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Brian Daly


Over 31 years of experience, #1 Amazon Best Selling Author. We use our system of wrestling to cross train athletes. And also have a facility Next Level Wrestling. View all coaching experience

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Training Locations
Training Locations
  1. 51 E Plainfield Rd, 51 East Plainfield Road, Countryside, IL

Coach is willing to travel up to 10 miles


In-Person Training for a single athlete

6 private sessions with Coach to develop your student athletes wrestling technique, communicating wrestling objectives with fun simple to remember communication. For example: head, hands, hips offense and defense. How to ... See More

Session Length: 80 minutes

$395 4 sessions ($99/ea) + applicable fees

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In-Person Training for a single athlete

When you invest in longer term here is just some of what you get: 1) atleast 2 go to shots. 2) atleast 3 set ups to get to that go to shot. 3. How to handfight to get into position to score 4) how to Pumble, Pound, ... See More

Session Length: 80 minutes

$1111 12 sessions ($93/ea) + applicable fees

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Coffee With Coach
Online Training for a single athlete

Parents have shared with me that Coffee with Coach is more valuable than any other session or training I offer. You will get insight into how to best connect and communicate with your child/student athlete. How to bes... See More

Session Length: 1 hour

$39 1 session + applicable fees

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Next Level Wrestling Online
Online Training for up to 2 athletes

With our system of wrestling you can do so much without a partner. Here is just some of the deliverables & technique. -Step of a Champion -Knee Slide -3 Step Standup -Left leg, right leg under -Jump a line -Shield & ... See More

Session Length: 1 hour

$395 4 sessions ($99/ea) + applicable fees

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  • Augustana College (IL)

  • 10 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Greco-Roman, Freestyle, Collegiate

  • Underhooks, Lifting, Balance, Motion, Penetration, Back Step, Sprawling, Re-shots, Head snaps, Go behinds, Forward rolls, Arm snaps


  • Augustana College (IL)

  • 10 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Greco-Roman, Freestyle, Collegiate

  • Underhooks, Lifting, Balance, Motion, Penetration, Back Step, Sprawling, Re-shots, Head snaps, Go behinds, Forward rolls, Arm snaps

More About Coach Brian

-- Author of #1 Amazon's Bestselling Book: "The Inner Game of Wrestling: 'Why the plan of working harder & longer, being stronger & faster than your competition does not work'"
-- I've wrestled competitively for over 17+ years and have been recruited as a wresting technician and coach by various schools for the past 6 years.
--Co-creator of the Inner Game of Wrestling Program & The Inner Game of Coaching Program
--Certified through American Society of Exercise Physiologists, Sport First Aid & Coaching

-- Competed 4X's at the NCAA National Finals
-- Competed 3X's at the Illinois State Finals
-- Wrestled competitively for over 17 years, recruited by various schools to run the room for the past 6 years.
-- Been involved with the sport for 24 years.

Thank you for considering to allow me the opportunity to support your student athlete with winning the matches that matter most in life.

Let me ask you a question: If you were doing everything right and then found out it was wrong, how soon would you want to know?

Here is the deal, most coaches only focus on Level 1 Physical Training.
I'm different in that I challenge your son/student athletes Level 2 Mental Training & Level 3 Spiritual Training .

If this resonates with you and you now want to support your child at the highest level my recommendation is to message me.
Go ahead and message me, I'm looking forward to it.

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Client Reviews

Great first session. Set the groundwork for the rest of the summer. Understands all aspects of the sport including the mental makeup you need to be successful. Look forward to upcoming sessions and what he can teach me.

Coach Brian has a very individualized and thoughtful approach to help get your child to the next level. As kids go further in sports the mental aspect becomes more and more important. Coach Brian as the energy and expertise to help them reach their goals.

We had an absolutely wonderful experience with Coach Brian! We did an online session, and Coach spent time getting to know my school-age son and really connecting with him, and then really engaged him in some great training exercises. It was also really impressive how much time Coach spent with us trying to learn about our needs and to accommodate them. He is committed to overdelivering, and we are grateful to have Coach in our corner!

We were very pleased with our first session with Coach Brian. He determined our son's personality from the start and understood the best way to approach and coach him on his wrestling needs. We,as well as our son, are looking forward to more sessions with Coach Brian.

(no details provided)

Coach Brian is very good in technical and very patient. Kevin Li wants more sessions with him.

Coach Daly is an amazing coach that focuses on preparing you physically and mentally. His style of coaching focuses on the fundamentals while really helping you find out what works for you personally. When I first started working with coach Daly my freshman year, I had zero wrestling experience, however, by the time I graduated high school he had gotten me to the state finals twice. I would definitely recommend next level wrestling for anyone who is just starting out or anyone who wants to sharpen their skills on the mat.
Coach Brian is great. Really tries hard to build a program that is tailored to you. If you are looking to take your child’s wrestling to the next level, this is the place.
Coach Daly really went above and beyond to help my son advance his wrestling practice and find opportunities to work out and grow during the pandemic. Beyond wrestling, he’s a good person who cares about his students. When my son started at a new school, Coach Daly called the school’s wrestling program to put in a good word and served as a reference when my son got his first job. He’s a great guy!
Our 6 year old takes private wrestling lessons with Coach Daly to crosstrain for Jiu Jitsu. He really tailors the lesson to what she needs/wants to work on and makes it fun. After just a few lessons, her top game has improved tremendously. Highly recommend!
There’s a great place to train and get better at your craft with great coaches they always put you first
My son is 15 and at this point wrestling is canceled at his high school so you can imagine his mood and confidence reflected that, then we found next level and what a difference coach Daly has made in my son his positivity and energetic approach is contagious!!
My son recently started his first wrestling classes with Coach Brian and he loves it!! Brian is patient with the young kids and explains the techniques of wrestling in ways they can easily understand. He gets a great workout each week and burns off a ton of energy. We will be back for future sessions!
Brian Daly is by far one of the best wrestling coaches around. Aside from his incredible wrestling credentials he truly is one of the few that is able to compete at a high level as well as coach at a high level. He cares for his students progression on the mats and off, making them better wrestlers and even better human beings. I recommend any program he is involved in to anyone at any age. Truly a one of a kind program!
Coach Brian is legit. He caters the training in a very unique personalized fashion. The philosophy is as good as the technique. High energy yet patient. Recommended.
Brian Daly is the coach you need training your wrestler(s). I have seen Brian’s wholistic approach to wrestling, developing both body & spirit. He skillfully adapts his approach to accommodate beginner, intermediate or advanced wrestlers. Brian coaches my sons ages 10, 12 & 17. All three are motivated to get to the ‘Next Level!’ Under Brian’s guidance they will achieve!
Brian is a great coach with a deep understanding of the wrestling art. Thanks to him my wrestling skills have improved to another level.
The Inner Game of Wrestling leaves no psychological stone unturned. It's almost like having an unfair advantage over an unprepared rival
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