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Marc-anthony W.

Former Collegiate Soccer Player, NCSAA certified coach and current college coach


Bronx, NY





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10 years

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Qualified_coach_badge Qualified Private Coach

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Adults, Kids, Teenagers


Striker, Stopper, Outside midfielder, Outside forward, Outside back, Midfielder, Goalie, Fullback, Forward, Defensive center midfielder, Defender, Center midfield, Center forward, Center back, Attacking center midfield, Goalkeeper


Zone defense, Two-touch, Throwing-in, Through ball, Step-over, Sprinting, Set pieces, Receiving, Possession, Penalty kicks, Pass and move, Pace, One-touch, Man-to-man defense, Indirect free kick, Heading, Goal kicks, Give and go, First touch, Field awareness, Direct free kick, Crossing, Counter-attack, Corner kicks, Ballwork, Balance, Agility, Shooting, Passing, Dribbling

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Group Sessions

No, only 1-on-1


My training location only

Session Duration

60 minutes

Facility Costs

Not Included

More About Me

My coaching career started while I was a College player. I assisted with my college team's training sessions and tactical development. I started coaching at summer camps and University Spring camps.
I have experience working with a wide variety of kids of all levels from amateur to professional as young as 2 years old.
I have worked with Super Soccer Stars with kids from 2 years to develop their motor skills using soccer drills which are age-appropriate and fun.
I am also currently the Assistant coach at a College.
I am also a developmental coach with a Soccer Club- (Barcelona ,NY) teaching the unique combination of traditional Brazilian skills with the "Barcelona" system.
I am Certified by the KNVB- Dutch Football Association, The Johan Cruyff Institute for Sport Studies and the NSCAA.
I am also Certified in First Aid and CPR by both Red Cross and American Heart Association.
I am also certified in the Goalkeeping department by the NSCAA.

 1st FC Santa Rosa –Player /Coach (EFA- League Champs-2010)
-National U-20 League 2nd Place (2000)
- Most Valuable Player – Team Captain -U-20 (2000)
- Player of the Year (2000)

 Huntington University – Most Valuable Player (2008)
– Team Assist Leader
- 2nd Leading Goal scorer (2008)
- Team Captain (2007-2008)

 T&T National Futsal Team – Caribbean Football Union Champs- CONCACAF WCQ- (2004)
 Queen’s Royal College – National Big 7 Champions (1997)
-Caribbean School’s Football Tournament-3rd Place (1997)
-National InterCol Semi-Finalist (1997, 1998)

 East Zone U-14- National Zonal Champions (1994)

Session Plans can Vary according to the desires and expectations of the clients:
Basic Warm Ups- Dynamic Stretches, Basic skill development and technique improvement drills.
Level 1-: Technical development and basic skill development drills( passing-driven-lofted-inside-outside etc, dribbling,ball control and ball mastery, turning,shooting)- Use of several Dutch& Brazilian techniques and the Barcelona System.

Level 2-: Focus on More Individual Skills development and Isolation of deficiencies- and breakdown of improvement from the technical foundation... i.e- body positioning and proper technique
I also focus on Positional Specific Drills and Activities to enhance Individual understanding and increased comfort in popular situations due the the field position.

Fitness & Conditioning Session can be integrated in daily sessions to enhance and improve players physical, soccer appropriate fitness.

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