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"What are some specific weight training exercises that I should use to improve my shotput throws?"

That is a great question. The throwing events are all about speed and power. Some of the more important weight training exercises are those that engage the fast twitch muscle fibers. In the weight room you should do Power Cleans, Snatch, and Hang Cleans. Do not concentrate on maxing out or heavy weights, instead focus on form, then speed. Only do 60% of your max when working on speed.

I would also recommend doing some work with medicine balls and low-medium level plyometrics. Box jumps at varying heights are some low level plyos to do. Work with the med balls could include ball slams and tossing the med ball granny style straight up. These exercises will really help engage the fast twitch muscle fibers. Hope this information is help and will move the mark!


Neil H.

Track & Field | Cedarville, OH

July 11, 2016
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Hello Guillermo,

I would recommend you use a resistance rubber band if you do the slide technique but even if you don't, you can still use it. attached one end on a low angle and the other end held in your hand and execute the slide technique if you use this technique or just practice the release part of the throw using the band for resistance, if you use a challenging enough band with plenty of resistance, will also help your balance because the band will tend to retract to its original form!  You can do sets/reps as needed!!
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Carlos A.

Martial Arts | Gardena, CA

October 06, 2016
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