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"I'm 5'11" and in 9th grade, if I play basketball next year, do you think I can play point guard."

Jarvis --

I absolutely think you can play PG next season. I would encourage you to study point guards and then design your practice and training around those skills and things that point guards do. For example, point guards are always the best ball-handlers on a team. Point guards are always the best decision makers on the team. Point guards are usually the best communicators on the team. Focus your workouts and do drills that emphasize those skills and master them daily. Watch a lot of game film on point guards and note all the little things they do. Don't just watch YouTube highlights, but watch full games. Notice how they gather their teams during dead balls, how they change speeds when they dribble, and how they use crafty moves to get around defenders.

The beautiful thing about basketball today is that the idea of positions is changing. My high school team that I coach for won a state championship 2 years ago and our starting center was 6'0" while our point guard for 6'3". You can play any position you want to play at any size if you're willing to master the skills it takes to play that position. The players that play the most are the players that can play multiple positions. So my advice to you is to master the craft of basketball and not worry about positions. If you can play multiple positions and do many different things on the court, you're more valuable for your team.

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Coach Jesse!
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Jesse Ashenfelter

Basketball | Cleveland, OH

August 25, 2017
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