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I was a three time All-American Student Athlete. US National Team Player from ages 13-18, and played at the D1 collegiate level. Played professionally in England and Iceland. View all coaching experience

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Training Locations
  • American International College (MA)

  • 18 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Goalkeeper, Defense, Forward, Midfield

  • Agility, Crossing, Dribbling, First Touch, Free Kicks, Heading, One-Touch, One-on-Ones, Passing, Penalty Kicks, Shooting, Throw-Ins, Goal Kicks, Corner Kicks


  • American International College (MA)

  • 18 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Goalkeeper, Defense, Forward, Midfield

  • Agility, Crossing, Dribbling, First Touch, Free Kicks, Heading, One-Touch, One-on-Ones, Passing, Penalty Kicks, Shooting, Throw-Ins, Goal Kicks, Corner Kicks

More About Coach Rodney

Soccer coach specializing in Speed, agility, and player development. I have over 15 years of experience working with all ages from competitive club, high school, and collegiate levels. I typically work with players from 8-18 years old who are looking to improve their Fitness/endurance, Speed & Agility, and overall technical skills and tactical awareness so that they can compete at a higher level.

I Have been coached by many of the top level US National, and foreign National coaches. As such My coaching style is tailored to the specific needs of the player. I also have strong background in physical therapy and helping players return to the game after injury.

I was a three time All-American Student Athlete. US National Team Player from ages 13-17, and played at the D1 collegiate level. I was one of the Top goal scorers in the Georgia youth soccer association for consecutive years and at the collegiate level. Played professionally In England and Iceland. Most exciting player highlight/accomplishment was scoring a winning goal in a champions league qualifying match .

Past coaching positions:
Director Of Coaching & Academy Director For largest soccer club in Florida
Icelandic Premier League for Vikingur and Volsungur youth training system.
Coached with UCF, Georgia State, UAB Birmingham, and College of Charleston
Trained ages 3-18 for the Concord Youth Soccer Association, stone mountain youth soccer association, and GSA as well.

Typical training sessions run 60-75 minutes. Sessions are tailored to focus on specific areas that the player wishes to focus on and areas that need improvement based on position and evaluation.

Primary areas of work include: Footwork, Agility & Conditioning, First Touch ( Ball Control ) and passing/Receiving, Playing with back to goal, Position Specific Awareness, and Finishing

Private and group sessions will include proper warm-up, agility & conditioning exercises, specific training on a primary skill as well as a related secondary skill, shooting exercises that focus on primary skill work, and finishing on break aways, crosses, Freekicks, and Penalties. (group sessions).

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Client Reviews

Coach Rodney is a great Coach. I would highly recommend him. He is truly a master of his craft!

Coach Rodney was amazing. My son plays on a very competitive u11 team on the northeast. We were in FL for 2 weeks and wanted to keep up with training and stay in shape. Rodney was a pleasure to plan with and got to know my son, made a great plan over a limited time and did amazing work with him. Timmy had a blast and really got a work out! It was also very evident that Rodney loves what he does and takes great interest in individual development! Thank you!!
Sarah, CT

For our first session coach Rodney was a great teacher. My daughter really enjoyed practicing with him and working on her skills. He kept her working at a good pace not over doing it but making sure that she was learning while improving foot work and technical skill.

Coach Rodney has been an awesome influence on Abby! His sessions have been challenging and effective. He not only works on fundamentals but the psychology of the game. He has really helped Abby with her confidence and we are looking forward to many more sessions and results!!

Great coach! I'm very happy with the sessions. I would recommend him to anyone.

Coach Rodney has done a great job with my son so far. He was patient, positive and gave great tips on practice drills to advance my sons skill level.

Coach Rodney did an excellent job on the first session of drawing out and challenging the skills my son has and improving on them. I can't wait to see what skills, tips and techniques he will gain under his training. We look forward to more sessions

Coach Rodney exceeded, and continues to exceed our expectations. Please dispel any doubt you may have and rest assured in selecting him as your coach. He currently coaches our U12 daughter and we are three sessions in. He has great communication skills on and off the field. His flexibility in scheduling, preparedness and reliability is top notch. He takes the time to assess and understand the players needs and then provides real-time feedback during the session as well as written feedback shortly after. His skill set is apparent as he demonstrates technical moves and his knowledge of the game is unsurpassed. He makes sure the athlete not only understands the technique "How", but also the 'Why" to use that technique and “When" to apply it in a game situation. As you can tell I am utterly impressed with the level of professionalism and skill that Coach Rodney has brought. Well done CU and Coach Rodney.

Great coach! A lot of advanced drills and situational training. Highly recommended!

Great job, make my son work like a pro. My son like to play soccer as goole, great job

Coach Rodney is very good at teaching and can explain technically on how I can improve( be that speed of play, making runs, technique, or first touch etc). After doing multiple sessions we can honestly say that Coach Rodney has not disappointed. He can demonstrate all the drills and explain how to improve on basically all aspects of your game. He has helped me with my speed of play, ball control and making runs .

(no details provided)

I've only done one session so far, but Coach Rodney offers good instruction, he's patient, and wants to help you succeed at your pace and with a positive attitude. I'll definitely be scheduling more training sessions with him and recommend him for anyone looking to improve their game at any level.

Great instruction and training sessions for my 12 year old daughter. Rodney keeps the intensity level up and ensures a productive session each time.

(no details provided)

After just a handful of sessions with Coach Rodney we are seeing immediate improvements in our daughters (U11) performance and confidence. Being able to supplement our regular team training sessions with Rodney's one on one coaching has rapidly filled a gap in our daughters skill development and provided immediate benefits to her ball skills, speed of play, field awareness, fitness, and agility. Rodney does a great job of keeping the training creative and challenging each time and provides a positive, encouraging, and, most importantly, a fun training environment. Rodney provides immediate feedback from each training session and customizes each session to address any immediate needs. We have been very impressed to see immediate results from Rodney's training in team games and practices a day or two later. Rodney has been flexible in working with our schedules, and has always been punctual and professional. We look forward to continuing sessions with Rodney through the offseason and to supplement our in-season training. We give Rodney our highest recommendation for players at any level with a desire to improve.

It was clear after 1 session that Rodney was the right coach to take my 14 year old daughter to the next level. He is a great communicator and has the right experience and talent to identify strengths and weaknesses accurately. We have just started the process, but look forward to the results we will get from his training. In Rodney we trust!

Coach Rodney conducted a great first individual session with my son. Our objecting in working with Rodney was to provide some individual skill training that could be incorporated into field play and build a solid foundation to go further into individual skill development and Rodney did just that in a manner that fit perfectly with my son's age and skill level. Not only was the training effective, but my son said that he really enjoyed it and liked training with Coach Rodney. Looking forward to the next session!

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Coach Rodney is able to adequately assess what it is I need to work on to become a better player, and is very encouraging in the process. He has worked on building my skills from the ground up, starting with fundamentals, and in doing so, has made me a more confident player. Knowledgeable, and flexible, I always look forward to training with Coach Rodney, and would recommend him to any player, younger or older, looking to step up their game.

My son loved his first session with coach Rodney!! Great soccer coach We look forward to working with him again ! I would definitely recommend him !!!

Coach Rodney is a GREAT coach, I have booked around 5-6 sessions so far and feel like I have learned and evolved drastically as a player. He is very experienced and friendly making you want to book even more sessions as I have. Overall he is an amazing coach.

(no details provided)

So, we had our first session Coach Rodney this past Friday. Let me start by saying that communication with Coach Rodney was excellent, also Coach was very flexible in finding a time that met my schedule to train. Now to the training session! Coach lives in Flagler County, and I live in Brevard County, we decided to train in the middle at a Volusia County Park where coach met us exactly when he said he would. At our first meeting, coach was very professional, taking me aside and explaining to me how he would run my daughter through a session with first evaluating and then training. Coach Rodney boast quite the experience in his coaching profile and after meeting him and seeing him work, there is no doubt to his experience as a player and coach. I didn’t even get to ask my daughter how she felt about the session before she was begging to set up the next session. We have already set up the next session and were looking forward to it… Thanks Coach Rodney!

(no details provided)

My daughter is fuelled by two things– motivation to become a champion and an obligation to do her best to support her team. We have been training with Coach Rodney for a few sessions now and I can honesty speak on how amazing he is. My daughter has being using all the techniques to help improve her game and move it to the next level. She has been able to do just that and looks forward to the next sessions with him. I honestly believe she would not be where she is without his training, advice, and encouragement that she can do what she sets her mind too! Keep up the amazing work coach. I have recommended him to a few people who are currently working with Rodney and will continue to refer him as a trainer. Thank you for helping her believe she can be that champion she strides to become.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Coach Rodney is an excellent coach! My daughter has learned so much in only a few sessions- and his summary notes afterwards provide great take aways. It has really made a difference in her confidence level. Ten stars!


Coach Rodney is a great coach. He is doing a fantastic job with my son! He is flexible and dependable, both are equally important for me and my son. I highly recommend him.
Vlad and Elijah

(no details provided)

Coach Rodney has been an excellent coach for my son. He has taught him so many skills and prepared him for playing on his first team. My son has learned so much and become a more knowledgeable player as well as confident.

Extremely experienced, knowledgeable coach. Very challenging, but a lot of fun to work with. Exactly what I am looking for to take my game to the professional level.

Coach Rodney is AWESOME! My daughter loves the sessions and is learning so much...she's excited to learn more. He has the best attitude, he is patient, he is encouraging and has a way of explaining complex things in a way she actually understands. I see the difference in her already!

I thought Rodney did a great job with my son. Even though it was only his first session, and he was just getting to know him, he was able to teach him some useful things. My son was tired and excited to go back at the end of the session, which is exactly what I was looking for. I will definitely be sending him back.

Since working with Rodney, my daughter has become a better and more confident soccer player. She looks forward to her sessions because she knows if there is something she struggled with in a game during the week, she can relay that information to Rodney and he immediately has a drill that helps her. Best decision we ever made!

The progress my child has made is truly remarkable. Coach Rodney has a wonderful eye and communicates in a clear and positive way that fuels self-confidence and motivation.

Working with coach Rodney has helped my daughter and son on performance.This is my daughter's 1st year playing and she has moved to starting forward on the team because of her improvement on the field. My son has gained added skill and is doing well oh his JV team. I would recommend coach Rodney to anyone.

Coach Rodney has been fantastic with our son and greatly improved his confidence level and technical abilities. Coach Rodney has a good way of keeping our son motivated without being too hard on him and making sure it is still fun. Our son's performance on field has improved, especially his positioning and movement off the ball. I highly recommend Coach Rodney!!

(no details provided)

Coach Rodney is absolutely amazing. He is helping me reaching my goals faster than I could have done. He pushes my farther than I would ever push myself and I could see myself working with him many times in the near future.

Coach Rodney is amazing!

My 9-year-old son really enjoyed his first session. Coach Rodney was very engaged, attentive and encouraging. The session was customized to help my son with his specific areas of improvement. We definitely recommend coach Rodney to anyone looking for individualized training to improve their skills.

Coach Rodney has been GREAT to work with. While my husband and I were trying to determine a good fit for our son Coach Rodney was always very patient with all my questions and quick to respond. We scheduled one session so we could make sure there would be a positive connection between coach and player before committing longer term and our son LOVED Coach Rodney and the session. He worked so well with him, making our son feel comfortable by taking the time to explain the drills and identifying the areas that need improvements. He made the one hour fun which is so important for a young player - that is what is going to get them to love the game. Before we had a chance to talk to our son about continuing lessons he said "Bye Coach, see you next Monday" - proof that he loved it and wants to continue!

We are 8 sessions in and it is clear that Coach Rodney takes the time to tailor each hour specifically to build upon the skills that were presented earlier to ensure measurable progression. While we have seen significant improvement in foot skills, ball control, speed of play and overall technique it is the boost in confidence that Coach Rodney's instruction has provided that is truly invaluable.

Coach Rodney was able to focus on my goals and tailor the sessions to meet those needs. As a result, I was able to improve my heading, defensive abilities, and finishing. I was the top goal scorer in last years club season!
Coach Rodney helped me improve my speed and agility, but more importantly he helped me improve my first touch and decision making abilities during the course of play.
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