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Brandon H.



A Former 2003 2nd Round NBA Draft Pick by the Boston Celtics. View all coaching experience

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Training Locations
Training Locations
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  1. Withrow International High School, 2488 Madison Rd, Cincinnati, OH
  2. Deer Park High School, 8351 Plainfield Road, Cincinnati, OH
  3. Sports of All Sorts, 10094 Investment Way, Florence, KY

Coach is willing to travel up to 50 miles

  • Ohio University (OH)

  • 7 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Center, Forward, Guard

  • Post Moves, Rebounding, Shooting, Ball Handling, Passing, Defense, Footwork, Moving Without the Ball, Reading the Floor, Agility, Attacking the Rim, Pick and Roll


  • Ohio University (OH)

  • 7 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Center, Forward, Guard

  • Post Moves, Rebounding, Shooting, Ball Handling, Passing, Defense, Footwork, Moving Without the Ball, Reading the Floor, Agility, Attacking the Rim, Pick and Roll

More About Coach Brandon

I played basketball professionally for eleven years. I played three years in the NBA(Boston, Orlando, Charlotte, and Cleveland) and played in Europe(Italy, Israel, Turkey, Germany, Latvia, France, Greece, South America, Puerto Rico) over an eight year span.

During my off-seasons throughout my career I did individual training, coaching, camps and clinics. I usually participated in personal training in Europe with our younger teams that were associated with our club team. As well as here in America with different organizations, and collegiate programs that hold camps and clinics.

In my training sessions I focus on building the athletes skills and confidence. I also focus on fundamentals and the complete breakdown of ball-handling, footwork, perimeter/post moves, shooting, and perimeter/post defense. I strive for the athlete to become comfortable and efficient on all areas of the floor, offensively and defensively. My specialty throughout my professional career has been my versatility. So, no matter the age or position of the player I teach them every aspect of the game. If there is something specific the player wants to focus on, I am able to apply that also.

The game of basketball is a very simple game. Athletes need to have a foundation for fundamentals of the game. My goal is not only to improve the athletes knowledge and skill, but overall ability to become a better player. Also to help him/her have an understanding of the fundamentals to refer back to when needing to make adjustments throughout the game and season.

As a player at Ohio University I started every game throughout my four year career. I was First Team All Mid-American Conference(Top five player) three years in a row. My senior year I was top 20 in the NCAA Division I in scoring and also led the NCAA Division I in rebounding. I was drafted in the 2nd Round by the Boston Celtics. I was First Team All Summer League in the Boston NBA Summer League. After a couple of seasons in the NBA I played in several different countries(Italy, Greece, Israel, Turkey, Latvia, Germany, France) in Europe. I also have played in Puerto Rico and South America. While playing I have received many different individual awards. I was the leading rebounder and one of the top player at my position in Italy(A-1). I won the Italian Cup and also was 2 time MVP in Eurocup.

While overseas I also helped train and coach some of the younger teams that were affiliated with my Club/Team. I help with drills, individual breakdown of guards, forwards and centers, as well as some of the coaching throughout there season. I also have coached in many basketball camps, some AAU teams, and the SPL Summer League.

My workouts vary according to age, position, size, strengths and weaknesses.

The start of the workout always begins with a warm-up activity. Which can range from something small like jumping rope(for footwork), or doing lay-ups and/or jump shots. After about five minutes the body is a little warm, there is a few minutes of active warm-up/stretching.

From there we go full blown into drills of whatever it is the athlete needs to work on. Ball handling, shooting, footwork, moves from the perimeter, moves on the post, transition drills, timing coming off screens, pick and roll drills(depending on the age/level of the athlete). Some understanding about offensive and defensive efficiency as well as awareness.

No matter the size, position, age, or gender of my client we will work through drills to improve fundamentals. While continuously addressing different skills, working at game speed.

After the workout is finished there is some stretching for five to ten minutes.

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Client Reviews

Coach Brandon's guidance enabled my son to become more consistent with his shooting skills within the first training session. He took him through drills that he could practice to improve his overall performance as an all around player. My husband and I watched the session and where quite impressed on how Coach Brandon worked with our son and the overall improvement by the end of the training. I definitely plan to book him for additional training sessions for my son.

(no details provided)

He is so awesome and in a short amount of time has taught my so so much!

(no details provided)

My 10 year old son completed his first one-on-one session with Coach Brandon. Coach Brandon was professional, amiable and attentive. Coach Brandon works well with children. He provided well-balanced coaching instruction that was encouraging , but yet firm to help my son develop his skills as a basketball player. My son left his coaching session feeling motivated about playing basketball and eager to continue lessons with Coach Brandon. We will most certainly continue lessons with Coach Brandon, and will not hesitate to recommend Coach Brandon as a good basketball coach.

My 9 yo son has only had two sessions with Coach Hunter thus far, but already I can tell that I want Coach Hunter training my son. Clearly he knows what he's doing -- obviously in terms of how to play basketball (which he was great at), but also in terms of teaching the right techniques the right way. He won't put up with anything less than 100% effort, but the pushing is entirely positive (i.e., no negative words/body language). It's clear that he cares, and (as an instructor myself) I know that is what ultimately makes the difference. I'm going to have Coach Hunter train my son as long as my son wants to commit to the sport (and the discipline it requires).

Coach Brandon taught me something that no one else has ever bothered with teaching me, this improved my form by a longshot.

Braden B.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Brandon is doing a fantastic job with my daughter. I have coached her in leagues until now and this opportunity is to take her to the next level and drive discipline in her routine. Brandon is definitely patient but persistent, great attributes with youth. He focuses on doing every bit correct and matches most of the things I have push my daughter to do. It is driving her to do better and building confidence receiving instruction from Brandon. Recommend 1:1 practices with Brandon.

Coach Brandon does a great job focusing on details and improving your strengths and weaknesses.

Brandon is amazing. He was able to see so many details and provide great coaching to improve my sons skills quickly. Highly recommended and looking forward to continuing to work with Brandon!

Coach Brandon was able to quickly evaluate Jonathan and began working on the fundamentals to help his game improve quickly!

(no details provided)

Coach Brandon helped me so much during our first session. I had a school game yesterday and I made one three pointer and a total of 14 shots. All of these were from using his shot technique. It is especially helpful during shooting free throws. He helped figure out why my crossover was not my strongest suit and helped me attack the issue.

Brandon is an excellent coach/mentor!
He has provided great instruction to my daughter throughout their time working together.
The results from his instruction have provided my daughter with a newfound confidence and increased ability.
Additionally; his coaching style is well suited to provide basic and advanced skills to a wide range of players regardless of age or ability.

(no details provided)

My son is a very small kid, Brandon is a very large man...and he did an amazing job with him!! Worked him very hard on his dribbling and teaching him how to score over the big guys! Can't wait until his next session!!

I am thirteen years old and my father signed me up for coach up. I thought I knew everything you could know about basketball, until I met Brandon. He made me realize that there is so much more than just dribbling and shooting. After only 3 lessons with him I have a lot of improvement and a much better way of shooting. He is a very nice man, and will make you work to get to where you need to be. I would recommend him to anyone! ( as long as I get my time lol ) Can't wait til my next lesson! Thanks Brandon for everything!

Great guy and better coach. Worked my son hard, was demanding but very fair. My son said he learned more in the hour with Brandon that he did in the last two years on his teams. Could not be happier.

My son had a great first session with Coach Brandon. He not only helped improve my sons skill level but it boosted his confidence too. He's looking forward to meeting and working with Brandon again.

Coach Brandon definitely knows what he is doing. He is extremely knowledgable and I would recommend him to any parent looking to have his son take his game to the next level. I'm excited for my son to be working with him.

Very knowledgeable! Great coach!

My son had one session with Brandon so far and learned more about fundamentals in that one session than he has in years in our small community. Brandon had a great positive attitude and patience with him. We will definitely be working with Brandon more.

It went well. I think my game will get better if I keep training with him because he knows what he is talking about and he is a good teacher and he has good patience. I can't wait to train again. I'm up for the challenge.

My son has been playing basketball year-round for over five years now. I was amazed at how much he learned while working with Coach Brandon for just one hour. Coach B. made four minor adjustments over the first 20 minutes that had a significant impact on how my son thinks about shot preparation. He is very excited to continue working with Coach Brandon on a regular basis.

We have only had one session so far with Coach Brandon and I can already tell a difference with my son's confidence on the court. What I liked best is that he really evaluated the level my son was at, and taught him new things from that level going forward. The things he taught my son were things no other coach before had told him, and you could tell it just clicked. So much so that my son told me that he wanted to go home and work on what he learned even more. My son is looking forward to training with Coach Brandon, and we couldn't be more pleased.

(no details provided)

My daughter had her first visit with coach Brandon. He was patient and able to coach according to her abilities. She learned so much in just one visit. He is not just able to interact with boys. She was comfortable and seemed to gain back some of her confidence. I highly recommend him.

My son has completed 5 sessions w Brandon and has already seen improvement in ball handling skills, intensity of play, and confidence attacking w his opposite hand. Brandon is a motivator and wants his players to be unstoppable. I am very impressed with Brandon and looking forward to more sessions in 2015!

Coach Brandon is a great coach! He was great with our son and very knowledgeable. We will definitely be booking more sessions with him.

Great Coach! I would highly recommend him

1st session done and this coach is fantastic. Very impressed so far! A++++++++

I am not exactly sure if Coach Brandon is a magician or a miracle worker, but the progress my son made in ONE SESSION was truly astounding.

When we arrived, my son could not do a layup to save his life. Within 10 minutes he had his footwork down and was adding a dribble step. Twenty minutes in he was working on a left handed layup. Forty minutes in he was making 60% of his layups. At the 45 minute mark, Brandon started working with him on proper jump shot form. He showed him where to aim when shooting and how to follow through with his fingers.

Brandon quickly assessed what Cameron needed and stripped down his drills to a walking speed to teach him exactly how to go through the drill step by step. He praised my son and held him accountable so he did it right.

This was an excellent and POSITIVE experience! My son came off the court beaming. He knew he had worked hard and he knew he had made a HUGE amount of progress in a very short period of time.

Very pleased with Coach Brandon on the work he's doing with our 2 girls. Keeps them moving the entire session (think Basketball fundamentals and agility / conditioning combined). Supportive instruction and holds them accountable to doing it right, then doing it quick. Able to navigate quickly across positions (post / face up 4 / convert big 3 to a 2). Great experience thus far.

(no details provided)

My son (14) really clicked with Coach Brandon. His shot and his footwork improved dramatically. When we got home he stayed in the driveway shooting, which he almost never does. He cannot wait for the next session.

My grandson has learned an unbelievable amount. I highly recommend Brandon.

Coach Brandon was great and made me feel more confident after only one session. He's also very patient and works to personalize his coaching to exactly what I need! I feel excited to keep working with him as I get ready for school try outs.

Coach Brandon does an excellent job demonstrating skills/techniques and explaining there importance in a basketball parlance. My son learned more in a 1-hour session than he has the past 3 years. He is really looking forward to the next training session with Coach Brandon!

(no details provided)

Brandon is such an amazing person and Coach! My son was a bit nervous and intimidated to meet Brandon, but he put my son at ease immediately and got right into the training. I literally saw improvement from the start of the first session to the end. We are already excited to sign up for another 10! We have had two sessions now, and Brandon is not only very talented as a trainer in basketball, but he is also very professional, patient and definitely a kid person! So thankful we found him. My son is so excited to meet his goal of making his school team this year with Coach Brandon's help:-) Fingers crossed, but know he can do it with hard work with Coach Brandon!

Conner really enjoyed his first session with Brandon. On the way home he told me that nobody had ever broken the movements down that way with him before. He's been practicing the new methods since then.

Brandon works well assessing my son's abilitiies and tailors his teachings to my son's needs. He finds great ways of explaining what he wants and takes the time to make sure my son is doing it fundamentally right before moving onto the next drill.

I believe Jaelen got alot out of the session today. Coach Brandon is a terrific personal coach thus far. I am sure that Jaelen will learn alot during his sessions. He is looking forward to his next session and to becoming the basketball player he wants to be. Thanks Brandon for being so professional and good with him. We look forward to his upcoming sessions!

Brandon is an amazing coach!!!! He has lot of patience to teach the kids.
My 10 year old son was extremely happy to be trained by a Brandon. I have never seen anyone teach basketball to kids with so much of passion. He starts with the basic drills and finishes with stretching exercises. We are lucky to have a NBA player train our son. Nine more sessions to go...we are excited and happy!!!!!

We had our first lesson yesterday. Brandon is a great teacher. My son is a beginner, and Brandon was able to set up a great class to teach him some fundamentals and keep the class fun by changing the drills throughout practice. I hope to have many classes w him. He has a great personality to work w kids.

Brandon , many thanks for all your time and advice you gave to my son William ( Ormond ) at the swords thunder camp in Dublin . William is very passionate about basketball and it was great for him to meet someone who has great dedication and love for the game . Many thanks , Michelle
After a stellar collegiate career, Brandon went on to play in the NBA and currently is playing in a Top Division overseas. He know what it takes to play at the professional level and who will be an asset to our Pro Advantage Training Team.
”Brandon comes from a tradition of the Mid-American Conference and brings intensity, toughness, and versatility. He can rebound, he’s fierce competitor, and he loves to compete. He’s going to work hard for 82 games a year.
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