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As head coach of the UCLA Men's Club Soccer Team and a long career of competing at the highest level, I have the experience and expertise to improve any athlete's soccer ability. View all coaching experience

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Training Locations
  • George Washington University (DC)

  • 8 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Defense, Forward, Midfield, Goalkeeper

  • Corner Kicks, Crossing, First Touch, Free Kicks, Goal Kicks, Heading, Penalty Kicks, Shooting, Dribbling, Passing, Throw-Ins, One-Touch, One-on-Ones, Agility


  • George Washington University (DC)

  • 8 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Defense, Forward, Midfield, Goalkeeper

  • Corner Kicks, Crossing, First Touch, Free Kicks, Goal Kicks, Heading, Penalty Kicks, Shooting, Dribbling, Passing, Throw-Ins, One-Touch, One-on-Ones, Agility

More About Coach Noah

I have been employed the past 10 years as the coach of the UCLA Men's Club Soccer team, taking them to Nationals 6 of the 7 years. These players range in ages of 17-26 but I am well-suited to coach serious soccer players of all ages as I have the knowledge and experience to bring my clients to the next level.

I am a multiple State Cup winner and multiple Regional finalist with my youth clubs. I was part of the Olympic Development Team and I was an All-State player in high school recruited collegiately to D1 programs. I currently play for 2 top-level semi-pro teams in Los Angeles-- Santa Monica Sporting FC and Doxa Italia. I have played in many countries internationally and am a captain for the United States Maccabi Futsal Team.

Training is customized to meet the client's goals. I will begin by establishing the areas to improve, based on the player's stated desires or my own assessment. Once established, a normal session will begin with a light warm up and stretch followed by various ball work and touch drills where speed and technique are emphasized to create a game-like situation, followed by 1-on-1 practice to put those skills to the test under pressure. If goals are available, turning, trapping, and dribbling to create scoring opportunities are all options. Really I have the ability to improve any desired aspect of one's game from fitness to touch and will create the program to suit the player's needs. All sessions include a written evaluation and feedback after the training. PLEASE MESSAGE ME THROUGH COACHUP BEFORE BOOKING TO DISCUSS YOUR SESSION GOALS...SO WE CAN DISCUSS CREATING A PROGRAM TO SUIT YOUR NEEDS!

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Client Reviews

Great technical knowledge

Noa is an excellent soccer trainer and coach. My daughter has had a couple of sessions with him so far, and she feels that she's learning a lot about specific techniques from him that her club coach hasn't really taught her. Noah's positive attitude really helps make a connection with her. She also feels her touch has improved, and her club coach has been praising her in recent weeks for the quality of her play. She is a high school senior and she is in the thick of the college recruiting process. She is running out of time to gain the attention of any of the colleges she applied to. If she works hard to refine and apply what Noah has taught, I think she will find a roster spot soon.

Every session my son has had with Coach Noah has been so worthwhile. He learns something knew each time and learns how to do it well. Noah is a great combination of hard work and motivation with a side of fun. He takes his coaching seriously and does an excellent job. My son really looks forward to each session and is not an easy kid to impress. We really value the skills and level of professionalism Noah brings to the field. I would recommend him to anyone who is as passionate about the sport as he is.

Great coach. He truly cares and it shows in his coaching.

(no details provided)

Coach Noah is excellent with kids. He is firm and instructive and always encouraging. He inspires kids to give their best. They learn a lot and they have fun.

Coach Noah is great soccer coach, he knows a lot about soccer trainings and techniques, and he is providing these training techniques to the students.
My 12 years old son learned a lot from coach Noah.
Best Regards
Aram Baberian

Coach Noah did a great job with my 10 yr son - really getting down to the fundamentals of his play such as body positioning, dribbling, and defending. I would highly recommend Noah and intend to use him again.

Thank you coach Noah for the quality of training you showed my son. Coach Noah teaches proper technique and takes an extra step to benefit his client's. Although it was the first session, I am hoping to get the same quality again in the next session.

Great coach who knows a lot about soccer .

My first session with Coach Noah was great. He was very patient and encouraging and I feel like I learned a lot in just our first hour. Will definitely be continuing training.

I can't give a stronger recommendation for Coach Noah's dedication, professionalism and abilities as a coach.

As someone who has been playing quite a lot socially in adult life but not had the chance to go through any formal or organised training when younger, my brief was very broad and was driven by a desire to have someone help identify bad habits and help me understand things better from first principles. Sessions were challenging at a pace I greatly enjoyed, detailed and extremely rewarding - I came away with clear drills I knew I needed to work upon in my own time as well as strategies that I feel with enough practice I'll be able to take into match situations.

I was only in town for 4 days, and after the first session immediately booked 2 extra sessions for those days and would have gone for a 4th if my schedule had allowed. Looking forward to training again the next time I pass through LA for work. Very inspiring.

(no details provided)

Being a family assistant for a father of 3 kids different ages requires hiring, going through lots of instructors, coaches, personal trainers, teachers, nannies etc. My job was to find a private coach for a 15 year old. We have gone through 4 coaches before we met Noah. To say how satisfied we are with the improvements the trainee has made since the first session is to say nothing. Not only Noah spends every minute of the session teaching every detail of soccer, he also sends long reviews of what needs to be improved, how it can be improved and gives homework to work on the weak sides. Super happy with Noah and the future our 15 year old is going to have in soccer with such coach. Thank you very much, Noah

My 14 year old daughter is a complete beginner in the sport of soccer. In just one lesson, Coach Noah was able to teach her some techniques that help her become more confident in the field. She is aware that there is more work to do. However, she saw what Coach Noah can instill in just a session and is looking forward to more sessions with him.

(no details provided)

We have been working with Noah over the last several weeks with our 11 year old daughter. It has been a good experience. He pushes her just enough and she is enjoying it and rather quickly improving. I'm actually excited to see where she's going to end up as we keep this going as the improvement has been swift, rapid and well received by her.

My daughter has had two sessions with Noah and really loved working with him. She is on a strong team 2008 Pre ECNL and is now starting to head the ball. He got her very comfortable with trapping and heading in two sessions. He is clear and direct and gets so much done within the hour. Literally the next game she was using the skills they worked on. We plan on continuing throughout the year because she still has some other areas she wants to work on.

Noah has been a great coach. He has been a huge to help for me to understand the fundamentals of the game and able to break things down for me to understand. He has been great to break the drills down to in game scenarios so I understand the end purpose of each drill. He encourages me when when he sees I have accomplished something and helps me work on my weak spots to strengthen those areas. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to improve their game.

Noah completely exceeded my expectations. He did an excellent job with some coaching sessions for my 12-year-old son. Noah was able to quickly diagnose strengths and weaknesses, and tailored these sessions towards improving these skills, Including some great drills to continue practicing. Absolute professional. I would definitely recommend him.

Coach Noah was very thorough, clinical, and engaging. I could tell that he knew what he was doing, and genuinely wanted to help me improve- no matter how long it took. After one session I immediately put into practice what he taught me and saw an improvement. I really enjoyed working with him!

My 12-year old son started playing soccer at age 8 and has been training with same group of coachs ever since. The training was meant to be fun oriented and lacked rigor. He stopped improving over the last two years as his basic skills ( passing, receiving, shooting) were not up to rigorous standards which prevented him from getting better at soccer.
We were so impressed by coach Noah's rigorous approach. In the shooting session, he pin-pointed series of errors my son made and the result has been immediate. We are very happy that we found coach Noah and are looking forward to many more sessions to come.

Had a great session with Coach Noah. He is very professional, effective, and obviously with a vast amount of experience. He detected areas of improvement very quickly and gave great feedback to produce desired adjustments.

Coach Noah makes the training session on what you would like to improve on. Asked me what I wanted to work on but I wanted him to decide what we were training on. This was for him to get a better grasp of my skill levels. We’ve only trained once but glad I made this choice with him. He’s very knowledgeable about the game and makes sure you understand what the drill is for. He will also make sure your doing it properly before he sends you off. He also didn’t watching the clock while he will work with you. Will book again! A++++++

Coach is amazing, my son has had a few sessions and already has shown progress. He needed help shooting with the left leg and just after one session he already knows what he was missing and Coach Noah is great at bringing out that hidden talent every athlete posseses. I would recommend Coach Noah HIGHLY to anyone wanting to better their kids abilities. We will continue to work with him and take as many sessions possible. Thanks Coach Noah for being patient and taking your time with my son. Absolutely the Best!

Fantastic Coach, great attention to detail & Easy to work with.

Very technical, professional, and gives you great feedback with great examples. Would recommend if you trying to go pro, USL or college level.

Coach Noah is great. After the second or third session I started thinking, how is this guy even available to train my 14 year old? He is professional, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and great at breaking down and communicating complex skills in an engaging way. At her club practice, my 14 year old daughter immediately applied what she had been learning with Noah. After two sessions, her shots had noticeably more pace, and her closing down had dramatically improved. She really looks forward to her sessions, and feels great about her progress.

I had a great time working with Coach Noah, he is very accommodating and patient. Before meeting Coach Noah he asked me for information about my level and goals and when we met he asked more specific questions to understand my goals and what I wanted to improve.

After a good warm up session we started working right away on one of my great weaknesses- dribbling- Coach Noah communicated to me the form he would like me to practice, and he also showed it to me by demonstrating it. also he showed me what I was doing wrong and corrected my form and posture. After patiently overseeing many failed attempts coach Noah managed to get me to do 4 in a row of unbroken drills. We practiced dribbling with the right foot and left foot which helped me a lot.

After that we focused on shooting skills and form, Coach Noah pointed things out that i was not even aware of and would have no other way of figuring them out on my own. My shooting enhanced a lot while we practiced as Coach Noah got me to put more thought into it and also more force by assuming the right position and contacting the ball the right way.

This past weekend I had my first match after the coaching session, and I managed to dribble on two occasion with the form that Coach Noah taught me and I was successful in beating the defender and assist 2 goals from those 2 occasions.

I would say the work with Coach Noah paid off quite quickly and I am going to practice on my own and see Coach Noah more often to improve my game.

Thank you so much for everything!

We were so impressed with coach Noah’s soccer skills teaching methods and we highly recommend him!
My son is 15 years old. Although he is already playing in a soccer club for a few years, he still wants to keep learning more from Noah. We are so greatful!

My son loves Coach Noah. We have only be working with him for a few weeks but I have seen a huge improvement in my son. He went from playing on a Bronze team to a Silver Elite team during that time. He is flexible with his training sessions, adjusting drills to suit the position my son will play on his new team. We have a two hour round trip and Noah has been able find a time that works for our schedule.

Great experience! My son loved the 1 on 1 training session with coach Noah. We definitely saw improvement in our son just by the 1st session. Will be coming back for more.

Great coach! Always gives precise feedback and advice on how to improve. Excellent at making an assessment(s) on what you need to improve on as a player.

Coach Noah is an exceptional Coach. You can really see his passion for the game when he’s coaching. He also takes his job as a coach very seriously and he uses the time to make the player better. He will hold you accountable in every aspect of the practice. Meaning he will take the time to make sure you are doing every part of the drill correctly. He is not going to just tell you your doing a good job unless you really are. He will make your kids work, so if your kid is not very serious about soccer coach Noah is not the coach for you, but if your kid truly loves the game and wants to get better there is no better coach then Coach Noah.

P.S Makenna absolutely loved working with you and looks forward to your guys next session. She learned so many valuable lessons in just one practice and I can’t thank you enough. We will be back to see you next time where in the LA area.

My son and his buddy trained with Coach Noah for the first time. They are 12 year old club players who have had plenty of coaching for the past 3-4 years. He gave detailed instructions and new tips. They want more! If we were closer in proximity, we'd be regulars. But for now, we are limited to school breaks and summer.

Coach Noah is absolutely superb! After an hour with my son his evaluation was 100% accurate. My son improved immediately after only 1 session. I was next to tears. He’s finding so many different ways to score & handling the ball is becoming easier. We’ve booked more sessions & we will continue to book with coach Noah. He genuinely cares for my sons improvement as a soccer player & this truly makes all the difference. It’s refreshing!!
Thank you, so much Coach Noah. Nicco

I scheduled a session with Coach Noah to work with my 14-year-old daughter on her shooting skills. Not only did he work with her on her shooting skills. But he also worked with her on form, technique, winning the ball against a defender and speed. And that was all within the one-hour session. I will tell you right now, he worked her hard. But he warned her from the get-go. And she was totally fine with it. He also told her if there’s something he’s showing her that she’s not interested in or is bored with, to let him know, so if can move on to the next drill. My daughter said most coaches show you something new then move onto the next drill even though the player hasn’t mastered it, yet. But what my daughter loved most about Noah was how he continued working with her on particular set of drills until she got it right.
She also loved the fast-paced nature of his sessions. We highly recommend Noah. My daughter said her game improved just after one session. We will definitely book another session with Noah. His passion and knowledge of the game are evident in the way he coaches his players.

An excellent, dynamic coach, with incredible technical knowledge. My 10 year old son learned so much and improved noticeably even after just one session.

Two daughters had their first session with Coach Noah, and they can't wait for the next one. My daughters said the coach was easy to understand, sessions were challenging but fun, and learned skills and techniques which can immediately be used in practice and games. As a parent, I am happy my daughters responded well to the first session with Coach Noah. Highly recommended!

Great Coach! Honestly, i gained so much from coach Noah in just one session! Very clear and most importantly fun!! For anyone looking into improving their skills, coach noah is the perfect coach! Thank you so much coach!!

My son has finished the first training with Coach Noah. It was excited to see what he has learned in only one hour. Much more and detailed instructions than his group practice. Coach Noah explained and corrected his movements patiently and easily understood. We are very looking forward to the following training!

Coach Noah is a great coach. I feel that he challenges me at every training and definitely makes me a better player!

Coach Noah was great! He really worked on technique and fitness and spent a lot of extra time with my daughter. I would highly recommend him for any person trying to work out and improve their soccer game.

(no details provided)

My daughter loved her session with Coach Noah. Extremely high level. He was able to quickly assess her strengths and weaknesses and design a training session that was specific and practical to her improvement. He also worked her hard and serious which my daughter reacts well too. He encouraged her when she struggled and praised her when she did well. My daughter finished the session and immediately told me she felt she would improve dramatically by continuing to train with Coach Noah which we plan to do regularly.

Coach Noah is the real deal. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Wonderful. Very professional. Our kids really like him.

Noah was great with my 10 year shy daughter, he customized a plan according to what we discussed. He pushed her to bring out her potential and after a few minutes understood her opportunities. We will definitely continue to have my daughter do more sessions with Noah.

Noah is a solid coach and was able to quickly identify fundamental areas I needed to improve and patiently worked with me to break some bad habits and form good ones. I highly recommend him.

Coach Noah was a great coach ! , he motivated very hard.!

My son and I really liked the first session. He knew what my son needed to improve right away and gave him a good lesson. He even gave him a DIY practice plan to work on at home. He is very fun and is passionate when he works with him by putting extra effort.
Great coach!!

I’ve had 2 sessions so far with Coach Noah and I’ve learned new techniques that I am applying daily, while playing at the collegiate level. Coach Noah has great coaching and training techniques. As I look to advance my soccer career, I will continue to train with Coach Noah as he is a new found asset to my growth and development.

Coach Noah has a real talent getting young athletes to perform at their best -- with very pointed and educational feedback. More importantly, he teaches my son to self-correct making him a better and self-reliant soccer player. I especially appreciate the thorough write ups sharing feedback, progress, and next steps -- chartering the next phases for his training.

Coach Noah is the real deal!

My son really enjoyed working with Coach Noah. I was very happy with the intensity of the session and how Coach was able to break down and explain the proper mechanics and technical aspect of the game. We're excited to be training with Coach Noah.

This was my Daughters first session with Noah. Every drill was Eye Opening to both myself and my daughter. It’s Great to see a Coach immediately know what her strengths and weaknesses were and dive Right into improving them (both) in a Positive manner. Thanks for A Great Session.

From my son's mouth. Noah is on a whole different level. Said he learned more from Noah in 1 hour then all the coaches who have coached him for the past 4 years. He was patient, quick to assess his issues and pushed him to step up his game. Exactly what my 14 year old needed. Very pleased with the training and would not hesitate to recommend him.

(no details provided)

Noah is awesome. Watched him work with my 14 yr old daughter today. She is a club player, playing at a pretty high level. Noah immediately identified areas to work on and, within the course of the session, helped her achieve immediate results. He coaches with great enthusiasm and passion and is very specific in his direction. My daughter was working very hard and saw huge value in the session. I am excited to have her continue working with Noah.

Great attitude, great tips and efficient practice! Thank you :)

Very good’

In a word: "Wow!" Just one session and my daughter felt like it was the most impactful hour of soccer training she has ever had. Noah asked ahead of time what the concerns were, instead of just teaching what he wanted to teach (like so many other coaches), and he was able to craft a session addressing her concerns. He also has a great eye for problem areas - and could spot and remediate her issues immediately. He is truly gifted. He sent thoughtful and thorough written feedback reminding us what he went over and what she should work on. The guy is a real-pro and deserves all the five-star reviews he's received.

Coach Noah is a true professional, very focused on details that will make the difference. My son Noah really enjoyed his sessions. Very helpful feedback report.
I highly recommend him.

Coach Noah far exceeded my already lofty expectations. From his previous positive reviews I was expecting to get my money's worth but it was so intense, helpful and such a super positive experience. My son and I can't wait for our next session. Could not ask for more in a personal coach!!

my son Mason really enjoyed his session and wants to train again

I had my first session with Coach Noah last week , and I can absolutely confirm that he is a true professional! He was extremely observant and tuned in to every little moves ( and mistakes !) I made during the practice, with utmost precision, and quickly tried to fine tune them. He clearly showed that he is very patient, caring and accommodating as well. He took his time to work on very details & breakdowns of the drills to help me improve the technique, even though my session time was over. He also sends you a feedback report after your session which can be helpful for your solo practice.
I strongly recommend Coach Noah , with no hesitation, to everyone who wants to hone and focus on their soccer skills. ( I have already done so to 2 of my friends! )

Coach Noah did an awesome job with my grandson first session. The first course of order was to find out my grandson's weakness and the areas that he needs to improve in. We have had one session with Noah and within that one session I saw great Improvement in the ball handling. Coach Noah thank you very much and we look forward to more sessions with you.

Noah is great and we look forward to our next session.

I only trained with Coach Noah once so far, and I'm not new to soccer but he broke down many different things in a way that had never been explained before. I felt he was thorough, genuine, knowledgeable, and it all just made sense. I imagine his coaching style is going to continue to be very helpful to the game and my ability to continue playing the sport I love!

(no details provided)

My son just had his first session with coach Noah and it was absolutely a great experience... I honestly feel like my son is a better soccer player just after just one session! Coach Noah is knowledgeable, dedicated and knew how to motivate and challenge my son.... it's over an hour drive each way for us, but it's well worth the quality training that he received....we are going to be weekly customers and I can't wait to see the level of my sons play grow by leaps and bounds... book coach now!

We highly recommend Coach Noah. He was very responsive to our questions and created an effective first session. We were impressed with Coach Noah’s ability to quickly assess our son’s technical needs, as well as the areas of mental toughness that need strengthening. He has a great balance to his approach -rigorous and encouraging - holding our son accountable while keeping the session fun. He also has an effective way of presenting new information in a clear and accessible way that kids can understand. We felt our son improved after just one session. We are very impressed and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Coach Noah.

f you are looking for a great soccer coach, coach Noah is the one. He is very detail oriented and identifies issues needed to be improved very quickly. He has a unique positive attitude and is extremely nice. His report on each session is very informative and contributes to player’s development.

Coach Noah has been great with my 8 y.o. son who just started club soccer and needed some extra one-on-one training to boost his footwork. Coach is always ready and set up when we arrive and wastes no time getting started. He really maximizes the hour session moving from one drill to the next once my son "masters" the skill he is working with him on. He gives lots of positive reinforcement at the same time as reigning in my son's distractions or "giving-up" attitude toward a skill. My son has really enjoyed our sessions with coach Noah so far and I believe it is helping him in gaining more confidence for the soccer field during club games. Thanks!

It was a pleasure to meet you Coach, Ethan had a great time during his training session and he felt like he improved in just that short period of time. His confidence is higher than before after the session and He is ready for the next session.

Coach Noah was great. My boys (age 15 and 12) who are both club players, learned a lot. We immediately booked again. He was professional, fun and committed.

We just had our first training session with Coach Noah and he was just great! My 8 year old son really enjoyed learning from him and cannot wait for his next session. We highly recommend him!

Coach Noah was amazing! Was able to pinpoint and address specific areas of my sons game that needed work. The drills were great and helped tremendously right away. My son looks forward to continue working with Coach Noah.

Coach Noah is a fantastic coach. Throughout the entire session, he was patient and encouraging, while also making the necessary corrections and critiques. He broke down every drill we were doing and skill we were learning to the very basic level so it was easy to comprehend. If I wasn't picking something up right away, he had other tricks to help get me there. He works you hard, but every step of the way it's fun and you know what you're doing is worth it and important. I improved so much after just one session. All of the drills are easily something I can practice on my own as well, which I definitely plan to do. He even sent me a recap of the session afterwards with some tips and reminders of what I need to work on when I'm practicing myself. I would highly recommend Coach Noah to anyone looking to improve, at any age!

My 13 year old son just had his first training session with coach Noah. I usually don't write reviews, but after seeing what a fantastic coach he is, I feel compelled to share. From the moment the training session started, my son felt comfortable. Coach Noah showed the perfect balance of hard work and encouragement with honest and valuable feedback. I noticed a true improvement just from the beginning to the end of each drill. He explained the reasoning and importance behind everything that he had my son do. He has great knowledge of the game and knows how to motivate. My son cannot wait for his future training sessions.

I have only had 3 sessions and can confidently say I have already grown exponentially as a player. Coach Noah takes the time to break down every single movement so that it can be executed perfectly. On top of that he breaks down each move even further by explaining why this move is productive and in which situations it is best. Coach Noah's patience, dedication, and love for what he does is unmatched by any other coach I've been in the presence of.

Coach Noah is AMAZING!!!!!! My 6 year old son and his friend have started working with Coach Noah and absolutely love him. He is an extremely talented soccer player and has an ability to teach children the game of soccer in a way that is both challenging and FUN. The boys can't wait for their next practice with Coach Noah! I would strongly recommend Noah to anyone who wants to improve their soccer game:)

coach noah is a very motivating coach i am really having fun and learning alot from him i hope i have many more training sessions with him

My 12 year old son was given a great intense but fun session with tools to help him improve his overall game and things to practice at home.

Coach Noah really knows his stuff. Physically & mentally his drills were intense without sacrificing the fun and joy of soccer. He definitely has a ton more up his sleeve. He watches player's physical alignment, standing legs, angle of your feet when kicking, and makes you reflect on this things so you have an better understanding of the dynamics of soccer and of your own self. Then he adjusts you accordingly to help you develop a much stronger foundation as a player. In one session his attention to detail and drills helped me realize what I need to do to comb out the bad habits.

Coach Noah worked with my son and was a tremendous asset. Not only did he provide the verbal feedback to work on during the session, he provided it in writing afterwards. I was able to watch the change in attitude of my son and his willingness to work and get better through Coach Noah's instruction. We will be back in the summer for more sessions! Thanks again Noah!!!

Jawara from Toronto, Canada

Coach Noah worked with my daughter a week ago and our 2nd session is scheduled for tomorrow. I couldn’t be more pleased with how the initial session went. I picked Coach Noah after carefully reading the reviews on CoachUp and so I feel compelled to also write a review. There is not much more I can say that hasn’t already been said about him (yes, what is written is all true). If I was able to post a picture of my daughter before and after the session -it would speak volumes. My daughter is new to Club soccer (8 months) so she’s having to learn a lot in order to keep up. We are pleased with her progress but she wants to be “just as good” as her teammates and she wanted it to happen “8 months ago”. She’d often walk with her head down (her body language did not exude confidence or that she was happy with her performance) which was a drastic change when working with Coach Noah. During the session, she kind of walked with a swag, immediately got back on ball despite mistakes, and I don’t think her head went down once. Coach Noah’s personality is very welcoming, easy going, and encouraging. I mention this because my daughter who is normally very shy and lacks confidence playing soccer was immediately speaking to him, smiling/laughing, and not at all worried about pushing him around while working on defensive skills. She didn’t hang her head or dwell on it when she received corrective feedback. She was immediately back on ball trying it again, and was able to state what she did wrong during a drill and what she needed to do to correct it. What Coach Noah does best is his ability to teach a skill without over talking. Not only is he able to determine rather quickly what needs to be worked on, but he is able to break down the skill incrementally and give a visual picture (or reference) of what that looks like. That resulted in immediate change for my overly analytical child. He's extremely knowledgeable and knew exactly what to do in order to draw out the best in my daughter. Thank you Coach Noah!!! See you tomorrow.

Coach Noah was amazing! He exceeded our expectations! I told him the areas where my son needed help and he covered that and more. Plus, he showed my son some of things he could do at home to keep improving. At the end of the session, my son was tired but he told me he loved it. He wants to go back for more. We will definitely book more sessions with him!

Our 9 year old daughter just had her first lesson with Coach Noah and if I could give more than 5 stars I would. We came to Coach Noah because our daughter primarily plays goalie but when put in the field she struggles. She needed some help on ball control, kicking goals and overall placement on the field. From the very first correspondence I was very impressed. Communication and details on the upcoming lesson were very detailed and easy to follow. This continued into the practice itself. Coach Noah was very encouraging but also clear and precise with his coaching. My daughter responded very well to Coach Noah's coaching. She said it was fun and she couldn't wait to go back. The fact that Coach Noah makes it fun while teaching her core skills is the best combination. We have already seen an improvement and she is even more excited about soccer. I myself learned a lot too, which will help us to practice with her. I cannot say enough good things. Looking forward to more practices and seeing how our daughter develops on the field.

Coach Noah exceeded my expectations with the 3 boys in their first session! The boys really needed help in their positioning and finishing skills and Noah spent the entire hour focused on just that. All 3 boys have been playing club soccer for 6 years and had never performed the drills that Coach Noah had them do. That was super impressive to me and the boys. Now they can practice these drills together on their own and better their game. Coach Noah is an amazing coach with so much knowledge about the game! We plan on training with Noah a couple times a month😊

Great instructions, great motivation, definitely want to continue working with Coach Noah!

My son found him very helpful!

Great first session with Coach Noah. Really broke down the techniques in small steps to thoroughly understand and be able to practice in her own time. Really excited about the level of improvement we can expect. Lots of fun and energy. My daughter (13) loved it. Will be continuing.

I 100% recommend Coach Noah he's an exceptional coach. He has great training technique to improve the players skills. Coach Noah is an awesome trustworthy person top notch. Honestly I couldn't be happier my daughter stated that she learned more in 60 minutes than from all those years of training she's had. Thanks Coach My daughter can't wait for her 2nd session. She also left her 1st session with a great positive attitude. Loved It !

First training session and my daughter was thoroughly worked out. Coach Noah asked what my daughter needed to work on and he did it and then some. Actively participated in the training the entire time and wasn't just barking orders. Great experience.

In just one session, Coach Noah was able to have a real impact on shooting and set pieces.

My son is 9 years old and he had one session with coach Noah...he is already excited and is looking forward to his next session. Coach really made it fun and my son learned a lot. Looking forward to our next meeting.

From the first few minutes, we could tell that Coach Noah was going to be a great mentor for my son who is 11 and plays on an academy level team. He has had many fine coaches and trainers over the past 4 to 5 years and currently works on a team with American standout goalkeeper Brad Friedel at Brad's fledgling academy club BF310.

Coach Noah almost instantly could tell what my son's strengths and weaknesses were, and went quickly to work on the latter.
We covered things that are almost never taught in team training, including refined individual skills on offense and defense, where how one can legally use his/her body hands and arms in attack and defense, technical aspects of shooting and ball control, and definition and execution of what defines 100% effort and a good beginning in how to use new and old skills at that level of output.

My son is eagerly looking forward to more work with Coach Noah, as we already know what a difference the understanding of these elements will mean to his success, both where he stands now as a player, but also in the future. This is the edge we've been looking for and I highly recommend Coach Noah to anyone wanting to take their game to a higher level.

Most sincerely,

Scott H.

Coach Noah is very effective. He is also kind and patient and has a great sense of humor. My daughter left eager for more lessons. Thank you, coach!

I would recommend Coah Noah to anyone! He has the ability to interact & he exhibits patience with kids!

Had a great coaching from Coach Noah. He helped me work on some details in my foot skills that I will take to work on my bigger goals of improving my game. You can easily see coaching is more than just a job!

(no details provided)

My 7 year old had 1 lesson with Coach Noah and had a great time! Noah ran a ton of drills with him and explained each one so that he understood the mechanics. Noah is the right balance of discipline and fun....Signed up for another lesson and looking forward to it!!

Our first session, Noah went through a number of drills to determine my son's strengths and areas for improvement. He is thorough and his teaching tactics "stick". His follow up is impeccable. He provides step by step guidance by email so the lesson doesn't end at the end of the hour. This lesson was absolutely worth enduring LA traffic.

Coach Noah has been great for my daughter. He challenges her a lot and gives her very specific and detailed feedback, which has helped her improve.

Coach Noah is a great coach! My 7 year old son had his first session and loved it. He was so excited and showed so much improvement at his soccer game today. We can't wait for his next session!

Took my 4 year old with coach Noah for a 1v1 session and cant say enough the improvement my son showed with his club the following week. Coach Noah was honest and straight forward from the beginning a bit concerned with his attention span before the session because of his age, but once i confirmed with him the level my son was at and wanted to improve in coach Noah took him in and again 5 stars on my sons bodying and skills improvement.

Thank You Coach Noah

(no details provided)

Coach Noah has been doing a group mini-camp all summer with David and a few of his other academy teammates to get them ready for their collegiate soccer programs. They all have played at high levels with top coaches their entire life, but love working with Coach Noah and believe his training is the best!

Beyond just the outstanding training, he provides extremely detailed written feedback after every session. In the feedback he explains the drills they did, why they did the drill, and how the boys can improve on their performance. He always is able to quickly see areas that they need to improve and is able to teach the skills in a way that they understand. The drills are innovative and work both on improving David`s soccer ability and fitness. All the parents agree, the boys have shown a lot of improvement during their games after training with Coach Noah. I know he is a great coach, because he pushes the boys to their max(and sometimes beyond), yet they all still very much look forward to every training session with him.

Book with Coach Noah if you want your athlete to improve. He is one of a kind!

(no details provided)

Noah is Excellent. The difference between day 1 and day 2 was amazing. My son had a great time and learned extremely helpful new skills that no other coach has taught him, all while having a great time!

Coach Noah is definitely one of the best choices for players who really want to improve their overall skills and even mentality. His experience with the UCLA soccer club team makes him able to coach any level of players. And he is a super nice guy! He is strict when it comes to details of your body movement and footwork but you are always welcome to discuss your needs. Moreover, he is very concerned of his players so whatever goals or questions you have in mind just ask him. If you really want to improve, don't miss Coach Noah!

Haven't played soccer in 20+ years and Coach Noah made me feel right at home. Couldn't have asked for a better first experience. Can't wait for our next session.

Noah is a fantastic coach and trainer. In only 3 sessions I have grown more than I ever could have imagined. His eye for spotting and correcting weaknesses is unparalleled. His clarity and positive approach make him truly great. I highly recommend him!

Coach Noah is outstanding. My son has had two weeks of training and he has definitely done significant progress. This coach is a great combination of sophisticated technical skills, with great enthusiasm and high energy level. He really connects with the kids and transmits his love for the sport. Highly recommended.

Coach Noah made a great first impression on my son. My son was able to feel an improvement after just one session. We are looking forward to the coming classes

Knowledgeable, encouraging, overall well rounded coach. Recommend to anyone looking to improve in any aspect of the game.

(no details provided)

Great understanding of the game and also a great guy. Pushes me to the limit every time. Thank you coach.

Coach Noah really knows what he is doing. He works u hard and I truly got a lot of great information out of only the first session. I would recommend him to anyone.

Noah is one of the best coaches I have ever had. He knows how to work your athlete hard but just enough. Extremely knowledgeable. Would not hesitate to contact him to anyone.

Hey guys,
I am 31 years old and I started playing soccer about 6 years ago. I learned to play from watching other players and talking with teammates, but I’ve always had several sticking points which I’ve had difficulty working out. So, I sought out a coach to help with those problem areas and I was fortunate to find Noah. Before our first session, Noah and I went over my weaknesses and goals. He developed several drills to improve my abilities and from the first session I immediately had positive results. He has a great eye for identifying improper technique (such as dribbling or shooting technique) and he corrects it. He’s super encouraging and his coaching has made me a much more confident player. I highly recommend you take Noah if you are looking to improve your game.

(no details provided)

Noah did an amazing job with my son. Super positive and incredible energy. Can't wait to do more lessons.

(no details provided)

Coach Noah was great! Within the first 10 minutes of my daughter's first session he was able to assess her strength and weaknesses and provide very useful pointers to improve her game immediately. He gave great encouragement throughout the session and was able to explain concepts in an age appropriate way. I highly recommend coach Noah.

Wow! Coach Noah is awesome! My 9 year old son is very passionate about soccer and we were looking for someone who could teach him how to improve his skills. In the first session alone we saw such an improvement! He learned new techniques, worked on his agility and really just gave him an incredible soccer coaching experience! So happy we found Coach Noah!

Coach Noah does a great job of assessing and tailoring his program to your level. His fun and challenging coaching adds skills that can be immediately added to your game.

Coach Noah is phenomenal! Professional, extremely knowledgable, accomidating and thorough. After 2 sessions with Coach Noah my son performed so well that he was recruited to a more advanced club team. I would HIGHLY recommend Coach Noah to anyone, he is the best of the best!

Coach Noah exceeded my expectations for my session. Coach Noah gave me the technical skills I needed to drive the ball after one session further than I would have thought possible. He designed the session to meet my goals and worked with me until we achieved the desired results. I would highly recommend Coach Noah to anyone who is looking to become a better soccer player.

Coach Noah is a pro! Before my daughter had her first session with him, the way he communicated, it was clear he's an expert in the field and very professional.
Before we came across Coach Noah, My daughter played 4 seasons at AYSO, and after just 1 session with Coach Noah, she said she learned skills that she was never taught before. He is very respectful too. She is very excited to get to her next session!

Our son (U13 club player) thought Coach Noah's session was intense, well-organized and fun & we appreciated his professionalism and knowledge as parents. We highly recommend Coach Noah and will definitely be booking more sessions. Five stars.

My son just had his first session yesterday with Coach Noah. The session was fabulous. He made my son feel immediately comfortable, relaxed, and kept the session upbeat and fun. Heading into this process, as a father, I was very nervous that I would not find the right coach for my 9 YO son. After chatting back and forth with Noah before my son's session, and now having the first session behind us, I cannot imagine a better choice than Coach Noah. He is incredibly professional, extremely responsive, and most important of all, my son had a great time, and felt like he learned a ton! We will 100 percent continue to use Coach Noah.

My son and I loved Coach Noah. He helped us with exactly what we told him we needed. He is knowledgeable and positive. We just bought some more sessions with him.

Our son is 13 years old, small and gentle in spirit. However, he LOVES soccer! At this age, his classmates are hitting testosterone highs, and he needed to learn the skills to go toe-to-toe against them. Enter Coach Noah! Noah is responsive, prompt, organized and energetic. And it is obvious he LOVES TO TEACH!! I was so pleased to see him first assess our son's skills before putting him through the paces. The amazing difference about Coach Noah is that he specifically targets what your child needs and explains HOW to use these skills rather than just teaching fancy footwork and conditioning. My son knows how to do tricks. He just lacks how to apply them. Coach Noah, in the first session, already has our son thinking about how to play differently, and he can't wait for the next session. We are definitely going to sign our son up for another round of sessions with Coach Noah once these are completed. Highly - HIGHLY recommended!

I am amazed at what they have achieved in improving their skills and translating that onto the field. Your training of them deserves all the credit. Thank you, Coach Noah!

Coach Noah is a rare gem of a teacher. The kind that can quickly adapt to any skill level, without making you feel less, and provide you with a clear roadmap of techniques and drills you need to practice to improve. He inspires you to practice and improve, while reminding you to enjoy the game. Highly recommended.

My son enjoyed his session with Coach Noah- would highly recommend.

Coach noah was an amazing coach! He really knows his stuff, he's a real professional at this.

My son had so much fun with Coah Noah! He worked hard with my son to help him where he needed improvement and gave us a great written report on what they worked on. He definitely knows how to connect with kids and makes them work hard all while having fun. Our son can't wait to have another session with him!

Coach Noah is amazing! He has a way of teaching the fundamentals while making it fun. He is prompt, professional and has a great way with kids. He really helped improve my ten-year-old son's technique and confidence.

Noah is absolutely fantastic at making the training session fun, enjoyable, challenging, and engaging - it's everything you could possibly ask for. As a novice player I was worried the training would be to tough for a beginner but Noah is able to seamlessly adjust the level of training to accommodate players of all levels. He has my highest recommendation.

Coach Noah is as good as it gets. He really knows his stuff and helped improve areas I felt weak at. In just one training I felt like I improved alot and he made sure I got every single drill correct before we moved on. Would defiantly recommend coach Noah to anyone that wants to improve their soccer skills. Looking forward to more sessions.

Coach Noah was great. We had let him know some areas my kids needed improvement. He had a plan in place to address the needs. He was positive and upbeat. Kids really enjoyed it and have drills to improve. They are excited to do more.

Today was our first of many to come sessions with Coach Noah. His coaching style and knowledge was evident from the get go! He kept my 7 year old son focused while also having fun! His skillset advanced more in his one session than all of last year in his first year of soccer! Grateful to have found Coach Noah!

Coach Noah is great coach. He is good at helping you develop in areas that you are not great at. He does not skip a drill even if you are not correctly performing the drill. He continues to work the drill until you are able to perform it with a high level of accuracy. He has a great knowledge of the game so he is able to give extra tips to expand your game. Coach Noah is easy to get along with and is willing to talk with you about your life goals. At the end of my sessions, I could tell that my soccer skills had improved and I left with a plan on how to continue developing them. I would highly recommend scheduling session with Coach Noah.

My son is an AYSO U14 keeper. At this level, the players are just so much bigger and stronger that he really need to bring his keeper skills to the next level. Unfortunately our region does not offer any keeper training for the older kids. Coach Noah was a great find for my son. He did a great job of quickly assessing my son's strengths and weaknesses. He broke everything down in such a way that my son just got it. As the first session went on, I could just see the light bulbs going off in my son's head.

We could see the difference after just one session in my son's game. His level of play at improved and maybe even more importantly his confidence.

My son can't wait for his next session with Coach Noah. Me too! Looking forward to some combo sessions with my field playing daughter and keeper son.

Great coach and great guy. Can't wait for the next lesson!

Coach Noah is awesome! My boys have learned a lot from him. Right from the very first session; he was very knowledgeable and has inspired my boys to become better players and achieve greater success! I love how dedicated they have become! I definitely recommend him to any parents!

Thanks coach Noah the boys had an amazing time and work out! They can't wait until next session!

Coach Noah is an amazing coach! He loves the game of soccer and is clearly a talented player and coach.
My 7 year old son loved training with him and can't wait till his next session- he learned so much while also having fun.
I highly recommend Coach Noah!

A terrific session with Noah. Exceeded by expectations by far. He immediately zoned in on the areas my 14 year-old son needed to work on; set up drills; articulated the objectives of each exercise; and dove in with helpful tips. Noah is a very impressive guy, a skillful and talented soccer player, and he coaches with a positive energy that inspired my son. After the session my son's first words to me were "That guy is a fantastic coach!". Noah then followed up with written feedback of the session, which included reminders, suggestions and encouragement. A 10 out of 10 experience.

Wow. I love Coach Noah. First of all he is very nice, responsive and knowledgeable. He definitely knows what he's talking about and is really great with kids. I really appreciate his patience. No matter what I tell him about my kids, he seems to understand perfectly. I look forward to many, many more lessons with him in the future.

Coach Noah has impressive quality coaching abilities. He quickly connects to his clients and he masterfully tailors functional, high energy, technical as well as physical sessions to the players needs. My daughter has been playing soccer since she could walk, and still coach Noah was able to quickly find what she was missing to ramp up her game. I highly recommend coach Noah.

David T.

My daughter and son had a great experience with Coach Noah. He kept them focused on improving their skills while having fun. My kids are beginners and Coach Noah was very patient. An all-around great experience!

Noah did a great job in the working with my son he has a good understanding of the game and is very technical and has a lot of patients. You did a very good job much more than I expected and I would recommend him to everyone.

(no details provided)

Coach Noah, is an Amazing Coach & Player. After one session I feel so much better and more confident. Our 1st session was so much fun and informative that I can not wait to train with him again. If anyone is a 1st time soccer player or at the professional level, Coach Noah will take you soccer game to the next level.. I ended the session feeling like Neymar Jr. Coach Noah was so positive and encouraging which really helped me work harder. I recommend everyone to train with Noah, I know I will.
Thanks Coach & see ya soon

Shay Murphy #14

Noah teaches me the most fundamental skills which are also the most important things in soccer. He can demonstrate, explain techniques clearly and very well. He is not only patient but also good at encouraging me to do one more drill.

I believe following his instructions and keep practicing can definitely bring me to a much higher soccer level.

Coach Noah was a great coach. My 14 year old son George had not played soccer since he was 8 years old, and didn't know anything about ball handling and goal kicking techniques. After 1 lesson, Noah had him doing all kinds of ball handling techniques and kicking goal shots into the net with extreme force. After Noah's practice George went to his teams 16U soccer practice and was able to keep up with kids who have been playing soccer for past 7 years. I would definitely recommend Noah as coach, he really knows his soccer and is very good at explaining it to the students.

Coach Noah is a great coach and trainer! I was thoroughly impressed with his ability to pinpoint and activate the areas of my game that needed the most attention. His drills were targeted and precise and pushed me to my absolute limits so I felt truly accomplished (and exhausted) by the end of the workout. Definitely will use what I learned moving forward and will continue to reach out to Coach Noah for targeted 1-on-1 training.

I would give coach Noah six stars if I could! He combines intelligence, seriousness, empathy and warmth with a deep knowledge of soccer. As an adult player coming to the game for the first time since I was a teenager, I honestly wasn't sure what to expect. Noah instantly put me at ease. He's a genuine person. He was completely present and focused during the session, and he motivated me to push my limits through his enthusiasm and seriousness--never through negativity. I can see how he would be great with kids. My technique improved dramatically from our very first session. He really opened up the game for me. And it was fun too! I can't recommend him highly enough.

Coach Noah was terrific with my two daughters (ages 9 and 11) and we have already booked more sessions with him. Coach Noah has a great coaching style and his expertise as a coach is clear as both my daughters showed improvement after just one session. The real review comes from my daughters as both of them absolutely want to continue training with Coach Noah.

Update: I feel compelled to update my review of Coach Noah after my daughters have now completed many sessions with him over the past month during summer break and the experience was very positive. Coach Noah is excellent. Not only does he possess top notch skills himself, he knows how to teach the skills. I highly recommend Coach Noah. We can't help but continue to book more sessions with him because he is making such a difference and the experience has been so positive.

Really a good coach, i was impress make me work hard and at the end of the session i was a better goalkeeper, give me a lot of information and i will do another sessions.
Don't look any further , this is the best coach in town

Coach Noah was extremely patient with my son and the results were fantastic! I highly recommend Coach Noah!

Noah rocks, trainEd not only ball skills, but shooting, follow through, and fitness exercises to take home. corrected and tweaked what I was doing already and added to my arsenal of moves as well.
5 stars for sure

Coach Noah is great. I gave my boyfriend (a pickup game player who didn't play growing up) a session with Noah for his birthday. He got so much out of just one hour and had fun too. Very highly recommended!

Coach Noah was great! He has a great work ethic and works along with the athletes. This made them really respect him and work harder for him. When he sees an issue he talks to them and gives a correction and it WORKS. They showed improvement in this 1st session! Look forward to many more sessions and good times.

Excellent coach. As an adult player, I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but Coach Noah put me at ease and we had a terrific session together. We covered a lot of ground in one class, and he gave me plenty to practice on my own. Looking forward to putting in more work with him.

(no details provided)

He did a great job with my 11 year old son. He is an experienced player that learned a lot of new moves from Coach Noah in just an hour.

My first session with Coach Noah was great. He tailored the training to my specific needs, provided helpful feedback and kept it fun. I saw immediate improvement on key skills and gained confidence and awareness. Highly recommend Coach Noah!

(no details provided)

Fantastic session - Joel learnt heaps and thoroughly enjoyed himself - the drills were somewhat different to what he is normally exposed to and hopefully he can carry them in to his next match . Noah was polite, energetic, encouraging, professional and himself a great footballer which really impressed Joel!

Once again, great session - looking forward to the next one.

I've played at the highest level, and after just one session I know that Coach Noah is the best trainer around to get me back to the skill set I'm used to. He pushes you to be better, and yet listens to the speed in which you'd like to train. Highly recommended.

Coach Noah made my daughter feel so comfortable and she enjoyed her training with him. My husband liked the fact he took his time to make sure she understood , she came back home talking in detail of what she needs to improve on. We would commend him in a heart beat and I know Mia is going to get a few more sessions with him soon.

Coach Noah was great.

Coach Noah worked very well with my daughter! He is very encouraging but focuses on skill building, while making the session fun. He's the best!

Watching Coach Noah with my 14 yr old son Tyler was extremely gratifying! In his first session he immediately identified Tyler's abilities and areas for improvement. The drills Coach had him do worked on his fundamentals and conditioning simultaneously! Looking forward to many more sessions!!

Coach Noah was a great coach! After just one session, I already see the improvement. He's got a great coaching style and focuses on the fundamentals. I would recommend him to anyone at any level.

Noah was very professional and patient with my 7 year-old son. He is very thoughtful in organizing a training regimen that is custom made to the skill level of the player. I would highly recommend him to other prescriptive players and I am surely planning on reserving more sessions for my son.

Noah is a great coach. He explains techniques carefully and provides affirmations that encourage. I wanted sessions that focused on technique AND provided a cardio workout-- he structured them accordingly. I highly recommend him.

Coach Noah was great from the very start very professional and understanding of the players necessities. My son was very pleased with his workouts and techniques highly recommendable.

I've had the pleasure of both coaching and playing with Noah over the past few years.There's no comparison for having a coach who is actively engaged in development through training in his players along with himself as a player and coach. Noah is inspiring and insightful for youth coaching up through his college team and men's international team, all of which have been winning programs. As a friend, he's the guy I go to for my soccer advice.
This year, under coach Noah, the UCLA men had one of its best seasons to date. The team registered a 7-1 record, reaching the quarterfinals of a national tournament and taking first place in an invitational.
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