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USSF 'A' License - coached USDA, WPSL, English Premier League Academy, National Teams and Olympic Development Program. I work to develop creative, technically proficient players. View all coaching experience

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Training Locations
  • Leeds Metropolitan University

  • 18 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Midfield, Forward, Defense

  • Shooting, Penalty Kicks, Passing, One-on-Ones, One-Touch, Free Kicks, First Touch, Dribbling, Crossing, Agility


  • Leeds Metropolitan University

  • 18 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Midfield, Forward, Defense

  • Shooting, Penalty Kicks, Passing, One-on-Ones, One-Touch, Free Kicks, First Touch, Dribbling, Crossing, Agility

More About Coach Rich

I have worked in the following roles;

English Premier League Academy Scout
ODP (Olympic Development Program) Head Coach
National Academy Coach
College ID Camp Head Coach
Director of Coaching
Coach Educator

An accomplished coach that has worked all over the world at all levels from National Team through to Recreation players.

I have worked with the following players;

Male/Female - 3yr olds - Adult

I typically work in the following group;

Male/Female - 10yrs old - 18yrs old

Certifications held;

USSF National ‘A’ License
USSF National ‘B’ License
USYS National Youth License
NSCAA Premier License
NSCAA Director of Coaching Diploma
NSCAA Advanced National
NSCAA – Level 1 GK Award
Positive Coaching Alliance – Double Goal Coach
Coerver National Diploma
SAQ (Speed, Agility and Quickness) ‘P’ Award
World Football Academy - Football Periodisation and Football Technique Development
Professional Football Scouts Association (PFSA) Level 1 - Talent Identification in Football/Soccer

Growing up in England I spent a large portion of my youth playing the game. Playing for my school, clubs and college enabled me to gain an extensive grasp of the key concepts of the game.
As a student of the game - I am forever learning and always keen to find new ways to improve my players.

Upon establishing the players preferred position and their desired outcomes we will work to develop a tailored training plan. The plan has the ability to change and evolve based upon the work rate and success of the player.

The game of soccer is fluid, meaning that the environment is constantly changing and decisions are forever being made. It is important that training reflects this.

Exercises that focus on a particular skill while considering the outside factors that are evident in a game are performed.

Assessments are administered and exercises that the player can work on away from the sessions are provided.

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Client Reviews

Was a good session

Coach Rich was great - he goes from fundamentals to game situational awareness as required. He caters his sessions to the needs of the player, and he is a great communicator. He is not an authoritarian, he wants his players to understand exactly why the chosen drills are important.

Rich is a great coach. I needed some drills for my kids to improve their technique and ball controll. Rich session was very benificial and the kids had a lot of fun. He is great with the kids and gives them good explainations for which situations you use certain moves. I would recommed Rich if you are looking to hone your soccer skills!

(no details provided)

We found Coach Rich is insightful and has a wealth of knowledge, and experience. He resonates well with his students and makes the session fun and informative. My daughter really liked his style of coaching.

Coach Rich made the session relaxed and enjoyable which I considered important for my 12 yr old son. Straight away Rich was teaching drills that my son had never done before which will be a huge benefit to him in his game play. My son was a little nervous going in but as soon as I saw the smiles and laughter I knew we were on the right track. Coach Rich is highly knowledgeable and experienced and I am excited to see my son develop his game over future sessions. Thanks coach Rich.

We book our first lesson with Coach Rich. My 10 years old son made significant improvement on his ball control and passing in just first 10 minutes of session! Highly recommended.

Coach was good and focused on working on weakness that my 10 year old son has. My son enjoyed the session and gained some valuable feedback.

Coach Rich is honestly one of the best out there, I played club for a number of years and he has taught me more in a few sessions than I learned in 10 years with other coaches. He's very understanding and values quality of quantity. Another great thing about his sessions is that he believes fitness should be within drills and not for punishment, you can expect to do drills with touches where you'll be in constant motion for upward of 3-5 minutes straight. No matter the skill level from beginner to experienced he shares knowledge that will help you get better.

Coach Rich worked with my 7 yr old daughter. He was very supportive, informative, and positive. He focused on making a well rounded player.

Coach Rich did a great job with my daughter. He was very positive yet challenging. My daughter is very excited about working on the things he suggested.

Coach Rich is awesome. My son has benefited so much from these one on one trainings and it has improved his game and his confidence tremendously. He has taught my son really important strategies in a way that my son could easily understand. Also, he has great repore with him.

I was impressed with the attention to detail Coach Rich was able to convey while keeping a fast tempo. My son left feeling like he learned something and has been bragging about his "workout". Looking forward to the next session.

The online training is awesome! Easy to follow and Coach Rich has helped answer any questions I had. It is giving me the motivation to improve my skills on my own. Great stuff!

We are having a lot of fun with the training that Coach Rich is giving us. It is clear, yet challenging and helping to build confidence with the soccer ball. I would certainly recommend Coach Rich to anyone looking to improve at soccer!

I signed up for the online training package and I am greatly enjoying the weekly training plans. I most definitely enthusiastically recommend Coach Rich and this system to others. Coach Rich is very thorough with his lessons and answers my questions with real-life playing examples and situations. He quickly understands my needs for improvements and has helped me develop a strategic, action plan to be resolved quickly. His calm demeanor and preserving character is not only helping me to improve my game on the field, but off the field, as well. I also really like the fact that the plans are interactive and attainable in the sense that it permits me time for additional training on my own at my own pace. Thank you, Coach Rich!

Coach Rich is a fantastic coach!!! Coach Rich was at the predesignated field well in advance of our scheduled practice time and discovered the field was closed due to the rain. He was able to locate a new field in the area and still arrive early enough to have everything ready when we arrived. Coach Rich has a vast amount of knowledge in soccer and easily articulates that knowledge in a manner that my 9 year old understood. In the first lesson my son learned more about ball control than he has in two years on his soccer team. If you are looking for a coach who can help improve your son or daughters soccer skills than you need to hire Coach Rich.

When Coach Rich offered individual sessions, we signed up for our daughter, Reya. She moved from one competitive team to another and landed under Coach Rich. It has been three years we have known Coach Rich. Reya has been able to develop into a good soccer player. He has been able to teach Reya the fundamentals which has helped her a lot. To want each of his players succeed sets him apart. Coach Rich has instilled in the kids that the way to play the game is through strategy, skill, and team work and to play a clean game and winning is secondary. He has always emphasized that the kids play to the game plan which is clearly aligned with the overall long term development of the players.

We believe in long term development and strong fundamentals for players who want to play at a very high level. As parents, we feel that we have been to receive this from Coach Rich.

Rich did a great job of understanding my needs right from the start. I already feel like we've made great progress and I can't wait for my next session! Highly recommended.

He is good coach. He plans traning based on my needs and my skill level. His advices during the training were helpful.

Coach Rich is very professional and punctual. Before the coaching session, he had setup everything and ready to go. My son likes Coach Rich's style of teaching. My son feels that he learned lot. Thanks Coach!

Great coach! Very experienced! Has a great approach to kids! My son loves him !

We were especially impressed with how quickly Rich connected with our son about things he cares about - this helped Rich engage him more thoroughly in the game. We're looking forward to more sessions with Coach Rich!

I booked the Online Training Package with Coach Rich and I am delighted with the results. The package provided 10 weeks of homework style training plans for a soccer player. They were easy to follow and although we have just started with them, we are already seeing great improvement! An awesome resource, that I highly recommend!

Terrific instinct on what my child is lacking on the field. Coach Rich goes right to the root of some of the undeveloped basic skills that my 9-year-old displays and gives clear instructions on how to fix/improve them - all conducted in a fun environment.

Coach Rich is an excellent coach. He has been training my daughter for years and teaches in a way that encourages a love of soccer as well as advanced skills.

This was the first session with my daughter Grace. Rich was set up and ready to go at the start time. He had many soccer balls, a rebounder, and a selection of cones, and flags. The practice moved quickly with many repetitions and immediate feedback when he spotted things that needed work.

(no details provided)

Coach Rich is one of the best coaches a player can ask for. He has helped me improve in so many ways. When I started playing for his team I was a rec player who didn't have a clue of the technical and mental aspect of the game. In fact, I didn't know how to shoot the ball properly. However, Coach Rich saw potential in me. And even though my teammates were more advanced than I was, Coach Rich took the time to work with me individually so I could become a technical player, not only for shooting, but also dribbling and passing. This showed that he was very dedicated to helping each and every one of his players improve. One thing I appreciate the most about him is how patient and encouraging he is. He isn't one to yell or scream at his players. I believe that his coaching has greatly impacted the player I am today.
Coach Rich is the best coach I've ever had. He first started coaching me when I was about 9 in rec soccer. I'm turning 15 this year. When I first stared playing, I was pretty terrible. I really didn't know what I was doing and I was just playing as a hobby. Then, in one rec season, Rich was our coach. He made the game a lot more fun and I decided I wanted to commit to this sport and play at a more intense level. So, I joined comp. All throughout my soccer "career" Rich has always been there. He's so supportive, but will still push you to do your best. He's great at making the game fun and help you better your skills at the same time. He has helped me learn to be a good soccer player as well as make healthy food choices so I can perform better on and off the field. I highly recommend him for any type of coaching position. I know he will not disappoint.
My daughter was taught by Coach Rich for over 6 years starting in recreation and then competitive soccer. Coach Rich emphasizes player development, putting the player first, before the game. He keeps players self-motivated by making the game fun to play and encouraging players to take ownership of their development, from practicing of technical skills to eating healthy. At a time when coaches and parents too often put winning above player development, it is awesome to have a coach looking out for your player's best interests. My daughter has a love of soccer and I attribute much of this to Coach Rich. I highly recommend him as a team coach or for private coaching lessons.
I have had the pleasure of knowing Coach Rich for many years as a competitive soccer coach. He has a unique mixture of strong technical skills and excellent coaching abilities with young people. I've watched him coach a range of players, from children under 10 and also teenagers up to age 19. He has the able to focus on the individual player and to help them develop as a well rounded soccer player. My youngest daughter, Jessica, was on Coach Rich's team for 2 years. She's developed into a strong tactical player with confidence on the field, especially when attacking the goal and dribbling through many defenders. Jessica understands how to use her team mates to pass and defend seamlessly. I can see the results from Coach Rich's guidance and training which involves discipline, teamwork and a love of soccer. I highly recommend Coach Rich as a personal trainer and team coach.
We had just moved to the Bay Area and was looking for a soccer club for my son to play. I contacted Coach Rich through email and was invited to attend a training. From that first training with Coach Rich, my son was so excited about soccer and couldn't wait till the next training. Coach Rich makes every child feel important and gives them confidence in themselves and their abilities in soccer. He teaches them the importance of team play, and works with each individual to improve their skills and development. My son enjoyed playing for Coach Rich because he always made the trainings fun!!!
Rich has coached my daughter Ella for the past 7 years. A big part of coaching is teaching the physical and mental skills that help players perform on the field. I agree with the other testimonials that Rich delivers on these important aspects of player development. However, more important to me than soccer skills, tactics, and strategies is the personal development of my daughter. Rich’s emphases on long term goals, teamwork, mental discipline, and fair play will serve my daughter well in all of her future endeavors.
I coached recreational soccer for 20+ seasons before my youngest child decided to try competitive soccer with Coach Rich. I helped with his team at practice and games and learned so many of the fine subtleties and important fundamentals of the game. More importantly, the kids did also! They learned it in a very positive way that allowed each one of them to improve at their own pace and skill level. I would definitely recommend Coach Rich for personalized training at any skill level.
As a coach myself, I understand the importance of developing the players technical ability and their tactical brain. His style of coaching encourages the players to be actively involved in their own development and I have seen this approach work effectively myself. Coach Rich exemplifies a growth mindset and is always seeking to further his education – in order to further develop the players he coaches. I thoroughly recommend Rich as a coach and feel confident that he will improve any player he works with.
Coach Rich definitely lived by the idea of a growth mindset and making sure that the play the game with joy. Coach set up an environment where enjoyment and individual player development was at the heart of training. Simply put, players were given the time and space to independently work on skills that were introduced at the beginning of training sessions. After a number of years with coach it has been great to see the finer points of all the time spent in training manifest themselves in games, from maintaining team shape to the occasional experiment of a bicycle kick! All of his players had the freedom to express themselves on the field without feeling like they had to win every game. This type of environment is necessary for young players for them to work on being their best. We completely appreciate the development first mentality as we've seen our son become unafraid of making mistakes both on and off the field. All players become better at whatever they choose to work on in practice. The atmosphere surrounding Rich's coaching session makes all the players feel successful regardless of there level of play. What we've learned from Rich is farthing reaching than soccer; and it is the belief that growth and development are always attainable with the right instruction and time to practice without fear.
I like how fun he is with us, easy to get along with, and he's about our development and not just winning.
Rich has been involved in my sons soccer development for the past 4 years. My son has grown tremendously as a player and a person because of coach Rich. My son went from hiding in the background to standing in front as a team leader. He has given him the confidence to not only challenge his opponent but to challenge himself. Rich has taught him to play the game intelligently by having the vision to see the whole field. The approach Rich takes in coaching has made my son enjoy the game as well as excel at it. Rich has been the biggest influence in my sons development of the game and I would highly recommend him as a coach.
Rich has been an awesome coach for our daughter, Grace. He’s taken the time to develop her skills in many dimensions over the years - recognizing passing lanes, effectively marking players, and how to balance offense and defense in the midfield. Rich is good at coaching because he loves it. He takes real interest in each individual player he works with. My best teachers always made the subject interesting and Rich does so with perfect balance.
We are very pleased with Rich's work with my daughter McKenna. Her technical skills, vision of the game and overall fundamentals have made great strides under his direction. She appreciates his coaching style and his ability to push her to improve. Looking forward to seeing more improvement in the future. I would highly recommend Rich to any player who wants to take their game to the next level.
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