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"Which is more effective, a float serve or a top spin serve?"

Which is harder to receive? Does one have a wider margin of error?
Jennifer thanks for the question! Both serving styles can be equally effective and hard for your opponent to receive when executed properly.
The float serve should be your main focus to try and perfect first. It takes less energy and has a smaller margin of error when it comes to consistency and accuracy. After long days or matches a jump topsin will lose more power and accuracy as you fatigue as a poised to the float serve.
After you have built a lot of confidence and consistency with the float then you are ready to tackle other serving styles like jump float or topspin. Goodluck!

Jordan Wendelken

Volleyball | San Diego, CA

May 26, 2016
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A float serve when executed properly "moves" and is much tougher to receive than a top spin serve. Jumping would add a degree of difficulty and increase mistakes dramatically! However, stationary serving top spin or float the risks are similar as is the margin of error. Float serves are typically more accurate and can be placed in a certain location easier especially short serves. Top spin serves typically land deep even with a jump serve! Hope that helps
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Steven M.

Volleyball | Lakewood, CA

May 26, 2016
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