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Michael Holzer

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Pro/Celebrity Soccer Coach⭐️🇩🇪 Coaching experience from top clubs around the world🌎 Camps, birthdays, events (SoCal Soccer Party)⚽️ UEFA B License / Former NY Cosmos Player View all coaching experience

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Training Locations
Training Locations
  1. Los Angeles, CA
  2. Long Beach, CA
  3. Huntington Beach, CA

Coach is willing to travel up to 50 miles

  • Iona College (NY)

  • 8 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Midfield, Goalkeeper, Forward, Defense

  • Throw-Ins, Penalty Kicks, Goal Kicks, Shooting, Passing, One-on-Ones, One-Touch, Heading, Free Kicks, First Touch, Dribbling, Crossing, Corner Kicks, Agility


  • Iona College (NY)

  • 8 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Midfield, Goalkeeper, Forward, Defense

  • Throw-Ins, Penalty Kicks, Goal Kicks, Shooting, Passing, One-on-Ones, One-Touch, Heading, Free Kicks, First Touch, Dribbling, Crossing, Corner Kicks, Agility

More About Coach Michael

⚽️ Pro Team Coaching Learning Visits
● Leicester City F.C., Premier League Team Coaching Hospitation w/ Brendan Rodgers (Dec. 2019)
● D.C. United, MLS Team (Feb. & Jul. 2022)
● FC Bayern Munich, Bundesliga Team (Jul. 2022)
● FC Schalke 04, Bundesliga Team (Aug. 2022)

⚽️ Soccer Coaching
● Private soccer training for 1-on-1 individuals, groups, youth, & adults
● Private soccer training for all levels: professional, semi-pro, advanced, & beginner
● Soccer team, club, & organization consulting

⚽️ Soccer Camps in Southern California
● Highly-rated soccer camps and clinics for youth, kids, & teens
● Camps in Los Angeles & Orange County
● Players travel from San Diego, Las Vegas, Florida, New York, and more

⚽️ SoCal Soccer Party (socalsoccerparty.com, Instagram @socalsoccerparty)
● Soccer birthdays and private events in Southern California, Los Angeles, San Diego
● Soccer birthday, party, and event entertainment
● Soccer corporate events and entertainment

⚽️ Former Coaching
● FSA Pro - Head Coach, United Premier Soccer League
● Fox Soccer Academy - Director
● Iona College Men's Soccer NCAA Division 1 Coach
● Technical Director at Lansdowne Yonkers FC in New York (club with 300 players)
● Director of Coaching, Technical Director, & U18 Coach at RCDE Espanyol de Barcelona Academy in New Jersey

⚽️ Coaching Highlights
● Trained many players who got accepted into NCAA Division I Colleges
● UPSL Fall 2019 Champion with FSA Pro
● MAAC 2019 Champions with Iona College Men's Soccer NCAA D1
● NCAA Tournament Appearance 2019 with Iona College Men's Soccer
● Runner-up US Club Regionals with U15 Lansdowne Yonkers FC

⚽️ Playing Highlights
● Professional soccer player for NY Cosmos 2016
● Captain of Iona College Men's Soccer, NCAA D1 College
● Soccer player at one of the top youth academies in Germany: Stuttgarter Kickers U23
● Former soccer player for Reading United
● U19 Bundesliga Player
● National Amateur Champion 2017 & 2019 with Lansdowne Yonkers FC

I focus my sessions on the needs and goals of each player. During the first session, I evaluate all technical aspects, followed by analyzing strengths and weaknesses for an effective training strategy.

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Client Reviews

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Coach Michael is organized and really focuses on the fundamental teachings of Soccer. You can tell he has a lot of experience because not a minute is wasted in my kid's hour lesson. Highly recommend.

Coach Michael was great with my six year old - looking forward to the next session!

My son has a few sessions with coach Michael and has enjoyed his sessions. He looks forward into learning more from coach Michael. He is an excellent coach!

I really enjoyed working with Michael. He is knowledgable and encouraging. He is the guy if you are looking for any level soccer coaching.

Coach Michael was great. He had excellent drills and really made my son work hard.

Jayda has had only 2 sessions with Coach Michael and already her passion for soccer has tremendously increased. Her skills are improving weekly and her confidence has been boosted! He is encouraging and he has made soccer competitive yet fun! We will be with Coach Michael for as long as he remains a coach!

Coach Michael was an amazing coach! My son was really happy to train with him.


There was vast improvement after just one session. Money well spent. Wish I had discovered him sooner!

Coach Michael really pushed my son to be the best he could be. He brought him out of his shyness and had him focus on his strengths and weaknesses. Thank you Coach Michael!

My session with coach Michael was amazing! His ability to spot weaknesses in my game from just one session was phenomenal. And not only did he show me drills in the sessions but also showed me a couple I could do on my own. Yesterday at the session, I could not juggle at all. Today, I broke my record of 6-in-a-row! Thanks Coach Mike!

Coach Michael was phenomenal. He made the simplest drills incredibly challenging but at the same time making one realize their is always room for growth. I can't wait for the next session and see what he has planned. I believe he will unlock another level of in my performance. Besides the coaching aspect, he comes off as a good person and easy to converse with. The hour long session with him felt like 20 minutes, which was a great because I was enjoying myself.

Amazing session, amazing coach. Highly recommended and knowledgeable coach!

Great session! Very knowledgeable and definitely shows the love of the game.

I have tried many different coaches over the course of my football career. From the first session, I was amazed. Started with some technical drills and progressively moved on to the challenging stuff. I love the fact that he challenges me in the sessions and 100% honest with my skill level. The details he fixed that I thought weren’t so important actually made a “huge” difference from the way I dribble, to the technique I shoot. My confidence is through the roof as well! Thanks for a phenomenal experience!!

Great session focused on technique and ball control. Michael sees your mistakes and helps you improve!

My daughter (10 years old) just did a session with coach Michael. It was great! He was very informative and had an excellent demeanor with her. She learned quite a few new things in just one session. She can’t stop talking about it. I highly recommend Michael for private coaching sessions.

Excellent session with coach Michael today. Great training techniques and motivates to push harder. Highly recommend coach Michael , you will not be disappointed.

My first practice session with coach Michael was excellent. Coach Michael's attention to details and explaining to my kids their mistakes. Teaching them the proper technique. His experience and knowledge combined with his style of training is the coach that my boys need to keep reaching the next level. Thanks to Coachup for helping me find coach Michael. We will keep training with him. My kids like him and feel comfortable, his energetic, professional leadership and attention to keep them up pace to build them into a stronger player are the qualities that my kids need.

Coach Michael is super competent and has been very patient with my son. We would highly recommend!

Coach Mike has worked closely with both of my boys who are playing for their high school to improve their soccer. I would recommend him.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

coach Michael helped our daughter improve her foot skills tremendously. Since she started soccer late, the goal was to help her catch up so she could make the premiere team. With Coach Michael’s drills and strategies, she improved drastically and made the team she was hoping for. We are continuing her lessons with hopes that she will continue to improve and succeed in soccer. We have had a great experience and highly recommend Coach Michael!

(no details provided)

great, positive and energetic coach. knows the exact exercises to work on to improve your game further.

My Son had such a great first session..! He is looking forward to several more sessions with Coach Michael. My son enjoyed being challenged and focusing on the technicals of the game in a very well run training session.

Coach Michael is not only technically excellent as a soccer coach, he has the great gift of being able to communicate with kids in an easy but energizing way. He is perceptive and caring. We feel extremely lucky we found him.

Coach Michael was great! In the first session, he introduced my daughter to tough drills and pushed her just the right amount. I appreciate his positive attitude, motivating spirit and calm demeanor. We look forward to more sessions.

Coach Michael was great with my 2 kids.

(no details provided)

Coach Michael is great. Very professional, very good drills for techniques, improving a lot on my skills. Very flexible on time and very fun to work with. Makes every session very pleasant and fun

Coach Michael was very helpful, knowledgeable and understands the technical skills needed in soccer. Coach Michael also helped me in my shooting technique. I highly recommend Coach Michael as a private soccer trainer as he has many years of experience playing in Europe and in the United States.

Coach Michael is a great trainer for my 17 year old son. He is extremely knowledgeable about soccer, and identified key areas that needed work in my son’s technical skills. He helped my son improve immediately in just a few sessions. Very positive experience all around.

Coach Michael has already revived my son’s love for soccer in just two sessions! He’s focused, encouraging, and gives Liam just the right level of challenge for his age and stage of development. I am so grateful to see my son’s motivation to practice and to love the game come back so naturally, while he gets stronger as a player! Highly recommend!

Coach Michael has So much knowledge of the game. My son is learning so much from him. Drills are exactly what my son needed to become sharper at his game

Coach Michael knows soccer at its best , pushed my son to become a better player on and off the field , soccer it just like music , we never stop learning , very professional, and well experienced !!

Coach Michael is outstanding. He was able to motivate my son more than I have ever seen. My kid is already asking for more. What is best is to see his European experience and motivation rub off on my son. Highly recommend.

(no details provided)

Coach Michael is a great evaluator and motivator. In one session he was able to see my strengths and weaknesses and design specific drills for me to work on. He was also cheering me on while doing it and communicated everything clearly. Flexible meeting times and skilled at coaching to technical ability, I'd recommend Michael to anyone looking to improve their game or get in playing shape.

Coach Michael is an excellent trainer. He’s very good at identifying strengths and weakness and provides constructive feedback for the player to help make improvements. My son has had a very positive experience working with him and we will be signing up for a few more sessions to get ready for the spring season. Thanks, John

Michael is a skilled professional who also knows how to work with and motivate developing players in their teenage years. He sets a positive tone, and at the same time, helps players understand their strengths, weaknesses, and how they can improve. He exemplifies and imparts the importance of strong fundamentals -- technical, physical, and in terms of mental approach and sportsmanship. Michael is organized, committed, personable, and altogether a pleasure to work with.

His coaching is simple but to the point. He quickly found out my good point and bad point. And give me the way to the goal. It is worth going out to see him, even if you it is a long way. He is excellent!

(no details provided)

Mike is a professional. He recognizes a student athlete's gaps and attacks right away. Communication is key for development. Right away, I found Mike clear in setting the right goals and drills for improvement. As a parent, working with Mike is a pleasure. He is skilled and works well with my highly motivated U12 player.

Coach Michael was great! He was patient and positive. Looking forward to more sessions!

Coach Michael gave my 8-year-old son a great lesson. He was challenging and focussed on technique.

Coach Mike was very professional and focused on learning, while having fun.

Coach Michael is a highly recommended professional coach. He has a lot of knowledge. He has great motivation and offers support and assistance to help achieve many goals. Our son is always excited on his next session with Michael and always looks forward on seeing him. He is a wonderful mentor and coach. We couldn’t ask for a better coach in all aspects for our son.

Coach Holzer is an excellent coach who really cares about his players. He not only choreographs challenging drills but also explains how these drills allow you to excel in your footwork. He's personable and even when the sessions become grueling, his sense of humor helps to take the edge off the game. Outside of my school's soccer team coaches, I plan to continue to work with Coach Holzer! - Christian DeRiggs

Michael is a fantastic coach. Not only is he exceptionally skilled, experienced, and knowledgable, but he brings an infectious and inspiring energy and enthusiasm to every drill and every session. I also love how he frames his critiques in a positive and constructive light. He instills belief in my own capabilities, helping me overcome any doubts in my head. I look forward to each session with Michael. His sessions are high-intensity and fun, and guaranteed to improve your game.

Very nice coach. My 12-yr old son really enjoyed training with him while we visited NY. Highly recommended. Thanks Coach Michael!

Coach Michael was great working with my 8 year old son, who is quite enthusiastic about soccer. He assessed his strengths and weaknesses, challenged him in the areas he needed work, and encouraged him along the way while still making the session extremely fun. It’s immediately evident when meeting Michael how experienced and knowledgable he is, and my son left his first session wanting more. Would definitely recommend him to anyone who wants a high level of coaching with individualised sessions.

Coach Michael is a great coach, I’d recommend him to anyone who wants to improve his/her skills, very enthusiastic, and already I notice improvements in my game after just one session. Highly knowledgeable of the sport.

We have been exceptionally fortunate to find Michael as a soccer coach. As a coach, he is always prompt, professional, courteous, and motivating. He has a great eye for finding weaknesses and ways to improve with detailed and nuanced coaching. He also continues to be a skilled professional soccer player which is always exciting for my children. I highly recommend him.

I booked a 10 package with Michael in order to get myself ready for my college pre-season.
Michael really cares about what he does and he really wants you to become the best soccer player you can be. His detailed drills, his expertise and explanations and the variety he has prepared for every session were of a much higher quality than any of the coaches I've had in the past.
I would definitely recommend booking sessions with Michael, especially if you're looking for quick progress. Thanks Coach !

Coach Michael really took his time with my son Anthony. We had a hard season last year, especially with PK’s and was very meticulous with his critique on form. Very patient, my son loved him. I highly recommend.

Excellent organization and material . Loved the exercises

Coach Michael did a wonderful job training my son. My son couldn’t stop raving about his training style, exercises, and in-depth knowledge about soccer. My son just started playing soccer recently and wanted to sharpen his skills. This was our first training session but we will definitely book more with coach Michael!

Michael Holzer's experience and talent as a coach shines through in his abilities to lead and inspire those who are coached by him. I highly recommend him as a soccer professional on and off the field. My staff and I are beyond happy to have him as our Head Coach for our Pro Soccer Team at FOX SOCCER.
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