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"When is the best time to sit on a fastball?"

The main thing to remember while at the plate is to stay ahead in the count. When you can implement patience, you have the ability to make each plate appearance produce counts such as: 3-0/ 3-1 where it's a higher probability that the pitcher is going to throw a fastball. The main thing to remember is don't guess what pitch is coming next: Think fastball and react to off-speed every pitch. Most hitters know that pitchers want to get ahead in the count and first pitch fastballs occur frequently, But swinging at the first pitch fastballs are more proven to be less successful. Note: the more pitches you see during each at-bat establishes the best variables so you can sit on a fastball, hitting hard shots in the gap. You will start to feel more comfortable in the box and start seeing your batting average, slugging percentage, and most importantly your on- base percentage rise.

Jason Greene

Baseball | Gulf Breeze, FL

August 08, 2017
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