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Former collegiate athlete, professional soccer player, certified fitness trainer with National Youth Soccer Coaching license & over 15 years of coaching experience⚽️ View all coaching experience

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5 soccer and fitness transformation session package with Coach Tornubari. 60 minute session length

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10 soccer and fitness transformation session package with Coach Tornubari. 60 minute session length

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Small group training will include but not limited to individual footwork drills, group training with 1v1 domination series work, partner passing progressions, and game situation drills.

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Small Group Training
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Small group training will include but not limited to individual footwork drills, group training with 1v1 domination series work, partner passing progressions, and game situation drills.

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  • Newberry College (SC)

  • 15 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Midfield, Goalkeeper, Forward, Defense

  • Shooting, Penalty Kicks, Passing, One-on-Ones, One-Touch, Heading, Goal Kicks, Free Kicks, First Touch, Dribbling, Crossing, Corner Kicks, Agility


  • Newberry College (SC)

  • 15 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Midfield, Goalkeeper, Forward, Defense

  • Shooting, Penalty Kicks, Passing, One-on-Ones, One-Touch, Heading, Goal Kicks, Free Kicks, First Touch, Dribbling, Crossing, Corner Kicks, Agility

More About Coach Coach Tornubari

Hello and thank you for your interest in my soccer program and your inquiry regarding an immediate need for a soccer coach. My name is Tornubari (a.k.a coach T-Bone). The founder and coaching Director of Cornerstone Soccer Academy, the premier developer of youth talent. I am an experienced certified private soccer coach, successful professional soccer athlete, and active fitness trainer. My athletic, educational, and experiences coaching children/youth make me the ideal, qualified candidate for your coaching needs.
My diverse training and professional career in Africa, Brazil, Asia, South America and the United States have equipped me with the knowledge and abilities to lead, develop, and motivate a team for optimal results. In addition, my Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, master's degree in Sports & Health Sciences and personal trainer certification has sharpened my strong attention to motivate and inspire other people's effectiveness, efficiency and balance.
Furthermore, my passion of working with children and youth shares with my goal of helping to develop leaders for the future. I truly enjoy teaching and sharing my God given talents and passion for soccer with the youth to help reach their goals on and off the field. I have traveled to many places, playing and learning about life through soccer. Having come this far, I know that I have what it takes to bring out the best in you and help you improve in all levels of your game. Are you ready to learn some new skills, techniques, tactics, and discipline that will improve your game and get you to the next level? If so, then let's get started today and you will not regret it! I am committed to helping you improve all levels of your game, and give you the best experience ever while making soccer more fun, exciting and benefiting for you.
As a coach and a student of the game, I motivate and inspire my players to play not only with their feet but also to utilize the power of their mind in order to maximize their full potential.
As a coach and mentor, I help to discover and develop young talents and prepare them for a better future in soccer and life in general. Over the years, I have coached for different youth soccer clubs in the greater Atlanta area including Georgia Rush, United Futbol, Atlanta Eagles, Soccer in the Streets and Cornerstone Soccer Academy, where I currently coach. I work with different age groups between the ages of 4-18, teaching them the various basic soccer components to improving their ability to understand and develop the skills necessary to play soccer and discover their true potential in life through soccer.

Professionally, I play for RBAC Football Clube, Bangkok, Thailand. I have also played for America Futbol Clube Tres Rios, Brazil, the Atlanta Silverbacks, Jacksonville Destroyers, and the Atlanta Blackhawks. In my career, I have played against some of the best players in the world including Cuauhtémoc Blanco, Landon Donovan, Clint Dempsey, Eddie Johnson, Maurice Edu, and Juan Agudelo.

Here is what the AUM School Press said about me after I earned SSAC All-West Division Honors in an article that was published in October 15, 2010:
NORCROSS, Ga. ---- Auburn University at Montgomery Sophomore forward Tornubari Nyonebue has been voted to the Southern States Athletic Conference's All-West Division team, the league announced on Monday. In addition to being selected to the all-division team, Nyonebue was selected as the Senators recipient of the Musco Lighting Champion of Character award. The award is presented to one student-athlete from each sponsoring institution and is selected based on the criteria outlined in the NAIA Champions of Character program, which are respect, responsibility, integrity, servant leadership and sportsmanship. In his first season with the Senators, Nyonebue tied for the team lead with six goals, while adding two assists. He posted a team-high 69 shots on goal and his mark of 4.06 shots per game ranked sixth in the SSAC and 27th nationally. The Rivers State, Nigeria native was named the SSAC Offensive Player of the Week for the week of 4-10 after helping the Senators upset No. 16 SCAD Savannah by scoring a goal and an assist in the contest. He also posted a pair of goals in the Senators victory over Missouri Baptist College.

Playing Experience:
2009 – 2010: Newberry SC College
2010 – 2011: Auburn University, Montgomery Alabama
2010: FC Atlanta Black Hawks (PDL)
2011: Atlanta Silverbacks (NASL)
2012: Jacksonville Destroyers (PDL)
2013: America Futbol Clube, Tres Rios Brazil (Div II)
2014: RBAC FC Bangkok, Thailand (Div II)

Being a professional soccer player with lots of coaching experience, I know that there are many things that contribute to a young soccer player’s success. As a responsible and motivational Coach, my goals include using soccer and fitness with focus on mental development to teach and prepare children for life, helping them have fun, teaching mental ability, technical and tactical skills and striving to win is my coaching philosophy.
My job becomes one of identifying where individual players are at in terms of their developmental abilities and then choosing the right activities to help them improve their skills. When I say “good activities” I mean ones that are fundamentally sound, keep the kids moving, develop good habits, and make them think about the game as a whole.
Furthermore, to format a one-hour youth practice session, time must be used wisely. I make sure that my sessions are creative, productive and fun. It is of vital importance that young players develop good 1 v 1 skills. My method of coaching is consistent and excellent for kids or players of any age. It offers young elite players additional opportunities to hone in on their skills in conjunction with their club activities. As the great Pele said, "When you control the ball you control the game”.

The following are three examples of great 1v1 coaching activities that I would share with my client for a start:
1st Activity- Dribbling practice (20x20 yard grid) 15 minutes. Players practice basic 1v1 skill moves, while dribbling through space. As they dribble, I say a specific skill move and they attempt that move. I will watch and help players perfect each one.
2nd Activity- 1v1 Duels (20 x 20 yard grids) 10/15 minutes. I will have the Player dribble 1v1 with the cones as an opponent practicing the skill moves that they are currently developing.
3rd Activity- 1v1 (10x15 yard grid-10wide, 15 long) 15/20 minute. I will have the Player on a grid where he/she would try to beat me 1v1 as I apply a little bit of pressure. To score, the player must dribble the ball past me and stop the ball on the opposing end lines. These competitions are very exciting for kids and can be done with a player and a coach, or with larger groups.
My training sessions are a lot of fun and players can look forward to many developmental drills, games and creative fun activities. Every clients that I have worked with, has something positive and useful to say about my coaching style, understanding of the game and ability to work with kids of any age.

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Client Reviews

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We are very happy with Coach T. He made an immediate connection with my grandson!!! We look forward to more sessions:)

Coach Tornubari is hands down the best coach I have come across, since my son has been playing competitive soccer. He has the uncanny ability to tailor his training sessions specifically for your child on a moments notice. I have not seen the level of expertise and attention to detail at the RPL Club level and definitely not at the high school. His training sessions seem to be tailor made for colleges and semi-pro and above. I was a bit skeptical going into the training but he has made a believer out of me. His credentials are real and he is definitely worth the money that you will invest in your child. When thinking of the differences between what you get with Coach T and others, there is an old saying that comes to mind "You get what you pay for". Trust me, I'm not gaining anything for my review, he is that good and metro Atlanta's best kept secret. If soccer organizations were smart, they would knock down his door to get him on their team. Give him a try, you will love him.

(no details provided)

My son had his first session with Coach T and LOVED it. Coach T is very enthusiastic, positive and empowering. We booked more sessions immediately following his first training as my son was very excited to work with him again. Coach T communicates well before and after training and put my son immediately at ease. We highly recommend him and are already spreading the word among friends!

I was wary at first, but now I can be confident booking a package of 5 weekly sessions with Coach Tornubari. The first session doing HIIT workout was rough for me, but it was good that coach T pushed me through my limit. I got better in shape, explosion and movement through each week, and coach also switched up to a combination between fitness and soccer (which I enjoyed a lot). I am looking forward for more training sessions.

(no details provided)

Coach T was an excellent trainer for my 13 year old daughter. He had great suggestions to help her improve her game. He was very encouraging and supportive.

We'll look to schedule more sessions later this summer before the season begins.

Coach Tornubari provided an excellent training session for my 15 yr old soccer player. He provided clear and candid feedback regarding strengths and areas that needed improvement. I look forward to my son working with Coach Tornubari in the near future to improve his soccer skills. I highly recommend Coach Tornubari.

Tim J.

Coach Tornubari is very knowledgeable, helpful, and patient. My son is looking forward to many more training sessions!

He is so positive and encouraging. Coach T really connects to my son and gives him excellent coach on many different fronts.

(no details provided)

Coach T-Bone has been fantastic to date. He is providing a great structure for my two children (12 & 9) to improve both their physical as well as mental skills for the game. The kids really enjoy it and the fast paced environment and a focus on the fundamentals is really paying off in their enjoyment of the game.

Coach is very responsible and respectful individual. He provides good feedback for you the parent and the player. His overall evaluation of my player's skill set should me he understands how to get the best out the player. My player's own Select coach did not work this hard with him. We are looking forward to more sessions.

My daughter had been hesitant to use a private coach because she doesn't like getting yelled at and feared that a private coach would do just that. After her first session with Coach Tbone, she was excited to have him as her private coach and is looking forward to her next session with him! He was very patient with her as she worked through her drills and provided consistent encouragement when she got part of the drill correct with coaching to help her achieve mastery of the drill. Before the session was halfway over, we knew we had the right coach!

Coach T. is working with my 10 year old son who has played academy soccer for 3 years. He did a fantastic job assessing our son's technical skills in the first session. Coach T even went out of his way to observe our son's soccer game to assess his abilities in field play. Our son is now "fine tuning" specific areas to strengthen his skills and take his game to the next level. I would highly recommend Coach T. to anyone that is looking to accelerate their child's progression in the game of soccer.

Coach T-bone (nickname) did an amazing job with my 10 (almost 11) year old daughter. She had never done real drills before, he was a perfect combination of patient put also pushed her hard. I would highly recommend if you are series about learning.

Coach Tornubari was great with my daughter! The session was non-stop, challenging and fun. He is patient and encouraging. Highly recommend!

(no details provided)

I hired Coach T to help my daughter with dribbling basics and foot work. The first session was fantastic. She walked away a lot more confident and she almost scored a goal the very next day...but the girl holding her jersey stopped her. We will hire hire Coach T again and again. I would certainly recommend him. He is the real deal!

We have only had one of the 5 sessions booked with coach T., but si far, he appears as skilled, helpful, patient and positive with my daughters as advertised. Looking forward to the other sessions.

Easily the best coaching I've ever gotten. I learned more in one hour than I have in two years of rec/select ball. I can't wait to book more sessions and keep improving my skills.

Coach Tornubari is a great coach. After the first practice, I have a clear sense of direction, and I've learned so much already. This guy is the real deal. I will definetly be continuing my training with him to reach my goals.

Coach T-Bone is phenomenal! After one session I can say that my son was encouraged, and wonderfully trained. Coach T-Bone was patient and skilled and kept the session high energy, fun and exciting. My son is 14 and has played other sports but is new to soccer. Coach T-Bone was able to incorporate the abilities my son has from other sports into his soccer training. I would highly recommend Coach T-Bone. He is an awesome coach.

Coach Tornubari is an excellent soccer coach! My daughter took a break from soccer for 2 years to play tennis. She now is trying out for the high school soccer team and needed to knock off the rust and get back into soccer shape. Coach Tornubari not only helped get my daughter into shaped, he also helped her develop better techniques and skills. If you are looking for great soccer coach that understands the game and works great with kids, I highly recommend Coach Tornubari!

Coach T-Bone introduced the game of soccer to my young kids. He made things very fun and was able to keep them focussed and having fun for the whole lesson. He has a great rapport with kids and is also extremely professional. I strongly recommend him.

Coach T was wonderful with my 8 year old, somewhat, shy son. He arrived at our park exactly when he said he would. They had a brief conversation before they got started with their drills. I'm not sure what he said, because I was out of earshot by then, but my son smiled. He was given a lot of positive reinforcement, and the one on one attention was priceless. My son was excited to do the homework that he was assigned by Coach T. He connected very easily with my son, and fter only one session, my son can't wait to see Coach T again. My son is already confident that his skills will improve, and I look forward to many more sessions.

Coach Tornubari was excellent! He was extremely passionate about connecting with my daughter. He was patient and showed her many of the fundamental aspects of the game. I look forward to working with him and my daughter is excited to learn from him. I highly recommend him

We highly recommend Coach Tornubari. Our 14 year old son has done several sessions with him and SO much was accomplished in a short time, that we plan on continuing with him all summer! He is extremely knowledgeable and a skilled trainer. He quickly set into motion a plan to help our son improve his problem areas; identify and correct barriers to growth such as his confidence level and attitude. His passion for the game, his communication, and the amount of interest he has shown in the success of our son was a HUGE and pleasant surprise! The whole family loves him!

We had an amazing first experience with Coach T-bone! What an incredible, positive attitude! He was patient with our daughter Ella and very energetic - after one session with Ella, her attitude completely picked up and she didn't want the session to end. We are excited to see what the next few sessions bring!

I will start off with one simple word, Impressive! Every sessions with Coach TBone has been phenomenal! He is very patient and considerate of my daughter's areas of opportunity. He fully explained each drill and would continuously explain the concepts until she felt comfortable to apply them. My daughter is very excited about the opportunity to work with him this season. His passion and expertise are evident in his teaching!!
Hey Coach, it's Jason. I did great at the tryouts. I am probably going to make it to the A or B team. I find out in a few days. Thanks again for your help". Client
Hello Coach, our son Jason did very good. He scored a goal in the tryouts and had two great assists. Also he said many of the kids were getting dizzy and tired, and he was fine because of the practice he did with you!! Thank you so much". Mother to my client.
Hey Coach T-Bone, she KILLED it this past weekend! It had your coaching written all over it! You have done such great work with her! You would have been SO PROUD!!!" Beth Ciardullo, a proud mother of one my client.
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