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"What is the proper way to take a lead on the basepaths?"

Depends on which base Conor, and what you're trying to do on that base. I'll stick to first base for now.

Proper way to lead off if you're trying to steal is get about 3 solid strides away from the base and a shuffle to set yourself. Should be a step and dive away. If your step is fast, you could get a little farther off, if it's slow, get a little closer.

If you're trying to steal a base, take your lead more in the front of the base. It'll fool the pitcher a little in that your lead will look shorter, possibly giving you the extra step you need. This also makes your path to second straighter, ergo less distance to travel.

If you're not stealing, and have a pitcher who struggles to throw over to the base, you could lead off a little behind the base, making your lead look bigger, and maybe get him to throw the ball away.

Hope this helps, even though it's late.

Chris L.

Baseball | Greenfield, WI

November 15, 2016
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