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Training Locations
  • Guilford College (NC)

  • 7 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Zone offense, Zone defense, Throwing, Stacking, Scoobers, Pulling, Poaching, Marking, Man offense, Man defense, Laying out, Jumping, Hucking, Hammers, Flicks, Cutting, Backhands


  • Guilford College (NC)

  • 7 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Zone offense, Zone defense, Throwing, Stacking, Scoobers, Pulling, Poaching, Marking, Man offense, Man defense, Laying out, Jumping, Hucking, Hammers, Flicks, Cutting, Backhands

More About Coach Theodore

Theo is a USA-Ultimate certified coach, and since 2012 has coached middle school, high school, and YCC (Youth Club Championships) levels. In addition to coaching, Theo plays on nationals-caliber adult club teams that travel throughout the US.
He has played Ultimate since 2000, captained and coached many teams, taught youth Ultimate sports camps, been an organizer and tournament director for countless events, and has been a leader in Vermont's Ultimate community.

Theo delivers the cutting edge in Ultimate-specific exercise, training, strategy, nutrition, sport-development and culture. Working closely with clients (including parents), he will help any level Ultimate player unlock their full potential, and reach new heights in all areas of the game.

All sessions are tailored to maximize your fun and results. Come work with an experienced, creative, passionate, and results-driven coach. You will be amazed at what you can accomplish!

As a coach...
* Essex High School Varsity Boys coach, 2019, VT
* CVU High School Girls coach, 3rd place finish, 2017, VT
* Maine Ultimate "Neap Tide" coach, finished 11th at YCC Nationals, 2016
* GMX (Green Mountain Mixed) coach, finished 13th at YCC Nationals, 2015
* GMX (Green Mountain Mixed) coach, finished 6th at YCC Nationals, 2014
* Sharon Academy, founding coach, 2012 & 2013, VT

* Burlington (GMDA) Fall League, 2018, VT
* USAU Men's Masters Nationals, Get Off My Lawn team, 2015, CO
* USAU Beach Ultimate Nationals, Bottomless Brunch team, 6th place finish, 2015, VA
* A Moose Bouche / NEKUD team, 2014-2015, VT
* Enough Monkeys team, 2010-2014 annual regionals qualifier, NH/VT
* Burlington Winter League, 2013-2015, VT
* Lebanon Summer League, 2010-2013, NH
* Vermont Law School Ultimate Justice team, 2009-2013
* No Grass For You team, 2009, NY
* Westchester Summer League, 2009, NY
* Manhattan Summer League, 2009, NY
* Food & Liquor team, 2007, IL
* Chicago Summer League, 2007, IL
* Atlanta Summer League, 2006, GA
* La Cosa Nostra team, 2005, NC
* Triad Area Summer League, 2001, 2003-2005, NC
* Guilford College Biohazard team, 2000-2005 (captain 2003-2005), NC

Sessions include skill-building in all facets of the game: catching, throwing, handling, cutting, skying/jumping, laying-out, marking defense, cutting defense, pulling, field awareness, situational decision-making, maximizing off-field time (being a sidelines asset), team strategies (offense and defense), self-officiating, being spirited (maximizing the fun for everyone), and understanding the always-evolving development of the sport and culture.

A typical beginner's 1-hour session format is:
10 minutes: warm-up, dynamic stretching, strengthening
20 minutes: beginner throwing (backhand, forehand) and catching
10 minutes: beginner cutting
10 minutes: beginner defense
5 minutes: throwing re-cap
5 minutes: warm-down, dynamic & static stretching

Contact Theo for descriptions of other (more advanced) sessions.

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Client Reviews

Theo is a very experienced and focused coach. He has been my coach for two summers, a season that has always ended at nationals. Each practice had a focus, that may be marking, field placement, strategy, etc. and each practice was a building block to improve us as ultimate players. One of his many strengths is knowing rules, teaching them, and applying them to the game. Not only is Theo an amazing coach he also shows his love for ultimate by being a member of the Vermont Youth Ultimate League Board. He is one of most active members.
Having been involved either as a player or a coach with teams ranging from youth to masters, Theo has tons of experience in the world of Ultimate. His best quality as a coach is his ability to present that experience in a practical and understandable way. He’s great at providing in game context and specific drills in order to back up his knowledge. I learned a lot working with Theo. He’s a really cool guy, as well as a fun and effective coach.
Theo was my high school coach and coached the Vermont All-Star team I was a part of. He really helped foster my love for Ultimate. He was fantastic working on throws in particular, as well as teaching me the basics of the game. Theo's passion for Ultimate shines through in his coaching. He is an extremely amiable person, fun to work with, and exceptional at refining the technical aspects of one's game.
Theo is a fantastic coach. During my first year of playing ultimate he really encouraged me to hone my skills, and instilled in me a solid love for the game. He taught me to have fun and play the game at the highest level. With my college team now I think of how lucky I was to get into this sport early and to be coached by Theo.
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