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"Any suggestions for timing the run when you have a breakaway opportunity?"

Against a typical flat 4 defense, the space behind the closest defender to the ball is the most vulnerable space. Look to make a diagonal run behind this defender, holding your vertical until you make eye contact with the ball handler. Remember the ball and the runner should not go through the same seam in the defense. The timing depends on the ball handler, the distance and your communication with them. Make your run decisive and when you make eye contact with the ball handler, that is the time to accelerate.
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Bob M.

Soccer | Burlington, KY

October 25, 2017
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I like to get wide, outside of their outside back if possible. This allows me to see the entire defensive line to ensure that I stay onside. Then when the opportunity arises for the pass to come through, I start running across the field horizontally (even with the last defender) to get a head start. When the ball is played through, I break forward to meet the ball.

Scott and Michaella H.

Soccer | Citrus Heights, CA

October 14, 2016
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