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#1 Coach Up Soccer Trainer in MO, #18 Coach Up Soccer Trainer in U.S., & Francis Howell Central High School Girls/Boys Coach. Contact me and let's get the ball rolling! View all coaching experience

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Training Locations
  • University of Missouri--St. Louis (MO)

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Midfield, Goalkeeper, Forward, Defense

  • Throw-Ins, Goal Kicks, Corner Kicks, Shooting, Penalty Kicks, Passing, One-on-Ones, One-Touch, Heading, Free Kicks, First Touch, Dribbling, Crossing, Agility


  • University of Missouri--St. Louis (MO)

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Midfield, Goalkeeper, Forward, Defense

  • Throw-Ins, Goal Kicks, Corner Kicks, Shooting, Penalty Kicks, Passing, One-on-Ones, One-Touch, Heading, Free Kicks, First Touch, Dribbling, Crossing, Agility

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More About Coach Taylor

-NSCAA Foundations of Coaching Certified
-U.S. Soccer F License
-NSCAA Get aHEAD Safely in Soccer Certified
-CPR Certified
-8 years of experience
-4 years as a trainer at Vetta Sports Club
-1 season head JV and assistant Varsity Boys at Kickapoo High School
-1 season head JV and assistant Varsity Girls at Kickapoo High School
-3 seasons head C-Team Boys at Francis Howell Central High School
-2 seasons assistant Varsity Girls at Francis Howell Central
-2 years Coach Up one-on-one training: #1 Coach Up Soccer Trainer for Missouri and #14 Coach Up Soccer Trainer in the Nation
-Elementary Education Missouri Certified Teacher

-Scott Gallagher Soccer Club
-1 season JV at Francis Howell Central
-3 season Varsity at Francis Howell Central
-1 season Lindenwood University
-1 season St.Charles Community College

-Dynamic warm up
-Fast footwork
-Speed ladders, hurdles, and speed chute
-Dribbling and passing patterns
-Shooting drills
-Dynamic cool down

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Client Reviews

Back to training with Taylor again. Kyle could not wait. Had a wonderful first session back. Looking forward to the next one and future sessions. Thanks again, Taylor.

Coach Taylor has made my 7 yr old daughter very comfortable in her first two sessions. She’s building confidence in her abilities and excited to implement what she’s learning at training during her games. We definitely appreciate his expertise!

Great with my sons, they really enjoyed the drills and the demeanor of the coach. They look forward to the next session.

First session went well. Sounds like Coach Taylor has great suggestions for my daughter to help her reach the goals she has set for herself. I only purchased one session to start, just to be sure I wasn't wasting my money. We will be purchasing more sessions today to continue training with Coach Taylor.

Out of all of the coaching I've had in my playing career I have to say I think coach Taylor was one of the best. He really got into the training and was very supportive yet critiquing, which I feel is needed to receive a great training experience. He was prepared and I felt like I actually learned and was getting better as I trained with Coach Taylor. If your trying to really get better with your soccer game and truly trying to become a better player I would totally recommend him.👍

(no details provided)

My daughter enjoyed her first session and can’t wait for another.

Great coaching! My son enjoyed his first session and is looking forward to the next one.

Coach Taylor is great!!! He listened to what my son needs help on and got to work. My son LOVED the training session and can't wait for the next one. Thanks Coach Taylor. We highly recommend him and will be telling everyone we know.

Coach Taylor was great with teaching my son basics skills on how to handle and control the ball. He really enjoyed his session. He is young and has never had one on one training before so I hope he really learns and gains what he needs to be more confident on the field.

My son went to his first one on one training with Coach Taylor, and he’s looking forward to going back. Coach Taylor’s methods were efficient and patient. He was able to tackle many drills and adjust to my son’s needs. This will be great extra practice for him!

I took my 9 year old daughter for her first one on one training. I can see a difference in just one session. He was professional and fun. Already booked more sessions. We drove 45 minutes an well worth it!!

My daughters had their first session with Coach Taylor and had a blast. I got the play by play of every drill that they did as soon as they got home. They were already asking about the next training. Coach Taylor’s approach is going to give my girls the little extra training needed to get ready for the spring season. Thanks Coach Taylor!!

My daughter had her first training session with Coach Taylor and she had a blast! I look forward to future sessions.

My daughter's session with Coach Taylor was fantastic! He created a fun experience for practicing her soccer skills. When Coach Taylor was teaching her new drills, he made it easy for her to understand. She left the session with more confidence. We definitely recommend Coach Taylor.

My daughter had her first session today and really enjoyed it. She feels her sessions with Coach Taylor will really help her skills leading up to tryouts. She said he was fun and easy to work with, and she's looking forward to his coaching.

Lilly had her first one on one practice yesterday and really enjoyed herself. Coach Taylor was very professional and was great with his communication with my daughter she is 8 and he made it fun for her, she said she wants to come back 10 times! Lol I would recommend him to anyone, any age.

My 11 year old daughter had her 1st session with coach Taylor and can't stop talking about it. His technique with her was spot on. He is an amazing coach and I would recommend him to anyone. Thanks Coach Taylor!

Coach Yocum tailored his approach to meet my 7 year-old’s skill level. He explained the “why” behind each of the techniques and skills that were practiced. He kept it fun and encouraging while challenging my son to do his best.

My 12 year old daughter had her first session with Coach Taylor. It was great experience! He did an assessment of my daughter's skills, and identified some areas she needs improvement. He was thorough, but made it fun and interesting for my daughter - I heard her laughing and having fun the whole time. After the session, he talked through all of his notes, and identified a curriculum he'd like to start her on. A lot of his notes aligned with what I've seen her do in her team practice, as well as in games. I feel confident that we made the right choice with Coach Taylor. My daughter was talking about it all the way home. I would highly recommend Coach Taylor to anyone of all ages!

We had a great first session with Coach Taylor! My nine year old son loved it and is ready for his next session this week!

Coach Taylor did a great job working with my 9 year old son on footwork and his overall confidence in soccer. He is a great choice for the soccer player in your family.

Noah had a great first session with Taylor! He said it was by far the best practice session and coaching he's ever received in over 9 years of playing soccer. He can't wait to start putting the skills he's learning into his games, and he's much more optimistic about his performance even after just one session.

Coach Taylor worked well with the girls, and really created a rapport with them. The girls enjoyed camp a lot, and were really able to hone their skills under his guidance. As a parent, I really appreciated his good nature, prompt email responses, and professionalism. I would highly recommend Coach Taylor, and plan on using him again in the future!

Coach Taylor trained my 10 year daughter soccer team 4 sessions. He was awesome with his training techniques and drills. He was supportive and fun. The girls were really focus during every training session. I will most definitely have coach Taylor train my daughter again.

Coach Taylor did a wonderful job training with our team (9U girls). They learned new practice and game techniques and had a chance to scrimmage with those skills. I noticed a boost of confidence after the trainings started. Thanks Coach Taylor!

Coach Taylor provides excellent instruction for my son. The sessions are rigorous and very high-pace, exactly what he needs to be a better, stronger player. Couldn't have asked for a better coach!

Coach Taylor was awesome! He always had the right drill for whatever my son wanted to improve on. Coach Taylor is very patient and explains everything as many times as needed. My son enjoyed all of his sessions with Coach. All round, great experience!

Coach Taylor was awesome. My daughter was excited to go every day and is still talking about what she learned, almost a month later. Can't wait for the next camp with Coach Taylor!

Coach Taylor was great. He focused on what my needs are were and we worked hard. Definitely would recommend.

My 8 year old son has had a couple sessions with Coach Taylor. He has learned a lot and always comes away smiling! He really likes how encouraging Coach Taylor is with him.

Coach Taylor was awesome with our group of 9/10 year old girls. He got on their level and really showed and explained everything he was teaching them so they really understood it. I already see improvements that will help in the upcoming season.

We just finished all of our sessions with Coach Taylor and we could not be happier with the outcome. My daughter is showing so much improvement in all areas. She has gained the confidence she needed in shooting and her footwork has gotten way faster and more precise. She is also passing better. If we feel she needs it, we will not hesitate in having Coach Taylor do more training.

This was our first private, not being sure what to expect let me tell you Coach Taylor had it completely under control. He immediately made my daughter feel at ease and went into a well planned session. We left with my daughter wanting to book more sessions and talking about how encouraging Coach Taylor was. If your thinking about it, sign up for a lesson, I bet you'll be back for more.

Great session today with my 13yr old daughter. She's confident & excited that Coach Taylor's drills & coaching will make her a better soccer player. Looking forward to more seasions.

We were very impressed with just our first session with Coach Taylor. My son finished the session and just kept saying how much fun it was and how much he learned. He also said Coach had given him something's to work on at home to help improve as well. My son is already asking when his next session is!

Taylor is great with my 9 year old son. My son has a big kick, but lacked the more technical footwork. Already, in three sessions, we see improvement! Taylor is also very flexible with scheduling and sends out his availability weekly, should our regularly scheduled session time not work out. All around, great coach!

Best session yet with Coach Taylor! The kids really enjoy training with Taylor and will continue to do so!

We are very pleased with coach Taylor. He is very knowledgeable and customizes his training session for exactly what my son needs. My son really looks forward to his weekly session.

We enjoyed meeting Coach Taylor. He explained the schedule for today which was mainly to assess B's skills. He explained each drill then demonstrated it. If B made any mistakes, Coach patiently explained the drill again. Coach was positive the whole time. B really enjoyed the hour and is looking forward to the next session. I'm looking forward to seeing the progress B makes over the next two months.

This was a great first session!!! My 7 year old daughter was nervous being she never had a private coaching session before. Within 30 seconds of meeting coach I could see her smiling and relaxed. By the end of the session she looked at Coach Taylor and asked if she could come back tomorrow. We are looking forward to our next session!!!

My 8 year old son really enjoyed his first lesson. He's excited for the next one!!

(no details provided)

Very punctual and adaptive to our daughter's style. Will definitely work with him again!

My daughter really enjoyed her first session with coach Taylor. The training was well planned including warm-up and cool down. She's looking forward to her next session.

Coach Taylor is amazing! My daughter had her first session with him today and had a blast. Taylor made her feel very comfortable and confident. She can't wait until their next session.

Coach Taylor is a great coach! During the session he not only answered my daughters questions and concerns, but demonstrated the skills he wanted her to do. He is very knowledgeable and passionate about teaching soccer and it shows. He also gave her a lot of positive reinforcement. After completing one session, my daughter is already asking me to sign her up for more. We're very happy to have found Coach Taylor!

My daughter really enjoyed her first lesson and believes that Coach Taylor will be able to help her make a difference in her skill level and overall game. Coach Taylor was excited, prepared, and ready to work, which made my daughter just as enthused and ready to work hard. She is looking forward to the lessons to come!

Excellent job working with my daughter. Very informative and excellent direction. Would highly recommend for anyone. Look forward to many more sessions!

I think he did a awesome job with my daughter. Kept her going for the whole hour. Teaching her new ball skills that she can use in the game. Would definitely recommend him to any soccer player needing some additional training.

I was really impressed with the first session that Coach Taylor had with my boys. He was very patient with them and showed them new techniques. They can’t wait until there next session with him, on the way home they asked me did he play professional soccer. I would definitely recommend Coach Taylor to anyone, he is awesome!!!

We had a great first session with Coach Taylor. He's a great communicator with our boys and was able to help them work on their form and striking power. He was able to focus on technical aspects but still keep it fun and easy for the boys to understand. He's very flexible and able to customize his workouts to our exact needs.

My son has played soccer competitively for years but wants to work on his areas of weakness to prepare himself for high school tryouts next year. Coach Taylor has worked with him on improving technique and agility and has given him advice on what to work on for tryouts. My son says he is a great motivator and believes his training will help him be a better soccer player.

Coach Taylor, is one of the best out there. His 1v1 sessions have really helped my son improve. Coach has pushed him to his limit physically and at the same time alows him to improve with his overall game. Not only is he very good at what he does, but he is also very friendly.

My son just finished his first session with coach Yocum and he said it was great. He's already looking forward to the next session so he can work on improving his soccer skills.

My 13 and 16 year old boys really enjoyed their first session with Taylor. We will book more. Highly recommended.

My 10 year old son loved it so much that before the first session was over he asked for more sessions with Coach Taylor. Super high energy that kept my son focused on the task at hand while still having fun. Not only is Taylor helping my son build great soccer skills but also increasing his agility and confidence. Looking forward to the next sessions!!!

(no details provided)

Coach Taylor has been great for my son Jack. He plays high school soccer and is working on foot work and improving other skills. After two lessons, Jack is wanting to schedule more. Coach Taylor is motivating and Jack feels the desire to get out there and practice more at home. I hope this continues!!

After one lesson I already know we found a great coach! The passion and experience Coach Taylor shows is wonderful, I can’t wait to see how much my son can learn from him. During the lesson Coach Taylor kept it moving with warmups, footwork and many great skills. His patience and instruction were greatly appreciated!

(no details provided)

Had an excellent session today with Taylor!! He is enthusiastic, friendly and provides great feedback so that you can improve!! Looking forward to the next session!!

My Child had a great first session with Taylor and is looking forward to the next one!

Coach Yocum is a smart, talented coach. Not only does he teach you the game of soccer but he also helps you to grow as a person. Personally having Yocum as a Coach myself, he is very positive with everything you do. If you make a mistake he is there to pick you up and help you fix it. He will help you get through any obstacle you may face and he will always be there for moral support.
Coach Yocum is one of the best coaches I've had the privilege to be coached by. He knows exactly how much to push each player to help them achieve success and be the best player they can be. He can joke around and have fun but when its time to get serious and work he switches over to soccer mode immediately. He is a very level headed coach and I wish I had more than just one season with him!
Coach Taylor was one of my high school coaches during my sophomore year. I had just recently come back from an ACL injury and I was struggling with mentally getting back in the game. During our first game of the season I asked to come out of the game because I was having knee pain. Coach Taylor took me aside and helped me get over my mental hump. I ended up going back in the game and scoring a goal. I will never forget that moment with one of my favorite people to be coached under. Not only did Coach Taylor care about his players' goals in their soccer careers, but he cared about our lives outside of soccer as well. Taylor not only inspired me as a player to improve every time I touched a ball but he inspired me to be a better student and person. I am grateful for the lessons in both soccer and life that Taylor has taught me and I am grateful to have been coached under him.
As a coach, Taylor demonstrated an impressive understanding of the game regarding strategy and fundamental play. More importantly, he showed a calming presence throughout the season and in each game, offered unconditional support. Although his passion for the game seems to overwhelm him at times, his ability to control the emotions that come with the game make him extremely effective from a coaching standpoint and for players who share the same passion. As a person, Taylor is extremely positive and personable with everyone, which definitely helped him craft great player/coach relationships with each player during his time with us. Though he can get emotional from time to time, he manages his feelings in a positive way, offering constructive criticism when necessary, and genuine praise when deserved. A final aspect to note, would be Taylor's ability to explain himself thoughtfully and precisely when addressing the team as a whole. Regardless of the situation, Taylor always expressed himself in a way that allowed players to evaluate themselves constructively, ultimately leading to the team finding more success in each game, and throughout the entire season.
Taylor demonstrates a great passion for teaching and developing individuals in the sports of soccer. Taylor does an excellent job of communicating and motivating player development in a positive manner. Lastly Taylor is able to implement the skills both technically and tactically to improve a players development.
Taylor has a true passion for the game of soccer and an even greater passion to teach the game to others! Taylor was always prepared and had an energy that was contagious. I would highly recommend him as a personal trainer as he can motivate and teach with an unparalleled intensity.
My name is Morgan Gunther. Last year was my first year to play soccer for my high school team. Coming in as the "newbe" was hard. As the year progressed I became closer with my coach, Taylor Yocum. He helped me feel welcome and like I belonged with the team. I have always had a huge problem with my confidence on the field. Taylor saw that I was having trouble and took it into his own hands to help me through it. He has such a great passion for the game and he wants everyone to feel as he does. I am forever grateful for what he has done for me and I will never forget it!
Coach Taylor is not just an amazing coach and athlete alone, he is also a mentor that has helped me through obstacles in my soccer career as well as everyday life. The most admirable traits he has that translate in to his coaching is his experience and passion. If there is one thing that any player under Coach Taylor Yocum should know is that, "he knows". It's true, he really does know what he is talking about, and the enthusiasm he speaks with has really made me want to improve upon recent teachings and skills that I had obtained prior to meating him. Not only is his coaching adequate, but his perception of youth soccer is relatable and has allowed him to connect with me and others on my team at a level I've never really experienced nor had expectations for. I truly admire Coach Taylor and I am grateful for the Soccer skills, and life skills that he has endowed me with.
Coach Yocum has done a fine job as an assistant coach in the Howell Central Boys Soccer Program. He has an extensive soccer background and he does a tremendous job of "teaching" the game of soccer. One of his strong points is individual skill training along with soccer specific strength/conditioning programs.
I am Mason Thode the goalkeeper for the 2015-2016 FHC freshmen soccer team. Coach Yocum is the best coach I have played for by far. He was not only a coach but a mentor to me. HE gave us advice on how to go about in highschool which really helped. He was a tough coach when he need to be and a fun one when he did not. He cared a lot about the team and everyone on it. Towards the end of the season I got injured which was really hard for me, being the only goalie on the team. I felt like I was letting the team down. But after I talked to Yocum he told me not to worry or feel that way that there was nothing I could do. Also he has spent a countless amount of time helping us on the off season, from making weight lifting packets to coming to help us lift after school. Also, while he was doing all of this stuff for us he also had to manage to go to school at the same time, I don't know how he does/did it, he is the real MVP.
I am Jacob Salser and I am a student at FHC where I play at the freshman level. I have had the chance to train and play with Taylor Yocum as my coach. I and many others can say that Coach Yocum is much more than a coach and a trainer. He is dedicated and focus coach who is determined to share his passion for the game with all of his players. I now know more than ever about the game of soccer and myself after training with him and I will never forget what he has done for me as a player.
I'm Bryce Alberty and I had Taylor Yocum as a coach in my freshman year of high school. In my honest opinion he was a quality coach. Definitely the best soccer coach i've ever had! He really coaches on a personal level and that helped me a alot. Considering as though, I was new to the area and knew no one he really taught me to open my mind and live life to the fullest. Not only in life, but also on the field. I loved having him as a coach and recommend him to all young soccer players.
You’re extremely proficient and detailed in your training. You create a great atmosphere to train and have great knowledge and passion for the game.
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