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Nicole has trained, competed and been coached by some of the elite in the sport (MLB players etc) she enjoy any opportunity she has to share her passion, skills and knowledge. View all coaching experience

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  • Syracuse University (NY)

  • 10 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Kids, Teenagers

  • Infield, Pitcher

  • Baserunning, Fielding


  • Syracuse University (NY)

  • 10 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Kids, Teenagers

  • Infield, Pitcher

  • Baserunning, Fielding

More About Coach Nicole

Nicole has coached at all levels, from kindergartners to Division I college athletes. Nicole is currently the pitching coach at Game ON 13, an indoor baseball/softball facility in White Plains, New York. She covers all aspects of the sport. Batting, middle infield, outfield and pitching.

Nicole was a three year member of the varsity softball and field hockey teams. In softball, she earned All-CNY first team honors and was a three-time Second Team All-League honoree. Nicole helped lead the Liverpool Warriors to Section Three Championships. She played for the Liverpool Sidewinders and the Liverpool Blue Reign. She went on to play at Syracuse University where she competed in the BIG EAST Tournament. She was a member of the Athletic Director's Honor Roll for the fall and spring semesters. She was trained by Dickie Woodridge who was a team member of the San Diego Padres organization. She was also trained by Dale St. John of Orlando, Fla for pitching.

During her high school career in field hockey, she was named to the Empire State Team (Central), The Central New York I Indoor (Pool A) and the Central New York Festival Team. Nicole received honors that included first-team all-state, first-team all-league, second-team all-state and Scholar Athlete. Nicole also played field hockey at Syracuse University. After her play at Syracuse University, she traveled to The UK for international play on two teams. The University of the Arts and The Wapping Elite Club where she competed in the highest level of play in The UK.

Played both Field Hockey and Softball for Syracuse University.

First we chose what the athlete would like to work on.

Start with the mechanics of a swing. (T-work) Having a strong top and bottom hand working on them separately. Working on having quick hands through the zone and a strong back hip. Once we have a solid foundation we will work on how to attack the outside and inside pitch and then graduate to off speed pitches.

Again starting with the mechanics. Making sure we have the correct throwing form. The proper footwork for fielding the ball (specializing in outfield or infield). Then graduate to backhands, turning double plays (infield). Tracking the ball, catching off the fence (outfield). We will also work on game situations. Where we want to position ourselves, where are we trying to hold the runners.

The mechanics of pitching. First focusing on the fastball. Making sure we are getting the correct spin and using our hips correctly. Then graduating to different spins (pitches) and gaining accuracy.

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Client Reviews

Great communicator and gave solid feedback

It was a good first lesson with Coach Nicole. She knows her stuff, and I think she will work well with us. Looking forward to the next lesson !

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(no details provided)

My high school age daughter has had 2 sessions with Nicole and really loved them. She is a very patient and encouraging teacher. I would definitely recommend her. We are definitely going to sign up for more coaching sessions with Nicole!

Great lesson

My daughter got so much out of her first pitching lesson with Nicole. Nicole is very professional and provided invaluable feedback and lessons for my daughter to succeed.

(no details provided)

Very helpful and an awesome coach. I learned more from Nicole in 2 sessions than I did from my old coach in years.

Coach Nicole is awesome.
My daughter learns so much and comes away from each session a more confident athlete.

Coach Nicole is a terrific coach.She has helped improve out daughters performance each and every session!

Nicole is the best coach we’ve had. She is amazing with my 12 year old daughter - she makes the lessons fun while focusing on fundamentals. She is clearly knowledgeable and experienced.

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(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Coach Nicole is a great coach! She is patient, thorough and highly encouraging! She starts with the very basics to build form and strength while also preserving safety. Nothing like seeing my daughter smile when she "nails it" and her determination when she senses what went wrong and correct it!

Spectacular...Charlotte, age 11, had a great time and is looking forward to another lesson.

Awesome at explaining everything from just 5 minutes in. Definitely recommend even for a 21+ player

Great coaching!

Nicole is a great coach and my daughter feels that she has improved a lot after each and is looking forward to the next session.

My daughter was encouraged to join her middle school field hockey team but the coaches were not able to address necessary basic skills for every player. Coach Nicole changed all of that. With a patient temperament and enthusiastic spirit, Coach Nicole began teaching form and skills vital to ball control. She also gave my daughter drills to do at home that would enforce what was learned in lessons. Nicole has been a joy to work with and I would recommend her with the utmost confidence in her ability to improve your game at whatever level you currently enjoy. She really understands the game, having successfully competed for so many years, and manages to communicate what she has learned with ease and clarity.

Nicole is an excellent coach. I feel more confident and patient at the plate. I definitely would recommend her.

Amazing, the best there is!

Coach Nicole has been great with our pitchers. She perfected the form and delivery of our pitchers and taught the catchers how to monitor the pitcher. She has been great to work with and the girls can't wait for their next session.

I learned lot from Nicole! She was patient with me but also challenged me, and was flexible to my learning style. My skills improved so much over my five sessions with Nicole, and I now have more confidence in the field. I highly recommend!

Coach Nicole was great! She was responsive, prompt, friendly and knowledgable. Her approach was methodical, which my 12-year old daughter liked. We look forward to seeing her again soon.

Nicole was great! Very patient and able to provide immediate correction and alternate drills when my daughter did not get it right away. Really excellent - we booked another session right away.

Coach Nicole was very nice and patient and helped me to improve my footwork.

We had our 1st session on Sunday and Nicole was great. She she made sure my daughter understood the mechanics of holding a softball and made sure she positioned her arm and wrist the right way. We can't wait for her next session

Nicole was great!

(no details provided)

Coach Nicole is very patient! My daughter found her first lesson enjoyable and informative! All That needs to be said is that my daughter said to me book more lessons. Which I have done. Thanks

Coach Nicole was amazing! She was incredibly responsive and my children retainedk saying that she was incredibly nice and that they learned a lot! They can't wait to meet her again.

Coach Nicole was prompt, professional and really helped my daughter focus on necessary fundamentals. She broke the basics down in a way that was fun but productive and kept her focused.

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