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  • Upper body exercises that build essential muscle, tendon, and ligament groups
  • Lower body exercises that help increase leg power
  • Footwork drills to develop your foot speed, quickness, and coordination
  • Conditioning drills that improve explosiveness and fluidity of motion

**Download his top 15 workouts free**

* Upper body exercises that buil...... - CoachUp

Pro receiver Julian Edelman knows the meaning of hard work.

Once a snubbed collegiate prospect, Edelman has done what no one thought was possible - transition from a mid-major collegiate quarterback to the number one receiving target on the Patriots, a team reputed to be one of the best in the NFL.

He was thought to be too short and lacking in the level of physicality needed at the pro level, but Edelman has proved all of the naysayers wrong by dedicating himself to an elite level of fitness achieved through intense strength and conditioning work.

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