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Goalkeeper specialist - Multiple coach licensees/certifications with years of experience from the youth level to the proffesional View all coaching experience

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Training Locations
  • California State University--East Bay (CA)

  • 17 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Goalkeeper

  • Goal Kicks, Crossing, Free Kicks, Heading, Penalty Kicks, Shooting, Passing, Throw-Ins, One-Touch, One-on-Ones, Agility, Corner Kicks, First Touch, Dribbling


  • California State University--East Bay (CA)

  • 17 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Goalkeeper

  • Goal Kicks, Crossing, Free Kicks, Heading, Penalty Kicks, Shooting, Passing, Throw-Ins, One-Touch, One-on-Ones, Agility, Corner Kicks, First Touch, Dribbling

More About Coach Michael

USSF Goalkeeping License 2009
NSCAA Advanced National 2008
NSCAA Goalkeeping Advanced National 2007

Coaching History:

US Soccer
1. Claudio Reyna Foundation- Inner City Director (2010)
2. US Dev. Academy- NJSA U-19 (2010)
3. US Dev. Academy - Real Socal U16-19 (2007-2009)

1. Santa Monica College (Santa Monica CA) - Goalkeeper Coach 2009, 2011
1. Pasadena City College (Pasadena CA)- Goalkeeper Coach 2006
2. UCLA Goalkeeper Camp (Westwood CA)- Goalkeeper Coach 2007
2. CLU College Showcase Clinic (Thousand Oaks CA)- Goalkeeper Trainer 2007
3. Cal Poly SLO College ID Camp (San Luis Obispo CA)- Goalkeeper Trainer 2007

1. Everton FC (USL) - U-20’s and U23’s Goalkeeper Coach 2010
2. New England Revolution (MLS) - Guest Coach for Youth Academy Tryouts 2008
3.San Fernando Quakes (PDL)- Goalkeeper Coach 2007-2008

1. Region IV Regional Camp Staff (08) - Goalkeeper Coach 2008
2. NJ State ODP Trials (10) Guest Goalkeeper Coach

1. US Youth National Maccabi Team - Guest Goalkeeper Coach (Winter 10)

1. Laguna United Soccer Club - Director of Goalkeeping 2014-
2. Real Socal (Trainer/ Pre- Academy and U-10 Boys WVSL)
3..NJSA 04- U11 Asst. Coach and Goalkeeper Specialist (Fall 10)
4. Real Socal (Thousand Oaks/Calabassas CA) - Director of Goalkeeping 2007-2009
5. FC Barcelona (Pasadena CA) – Co Director of Goalkeeping 2006
6. WCSA (Santa Monica CA) - Director of Goalkeeping 2006
7. Crescenta Valley Soccer Club - Goalkeeper Trainer U-16, U-15, U14 2004

High school

Dana Hills High School - Goalkeeper Coach (Women) 2014
Miliken High School - Goalkeeper Coach (Men and Women) 2013
Beverly Hills High School – Goalkeeper Coach (Men and Women) 2004-2006
Harvard Westlake- Goalkeeper Coach/ Asst. Women’s Middle School Coach 2004-2008
Estancia High School- Head Coach Junior Varsity/Goalkeeper Coach 2002-2004

Camps and Clinics:
UK Intl. Soccer - Staff Coach 2009,2012
Soccer Plus Camps- Staff Coach 2004
CLU College Showcase- Goalkeeper Trainer 2007
Gold N’ Gloves Goalkeeper Academy- Staff Coach 2006-2007
Go 4 Gold Soccer Schools- Co-director of Micro Soccer Program, Head Director of Goalkeeping 99,00
Ziemer Brothers Soccer Camps- Head Camp Goalkeeper Coach, Staff Coach (U-11/U-12/U-14) 98
West Coast Soccer Academy- Director of Goalkeeping 2006
Cherif Soccer Clinics/FC Barcelona- Director of Goalkeeping 2006
AYSO Regional Clinics- Goalkeeper Trainer 2006
Euro America Soccer Schools- Director of Goalkeeping 2006

Personal Clients:
(Many Personal and Group Clients since 2005. Mainly in Youth Development) Examples include:

Alex Best (Currently U-18 Socal Blues ECNL Goalkeeper/CSU Northridge)- Goalkeeping Technical, Tactical Development / Strength, Speed Enhancement (2007-2011)

Jesus Larios (GK US National Amputee Soccer Team)

Anna Brewer (Currently Junior UCSD Soccer) – Goalkeeping Technical, Tactical Development/ Strength, Speed enhancement (2006-2011)

Elmer Avelar (UCI Men’s Soccer) – Goalkeeping Technical, Tactical Development (2007-2009)
Please note: Full list of clients is available upon request


Alberto Bru (Director of Coaching Real Socal)
Kevin Morris (Owner M3 Sports Training)
Nate Failing-( Goalkeeper Coach Pleasanton Rage, CAL North ODP)
Mat Herold – (Owner SportFitLA)
Itzik Rappaport (Owner Direct Kix)
Aaron Benditson (Head Coach SMC)
Juan Florez (Head Coach USL's San Fern. Quakes)
Richard Simms (Director Harvard Westlake )
Pedro Prieto (Dir. Of Goalkeeping Barcelona FC. )
David Gold- ( MLS GK Coach, Head of Go 4 Gold Soccer Schools.)

Note: Bilingual/Bicultural

Club and School Teams
San Fernando Quakes (PDL) Reserve GK
OC Blue Star (PDL) Reserve GK
Min FC-( Liga Simon Bolivar ) GK
CSU East Bay (D2) GK
Contra Costa College (JC) Achievements, BVC’s M Imp., M Insp., Team Co-Captain. GAA-1.00
U-20 Seleccion de Lara (Ven) - 4th Gk in Western Region

Past Teams-(High school and Club to U-19)
Wasatch Academy Prep. Mt. Pleasant Utah (Varsity) Achievements, Starting GK, Team Captain 2x, Most Impr, Region 14 All League Hon. Mention, Coach: Lindsey Gilbert
North Sanpete Hawks (Club Team) Achievements, Starting GK, Coach: Johan Boss

The Program:

1. Beginners (U9-U11)

a. Mission: To offer guidance to soccer players who wish to learn more about the basic fundamentals of being a Goalkeeper.

b. Goals: Develop a foundation of Technique, and an appreciation for the position of Goalkeeper

b. Main Themes: Ball handling, collapse diving, footwork/coordination,
Basic distribution: punting, throwing, and Goal kicks; communication, angles.

2. Intermediates (U12-U14)

a. Mission: To offer guidance to soccer players who are serious about learning more about the position of Goalkeeper.

b. Goals: To develop a foundation of technique, begin understanding positioning/angle play, and introduce reading the game.

c. Main Themes: Ball handling, collapse dives, footwork, Basic Pressure training, Basic Distribution, angles.

3. Advanced (U15-U19)

i. Mission: To offer the training environment that develops the Goalkeepers Technically, Tactically, and Psychologically, to be the best that they can be and move on.

ii. Goals: To Master fundamental technique, Gain a solid understanding of organizational positioning, and learn how to communicate effectively with the backline.

iii. Main Themes: See attached copy

4. US Academy

i. Mission: To offer the training environment that develops the Goalkeepers Technically, Tactically, and Psychologically, to be the best that they can be and move on to the Collegiate/Prof. level.

ii. Goals: To develop the Goalkeeper that wants to play at the Collegiate/Prof level. An advanced technical understanding of the position, How to develop the attack through proper distribution and communication with the entire team, Properly organize the shape of the backline, and enhance their preformance through plyometric, elasticity, and ballistic movement work.

iii. Main Themes: See attached copy

18 Week Sample Lesson Plan:

Week Topic
1. ball handling/footwork
2. one v. one’s/stalking
3. low balls
4. med balls/low balls
5. crosses/distibution with feet
6. angles off post/to post
7. chalk talk: warm-up, professionalism, situational positioning, Psychology of Team (yours and opponents)
8. angles/shot stopping
9. 1v1s/low balls/breakaway saves
10. crosses/distribution with feet and hands
11. one v. one’s/ cobra
12. extension dives
13. extension dives/2nd balls
14. perry/2nd balls
15. crosses/distribution
16. distribution: pass back/long kicks, punt/gk kick
17. back-2-bar
18. one v. one’s/ breakaways
19. angles/point blank (reactions)
20. crosses/ distribution
21. high balls/extension dives & back to the bar
22. angles off the post/to the post
23. positioning/communication (Tactically)
24. Game Warm-up

1. Ziggies
2. Keeper War
3. Keeper Hand Ball
4. Pressure Training
5. Cut throat crosses
6. Star wars
7. back-to-back goal game
8. 2v2 +2 (gks plus gks as field players)
1. Foot work- cones
2. Square set
3. 2 lines: roll/pick up, roll/ dive, throw high/collect

1. 3 cones/3 lines= angles
2. pass from the outside= come off post angle/ shot
3. 5 ball/ I point/ one min/ collapse dive ( pressure training)

Coaching Education:

Periodically the coaches of the club should be put through Goalkeeper Education courses. These can be classroom, but preferably field sesssions. During these sessions, the coaches will be put through various Goalkeeping activities and situations. For example we will go through a “Goalkeeper warm-up session: pre-game, and pre-practice”. During this session, the intstructor will instruct the coaches on ideas and theories on pre-game/pre-practice warm-ups. These sessions will last about 1-½ hours and should involve the Goalkeepers from the coaches’ as well.
Other such sessions will be : How to integrate the Goalkeeper into the practices properly, and teaching the coaches about Tactical Awareness from the Goalkeeper’s position.
By educating the coaching staff on what to look for, and angles for coaching the Goalkeeper and Defense, the club saves a lot of money, time, and helps build better Goalkeepers.

Sample Age-Specific Activities:

1. Youngers

Key to session – Keep hands RELAXED throughout session!!

Warmup – 1) Up/Over – pick up ball into backwards roll
2) Sitting facing away – toss balls up – turn to catch – repeat
3) Quick tosses back/forth to face – RAPID
4) Same…to waist
5) Roll ball to partners feet…they play ball FIRMLY to your feet
6) Same…ball played FIRMLY to head/waist

On knees – Roll ball to beat player…move on knees (goal 2 yds wide)

Laying down on side – pop up to knees for ball to be played to beat you on floor

Two Goals – Roll ball to beat player…STAY ON FEET! (goals 3-4 yds wide)

Roll Ball to beat player between goal 1 or 2
• 1 2 • STAY ON FEET! (can be rolled to either goal)

• •

Two goals – throw ball back/forth to beat GK – head level…
(beat gk by forcing them to drop ball)

TWO GOALS – wider apart – throw balls towards cones…must move feet to catch…balls played firmly.

Roll LEFT/RIGHT and up to catch ball at head (played firmly!)

1) player #1 is kneeling - #2 has feet on #1’s back…situp to put ball between your feet…back down and repeat
2) small goal – over/back in move feet into goal to catch…go to other side…repeat
3) Lay on side…pop up to knees…catch…lay down other side…up and repeat…

2. Intermediates:

• Ball played to 1 side or other…must get there quickly to collect
ball before it crosses imaginary line.
• •

• Touch 1 cone…get to other side to collect before ball crosses imaginary
touch * Both sides…
• •

Facing away….turn to quickly get into goal to collect volley…facing both sides.

• •


X1 rolls ball to X2…touches cone and gets feet set
• • in goal…ball played first time. Next rep move to
other cone.


X1 Roll ball to X1…get to cone and into middle of goal
to collect volley.
• • Same to other side…roll ball to X2…get to cone…


IN FOURS • O1 • O1 rolls to X1, plays it back to O1 to hit
1 touch to O2…O2 plays to X2, plays it
back to O2 to hit 1 touch to O1…Repeat
X1 X2

• O2 •

Pressure Training

X1 • • X1 is laying down facing out…up to get to goal to catch
(laying down) volley…Repeat from other side

• • • • move to other side through the small goal to get in
middle of goal for volley…Repeat other side.

3. Advanced
• •
• •
• •
• •


GK faces goal…turns…shot

Rapid Fire…low balls….UP/DOWN/UP/DOWN…etc

Low ball…high ball other side

GK gets to cone…ball played far post…
Ball played back to near post

Action Photos

Client Reviews

Michael is an awesome coach. On our first session he was quickly able to identify strengths and weaknesses and provide the right drills and technique to help get me ready for my tryout. Doesn't take it easy on you (which I liked). Can quickly key and diagnose your technique and point out where you need to improve and how to improve it. Will definitely be training with Michael again.

Coach Michael was great! I highly recommend him!

Great communication and flexibility while scheduling...my 8 year old son enjoyed his session and we look forward to some more sessions!...thanks!

Great first one on one goalie session for my 11 yr old son! Coach Michael was patient, knowledgeable, and very encouraging. He made it challenging and fun from start to finish. I would definitely recommend coach Michael.

Coach Michael is an amazing coach. He is always encouraging and positive, but he can be stern if needed. He's very knowledgeable about soccer as well, and he does a good job of helping kids with nearly every skill they need to know. I've had a couple of lessons with him, and every time I take away several new tricks or techniques I never really thought about before. My play has greatly improved in the last couple of weeks, and it's obvious that everything Coach Michael does really helps.

Coach Michael has been a great coach for my son. Coach Michael is very inspirational and knowledgeable. He relates well with kids, is approachable and punctual. Definitely would recommend him to anyone motivated to learn goalkeeping.

(no details provided)

I really enjoyed my first coaching session with Coach Michael. With his help I know I will be ready for the next level in my soccer career.

Awesome Coach! Great skill great motivation Great teacher!!!!

Coach Michael was great for my son! He was able to pin point important skills that needed to be improved during the first session.

Coach Michael is a great coach! After just one session our ten year old daughter feels much more confident going into her first tournament. It was a huge plus to find a coach that could specifically focus on goal keeping techniques. We look forward to booking our next session with Coach Michael.

Michael has been everything we could have hoped for and more. He has utilized his goalkeeping expertise, and his ability to transmit that information to a young girl, and is providing a foundation based on fundamentals. He maintains a genuinely positive attitude, and after each session my daughter is fired up to work on the new things she has learned, and looks forward to her next chance to work with him. There has been considerable progress in just a couple of sessions. Highly recommend Michael.

Michael is a great coach! Makes you work hard and believes in you when you don't believe in yourself. Sometimes we all need that little push to get you over the hump.
Michael Magid's a very solid goalkeeper coach that is all about the game and the goalkeepers he is training. He is an excellent teacher of the position, that works hard at being a student of the game and constantly making himself better in order to better serve his goalkeepers."- Nate Failing, Director of Goalkeepers Pleasanton Rage Soccer Club
My daughter has been training with Michael for the past year. She is a young goalkeeper and he provides the right amount of balance with discipline, accuracy, humor and solid training skills. Michael is the fourth Goalkeeper Trainer that my daughter has worked with. While they all have their own technique, Michael is exceptional! - Tracy
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