Tobias Esche, New York, NY Soccer Coach

Tobias Esche



Experienced German UEFA B License holder and assistant coach at Quinnipiac University. Ex pro player at New Amsterdam. Youth coach at CFC United. Fitlights Coach View all coaching experience

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Training Locations
Training Locations
  1. Manhattan, New York, NY
  2. Wards Island, New York, NY

Coach is willing to travel up to 10 miles

  • Quinnipiac University (CT)

  • 4 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Midfield, Forward, Defense

  • Heading, Shooting, Passing, One-on-Ones, One-Touch, First Touch, Dribbling, Crossing, Agility


  • Quinnipiac University (CT)

  • 4 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Midfield, Forward, Defense

  • Heading, Shooting, Passing, One-on-Ones, One-Touch, First Touch, Dribbling, Crossing, Agility

More About Coach Tobias

- German UEFA B Pro coaching Certificate
- Assistant Coach at Quinnipiac University
- Ex Professional football player at New Amsterdam Fc
- Current ECNL Coach at CFC United
- U11 at Cheshire United
- U 11 JFV Rehden at highest youth level in Germany (Niedersachsenliga)
- U 11 JFV Rehden Indoor League champion
- U 9 Girls at Soccer Sphere in New Hampshire at the recreational Level
- U13 at Cheshire Soccer in Connecticut
- U 10 Tura Bremen at the Second highest Youth Level in Germany

- Played professional Soccer from 2010-2012 and 2017-2020 in Germany (clubs: BSV Rehden, Fc Oberneuland, TB Uphusen)
- Team Captain at TB Uphusen and BSV Rehden
- Played College for UNC Chapel Hill, Quinnipiac University, SNHU
- Team Captain for two years at Quinnipiac

- MAAC Championship in 2013
- MAAC Regular Season Champion in 2013,2014
- Won Bremen Pokal in 2011
- Participated in DFB Pokal

- Academic All American in 2015
- MAAC All conference first team selection in 2013,2014 2015
- NE 10 All conference first team Selection in 2016

Individualized sessions based on the age, level and position of the player. There will be an initial review after the first session. Additionally, sessions will be based on identified strengths and weaknesses from the game day.

The Sessions will increase the decision making skills of each player and will involve drills that are as game realistic as possible.

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Client Reviews

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My daughter has played recreational soccer for several years and now that she plays premier soccer I was looking for a someone who could work with her 1 on 1 to build up her skills to that of her teammates level. There were certain things that my daughter lacked in comparison to her teammates that I new she needed to be successful on the field. While watching my daughters practice I saw Coach Tobias working with another player, I had seen him several other times prior and really liked what I saw in his training regiment and how the kids responded. I struck up a conversation with Tobias and was impressed with his Coaching philosophy, one of his main goals are that the kids should have fun. As a parent I believe that too. Prior to her first practice Tobias had me outline several key training objectives that I thought my daughter needed. Tobias responded and developed a plan based upon my feedback and then could make adjustments from there on out. My daughter was kind of apprehensive / shy at first but opened right up to him after getting g to know him. I have to admit Tobias comes up with some very unique and challenging drills, not only to challenge the motor skills, but how he also incorporates the mental aspects of the game as well. I watch how he divides my daughters attention between the ball and what is going on around her for situational awareness of the field as well. After 1 month, I have noticed a big improvement in my daughter, both in her team practices as well in her individual skills. My daughter always says she has fun and looks forward to practices with Tobias and what new challenges he has for her.
I highly recommend Tobias as a personal coach for either you or your child.

Coach Tobias was friendly and immediately engaged by 12 year old. He spent the entire hour working with J evaluating his skills and giving constructive feedback to him. As this was our first session it was an opportunity to see if this would be a good fit for both coach and student. I knew from 10 minutes in that J was enjoying himself and could gain valuable skills from Coach Tobias. After our session Coach Tobias sent thorough notes regarding the session and suggested a course going forward. J totally enjoyed the experience. We signed up for 3 more sessions and I have no doubt J will learn a lot from this engaging Coach.

Full of skill and patience

Tobias is great! He is incredibly thorough and did an amazing job of coaching my daughter. Specifically, we were doing training sessions in preparation for HS soccer tryouts, and she made the team as a freshman! His training sessions are well regimented, fun, and thoughtful. He will tell you why he does certain things and what they are good for, rather than just having my daughter run drills without context. He's the best!

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Our son truly enjoyed his session with coach Tobias. We are all very pleased. He struggles s big with confidence in the field but just with one session, his confidence and excitement for the game increased. He realized how much techniques he needs to work in and Coach Tobias pushed him to perform with excellence in an encouraging and positive manner. It was a great session! Looking forward to the next session.

I cannot express how grateful I am for Tobias meeting with my daughter and being extremely accommodating. I had a mix up with the days and he set up another date when he did not have to do that. My daughter is very shy but she felt comfortable with him and listened to everything he told her to do. His attention was on her and his teaching approach is fantastic. He had everything set up prior to us arriving and was ready to go once we got on the field. If you want to learn or improve your skills he is the one to go to.
I will be scheduling more sessions. I would highly recommend Tobias. I have already recommended him to my nephew and niece.

It was a very good experience for my daughter and she is more excited.
Tobi was very professional and coached my daughter very passionately.

Your awesome! I’d recommend Toby, I am 8 years old never have played soccer, and was able to pick up on the new techniques very quickly. I am really looking forward to training with him again. Thank you for being an amazing coach!

We are visiting from San Jose, California, where our 11-year-old son Christian is the goalkeeper on his premier level soccer team. Coach Tobias ran two amazing training sessions for Christian that definitely improved his GK skills (catching, diving, etc.). Tobias also worked with him on mental exercises that will improve his focus on the field. Christian finished both training sessions sweaty and invigorated to get back to his team and play. Thank you Coach Tobias for the enjoyable and memorable sessions!

Coach Tobias was fantastic. My son loved working with him. Tobias was the perfect balance of pushing for excellence while being supportive and encouraging. I highly recommend working with Tobias.

Coach Tobi, is the best! My daughter loves training with him. He is positive, encouraging, and energetic.

Coach Tobias was just what we needed. He did a great job of introducing my two boys to new drills and quickly identified each boy’s strengths and weaknesses. I think the advantage of working with Coach Tobias is that you benefit from his training in both Europe and the United States. You won’t be disappointed.

Coach Tobi is enthusiastic and meets each player where they are developmentally. I’ve already seen improvements in my children’s abilities in just a few lessons!

We would recommend Coach Tobias in a heartbeat! He was patient and answered any and all of our questions and concerns before and after booking. The sessions he offers are created with the individual athlete in mind. Our son has been playing soccer for well over 10 years and the session plan that Coach Tobias prepared was still unique and challenging for him. He also gave such honest and informative feedback after. Our son is looking forward to many more sessions!

Coach Tobias is fantastic. He made me think more in our session than ever before. The experience he brings from Germany and his professional playing career is unmatched. I left the session wanting more and cannot wait for our next one!

Tobias is an outstanding coach. He is very enthusiastic and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his sessions.
I would HIGHLY recommend him to others

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We met Coach Tobias last week. We cannot believe what was covered in an hour. He is a precise and extremely knowledgeable teacher. He uses intricate soccer patterns for the mind, that test even the better player on the field. Focusing on timing, precision, accuracy, speed and the teaching the ability to see the field and know where the ball is going...it was all fascinating. Our son has been playing for countless years, and had many knowledgeable coaches over the years, however Coach Tobias's techniques and drills really challenged our son in ways he hadn't been challenged before. We look forward to the day our son masters not only Coach Tobias's technical skills, but mastering the his soccer acumen as well. These sessions are a game changer.

Coach Tobias challenges my son physically and mentally every session. He is not only keeping his skills sharp, but also challenging him to be a better decision maker on the field. He is excellent with this younger age group (u10).

Fantastic session. Tobi really connected with our girls and taught them skills they’d never been taught before. Looking forward to more sessions!

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Coach Tobias is awesome . My son was able to quickly take skills he was taught by him and apply on the field. I saw my child immediately gain confidence . Every time we have a lesson scheduled he is on time and set up . My son looks forward to and most importantly is smiling after each session. We will be reaching out to Coach Tobias again soon before spring league starts up !

Coach Tobias has done an amazing job with my son, Porter. The in depth planning and clear focus to his session was displayed and the session itself was fun yet challenging, always leaving Porter with something more he could improve. Looking forward to future sessions with Coach Tobias!

We were so pleased with our session with Coach Tobias. My 8-year-old has played recreational soccer for several years, and has never had such a good coach. Tobi had him running around the yard, doing difficult drills, and playing real soccer. He really took the time to understand my son's skillset and challenges, then patiently and expertly set up a challenging program for him. We were so impressed and can't wait to have another session. Can't recommend Coach Tobias highly enough. He is truly an excellent, thoughtful coach. Thank you!

Had our first session with Coach Tobias today. He was great with my 15 year old son. My son is shy, reserved and stubborn. While he wanted more soccer training, he was very hesitant to work with someone he didn’t know. Coach Tobias was able to quickly change that. My son was smiling by the end of his session and said he really enjoyed working with Coach Tobias. Coach gave my son great feedback and homework. Highly recommend Coach Tobias.

We highly recommend Coach Tobias. He has been working with our son to help improve his foot work skills as well as building confidence on the field. He will help with improving any weaknesses your child may have and makes it fun for them too. He does drills with our son to help build his cognitive ability to improve his quick thinking and decision making on the field which is so important! We are very impressed! Our son had only 3 sessions with Coach Tobias thus far and we have already seen a huge improvement on the field during his games. He is already much more confident! We are really looking forward to continuing our practices with Coach Tobias.

Coach Tobias is a professional, we are extremely happy with this new level of training he is providing my athlete. He is at an age where we need to involve cognitive drills to get him thinking and reading the game more, coach Tobias seems perfect for this.
His thinking drills quickly identified what he needs to focus on.
During his first session he assessed his abilities and determined his strength and weaknesses, which is efficient, with his next session he got right to work on exactly what he needed to strengthen.
I really like that coach Tobias is making my athlete think, my son is looking forward to his sessions with Tobias.

Today was my 13 year old sons first session with coach Tobias. He needed some extra help with his confidence and foot skills. Coach Tobias had explained his plan to me ahead of time of what he wanted to achieve with my son. Find out what he needs help with. When we arrived for the session Coach was very professional and had everything all’s eat up and ready to go. He worked so well with my son. You could see his passion in his coaching. When I got back in the car with my son he had a huge smile on his face and said he was so happy I found coach Tobias for him. He couldn’t wait to practice when he got home. He was nervous at first, But Coach Tobias made it a fun learning experience for him. I am so grateful for that. We will definitely be planning more sessions with him.

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(no details provided)

Tobi put together an extremely informative and exciting session for my son. He was consistently positive and knowledgeable throughout the session. He prepared drills that were fun and challenging, but that also provided the key techniques and nuances of playing the game. He was prepared and completely set-up on the field before we arrived (and we arrived early). I highly recommend Tobi and will be continuing regular sessions with him for my son.

Coach Tobias is a great coach. My son, who hasn't played soccer in two years, has benefited enormously from Coach Tobias's approach to coaching and is gaining the skills and confidence he needs to make his high school team this fall. We're definitely looking forward to future sessions with Coach Tobias and highly recommend him.

My niece had her first session with Coach Tobias and she left the hour session with the biggest smile across her face. We got in the car and I asked her what she enjoyed about the session and she said that it was very challenging but Coach Tobias gave her confidence to successfully get through all the drills he had set up. We will definitely be working with him again!

Tobias Esche has a vast knowledge of football. As a player and coach he is able to elevate everyone around him with great understanding of what needs to be done and improved. I have played and worked on developing players with him personally. He has set a high standard when it comes to improving your football. Micro and macro details are evaluated immaculately and I recommend him as a coach to anyone in football who is looking to improve.
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