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"I'm new to playing goalie and was told I should "bait the shooter" – what does this mean?"

It means to leave a spot of the goal open for the shooter to see. When he sees that spot as he is shooting it, he is sure to pick the opening. So you will know where he wants to go with his shot and you can anticipate him shooting there. For instance. Say you are a right handed goalie and a right handed shooter is running down "the alley". You can "hug" the left pipe with your left shoulder and leave room for the shooter to shoot to your strong side. Shooters like to shoot "Far-pipe" when they are running to their right anyhow. As the shooter begins to shoot trust that the shooter has taken the bait and will shoot to the opening you gave him. Step to that spot before he finishes his release and chances are he will either shoot wide or hit you with his shot.

Andrew Joyce

Lacrosse | Colorado Springs, CO

July 05, 2016
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