machine pitch or live pitch. We need to hit at least 5/10 line drives. When hitting, we should not strike out.....should have less than 10 in a season [per Don Mattingly's HS Career]

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Client Reviews

Lots of knowledge in the game! My kid enjoyed the lessons and learned a good amount! Brian was very nice and easy to work with. Highly recommend!

Coach Brian is amazing! My daughter has had several pitching coaches and let me tell you, Brian taught her more in 30 minutes than she learned in 2 years with the others!

I’ve now decided to have him coach her for hitting too. No need to see anyone else, when you have a coach that can see the details like he does.

His style is gentle and yet Casey listens attentively and follows his directions because she respects his knowledge!

I plan to stay with Brian for the long run and if you book, I’m sure you will feel the same!!

Casey’s momma 🥎

He is a great coach and great with the one on one and figuring out what they need work on!

Coach Brian is a treasure trove of information. He is observant, detailed, thoughtful, and an overall pleasure to have as an instructor. Our daughter really enjoys working with him. In two sessions she has been able to change her entire swing/grip/stance which has immediately helped her with contact and power. I couldn't imagine that there are many others around with his amount of experience as a coach and instructor. He is patient, knowledgeable, and a genuinely great guy!

I’m very happy with Brian he has done so well with Avery in just 2 sessions. He’s very informative and knows what he is talking about. We are excited to have more sessions with him and to continue to get better.

My kid is learning a lot and he is really good at explaining techniques.

Brian is a great teacher he's gor my daughter hitting constantly. He dose not try to change them. He work off what they already knows.

Only 3 batting lessons and hit a home run at 1st game and 1st time up to bat! Thanks coach Brian

Brian has been a huge help for my daughter with her pitching! He is very knowledgeable I’ve seen a huge improvement in a very short period of time. She has more confidence pitching in games since starting lessons her accuracy has improved so much. Highly recommend as a coach!

Although we are new to pitching, Coach Brian has stayed very patient with our daughter. He involves the parents, making sure they know what the child needs to work on at home. We get video and feedback on what she is doing well with and what needs more work.

Brian is a very knowledgeable coach. He is able to identify the small things that my daughter is doing that I couldn’t. If only we started using him years ago. I would highly recommend Brian to any pitcher.

We are only two sessions in but I will say that Brian knows what he is talking about. The first lesson he let my daughter show him how she bats but then he showed her how to do it his way… let me tell you, Brian’s way made her look like she doesn’t put as much force into hitting but when she made contact she hit the ball a lot harder!

Brian also has phenomenal patience! He can coach the girl how to hit a target but also turn around and show her how to do it and let me tell you, Brian will hit the target he aims for! I know we are still new but I have watched another girl same age as my daughter go from night and day on hitting. We will continue to stick with Brian! Lastly, I do want to say not only does he teach your child one on one he also teaches you as the parent on how to help your child grow!

(no details provided)

Coach Brian is very knowledgeable and my girls enjoy working with him.

Coach Brian does a great job with the girls. They have improved so much just in the 2 practices they have had with him so far!

Coach Brian is great! We’ve had 4 sessions so far and already seeing improvement in my daughter. He’s patient, positive and takes the time to explain why she’s doing the drills. He is very knowledgeable about the game and my daughter loves working with him!

My daughter karlieann (10) has went to Brian now for roughly 6 lessons. She can already throw 3 different pitches and just hit 40 mph on her 6th lesson. Of course this will vary with kids, but he has been able to teach her what she needs to know quickly! If the throws a different pitch on accident he just rolls with it and allows her to explore things at her pace. Definitely one of the best things that I have done. Thank you Brian and I look forward to many more!!

(no details provided)

Coach Brian has shown my daughter little things that have made a huge difference in her hitting and throwing-things that no one else noticed that was holding her back from playing at the next level!

Brian has been great with Jaylee. He is very knowledgeable and she has learned a lot and has became a better hitter. Look forward to working with him in the future!

Coach Brian has done a fantastic job with my daughter. She really enjoys the one on one sessions and they have had a positive impact on her game.

Coach Brian is amazing. After one week with him our daughter was an entirely different athletes. He helped her to see her swing and pitch in different ways which connected with her. Many coaches have a hard time trying to convey what they would like to see but Brian isn’t one of those. He gets it and knows how to help the athlete understand.

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Coach Brian is great coach I feel like am hitting better. His training techniques are top notch and really good at making me see the ball better. I would highly recommend.

My daughter has only recently started training with Brian but is improving already. She really enjoys all of her lessons.

Coach explains what we are trying to accomplish and is really good at noticing things to work on.

My daughter has been working with Brian for the past few months and she has learned a lot. He is very patient and a good teacher. I myself have learned things also.

Coach Brian has done a wonderful job teaching my daughter the basic of pitching. He is encouraging, patient and makes it a fun environment for her to learn. I would definitely recommend him.

(no details provided)

Coach Brian does an excellent job! He's very patient while reinforcing player skills. I've seen a great improvement in my daughter's softball skills since we started training with him. Thank you!

Coach Brian has been great with our 10 year old daughter. He's worked with her on all aspects of the game. The drills he uses have been easy to transfer to practice at home. In addition, Brian sends helpful feedback each week using videos taken during the lesson. She really enjoys working with him and we've seen great progress on her development of fundamentals.

My daughter has just finished her 7th lesson with Coach Brian and I feel like we've known him for forever! He involves us, parents, in the training sessions to help make sure we understand what and how to work on skills in between his lessons! By our second lesson, my 10U travel softball daughter was throwing SO much better. Now, she's up to hitting the softball at 41mph! He not only teaches her technical skills but also, walks through play scenarios so she can understand how making an error can affect the game itself. He also sends videos and feedback from EACH session to help us at home. Not only has Coach Brian elevated her skills has a player, but he has also given her SO much confidence in herself. I recommend Coach Brian at any age or skill level your softball player is at!

Flexible, knowledgeable and kind

We are so thankful that we found Brian! We have told everyone we know about him! My daughter is always sad when her lesson is over because she enjoys it so much! Very professional and always responds in a timely manner. We think we are super lucky that we get to have a coach like Brian!

Brian works well with my daughter and after three lessons we have seen a great improvement with her distance and harness of her hitting. Brian is great and I would refer him to anyone that would ask

Brian is great! My daughter is 7-years-old and I had my doubts about if she would enjoy the lessons, but Brian made it fun for her and she loves them! When I initially looked for a coach, I wanted someone who would help to improve her batting to start with. My daughter was a whole new batter just after the first session! She had been on a strike out streak and with Brian’s help, the following game she hit every time at bat. I plan on continuing her lessons so we can continue improving her batting and start working on fielding!

(no details provided)

Coach Brian has been AMAZING help for my daughter. The confidence he has given her alone is worth every cent, every minute and every extra practice night. My daughter was struggling to make contact all season, but, after one lesson with Coach Brian where he made a few minor adjustments and tweaks, she was a different ball player at her next tournament. These last two tournaments since we started our lessons, she has had several big hits. There has been such a 180 in her ability, I have had parents from the team coming up to me and asking who her hitting coach is. We love what Brian has done for our daughter and will continue with his lessons as long as possible! Make this investment for your daughter, you won't regret it!

Coach Brian was great. My 7 year old made more progress in one session with him than she had after several seasons with instructional play. He made learning fun! She has actually retained what she learned and has been able to build upon it. We would recommend coach Brian with any age as he definitely has the knowledge, but he was especially great with our beginner. She was frustrated and ready to give up and he was very patient with her while teaching the basics.

We are switching my 8 yr old daughter from batting right to left. My wife and I likes Coach Brian patience and how he correct her where she is not doing things right. We like his attention to detail down to the minute of things and how he breaks things down so my daughter understands why he wants her to do it a certain way. I am impress with Coach Brian knowledge. The things he has told me regarding pitcher, catcher and batter I never would have picked up on my own. I am watching softball a lot differently then before. Hiring Coach Brian was a geat decision and we are happy about it.

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We are enjoying our sessions with Coach Brian

He is wonderful with the kids! Positive encouragement, patient!!!

Coach Brian was great. He worked well with both my daughters.

(no details provided)

I love that he has patience with Sky.

Brian is a great teacher. He speaks to my 11 year old in such a manner that is encouraging and engaging yet is very informative and concise. My daughter is excited to go to batting lessons and enjoys the concrete feedback that is given (mph hits, distance etc)

Coach Brian is the best! He is very patient with Maddie and she has improved tremendously during the short period of time he has been working with her. I am very pleased with her progress and encouragement she has received from Coach Brian!

Excellent coach, always very thorough and does a great job of getting the best out of the athlete but also making it fun. We have been very please with his coaching style and knowledge.

Coach Brian is a great instructor! He does a great job of breaking down his techniques and makes it easy for girls of any age to learn how to throw multiple pitches. He will prepare them to be able to pitch in a game with great success.

Great coach! Attentive, personable and he provides thorough feedback after each session.

Our daughter has met with Coach Brian for two sessions. In this short time she has fell in love with the sport again. She lost that along her way to the point she never wanted to pick up a bat again. It was heart breaking as a parent because she has a lot of potential and we loved watching her play. Even more heart breaking to watch her give up on something because she had a bad experience and lost all confidence in herself. After one session with Coach Brian, she believes what we have been telling her. You can play college ball. Through Coach Brian, her confidence is coming back and to see her smile after nailing a line drive 220 ft is worth every penny. Coach has the ability to TEACH his students. He observes what they are doing, gives instant feed back, praises them on what they are doing well but more importantly, explains what they need to correct: how to correct it and the results they will get when they master it. It’s never, “Wrong, that’s not what I told you to do or how I showed you to do it”. Every missed mechanic is an opportunity to teach. We love that about Coach. He is interactive with his students and by that I mean he does not stand there barking orders at her, he gets right in there and physically shows her what he wants to see from her and why. He is fantastic and we can not wait to see where his coaching will take her! The only thing we would change is not having placed her with him sooner! See you at our next session Coach!

Stephanie and Tony G.

(no details provided)

My daughter has had two training sessions with Coach Brian. She can already tell a difference in her catching and throwing techniques and the improvements. Her hitting skills will grow and are starting to see potential! Thanks Coach Brian and look forward to many more sessions!

Brian is an amazing pitching coach. He really speaks to the kids in a way that they understand. My daughter just needed a few things tweaked, and he got her right back on track. We will definitely be getting a lot of work in with Brian during the off season.

Coach Brian does a nice job with my 2 girls (8 & 10). We have played ball since t ball but I was surprised at the basic fundamentals that Brian was able to correct/improve right away. I am also a coach but I've found that sometimes kids listen more to a coach like Brian rather than what Dad is trying to tell them....... We will continue seeing Brian as he has a wealth of knowledge and I can see improvement with each session.

Brian is an exceptional coach. My daughter started working with him a few months ago and there is a visible difference in how she plays! He is patient and encouraging and talks to her on her level. She is excited to work with him every time we go. He gives great feedback and drills for us to work on at home. Highly recommended!

Brian is working with my 9 year old daughter on hitting and pitching, and his patience is incredible. His ability to breakdown the pitching and hitting steps, works in away that the athlete (and parents) can easily remember and allows the athlete to respond to feedback from a coach or parent in a real live game quickly. The one on one coaching has been extremely beneficial for our daughter. Brian has established a solid relationship her, he has built her confidence up and has been able to push her to the next level without taking away the love of the game. In addition to all this he is very flexible which helps us families who are extremely busy be able to provide this type of coaching to our kids.

Coach Brian has helped our 13 year old girl tremendously. If you are considering Coach Brian, I would highly recommend him.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

I was looking for some 1:1 coaching for my daughter to work with her once a week during her off season. Coach Brian was recommended and is a great fit for her! He's very knowledgeable and works with her on numerous hitting drills to improve her game. He works with girls of all age and skill levels and is an extremely patient instructor.

(no details provided)

Kids Loved Coach Brian. He was able to talk to the kids on their level. Worked with them from the beginning as these are all new pitchers. The kids can't wait for our next session.

My daughter has been to two lessons with Coach Brian so far this 2019. She is excited and willing to work harder to become a more consistent batter. Brian has been very helpful and I can see much change coming. He is a very patient and will Coach. Thanks a bunch for wanting to share your helpful tips.

Coach Brian is great! He is very knowledgeable and provides very helpful feedback with each session. I recommend him to anyone needing pitching or hitting lessons.

(no details provided)

Coach Brian has done amazing with my granddaughter Adasynn, just only after a couple of lessons her confidence is building and his patients is a plus for her as well. Perfect start to her pitching experience. Thanks Coach!

Coach Brian has been great with my daughter Alexis. He is very patient with her and has done an awesome job with her in her pitching lessons.

(no details provided)

Easy to work with, great at instructing our 10 yr old. Very helpful in tips and things to do at home and making sure we understand the technique and skills. I would definitely recommend him as a pitching coach!

Brian is great with my daughter Ava! She enjoys the way he explains things to her. We have only had 2 lessons so far. We just booked 3 more! Ava is excited to improve her game. We look forward to working with Coach Brian for a long time.

Brian is a wonderful coach! Just with three sessions my daughter started hitting off the pitcher, no matter if they were low ball or fast ball, she hit every one of them. He is so incredibly patient, he makes learning fun and he genuinely wants to help improve each and every kid. Thanks so much Coach Brian, we are so excited to continue our journey with you!

Very patient, very knowledgeable, 14yr old daughter prefers him over regular coaches, he has helped her tremendously

He is patient and attentive, giving a personable touch to his coaching technique.

(no details provided)

Coach Brian has been terrific with all 3 of my daughters. He is providing hitting and pitching lessons. His ability to relate to the girls and get them to understand why they are doing certain things has been great. We look forward to continuing our lessons with Brian G.

Coach did a great job of teaching my beggining pitcher the right steps and form. He also taught us the proper drills to do when warming up and practicing. And he also made the training very fun for us.

Coach Brian is awesome! With just a few lessons with Coach Brian we have noticed not only improved skills for our daughter, but also her confidence has skyrocketed!! We can't say enough great things about Coach Brian. The manner in which Coach Brian teaches clearly raises him well above his peers. His way is producing rapid and great results. We can't wait for our daughter to get another lesson. Thanks for what you do Coach Brian!
The McQueen Family

(no details provided)

Great coach, and great with my boys. Very easy to work with. My son really looks forward to and loves going to his lessons.

We’ve had 2 lessons so far and my daughter has improved a lot in those 2 sessions, coach Brian is very knowledgeable and very patient with my daughter.

Coach Brian has been wonderful with my daughter. He is the first pitching coach she has ever had and she was brand new at it when we started with him. He has been very conscious of that and showed extreme patience with her through her sessions. He has given her very clear and simple instructions on things to work on at home and has worked with my crazy schedule the entire time to get her as much training as possible. I will definitely recommend him to others. She can't wait to start her batting lessons with him soon!

Coach Brian has been great. My daughter, a sophomore in high school, has been working with Brian as her pitching coach since summer of 2017. Brian has improved the number of pitches that she can throw, her control, speed and overall form. Brian is a patient teacher who is able to work individually with students on their struggles and find drills to address their techniques. One of the best parts of working with Brian is his feedback, pictures and recaps of the lessons. They really help you stay focused and gives you things to work on between lessons. Brian is good about communicating and scheduling lessons. I would not hesitate to recommend Brian to work with any softball player on pitching, batting or any softball skills.

My daughter has been training with Coach Brian for about a month. We are extremely pleased! Brian is amazing working with my daughter, instructing and demonstrating every step of the way. The High School coaches have noticed a difference in her pitching. Highly recommend!

(no details provided)

Brian has been working with my son, Kye, for a few months now. I am so impressed with his knowledge, his training abilities, and the patience he has when working with my young athlete while teaching him different strategies and techniques. Brian is very thorough and precise, and works with each kid at their level. I am very impressed with the amount of progress Kye has made in such a short time. And not only is he a great trainer, he has a unique way of connecting with the young athletes he works with, and he makes lessons fun I am so thankful I selected Brian to provide training lessons, and I highly recommend him to others who are looking for a great trainer as well.

Coach Brian is amazing! When we first met my daughter was in a hitting slump, but after just one session she did a complete 180!
We are now onto pitching lessons.
He has more patience than most and has a way with kids and explaining every step to them.
My daughter loves him and looks forward to her sessions!

Coach Brian is very thorough in his training as well as his follow-up responses.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Brian is great! Finds a time that works for everyone, good locations. He is patient, and gets results!

So far coach Brian has been excellent.

He is a very thorough instructor when it comes to explaining to my daughter what needs to be done to be successful while pitching. Very good at breaking down different pitches, rhythm and release, proper feet positioning while she pitches. We will definitely continue to work with coach Brian moving forward because of the gradual progress my daughter has shown in just a few sessions.

We had our first session with Brain. She worked on things that she had not been taught or work on . I like the one on one training approach. I purchased 5 more sessions and will update my review after those 5.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Coach Brian is very thorough and patient. He is very knowledgeable, and his feedback is very helpful as well. He is always on time and always very responsive when communicating before and after lessons.

Brian has done a great job working with my daughter on her form. Only 3 sessions in but he's making a difference in her pitching and throwing in general.

(no details provided)

Coach Brain is awesome I seen an improvement in my daughter after one session we will keep going back to him I would highly recommend him for your daughter.

Coach Brian has done wonders for Eloise in the three sessions they have had. We are extremely happy and looking forward to continuing on with sessions and watching our daughter grow even more!

We've just come off the field for our second pitching session, and the difference in my daughter's pitching is night and day. Not only has her pitching improved, Brian has taught her techniques she can use at home, most she can use on her own, in order to continue to build her skills.

His approach is straight forward, and no non-sense focused on results. He promotes a positive teaching environment, while not hesitating to provide clear, constructive criticism. We appreciate that very much. My daughter walks a little taller off the field after each session.

We highly recommend Brian! Cannot wait for the next session.

My daughter loved every minute of first session. She can't wait to go back to learn more and improve her swing. Thanks Brian for everything. Great batting coach.

(no details provided)

Coach Brain did a GREAT job! He really helped me with batting and that's what i need to work on. I can't wait to have more sessions with him!

(no details provided)

Coach Brian is AWESOME!!! He has brought out the best in my Daughters playing ability and has restored her confidence....not only in a Herself but also in the Game!!!! Heaven Sent!!! She plays High School Softball

(no details provided)

Brian worked really well with Brookelyn. She learned some new info that she will apply to her throwing. She is looking forward to more sessions with him and hopes to learn some pitching also.

After the session I asked my daughter what she thought. She said he was funny and taught her a lot. We already booked more sessions. I highly recommend Brian to everyone.

We worked on hitting this week. Coach Brian taught Miley how to properly hold a bat, check into batters box, feet and hand placement, etc. We see improvement weekly, and coach Brian's techniques are excellent.

I would highly recommend going to Brian. He's very knowledgeable and makes a fun learning environment for my daughter. I seen improvement in her after the first session. His attention to detail is second to none. My daughter looks forward to every session with Brian. We've went to a couple other coaches in the past before we found Brain and let me tell you there is no comparison Brian is hands down the best we've ever been to and plan to continue to go to him. Thank you Brian for all you do helping my daughter to get better!

After one lesson with coach Brian, my daughter's pitching has really taken off! Balance, technique, rhythm and resistance are what Coach Brian teaches. Great at explaning and showing her what each drill is while having fun doing it. My daughter can't wait for her next lesson! If you need a pitching coach look no further! Coach Brian is the real deal!

My daughter has had two sessions with Brian so far. She is already improving and getting her confidence. He is really good at finding flaws in her swings and showing ways to correct them. Can't wait to have more sessions to with him and seeing my daughter enjoying playing softball again!

Coach Brian ran an awesome lesson with our daughter. She has been in a major hitting slump and after just one lesson we can see a major improvement in her hitting stance and swing. She loved that he was patient with her and celebrated her successes with her. She is looking forward to her lessons coming up with him. Thanks Brian!

Coach Brian is excellent! Our daughter has improved so much and feel she will continue with Brian! Great at giving feedback!

(no details provided)

Very happy with Brian. He has made great improvements for my daughter. Great Coach.

Coach Brian was great! with the first lesson with my daughter I felt that he put her on track to become a solid hitter. She can't wait for the next session.

My daughter met with Brian for the first time to work on her batting and fielding skills. After asking around and researching coaches, I decided to book with Brian. He is very knowledgeable and worked really well with my daughter, who tends to be shy. She had fun working with him and has since our workout, she had batting practice with her team this week. Her coach was impressed with what she was doing and asked me what happened. I explained we worked with a coach and he said it shows.

Even after just the one meeting with Brian, my daughter was able to retain what she had learned from Brian. I asked her why and she said he explained it in a way she understood and could remember. She really liked working with Brian and it showed after just one workout.

We will be booking more sessions in the near future. Please don't hesitate to give Brian a try and see what he has to offer. You won't be disappointed!

First time meeting Coach Brian and what a pleasant experience for my 7 year old daughter so much she didn't want the session to end. He really got down to my her level and was very thorough with her and quick to answer any questions she had. I am so excited to see what more she will take learning from him! We will definitely be booking many more sessions!!!

Coach Brian is very good. Brian really worked with us on timing for the workout. We got rained out one weekend, we had travel ball practice, some fall softball workouts at school, etc so he really helped us out by being flexible. My daughter happened to be playing in a tournament not too far from Brian and he worked it into his schedule to come see her play. This worked well as it helped him see her in action and knew what to work on rather than just seeing her at the field doing tee work or soft toss.
During the workout, he did a good job of breaking down what he saw my daughter doing or not doing and then demonstrating what she should be doing. This included hand position on the bat, hand position in her stance, hand motion during the swing, leg and hip motion during her swing. He put her through a lot of different drills that showed her a few different facets of hitting and what he wanted to see from the drill. My daughter has been in a slump. Basically Brian came in and broke things down in her swing. He showed her things she's been doing and hearing since 8U but these were things she's really gotten away from over time.
Brian spent a lot of time working with her during the workout. The cost of the workout was well worth it. We got more than our money’s worth in time and effort that Brian put in.

Coach Brian is fantastic. My daughter Emma has had two sessions that have really improved her hitting success. We look forward to continued instruction from Coach !!!

Hope I did the stars right as this man is a five star coach! My daughter Hannah is 15 and new to softball and Brian did an incredible job breaking down the basics of both hitting and pitching and we saw incredible progress over the course of 13 lessons this summer. Moreover, the incredible level of detail he provided us with in the feedback through this site was amazing. I felt like we were getting the type of attention usually reserved for Olympic level athletes. Most important though for us was his personality of being kind, patient, and giving positive feedback on improvements and constructive criticism in a way that never left my daughter feeling discouraged. Could not recommend him more and plan to book more next summer! Dan

We have had two sessions with Coach Brian and both have been informative and fun. Everything has been explained in a way that my daughter can understand. Each skill is both explained and demonstrated, which is great! She has already grown in the two sessions we've had. I have also received great feedback so that I'm able to take the skills from lessons home and practice on our own between sessions. We have already booked more sessions and look forward to continuing with Coach Brian. I would highly recommend him for any girl just starting out, like my daughter, or who has played before and is looking to refine specific skills.

Coach Brian met us at Clifty Park on Saturday at 8am. He came prepared and ready to teach. He made no assumptions about the skill level of my daughter. He was very patient with everything. He also took things at the pace of Brooke's ability. He gave her instruction in a way that made it fun but instructional as to get the point across. This was a great session and we will definitely sign up for more sessions with Brian.

I have taken both of my girls to see coach Bryan. He continues to keep things interesting for them as we try to break old batting habits. I have learned a lot myself just being there and helping out. He is very good with kids and knows how to keep them involved in the training. He gets five stars from me. Craig C.

I was not able to attend the first hitting lesson for my daughter with Brian G. so I am writing based on my her experience that she shared with me afterwards. First though, she's the only pitcher on small HS team where the coach was forced to exit last year on bad terms. New coach this past season with new ideas and great potential trying to rebuild both mentally and physically from extreme depths. My daughter really connected with Brian as a person and coach. She is very excited about continuing lessons with him and knows now that she'll be a big hitter next HS season. She spoke highly of his exercises and her ability to drive the ball to the fence by the end of this first lesson! Because of the HS team situation I will definitely recommend having Brian work with the team this coming winter. Brian is also a pitching coach and we look forward to lessons in that dept. as well. There is no doubt we made the right choice for my daughter and the team.

My daughter had her first hitting lesson with Coach Brian recently. Worked with her above and beyond what we were expecting. Gave her a lot of good information and showed her some things to work on. She is fired up about hitting again. We will definitely be re-booking with Coach Brian again real soon. Thanks Coach.

My daughter had her first session with coach Brian last week and has seen improved results in hitting and ball control. He has effective yet fun techniques that tweak form, balance and positioning. He used encouragement and recognition as key components of his teaching style. We received timely written, photographic and video feedback. My daughter wanted to go home and practice what she learned and can't wait for her next session.

We had our first session with Coach Brian this past week and it was awesome!! Just turning 8 years old, Morgan was a little nervous at first, but right after that first session, she said she couldn't wait to go to the next one. Coach Brian gave us awesome tips and advice to go ahead and start working on our own, and we will be definitely scheduling more! Thanks Coach Brian!

(no details provided)

He has helped my daughter with her fielding and hitting..

April 7, 2024 @ 12:09 pm - "Grace" only had 1 at bat in each game but for both games she got good contact and a powerful hit. the first, she got a line drive to right field for a single... and the second game she had a powerful hit right past the shortstop that was caught for an out. But, very powerful hits. Had a great "pop" and everyone was making comments about her hitting! A definite improvement. Grace's mom brought her to me, because she was not swinging in games. She is a nine year old and the youngest player on her team. Now she is swinging and hitting.
May 22, 2022 - "Hey, Bella had her first solid hit out past first base and gong one base. She later scored. I told her I would let you know. Thanks again for all your help.
2/17/21 Coach Brian has the greatest patience. He is teaching lessons for all the right reasons and has the best intentions for each one of his students and wants each and everyone to have great success. He puts so much more effort and goes above and beyond any expectations we could have imagined. He breaks down techniques to their simplest form so that any age can understand. We have nothing but gratitude for his teachings and will continue to use Brian.
August 8th, 2020 - 12-0 first game, and 5-1 loss the second game. So far so good. Keeping score... hard to take pictures... won those two games so far. Have more left to play... thanks for asking. She has gotten on base every time!!
August 3, 2020 - Thank you for the great feedback. We've been practicing every day and still working to get her speed up. We'll be scheduling another training soon.
Caroline (Thompson) has been pitching well this Summer (2020). I will send you stats as soon as I can get them. 16.2 innings pitched - 19 strikeouts - 27 hits against her - 2 walks - 2.52 ERA - WHIP 1.740 Drop Curve is really helping her. She lives low and on the outside corner. Yeah, She uses the "water" change and occasionally the "flip" change. Still comes in high, but usually drops it through the zone She is going to play at Manchester when she goes to college (hopefully this fall).
Dateline: September 28, 2019 - I was able to watch one of my pitchers, who lives in Louisville. Luckily her mom, Ashley, signed their Louisville Glory team up to play in the IN USSSA U16 State Tournament. It was being played at Dunn Stadium and Makayla was pitching the game against the Lafayette Indiana Firestorm who was an A team in this open tournament, and Makayla's team was a B team. Makayla pitched a perfect game, but because of an error on an infield pop up in the 7th inning, she had to face 22 batters, striking out 9. Her team finished 2nd in the tournament. In the first three innings, I clocked her speed at 52mph. In the last three innings she was throwing 54mph. In my life as a coach, I have been lucky enough to watch three of my pitching students throw a perfect game. Eloise Cox threw 6 innings of perfection. Every out was a strikeout in her 10U league game at Edinburgh. Her team won their league. The other student who pitched a perfect game was Kai Hanner, in her second year of 12U ball. Her team was in Illinois when I worked with her, while I lived in Effingham. She was playing in a State Tournament in Bloomington, Indiana. The year before, in her first year of 12U, she had a meltdown, in this same tournament in Bloomington, and lost by a huge score, ...and was devastated. The year I was able to watch her as a 2nd year 12U player, she pitched 6 innings of perfection and struck out 11 batters. This season [2020] she was to start her college pitching career at St. Louis University, but the virus ended their season early. When Makayla's mom was in HS at Seneca HS in Louisville, KY. I was her pitching coach. In 2019, Makayla's grandma [Phyllis], tracked me down on the internet, and asked if I was still giving lessons, and where did I live. We got together a few times after her HS season, and I saw some things I thought I could help her with, but we had not time to change her much, so we just worked on pitches and locations. Now that the virus has shut everything down, I mentioned that if she could change just a few things, I thought she could consistently over 55. I sent her some videos of some of my other students using a slightly different motion than she was used to and the first day she tried this new method... she was consistently throwing 58mph, on the first day she tried it. When she gets more of her legs involved, I believe we will see her in the 60's. Video 2230 is her old method, and video 7859 is the first day she used the new method. So very proud of all my students, but especially grateful to teach a daughter of one of my students from many years ago. I cannot thank them enough for trusting me with their daughter.
September 28, 2019 - "This was our last time using an 11" ball. From now on she'll be using a 12" ball. Her 2019 Summer season of Rec and Travel was outstanding. She was 22-5 had a perfect game, two no hitters, she was the winning pitcher for her team in the rec league and her team won two Travel tournaments and finished 2nd, twice. She also threw between 60 and 80% strikes in her games." Outstanding.
September 23, 2019 - Started my first "online" lessons with the Doug Brown family [Riley] who live in the state of Delaware!
SUNDAY - September 15, 2019 - Caroline Thompson threw a perfect 4 inning game today during her tournament in Shelbyville at Holiday Park. She had no hits, and 10 strikeouts, and went 3 for 3 at the plate.
September 11, 2019 - This Sunday (9/15) we are playing at Edinburgh, but for Sunday Sept 22, let me know what times you have available. I'll also send over a recap of our games from this weekend, this afternoon. Callie did well and her screwball was really moving [both catcher and umpire said it was an impressive pitch].
April 6, 2019 - While conducting a clinic for the Teutopolis Parks and Recreation Softball program, I received a phone call from Emily. She said, "guess what? I just hit my first HS home run over the fence! June 22, 2019 - Emily called to tell me she was 3 for 3 in her travel U18 tourney game, today with a HR over the fence and two doubles off the fence! June 29, 2019 - Emily called to tell me she was 2 for 3 in one of her travel games today with another HR over the fence and a single.
Monday - July 1, 2019 - "Hey coach! been a long time. Lily is doing so great in softball. Her hitting is top notch thanks to our lessons and her dedication. Her slugging average is over 800. Anyways, would love to schedule another training session with you. Have anything available next week?" HOW DID THE LEAGUE TURN OUT? "My girls won it decisively. Used many of training skills I learned from you to have the top hitting team in the league. So much so that Lawrence North High School has reached out to me about coaching their new 12U travel team. Seriously considering it, but unsure. 10-3 season record and 4-0 tourney. Probably could have won all, but I let every girl pitch that wanted too." WHO TURNED OUT TO BE YOUR TWO BEST PITCHERS? "Eliana and Lily. Lily has finally decided to listen to pitching instruction!
Saturday, May 11, 2019 - At the Mother's Day Classic in Shelbyville, IN. Elie threw her first no hitter, and the umpire signed the game ball for her. Friday, May 17th, 2019 - At the Edinburgh, IN tournament - Won 11-5 ... 6 strikeouts ... 18 first pitch strikes ... 68% strikes for the game ... 1 walk ... 67 total pitches. Sunday, May 26th, 2019 - At the Center Grove Tournament - Elie had a phenomenal game ... 70.1% strikes ... she had 3 up - 3 down one inning.
Tuesday, June 11th, 2019 - Elie pitched a no hitter tonight ... all strikeouts ... vs the Brown County Hustlers. Won 13-0 ... No one made it on base. The other coach kept saying "excellent pitching". [This is her second no hitter of the year.]
Sunday, April 28th, 2019 - First game today (after throwing a shutout yesterday) - 6 strikeouts ... 55 pitches ... 45 strikes ... 82% strikes compared to 65% as the goal! And, they won the tournament!
Sunday - April 27, 2019 - Great day today! 66 pitches ... 3 walks ... 6 strikeouts ... 4 hits ... No runs ... 63.6% Strikes ... Won 7-0 vs Southern Indiana Reign.
Saturday, April 27th, 2019 - "Great day today! 66 pitches - 3 walks - 6 strikeouts - 4 hits - no runs - 63.6% strikes - shutout 7-0. Sunday, April 28th, 2019 - "First game today: 6 strikeouts - 55 pitches - 45 strikes" [82% strikes] They won the Battle of the Bats at Ceraland in Columbus, IN USSSA 10U.
Avery pitched 5 innings in a CYO game vs Christ the King, yesterday, April 22, 2019. 11 strikeouts, 6 walks, no runs scored. She said the umpire was squeezing her on both corners" They won the game 8-1.
June 18, 2017 - Quote from Tara Evans Monhollen [North Laurel Jaguars] during her acceptance speech into the Kentucky Preps High School Softball Hall of Fame: "One person in particular I'd like to recognize, is my pitching and batting instructor, Brian Gallagher. Some of you might know him, he's worked with a lot of Kentucky athletes over the years. He believed in me in a time, that I didn't even believe in myself. He was positive to a fault, and would always see the good in any situation, even when all I could see was what it looked like. He was such an inspiration to me, both on and off the field and was the reason I became a pitching instructor, myself. Tara led her team in batting at .425 her senior year, and as a pitching instructor, also had one of her students voted "Miss Softball" in Kentucky.
Keep teaching Brian! You're the best at it I ever knew, and not just about hitting! Life and respect!!" Commenting on a video I posted on Facebook showing one of my students doing a hitting drill. (Darrel's daughters received college scholarships to Bellarmine in Louisville, KY [Jessica] and Elizabeth to Columbia College in South Carolina.)
2018-10-15 - "Grace had her official visit to the University of Illinois this weekend. Since I can remember, orange has been her favorite color and thank goodness since she was given the all orange uniform for the photo shoot. So proud and happy for her. Go 2020 Illini!
October 8, 2018 - Cell phone call from Edinburgh parking lot - "Hi Brian, this is Josie. I hit a double to the outfield and my teammate scored from third to win the game! Coach gave me the game ball...
October 9, 2018 - "Emma’s team won one pool game lost one. Then won two brackets before losing single elimination. Peyton’s team did the same thing. Emma had a really good hit with bases loaded over third base head and back to fence in foul line. All three players made it in. She got to second. She had 5 RBIs that game.
October 9, 2018 - "Eloise had a personal best tonight pitching 39 mph during the Grizzly Cubs fall ball game. We are so incredibly proud of this kid. She has gone from 33 to 39 in just a couple months. Thanks to Aunt Kelly for getting the videos, and a huge shout out to Brian Gallagher for being her amazing coach. We appreciate all the time you have invested in her and believed in her." [Elly won her game 12-1, no hits, 7 K's and 2 walks in three innings... U10 league]
Sunday, October 1, 2018 - "The girls [U12 Lightning] won their Saturday tournament with a 5-0 record. Avery pitched the first game and won 5-1, Kendra had a double to the fence and Abby had an inside the park home run over the right fielder's head, in the semifinal game. On Sunday they were 2-1 and finished third. They were 7-1 for the weekend and had the #1 USSSA rating for Class C teams in Indiana" I clocked Avery at 48mph in their last game on Sunday. Second fastest at the tourney.
October 4, 2018 - "Yes, (she played Sunday, September 30). She pitched a 5 inning shut out: 4 k's, 7 hits, 1 walk. She pitched a total of 8 innings and had 7 scoreless innings.
October 2, 2018: "Hello Brian, she just finished up fall season on Saturday. Overall she did well, she was the team's starting pitcher (altho they rotated in other girls to get them experience). The 2 games she pitched 2 innings they won, including one inning where she had 3 straight strike outs :) . Her coach even noticed her improvement from spring season and was impressed. We'll probably pick back up on lessons early next year in prep for spring season.
October 1, 2018 - "Hey Coach. No go Tomorrow. Need to take a little break. 6 games this weekend and Lily did great! Won MVP for her team in the tourney they were in.
September 16, 2018 - "Lexi Pitched a full game today and only walked 4 batters total. Addy [Adasynn] pitched two innings and walked nobody first inning and just walked 2 the second inning.... they definitely made us proud today! They won both games today, also." [Jessica and Adasynn are both new students and have never pitched before... Lexi has had 5 lessons and Adasynn has had 2] FUN STUFF!!
August 23, 2018 - 3:39 pm Coach Brian, Sorry I have not been responsive as things have been very busy lately. Harlow tried out for the Indiana Dreams 09 travel team and she was invited to be part of the team. We accepted. The team is out of Lebanon, IN so we have been going to Lebanon twice a week for practices. The organization has their own instructors who are teaching the techniques approved by the organization so we will have to work with them going forward. I attribute you working with Harlow as part of the reason that she was able to make the Indiana Dreams team. We are very excited about the organization and we appreciate your part in Harlow's development. I will certainly refer anyone to you that is need of instruction. Thanks again, Brian Heath
May 2, 2018 - 8:21pm - Emily called to let me know she had hit her first home run over the center field fence, in their game vs Lawrence North. Awesome news, Emily!
April 21, 2018 - I put on a one day [9 hours] hitting, throwing, catching, sliding, and pitching clinic for over 40 boys and girls in Dieterich, IL. This was my second year of doing a clinic for this Park Department based on a recommendation from the Teutopolis, IL Park Board President.
February 10 and 11, 2018 - I was the "Guest Instructor" for the 5th year in a row, for the Wabash Valley Junior College Warrior Softball Clinic. I was allowed to teach sliding, and pitching, and provide several drills for hitting. We had almost 160 attendees over the two days...some of the students came to both days, and some only came for one day.
April 14th, 2018 - I put on a Free clinic for the Greenwood Lassie League in the rain. We were able to use their covered area for picnics to do hitting for an hour and a half, and then used the parking lot to do one and a half hours of pitching. We had over 40 girls attend even though it was raining most of the morning. This was my payment to the league for allowing me to use their fields to teach my students during the Summer and Fall. Thank you, Jodi, Rick and GLL.
Saturday and Sunday - April 7 and 8, 2018. I completed my tenth year of putting on a hitting, throwing, sliding, and pitching clinic for the Parks and Recreation Department of Teutopolis, IL. This year the Board President said there was a 25% increase in the number of girls signing up. We had to use a gym in the elementary school, due to cold weather, but we had fun and no one got hurt!
Sunday - April 8, 2018 - "Can't wait to get back up to lessons! Sunday at 11 still on? Played at the Reds Academy. She pitched cool and collected. Nice job! ... Game Changer "With Elley on the Mound, Harrison Wildcats shut out Talawanda... Elley Zigler didn't allow a single run on 4 hits, with 3 strikeouts and 1 walk against Talawanda, throwing a complete game [5 innings] shutout and leading Wildcats to a 21-0 victory on Friday, April 13th. Friday - April 20, 2018 - "2-2 right now. Last night's ump was horrible. She will have to explain it, but she is so hard on herself when they lose! She did pitch well, it was just one of those games!
Yes, she [Amiyah] is playing very well. Her batting average is at .583 and her on base percentage is .853 and her ERA for pitching is 1.9. She is doing very well and their record is 6-1 for her high school.
Wednesday - April 25, 2018 - "Caroline won last night 2-1. She pitched the entire game, allowed 3 hits, 1 walk, and struck out 11. JV game vs Perry Meridian. She used Change up [flip change], screw, and fastball.
Saturday, April 21, 2018 - "Hey coach. I'm sure you get plenty of texts like this and I *think* you like to receive them. Lily hit a three run home run last night to win the game for her team. Very proud of her and thankful for your work with her. Still have a lot to work on with throwing, but her hitting is great!
Monday, April 23rd, 2018 - "Our season started. FYI...we won our first game 10-4 and your students (Lucy, Harlow, Emily, and Alyssa) pitched great. My daughter, Harlow, pitched one inning and struck out three batters.
Sunday, April 8th - "Miley is absolutely on fire! Batting 7 for 7 over three games, all singles and doubles. She pitched an awesome game yesterday, allowing only 1 run (late in the game, on a fielder's choice play) and gave up just 3 hits all game. Single elimination tournament... the team that beat us 7-4 won the tournament.... but coach said tonight we are ranked 3rd out of 64 teams in the state in our division and 15th in the nation....went 4-1 this weekend.
March 19, 2018 - "Caroline pitched a complete game tonight for JV [16-3 Win]. 10 strike outs, 3 walks, 5 hits and 1 earned run. She went 4-4 from the plate with 1 walk
Sunday, November 5, 2017: "Abby went 3-3 ... 2 scores today. yesterday not so good, they lost in semi finals just b4 the downpour... she hit the ball hard between short and third twice and once up the middle
July 3rd - "She played with the Diamond Dynamics over the weekend, and they won the tournament. U got her "check in" and stance perfect. She had a couple good hits and had game winning catch Saturday. July 16 - "We won the tournament today. I'll let Payti tell ya about it tomorrow. She did really good. Thanks, Brian July 22 - "Payti 3 for 4 so far today. One nice rip to outfield. ... 5 for 7 after two games. ...ended day at 7 for 10 and 3 RBI. Thanks dude. July 29 - "Payti just go a hit off a fake bunt [I taught her]. ...another fake bunt for a base hit!!! ...won first game, winning second. ...we won second game. Should be #1 seed. ...Payti ended up 5 for 11 for the weekend. 1 for 3 today. Two good hits. One caught in the outfield. We lost to that Diamond Dynamics team. They won the tourney... It was funny, today. The other team's coach was telling his girls to watch for the fake bunt/hit when Payti got up to bat!
Hey Brian it's Shawn. Payton will not be back from Florida until late next Monday night. So I was wondering if you have any open spots elsewhere next week kinda close to me ? Let me know I'm willing to drive. I would love to get Payton to you one more time before tournament next weekend. Btw Payton loved it last night. I quote "I learned more tonight than I ever did with other batting coaches". Thanks. After Session on Monday June 5th, 2017
May 11, 2017 - Brian: "Were you able to play tonight?" Justin: "Yes we did! Her team won 19-9 and 5 of the last 6 outs were her [Stella] striking out batters. The other out was Charleigh catching a foul tip behind the plate
May 7, 2017 - Abby K "Abby hit 5 for 6 with a walk and scored 3 runs. They lost in the semifinals" ...of the tournament her team was in.
Hi Coach Brian. I wanted to let you know that the practice last night revived Elizabeth on pitching. Since she wasn't that good and the team was counting on her, she was really getting down on herself. She didn't want to pitch anymore to be honest but I told her she has to finish out this year. After practice last night she was excited again. Thank you so much. :)
Brian Gallagher is the only Fast Pitch instructor I use to help my daughter with her pitching and batting mechanics. My daughter [11] started going to Brian for instruction over 4 years ago when he lived in Illinois. Once he moved to Indiana, we were forced to search for another instructor. That was not a good journey! Nobody compares to Brian...period! I’m proud to say we still use Brian as our instructor, albeit through the use of email and video. Not only does he teach your child, he also instructs the parent as well so you can continue to work with your child at home. He is an incredible gift to the world of Fast Pitch softball. His level of knowledge, attention to detail, and the ability to instruct my child while keeping it fun is second to none.
Hi Coach, I have a 15yo daughter who plays high school ball and travel ball. She's in a bit of a slump and I'd like to get some help to straighten her out. We are in Bedford and the site says you travel up to 50 miles. Is Bedford within your travel distance? If not do know of fields where we can meet? Thank You After our first session, her is the text I received from David: Until this last weekend [before our session] I think she was 1 for 15 and then she went 6 for 8 or 7 for 9 with a couple of walks. Very impressive weekend. Her team won USSSA Fall State.
Tuesday, October 4th, 2016 - Text Hey Coach... just an update on Emma. We played our first tourney this past weekend in Terre Haute. Emma hit in all five of the games we played and the highlight was a three run double that put us ahead in the game that put us in the Championship game. She was son excited. We got second in the tourney.
Tuesday, October 4th, Kaitlyn Williams pitched a no hit shutout vs a Team from Franklin, IN to get her team into the Semifinals of the Fall League Tournament. On Wednesday, October 5th, Kaitlyn hit her first ever Home Run over the fence to start a rally that led her team to a 5-4 "walk off" victory over Seymour, IN. Her team plays in the Championship game October 6th.
June 18, 2016 - "I think we may be getting somewhere with the girls [Emma and Peyton]. The reports Mell is giving me from Columbus: Peyton is driving the ball between second and third to the grass. Here in Lafayette: Emma got walked twice, hit by a pitch, and the one time she hit, she hit a line drive past the shortstop into the outfield.
Saturday, March 19th [Comment from Gina Smith on Facebook] - Congratulations Crush !!!! A BIG win in the mud and rain. Taelyn was super excited to meet up with her pitching /hitting coach. We thank you Brian Gallagher for stopping by to see her play. Sunday, March 20th [Reply to Gina's comment by Theresa Reinbold] You have a great hitting/pitching coach!!!!! He helped both my girls get into college.
Quote text from the coach of one of the teams I teach hitting to: Fury U16 last tournament on Feb 7th: "The girls who don't take hitting lessons had a combined BA of .127, girls taking lessons from Brian had a combined BA of .427, and Kaitlyn Williams had a .667 BA." [Kaitlyn has been a student of mine for about 1-1/2 years] "Huge difference...the facts were presented to them. I'm hoping they (all) get their butts into lessons." Kaitlyn also led her team in the fall league last year with a .600+ BA.
Below is a quote on Facebook recently from Todd Kelly, Dad of Shelby Kelly. Thanks Brian Gallagher it all started with you. Shelby came to me as a pitching student after her Mom, Kim, called me and asked if I could take a look at her daughter's pitching. Shelby was 9 years old and her coach had told her she was too little to be a pitcher on his team. Kim asked if she could bring Shelby for a lesson and give her feedback on whether I thought Shelby could pitch. After the first session I could tell Shelby had the capability to pitch. By the end of that season she was the number one pitcher on the team. Now in her Junior year, and "not a lot taller", Shelby signed a letter of intent to pitch for Belmont University in Nashville, TN; after graduating in June from Ballard HS in Louisville, KY. She has pitched on the varsity at Ballard since 8th grade. She's come a long way since being told she was too short to pitch!!
Monday - June 22nd (Kevin Smith) Taelyn wanted me "to tell coach Brian" this weekend at the USSSA IL State Tournament Bracket game, she pitched a PERFECT GAME. Her first time ever? We practice at home every chance we get. Still haven't found another pitching instructor that is worth a darn. Kevin
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