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I played against teams that have first division teams in Spain such as Alcarcon, Leganes, and Getafe. I played for Semi Professionally teams in the UPSL and NPSL View all coaching experience

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Training Locations
Training Locations
  1. Newport Beach, CA
  2. Irvine, CA
  3. Costa Mesa, CA

Coach is willing to travel up to 25 miles


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In-Person Training for a single athlete

Athlete Training Session

Session Length: 1 hour

$85 1 session + applicable fees

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Group Session
In-Person Training for up to 10 athletes

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  • 4 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Kids, Teenagers

  • Midfield, Forward, Defense

  • Shooting, Passing, One-on-Ones, One-Touch, First Touch, Dribbling


  • 4 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Kids, Teenagers

  • Midfield, Forward, Defense

  • Shooting, Passing, One-on-Ones, One-Touch, First Touch, Dribbling

More About Coach Benjamin

I've trained players from the ages of 6-15 years old and I can train players who are older as well. I want to know the player's weaknesses and help the player improve in those areas. Once I know the weaknesses of the player, I will use training methods to improve the player's skills

At the age of fourteen, I joined a club team called LAFC at the Silver Elite Level (Los Angeles Football Club). When I was 16, I joined Galaxy in the Silver Elite Level. Then a year later, we moved up to the gold division (which is the highest-ranking). In high school, I joined the varsity team and in my senior year, we entered the CIF league (it's a league that competes with the best soccer teams within the state). At the age of 22, I joined the United Premier Soccer League (UPSL) and played for a team called Legacy FC (Semi-Professional team). Eventually, I moved to Madrid and played against teams such as Getafe B/C, Alcorcon B/C and Leganes B/C and these teams have first division teams in La Liga. When I came back from Madrid, I joined a team called OCFC (Orange County Football Club) and they're a Semi-Professional team in the National Premier League (NPSL).

In the beginning, the athlete will warm up for about 15 min. Within the warm up, the athlete will move his lower body and upper body using dynamic movements like high knees, cherokee, ladder scissors, Iky shuffle and other movements. After the warm up, it's important the athlete stretches to untighten his muscles and prevent injuries from occurring. After stretching (depending on what the player needs to improve on) we can use a variety of exercises. Ranging from shooting, acceleration, agility, dribbling, crossing, vision, airball control, defensive work, long balls. When I'm with the athletes, I'll make sure to put them in the match mentality mindset as best as I can. It's important because these moments will reoccur once the athlete enters the competitive environment and they'll need to be prepared and equipped with the right methods and techniques to advance in those competitive moments and overall develop as a player

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Client Reviews

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Excellent Practice routines and a great communicator. Looking forward to having my son work with him for years to come.

The sessions have been great. My 14 year old is really improving. Benjamin is really patient and encouraging too!

Benjamin is a great motivator. He keeps sessions fun but still challenges my son to focus on the details. Looking forward to our continued work with him

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(no details provided)

Benjamin is wonderful. My daughter had such a blast. We can’t wait for her next lesson!

Coach Ben knows his stuff, he provides well balanced training for technique and skills while also teaching how to apply things in a game. My son loves his hands-on approach and the one-on-one exercises Coach Ben does.

(no details provided)

Coach Ben was amazing! He was professional, extremely knowledgeable, and lots of fun. My kids instantly felt comfortable with him, as he communicates and relates to children extremely well. In just the first hour and a half session, my kids learned so much and improved dramatically. He’s improved their skills, their confidence, and their love for the game. Thank you Coach Ben!

Coach Benjamin was professional from the start. He was the first who responded to my inquiry. My son, who is six really appreciated his knowledge. He was firm, patient and kept my son very engaged. My son is looking to level up in soccer and I highly recommend Benjamin to any young budding soccer player or star. He is a class act

Benjamin is an enthusiastic and attentive coach. My son has only done 2 sessions with him but we can already see the improvement. My son is begging for more time with him, he really enjoyed himself!

Extremely knowledgeable about soccer success techniques. Very detailed and observant. A wide variety of training exercises to fit trainee skill set. Pleasant and engaging personality. An amazing soccer player.
Benjamin is an incredible coach. He is so kind, patient and knowledgeable. His optimism made me feel so confident in my abilities and like I can do anything if I set my mind to it! He helped me improve tremendously in my technique and overall confidence on the field and I am so grateful he was my coach! I would definitely recommend him to anyone!
Benjamin is amazing! He has been coaching my 10 year old son for 6 months and the practices are always well planned and tailored to the players weaknesses. I have seen a drastic improvement in my sons skills, especially ball control. I cannot recommend Benjamin enough !
I liked how versatile Benjamin was. He worked on trapping, passing, shooting and extensive ball work. Benjamin is also a speed coach. He has the equipment and knowledge to help increase your speed. My son was noticeably faster after training with Benjamin. My son was a beginner and lacked the basics skills. After a few sessions with Benjamin, there were significant improvements. We are still training with Benjamin and recommend him to anyone looking for a personal trainer/coach.
Ben is very energetic and insightful on what skills to work on. He had a great rapport with my son.
My son loves going and always comes away feeling like he is progressing.
Ben has showed me some serious soccer workouts in the past. I liked the workouts so much that I implement them in a weekly fashion. Mind you, I’m not a soccer player, my main sport is tennis. However, my endurance, agility, and fundamentals of being an athlete have all improved. 10/10 recommend Ben’s training.
I was very happy with the soccer lessons. Very professional and my son was very happy.
Benjamin along with great soccer skill training routines, he's also a great motivator. My son is working much harder training with Benjamin. I can see my is enjoying his overall soccer experience since started training with Benjamin.
Excellent coach! On time, professional and highly-skilled. Definitely would recommend to anyone looking to improve their soccer skills.
As my son has completed his first year in Club soccer and continuing with his club into 2022, I was on the hunt for an experienced trainer and I found one! Benjamin is the best. Just one session in and myself and my son are ready for more. From skills training, form and correcting the mistakes he’s really one of the best. Highly recommend!
Coach Ben showed me great dribbling skills
My name is Joe I've been playing this game my whole life but I was able to meet Ben recently and he has really helped me! Both with some good techniques and things to help my game improve I highly recommend his services
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