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"I have a righthanded hitting daughter with back issues...would switching her to slap hitting left be easier on her back?"

Slapping can actually cause more back issues since the torque and twist of moving your feet while you swing can be more effort and movement in the box.

Sounds to me like her form could use some tweaking, my guess would probably be in her follow through (latter part of her swing), especially if the pain is in her lower back. Have her try to finish high and loose, meaning the bat is at an angle down to the ground (held by her left hand and right if her arms are long enough) as opposed to straight across her back.

Working on strengthening her core will also help with any back issues, in any location. But I would also suggest on working on her leg strength to take the brunt of the power of the swing, as opposed to the arms and back trying to do it all. Women need as much help as they can get from the lower part of our bodies, since our upper body strength is often lacking in comparison to men’s. Use that back leg to power/push through the ball, not your back.

Best of luck!

Michaela L.

Softball | Aurora, CO

July 07, 2017
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