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Frequently asked questions
What are your rates?

Bradley offers 1-on-1 sessions for $60 (discounts may apply when booking multiple sessions). Sessions last 60 minutes.

All sessions with Bradley are covered by CoachUp's Good Fit Guarantee
All sessions are booked entirely through CoachUp to protect both you and your coach. Don't worry, we have a 100% money back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with your session in any way! And of course, you can always call us at 1-(888) 680-4750 if you have any questions.
Where can we train?

Bradley trains in Sylvania High School, 133 1st Street Northwest, Sylvania, AL

Training Locations:
  • Sylvania High School, 133 1st Street Northwest, Sylvania, AL
  • Henagar School, 85 Woodview Road, Henagar, AL
  • 2783 Smith Springs Rd, 2783 Smith Springs Road, Nashville, TN
Coach Bradley is willing to travel up to 50 miles.
What's your availability?

Monday: 8pm-9pm
Tuesday: 6pm-7pm
Wednesday: 5pm-7pm
Thursday: 5pm-7pm; 8pm-9pm
Friday: not available
Saturday: 6am-10pm
Sunday: not available

I may be available outside of these times; feel free to message me to discuss specifics.

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