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I pride myself on focused, individual training to help young men and women improve all aspects of the sport of lacrosse. View all coaching experience

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3 session package with Coach Scott. 60 minute session length

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  • Frostburg State University (MD)

  • 18 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Kids, Teenagers

  • Attack, Midfield, Goalie, Defense

  • Faceoffs, Long Stick Midfield, Defense Positioning, Dodging, Ground Balls, Shooting, Stick Checks, Stick Protection, Stick Skills, Agility, Fast Breaks, Offball Movement


  • Frostburg State University (MD)

  • 18 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Kids, Teenagers

  • Attack, Midfield, Goalie, Defense

  • Faceoffs, Long Stick Midfield, Defense Positioning, Dodging, Ground Balls, Shooting, Stick Checks, Stick Protection, Stick Skills, Agility, Fast Breaks, Offball Movement

More About Coach Scott

**To start, please message me or send me a text prior to booking a session. I want to ensure that both parties are on the same page. I’ll be happy to discuss goals, milestones and dreams with you but I’d like to do all that before you book a session. Also, due to my current scheduling, I am unable to travel south of Baltimore City. Please message me to see if we can work out a mutually acceptable meeting point. Thank you for your consideration.**

I have been playing the sport of Lacrosse for over 34 years with a concentration as a goalie. I have coached multiple youth lacrosse teams in the greater Baltimore area with great success. My coaching style stresses individual skill development. I like to coach in a one on one setting to maximize reps and personalize attention to ensure proper form, technique and more importantly, understanding of what is being taught. There is no stupid or dumb question in my book. I would prefer a young/developing player to ask me the same thing multiple times over to understand it rather than just agreeing to learn a new skill. I choose to involve parents in the training mainly because there is not a better person who watches the player better. I ask parents opinions what can be learned and what skills they think can be developed better. I, of course, ask the players the same things but the answers I get back should be different. Most importantly, I stress the idea of being "ladies and gentlemen of the game". There is no greater skill to be learned in the sport of Lacrosse than being a fair and respectful player. I want young players to realize there is more than celebrating a game winning goal or getting the big hit. I take great pride in seeing a player shake hands after a good win and and acknowledging a hard fought loss. I keep practices light and I will always be available for any questions or to discuss how training is going.

I also offer full stick stringing services. I am well versed in mesh and traditional pockets for men as well as traditional, ladder/rail, mesh and hybrid mesh pockets for women. Please feel free to reach out for any stick maintenance. I have fixed and replaced stings for multiple players during training sessions as well as explained why these fixes will help boost their game. I also can teach stringing to younger players to really take their games to the next level. Knowing how your equipment works and being able to tailor pockets for their game will add another level to their play.

I have added shot speed and accuracy training to my coaching reputare. I use a radar gun to accurately gauge current shot speed. From there, I put together a fitness and flexibility plan tailored to each player to increase speed. In doing so, techniques I employ will also increase accuracy as well. I have seen great success if the plan is followed and taken seriously. Shot speed is an aspect of the game that is can greatly increased with the proper guidance and feedback. In using a radar gun and technique analysis, I can develop a solid plan for any player to become more confident in shooting harder, faster and more accurately.

I have played lacrosse since the age of 5, playing year round starting at the age of 10. I am born and raised in Baltimore in a lacrosse family. My older cousins were successful collegiate players and instilled the love of the game into me. I was a All-Baltimore County and a Baltimore County All-Division selection my senior year (2000) at Parkville High School. I played NCLL Club Lacrosse at Frostburg State University. After college, I honorably served in the United States Army. I have successfully coached U11 and U13 boys teams at Parkville Rec Council as well as U11 and U13 teams for the Mason Dixon Lacrosse Club in Baltimore, Maryland. I played goalie and attack for the Maryland Shamrocks Lacrosse Club based in Baltimore, Md. More recently, I coached the goalies and defense for Beth Tifolh High School boys varsity lacrosse team. Under our coaching staffs supervision, the defense was changed and doing so, the BT Warriors won the 2017 MIAA C division championship over Indian Creek. Currently, I was Head Coach for Dumbarton Middle School 6th and 8th grade boys lacrosse, boys flag football and boys basketball teams. Also, I formerly served as assistant coach for the 2025 Blue team and head coach for the 2028/2029 boys team for the Baltimore Breakers Lacrosse Club. Finally, I served as the boys varsity goalie coach at Friends School of Baltimore (MIAA division 2).

Initially, my first meeting with the player and parents will be a simple practice to access skills. I thoroughly enjoy talking during the practice to you and your child. In doing that, I can gain a great perspective of what skills can be worked on, improved upon and mastered. After the initial meeting, scheduling will be done as well as a detailed feedback sent directly to you of what will be taught, improved on and mastered. As the player develops, skills are checked off. Each session will be started by covering skills learned during the last sessions, repetition is key to successful development.

At the request of the parents/player, I can take video of skills during a training session. In my experience, being able to see yourself play is the best way to really get what is being taught. The visual reinforcement is a game changer when it comes to skill development. I also send videos from verified YouTube accounts of skills practiced during session. Reinforcing those skills and get different ideas of how to accomplish and master multiple techniques specific to position will help grow each player faster.

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Client Reviews

Knowledgeable , attentive, fun, and patient with children. My daughter learned so much in the first session. We’re looking forward to having her train with Scott on a weekly basis!

Coach has a very good technical understanding of the game. However, when he teaches my daughter it is relayed to her in a manner that she understands and can process. I would highly recommend his services.

Great Sessions. Focusing on strengths and weaknesses. Compliments other training and reinforces the basics! It helps to keep training to make sure you don't lose your skills!

Coach Scott - Very knowledgeable about close D and working with boys in the high school age group. Great tips that any close defenseman needs to always make second nature when playing elite level lacrosse.

Ryan looks forward to practice sessions . I see him more confident in his lacrosse skills during games . Thanks

My son really enjoys working with Coach Scott, I think that’s what we all would want first in a coach for our kids. He is also very knowledgeable in lacrosse and the skills he has been teaching. He has been positive and supportive in the lessons and because of that my son has learned and improved on many things in only 3 sessions so far. We will be doing more with Coach Scott and would definitely recommend him to others.

Our son enjoys working with Coach Scott. Our son needs to learn lacrosse skills and build confidence. Coach Scott helps our son with both. Looking forward to the next sessions.

He was able to understand what my son needed and as a result make a motivating connection. Highly recommended!

(no details provided)

My son had his first session with Coach Scott. My son enjoyed working with him on improving his shooting/dodging skills. Coach Scott is very knowledgeable in all aspects of the sport. We have booked our next session already. Thanks Coach Scott!

Coach Scot is a great coach. His goalie work with my son over the last several months has been a godsend!

Coach Scott did a great job with my child. He reviewed their strengths and weaknesses and then took them through a series of drills to improve. My child loved the speed gun measurements. Coach Scott was easy to work with despite a period of bad weather that caused schedule changes.

(no details provided)

Coach Scott has already helped my son with confidence in the game and we’ve only had one session. He is extremely knowledgeable about every aspect of the game and my son is looking forward to his next sessions.

Excellent communicator , he is exceptionally patient and has increased my daughters lacrosse skills through technique speed and form in just two sessions . We are so happy to have found Coach Scott !

Scott is a great coach! He was very thorough in understanding where my son’s skill set was before they started training and developed a comprehensive program to get him transitioned from baseball to lacrosse. He was responsive and on top of communication. Looking forward to more sessions!

Coach Scott gives fantastic detailed feedback! I really appreciate his devotion to coaching.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Excellent. Upbeat, positive. Great coach!

(no details provided)

Coach Scott has been great with my son. He is very responsive and a great motivator. Looking forward to more sessions and continued improvement.

Scott was excellent with my son, he showed him the most important fundamentals so he would be better prepared for his first lacrosse evaluations. He answered all of my son’s questions and provided him with great advice. We will be using Scott’s services again!

(no details provided)

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(no details provided)

Very happy with the coach.

Great 1st of hopefully many sessions with Coach Scott. Scott fostered a fun, but informative session that gauged my son's fundamental knowledge of the game. From there they worked on a myriad of skills that reinforced previously learned techniques and opened a path for more emerging skills.

Beyond getting an assessment of my son's state of play, what stood out most to my family was the communication between coach and player and family. Our session was scheduled promptly and all details outlined so we knew what to expect.

Looking forward to our next session!!!

Coach Scott is top notch! He has an excellent approach with kids, and he knows how to help them get past their limitations. We are very appreciative of his help with our son; he’s improved greatly, and most importantly, his confidence is through the roof. Thanks Coach Scott!!

Great Coach! Great approach. Good drills. For some of my drills my son didn't even realize he was working on technique. Very positive interaction with my son. My son is excited to go back for more training.

(no details provided)

My son worked out with Coach Scott and it was time well spent. Coach Scott has a great understanding of the game of Lacrosse and is a very patient and good teacher. My son is looking forward to future workouts.

Coach Scott is terrific! My son really likes working with him and feels he is building his lacrosse defense skills. Coach is personable and positive. Highly recommend

Matches our son’s enthusiasm for lax and then some. Good energy and feedback.

Very informative. builds up the players. My son cannot wait till his next session!

He is awesome!! My son loved him. He so good with kids. He is now coaching my daughter too. He really knows his stuff but most importantly he makes sure the kids are having fun.

Coach Scott is a great coach and very enthusiastic to help the student learn and grow. After just a few sessions my daughter is playing smarter and more aggressive with better technique. Will definitely continue.

(no details provided)

After one lesson, my son had a greater confidence in himself and he stated he had a lot of fun with Coach Scott. He is looking forward to the next coaching lesson and fine tuning his skills.

Coach Scott is extremely experienced in the game of lacrosse
After just one leasson with my 11 yr old who is a beginner.. he made a huge difference in her game and we look forward to more leassons

Coach Scott was excellent. He is very knowledgeable about lacrosse and worked very well with my 13 year old. My son is looking forward to continuing working with Coach Scott. I highly recommend him.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Made our first scheduled lacrosse coaching time with Coach Scott for this past Friday. I am very impressed with numerous areas of his coaching. He is great with my 9 year old! He is super experienced with all facets of the game and sport! I couldn't be happier and we are going to continue with him for the foreseeable future. My son learned more about his shooting in one hour than he learned during his entire first season of lacrosse even though he scored lots of goals. I highly recommend him for any level or any issue regarding lacrosse training and am very grateful that we found him on this platform. I also love this platform, Coachup!

Scotty did an excellent job working with my 11yr old son. Would definitely recommend.

Coach Scott is awesome. He was able to zero in on what DJ''s deficiency and get right down to work helping him correct it. I would recommend coach Scott to anyone who wants to improve their game.

I have been training with Scott for two weeks now and I have learned so much about the sport of lacrosse in such little time. Scott is very informative and has a great background about the sport. He takes the time to explain something to you if you are confused about it. Can't wait for next session.

My 8-year-old son just had his first lesson with Coach Scott and he was terrific. He has a great manner with kids and adults, and in just one session taught my son some defensive techniques that I think will help build his confidence and improve his game. We will definitely be booking more sessions with Coach Scott!

Coach Scott did a great job working my 7 year old and 10 year old refining and building their lacrosse skills. Thanks Scott!

Wow what a great experience! We flew in from Florida and he made the trip very worthwhile. Very accommodating and went the extra mile to insure a great experience. He taught me how to mark my cage so I always know where I am relative to the goal. Taught me how to attack the low balls which are very difficult for me. He increased my confidence by improving my mechanics and eye hand coordination with specific drills. I hope I can come back soon. Don't forget to check out his awesome lacrosse store.

Scott is a superb coach. Very responsive and developed a great program for my son.

Scott did a great job assessing the lax needs and further advancing these areas.

Outstanding initial workout with Coach Scott! My son is a close defenseman who has played club for a few years but Coach Scott challenged him with drills and situations that will be useful for him continuing his growth. Scott was prompt and very organized, which is a big plus! Looking forward to continuing training with Scott in the future !!!

In two lessons with Coach Scott, my daughter has learned more about dodging, forcing the goalie to move and shooting at angles than she has ever been taught before. Scott takes the time,while working with her, to explain everything he is trying to teach her and still instill in her that sometimes you're just going to miss and that's OK! As a parent, I really enjoy how he talks TO her and walks her through what he's trying to teach! She can't wait for her next lesson!!

Coach Scott did a GREAT job. Excellent communicator. On time. Made the learning fun.

Coach Scott was a great coach. He was always quick to respond on email and always came on time. He was always very positive and did a great job in building confidence in my son. He worked with my son to prepare him for tryouts for a travel team. His help was a big part of my son making the team.

Coach Scott was great!! My daughter is so happy with all the instruction and tips!! We are so happy!

Our son enjoyed the lessons. Was very active and have him key points to work on at home.

Coach Scott was awesome! My daughter learned more from him in her first session than in all of her 5 years playing goalie in our rec league. He was very professional and obviously very knowledgeable about both the goalie position and girls lacrosse in general. We are looking forward to more sessions!

Coach Scott is a great coach! My daughter recently picked up a stick after stopping for a few years and coach Scott has helped her transition back to lax with ease. I would recommend Coach Scott to anyone!

My daughter has only had one session with Coach Scott, but we scheduled more after the first practice. He is very well-versed in his lacrosse knowledge and experience. My daughter felt more confident after working with him just one time. Scott is willing to drive the distance to meet us. He is planning to come to one of my daughter's tournament games to assess her and see what he can work with her to improve. His attitude is inspiring. He discusses teamwork on the field. We are planning to continue working with him and glad we found such an experienced and dedicated coach.

Coach Scott was awesome. The kids he worked with really liked him. He listened to what we (coaches) wanted accomplished and he adapted the training to exactly that. Was able to communicate at the kids level and they both learned a lot. Highly recommend.

AWESOME coach. Definitely rebooking ASAP.

Scott Started coaching my son Jon when he was the goalie for the then Mason Dixon Lacrosse Clyub in Baltimore Maryland. Scott understood what is like to play the position as he was a goalie for many years. Scott Related to Jon and made the position fun, while maintaining a challenging environment for Jon to learn and grow as a goalie. Jon has moved on from Mason Dixon and is the starting goalie for the Team Maryland U15 squad and is currently playing goalie at Our Lady of Mount Caramel High School in Baltimore Maryland. Scott knows how to make practice fun and challenges goalies or any position player to become a better player by skill training, mentoring and generally understanding where they are in their lacrosse career. I would recommend Scott to help any young man improve in the sport of lacrosse and rest assured that you son will improve their skills under Scotts coaching.
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