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"What are some advantages and tips to playing on my off wing?"

Playing the "off wing" occurs when a player who shoots right plays on the left wing or a player who shoots left plays on the right wing.

The biggest advantage to playing on your off wing is that your forehand is to the middle of the ice, as opposed to being close to the boards. This gives you more options and better angles to the net when shooting. Also, you're in a better position to unleash a one-timer. As the puck gets to you, you can immediately turn your hips to put a hard shot on net, instead of waiting for the puck to cross your body.

There's no new skills to learn to effectively play on your off wing, though there will be a bigger emphasis on certain skills. You will carry the puck on your backhand more because your backhand will now be away from the center of the ice, and thus away from the defense. Get used to making cross ice passes on your backhand and/or learning how to cut hard to the middle to make a cross ice forward pass. Develop the ability to turn your hips to the puck so that you can one-time shots as you come across the middle. When playing on your off wing, this last piece is your most dangerous weapon. The better you get at this, the more effective you will be on that side.

J.S. R.

Ice Hockey | Chicago, IL

October 23, 2016
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