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"I am a professional tennis player on a very high level...well was...I played all grand slams...but my dream is boxing "

I am 23 years old just turned few day ago.my whole life I am playing tennis was on a very high level of the sport played all gram slams even won one Atp tournament.but I feel I do not belong in this sport and my whole life I dream about boxing.i am 195cm tall I am extreamly fast and explosive long arms and big even tho I don't go to gym that often cuz of my current sport.my question is is it too late for me to switch to boxing...not just to switch but to be someone in boxing.As a tennis player i am no stranger to practicing till I vomit and to spend whole day practicing.I am surten that I would be incredible boxer with my mental side and my body that is like created for boxing but my only concern is my age.
Thank you
All great things start out with a desire to take action. With the coordination it takes to play tennis and with the competitive nature I’ve witnessed that tennis players demonstrate; its not too late. In fact with determination, and connecting with a coach as passionate as you The sky is the limit. Just keep in mind it does take patients , “ Rome was not built in a day.” Go for it! It’s really the only way to know.

Pedro B.

Boxing | Denver, CO

October 27, 2017
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