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"How can you find more offensive opportunities when one is a two way midfielder specifically at recruiting tourneys?"

I am an excellent two way midfielder but recently attended a recruiting tournament where I ended up playing a lot of defense but the last game I had looks but people took too long to realize them which made give up the ball a teammate instead of shooting.
It's often difficult to get good looks when you're playing in tournaments with people you have no, or little chemistry with. Without much, or even any practice time you have to just have to keep working. Coaches see guys who work off the ball, move without the ball, set picks, feed open guys and are always working to create scoring opportunities for themselves or teammates.

When you do get the ball, and you feel you have a favorable match up aganist your defender take a run at the goal. However, be sure you aren't trying to force something that isn't there.

Also, if you are playing good D at the other end create fast breaks. Talk to your keeper and D men and tell them you will be breaking up field after saves. Get yourself open on clears, shake your defender and move back to the ball or find the holes in the zone.

Just keep working, good things will happen.

Drew McElroy

Lacrosse | West Hartford, CT

November 05, 2016
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