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"What pass blocking drills are best for the youth level?"

Drills that focus on footwork make the best pass blocking drills, especially at early age groups. Putting yourself in the right position starts with your feet. Linemen at the highest level are all extremely athletic and have quick feet. Being in the right position, and having a strong base all starts from the ground up!

Matt W.

Track & Field | Norwood, MA

May 16, 2016
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A good stance and quick first step are imperative. For run blocking, have them take 1 quick first step to a bag, while placing their hands on the inside and the front of their helmet on the bag. Progress to a 2nd step and then a full drive. For pass blocking, you can have them do a kick slide, then progress to multiple steps like the run blocking drill.

Hand placement is also important for both types of blocking. Place a cone on the ground and have the player line their hands up right next to the cone, in a plank position. If they start off lined up to the left of the cone, have them place their right hand to the right side of the cone, leaving room to follow it with the left hand. Go back and forth, over the cone, placing the hands as quickly as possible.

Scottie Glover

Football | Lawrenceville, GA

May 26, 2016
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At any age, it is important to start from the ground up. Good feet, Good Stance, Good Knee Bend and Hips all followed by Good 1st, 2nd and 3rd step. When a player can master these "ABC's" as I call them, they can then progress to above the waist drills i.e. hand placement/punch, etc. Always start from the ground up and never lose focus on how important the feet to the waist are in your drills.

Ed V.

Football | Goshen, NY

May 26, 2016
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