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"How do I choose the right basketball shoes?"

Hey Russell

I know shoes can be important when playing, but they really are just shoes!  They don't make you become a better player or make you better.  You can become better regardless of what shoes your wearing if you put in the work.  I just think it's important you find some shoes that your comfortable in and let you and the ball do the rest of the work!

Coach Anthony
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Anthony C.

Basketball | Shrewsbury, MA

May 26, 2016
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Choosing the right shoes can be a tedious process at times. Make sure to not only try to keep up with what's fashionable, but with what shoes have the best reputation as to being the most comfortable. Do your research online as well as ask around to your friends who are also athletes. REMEMBER: Just because a shoe looks good, doesn't mean it will be comfortable. DO YOUR RESEARCH!


Poncho H.

Basketball | West Hollywood, CA

October 22, 2016
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