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Basketball can do so much for people & I feel I must spread the knowledge, the motivation & perspective I’ve gained in my career. To all my underdogs out there: let’s get to work! View all coaching experience

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Training Locations
  • Institute of Technology Carlow, Ireland

  • 1 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Guard, Forward, Center

  • Pick and Roll, Moving Without the Ball, Defense, Reading the Floor, Shooting, Post Moves, Passing, Footwork, Ball Handling, Attacking the Rim


  • Institute of Technology Carlow, Ireland

  • 1 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Guard, Forward, Center

  • Pick and Roll, Moving Without the Ball, Defense, Reading the Floor, Shooting, Post Moves, Passing, Footwork, Ball Handling, Attacking the Rim

More About Coach Brendan

(I am Concussion Protocol certified through NFHS and CPR/First-Aid/AED certified through the Red Cross. I can provide documentation of this if anyone would like to see it as well!)

-Since June 2017 I have ran my own private basketball training company. Since then I have trained over 25 players, ages ranging from 5-21.
Fall 2017 into winter 2018, I assisted at, and then ran clinics at the Hanover U(also known as a starland) there were two groups I coached there separately, Kindegarden to 2nd grade, and 3rd grade to 5th grade. I was primarily teaching the kids the rules of the game and helping them learn the fundamentals along the way.

-Fall 2017 I was head coach of an 8th grade boys AAU team out of Hanover, MA called the “Starland Supernova”.

-Fall/Winter 2017 I also co-ran and ran many youth clinics and “skills nights” at the Hanover U (also known as Starland). This job involved teaching young players (ages 4 to 11) the basic fundamentals of the game. It was a great experience spreading the knowledge I have to these young boys and girls who are developing a love for the game of basketball.

-Spring 2018 I was head coach of an 8th grade boys -AAU team: Rise Above Basketball. That season we went 23-6, all of the players improved their games, learned as much as I could teach them and it was a lot of fun. I have plenty of reccomendations and testimonials from parents as well.
I currently coach Fall AAU for the same program (Rise Above) I coach a 5th grade boys and 9th grade boys team where I’m the head coach for both teams.

-I’ve coached along side Weymouth varsity coach Nathan Farrar, and Archibishop Williams head coach Jim Dolan at the Weymouth Summer Hoops camp this last summer and I can get references from him, as well as many of my former players, current players, their parents, and former teammates/coaches of mine. (I also worked at this camp in 2015 and 2016 but it wasn’t until this year where I was very involved in the coaching and drill planning process for the kids)

-In late September 2018 while on a trip to Ireland, I got the opportunity to run a Saturday morning clinic in county Thurles. It was at the Presentation Secondary school, the kids were boys and girls ages 8-13. Later that day at the same school I assisted at their high school club teams practice: the U18 Thurles Knights. I have references from the contacts I made that day if anyone is interested in seeing them. Being able to coach in another country was a truly awesome experience that gave me an appreciation and new perspective on myself and the game of basketball.

-Fall 2018 I coached a 9th grade and a 5th grade AAU team through the very successful “Rise Above Basketball” program.

-2018-2019 Assistant Coach @ Weymouth High School’s basketball program

-summer 2019 coached at the Gatorade performance camp in Stoughton, MA

-summer 2019 coach at the Jayson Tatum camp in Boston

-2019-2020 Men’s player for I.T. Carlow (Ireland) college team and national league team (also known as division 1 in basketball Ireland)

-2019-2020 assistant coach and program trainer for the Old Leighlin Boys Club basketball team (Old Leighlin, Ireland)

I am a natural leader who's had to be the leading voice on my former teams as a player and often felt to be a coach on the court for teams where our coach wasn't vocal or present. Being a captain in my senior year of high school at Weymouth is a prime example of this. I wasn’t the best or most talented guy on the floor, but I did things that stats cannot quantify. To be there for your teammates, dive for a ball, have heart, work for every single thing you earn, and inspire younger players on the team and in the program (JV and Freshman players) was and is what I’m all about. I want to help any player that loves this game and has a desire to be better. Because as an 8th grade kid, being a benchwarmer on my travel team it didn’t feel good to be left out. It didn’t feel good to not score points, not play more than a few minutes a game or contribute. As a freshman the following year, despite improving from my hard work all offseason I didn’t start one game for the freshman team. But I had great coaches who saw the long term potential in me, and I met a lot of people who inspired me to be better. I went from benchwarmer to varsity captain, and even played college basketball. I played at Massasoit C.C. And got several D3 colleges interested in me as a player (still have some of the letters and emails). I know some of this is about me as a player but I feel to understand me as a coach you have to see where I’ve come from, and how I’ve embodied the underdog and worked hard to get my respect on and off the court.

-Played two very successful AAU seasons under coach Vic Richards with the “CBA Heat” program (2011 & 2012)

-Played for the South Shore Wolfpack under coach Jay Brown (2013)

-Named the most improved player in Weymouth by Jim Dolan (2012)

-Weymouth High school varsity player under coach Jim Dolan; assistant coaches Nathan Farrar, Mike Marre, and John Sullivan (2012-2014)

-One of the Weymouth High basketball captains (2013-2014)

-Bay state games gold medal champion, under Hull coach Jim Quatramoni (2013)

Massasoit community college player under Jim Stapleton (2014-2015)

I'd like to get to know a player and his/hers strengths and weaknesses, then create a detailed plan on how to achieve your basketball goals. We would normally start with light conditioning and stretching, then transitioning into form shooting under the hoop and in the paint and moving Outwards to midrange and threes: (catch and shoot). Next I go through dribbling moves/drills with one basketball, stationary then on the move, transitioning into using these moves to get to the hoop and practicing different finishing moves. Following this we will take free throws with a set percentage to hit, without hitting this percentage the player has to perform a series of push-ups, planks or sprints until they achieve it. After a brief break we would then get into defensive footwork drills. Discuss the mentality of being a great defensive player (vastly under practiced aspect of training) as well as the physical aspect as well. Following this I would get into two ball dribbling drills, incorporating a tennis ball and passing into these drills to improved motor function and cerebral activity and efficiency on the court. At this point the player will be fatigued which will simulate real game fatigue, so then would be a great time to incorporate in game shooting (one/two dribble pull ups, catch and shoot, rolling off picks to get free. The focus on this final shooting aspect is proper footwork, form, and follow through...because the makes will come once the fundamentals are engraved into the player. I would end the workouts with free throws and discuss any tips I have for the player and a workout like this would normally run for about 90 minutes

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Client Reviews

Coach Brendan is absolutely incredible.Very patient, friendly and easy going.Five stars

Coach Brendan is an excellent coach. From the moment my 13-year old son started training with Coach Brendan, his confidence skyrocketed. My son needed some confidence boost, and besides improving his basketball skills, confidence building was one of our top priorities when signing him up for the training package.
Coach Brendan's basketball drills are very innovative. In one coaching session with my son, he used a basketball, a boxing glove, and a contact pad to improve my son's hand-eye coordination. They also work a lot on tactics, shooting, and proper footwork. My son's ball-handling and shooting improved notably.
The sessions are very intense, there is no stopping, and they are great for building endurance. My son really enjoys the training and the fact that he is constantly engaged. I would highly recommend Coach Brendan and his approach to basketball training.

Brendan has done a wonderful job working with my son. His shooting and confidence has improved dramatically in games. Brendan focuses on the individual needs of his players which has a huge impact. I highly recommended Brendan.

Nick practices at home more and more usuing all the skills he's learning. Better by the day

Did a great job with my son. We will definitely be using him again.

Brendan was wonderful and motivated him through out the whole workout . Jay feels like he learned something and wants to have more workouts.

Hey thanks man, that really does mean a lot and I owe you a lot for everything you helped me accomplish and the things you taught me. You’re an excellent trainer and I would love to keep in touch. I think I am going to be focusing on soccer moving forward but what you’ve done for me is amazing and it’s given me a newfound confidence. I wish you were a soccer trainer just based off how passionate you are
Since high school you’ve always been one of my favorite players to watch! Your IQ and passion for the game always stood out for me, so there’s no doubt in my mind it’ll translate into training/coaching. Whoever gets you as a trainer won’t regret it
Brendan worked with my son on basketball skills for about eight weeks this fall the sessions were about 1 to 1 & 1/2 hours long they were very productive. Brendan was able to help point out mechanical issues with the execution of my sons skills. In addition to that, he also improved his confidence and helped his ball handling skills And after the workout sessions, Brendan would complete a full evaluation of my son’s progress and email it to me. This included things they worked on together, what he’s seeing improvements in and some things that my son can work on in his free time. All in all it was a very positive experience and I’d recommend him for sure!
Brendan is one of the hardest workers and most dedicated athletes I have ever seen. From watching him play in high school, and for him to come back years later and watch me play during my high school days really shows his true love for the game. Brendan is also a very knowledgeable person, I know this from working out wig him. When he trained me I noticed he was very organized, and he knows exactly what you may be doing wrong in a drill. He then does everything he can to help you correct your form and improve and it helped me prepare for my senior high school season, and my upcoming freshman college basketball season. I’d recommend Brendan to anyone that wants to improve their game!!
Brendan is a young coach with what seems to be all the experience of a veteran. Brendan truly cares about his players, and that was clear to me from the beginning. Though friendly and light-hearted, once you are on the court with him he means business. With the sole purpose of making his clients better, he was the right choice for me while I was preparing for high school tryouts. We started working on fundamentals, and graduated to more complex drills and basketball concepts. He uses his knowledge and basketball IQ to ensure that his players get the most out of their time with him and learn the game inside and out. In my experience with Coach Brendan I can honestly say I improved greatly not only physically but mentally as well, in my opinion that’s something very difficult to teach. I’d recommend him to anyone that wants to learn more about the game, turn their weaknesses into strengths, and accomplish their basketball goals.
Brendan Butler was a great friend, but an even better captain. Not only did he hold everyone accountable, he led by example. You could always count on Brendan to bring 100% effort into every practice and game. Brendan’s leadership not only made us better players, it made us better men.
Brendan Butler privately coached my son Jack in Basketball. Jack did not make his freshman high school team and was determined to improve and tryout again sophomore year. He met Brendan and they had many sessions together. They worked hard during their sessions but it did not stop there. Brendan went above and beyond with my son. He would send videos and texts with helpful workouts. He would check in in-between sessions with encouragement and advice. Jack made the basketball team sophomore year and this is would not have been possible with Brendan’s coaching. I highly recommend Brendan to anyone that wants to improve and fine tune their skills.
I played on Brendan's AAU team in high school and he has always embodied the gym rat mentality that is missing in many young players today. Teammates would say he took practice "too seriously", which is exactly what you want others to be saying about you, and what you need in a coach as an aspiring basketball player. Brendan pushes those around him to be a better player, always, and I haven't seen his passion diminish since we met six years ago in the slightest.
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