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"Do you have any tips or drills that will help with driving to the basket?"

Im a point guard and i tend to not drive to the basket when im playing in a game. Im not sure why but i do and im not sure how to get over that. Also im in need of a drill or way to get around a center in the game.
Hi Amirah!

There are so many drills out there to help with driving to the basket. First and foremost though, utilize resources such as YouTube and Google and research this topic. There is so much free knowledge out there. One of my favorite drills that I do with players is a footwork drill that will improve your attacking game. Like many skills in basketball it all starts with the feet.

What you do is start with the ball in your right hand with your feet shoulder width apart in an athletic stance. You're pound dribbling the ball maybe 4 or 5 times and then on the last dribble you want to drop down into an explosive stance and stagger your feet and explode to the rim. To challenge yourself, start far out from the basket and make yourself get to the rim in 1, maybe 2 dribbles. The drop down is a quick sudden drop in your hips. Notice how I said "drop" and not "raise up, then drop." Go from your athletic stance with your feet squared into an explosive stagger so you can push off with your left foot and drive yourself to the basket.

Give yourself a goal of 10 makes and like I said earlier, challenge yourself to get further and further from the basket.
Once you've mastered that, start throwing in different moves off it. For example; you can walk into a crossover and drop down and explode to the rim. You could go between the legs into your drive.

If you're interested in seeing this drill, contact me for an online training session and I'd be happy to show you this drill and many others that can help in this area.

I hope this is helpful. Let me know how it works for you!

Coach Jesse
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Jesse Ashenfelter

Basketball | Cleveland, OH

August 25, 2017
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