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Retired professional soccer player and former NCAA Division I Academic All-American. I'm the best I've seen at what I do. Please check out my reviews and the texts in my photos. View all coaching experience

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  • Northern Illinois University (IL)

  • 10 years

  • Qualified Private Coach

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Midfield, Forward, Defense

  • Throw-Ins, Shooting, Penalty Kicks, Passing, One-on-Ones, One-Touch, Heading, Goal Kicks, Free Kicks, First Touch, Dribbling, Crossing, Corner Kicks, Agility


  • Northern Illinois University (IL)

  • 10 years

  • Qualified Private Coach


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Midfield, Forward, Defense

  • Throw-Ins, Shooting, Penalty Kicks, Passing, One-on-Ones, One-Touch, Heading, Goal Kicks, Free Kicks, First Touch, Dribbling, Crossing, Corner Kicks, Agility

More About Coach Kyle

**Please first check my detailed/thorough review by my wonderful clients - they will tell you about as much as I can tell you here in this section**

Hello, my name is Kyle Knotek. I recently (2019) retired professional soccer player who is coming back home from abroad. I want to start off by thanking you for your time and consideration because I know how many obligations you have as a parent; whether it is with me, or anyone else, I can tell you from personal experience - that you are doing what is best for your child and I commend you for that.

I have been blessed to play this game for a living for as long as I have and I feel like it's my responsibility to provide as many young souls with some of the opportunities (and hopefully more) that I have been blessed with. It also should be noted that I have my own website for coaching and I make a private page for all of my players with videos from each session.


I've been fortunate to train players of all ages from 6 years old all the way up to players in their twenties who were training for professional opportunities. I try to use my interpersonal skills to find what motivates / inspires them. Fortunately, I've been blessed to train numerous players during their high school years who committed to division 1 universities.


I want to make sure all players/parents get to experience my unique training style and how I can break each skill down to the littlest/detail of physiological cues (using my understanding of the body/anatomy) to more easily explain things that warrant extreme focus to detail. In addition, I've studied and the process of learning skills, honing talents, and helping players reach their fullest potential; I've done this by incorporating everything I've come across in books as well as using my own experiences.


On top of this, I have the ability to create a webpage for each of my players to include clips of them from our training sessions and reminders/homework from myself. The time I spend with my players is to introduce that proper way to do things (how to contort the ankle, how to dribble with the ball close, what to do with the plant/touch leg, etc...); my hope is that they work to solidify these proper techniques on their own time, before/after training, and obviously in training/games. That is why I like to provide my players with a video recap made by me so they have a reference/resource to review the session

I can humbly and honestly say I have never seen anyone that has the same individual coaching perspective and that provides the same tools/resources that I incorporate in my training. I have always aimed to be the best at whatever I have put my heart into and hopefully you can tell once you experience my coaching experience.


I have been offered many opportunities to coach teams and have done my share of coaching teams in the past. But, I have no doubt that I am of greatest value to my clients when I work with them on more of a personal level. I have been doing personal training for a long time and I knew this was my calling as soon as I started.


Over the years I have developed/honed many drills that not only ensure that these players receive the technical/fundamental training they deserve. IT'S NOT ABOUT THE DRILLS, but it's about the explanation and coaching in those drills - there is no need for overly-complicated fancy drills when the main focus is developing skills. I have also seen numerous other personal trainers/coaches that just did drills and didn't explain (or didn't explain well enough) how the player could accomplish the task; if you don't exactly understand, but hopefully you will know what I mean after seeing one my sessions. A big goal of mine is to create long-lasting relationships with these players and see their development as players/individuals. I'm proud to sayI still hear from the parents of my first players I personally trained.


I have spent countless hours working as a soccer-specific personal trainer with various clients. I started doing some of my work through facilitated program. I started to go on my own which has allowed me to work with my players/parents on their schedule and consistently work with the same players to develop a relationship, and also because I knew I had

I feel exceptionally fortunate to have lived such a blessed life with so many amazing people/opportunities. Therefore, it is my pleasure to pass on not only the skills/knowledge I have learned playing this beautiful game. In addition to soccer skills, I would like to pass on some of the life lessons I've picked up over the years. I specialize in breaking down shooting mechanics and helping players develop the power, accuracy, and consistency with both their strong foot and weak foot. I also have a lot of success working with players in all facets of the game including shooting, passing/distribution, dribbling/taking players on, 1v1 (defending and attacking), on and off the ball runs, reading cues of teammates, juggling, and the different types of first touches (traps). In addition, I like to work on the athleticism of the players speed/agility work. As I stated before, my strength as a soccer PT has to do with my ability to break down all technical aspects of the game. I love to speak with parents about potential strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement. I have also been known to follow up with parents via email or text explaining specific tips/pointers. I also have done some extensive research on nutrition and am willing to work on/shate potential diet improvements.

I have signed numerous professional contracts both over here in the US and abroad in Europe. Before signing, I was on trial for a 2nd division team in Japan called FC GIFU. They offered me a contract, but unfortunate timing (earthquake/tsunami/nuclear crisis) brought me back home. Over there, I was playing in an outside midfield position. In college, I was a 2-time Academic All-American for a Division 1 program as an outside back. I am fortunate to have had/continue to have the opportunity to play in both offensive/defensive roles and to acquire valuable knowledge in both respects of the beautiful game.



My goal is to be an exemplary role model for my players, but I know the best role models my players will ever have are the ones that have been coaching them through life since the day they were born. That is why I make a conscious effort and set a specific amount of time to talk with the parents after every session.


As with almost any accomplishment, one of my strengths as a soccer-specific trainer, as well as an individual, comes from lessons I’ve learned from my mistakes. I’ve analyzed and broke down every aspect of my game. I wanted to know exactly how I was going to consistently get the best results. But I didn’t stop there, I also wanted to know why each and every one of my techniques/theories was producing the the results I wanted. Hour after hour of repetition and analysis has helped me discover the little details (that others usually don’t realize) that have proven, over and over, to be the difference between success and failure.


Out of all my beneficial skills and attributes, my optimistic/encouraging approach to coaching is what I think is most important to training players. With so much negativity in youth sports these days, I take great pride in motivating my players through positive encouragement and constructive criticism. My mission is to serve as a role model for my players and help impart all of the priceless leadership skills I have acquired from a plethora of amazing coaches/role models. After working with so many players, I have acquired the ability to identify the different personality styles and what it takes to connect to/inspire them.



*Division 1 ESPN the Magazine/CoSIDA Academic All-America First Team (2010)
*Division 1 ESPN The Magazine Academic All-America Men's Soccer Second Team (2008)
-Named to the United Soccer League's Team (Professional league in the US) of the Week (Top 11) multiple times
-Individual Prizes for my last team in Finland (all in different positions)
*Nominated as 1 of 3 players for Midfielder of the League for 2017 in Sweden


I build customized training sessions designed to ensure that each player is accelerating their potential as fast as possible. To do this, I use the feedback received from clients/players along with my observations of the player’s current capabilities. My goal here is to find and emphasize the areas of focus that are most relevant to the player as well as the ones they need the most work in. Over the years, I have created a plethora of fun/innovative drills in each of these areas.


The length of my training sessions begin at one hour, but 90 minute and 2 hour sessions are not uncommon and actually preferred. I have found 90 minute to 2 hour sessions allow us to hit more areas of focus and drill those skills/techniques home. Not to mention, that these longer sessions cut down on warm-up/travel time.

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Client Reviews

Coach Kyle has been great to work with. My two daughters have both thoroughly enjoyed his training sessions and learned a lot. He has been awesome! Highly recommend using him.

What can we say !! We used coach up twice before with no success . We thought we would have one more go for my boy age 10 . Well we’re definitely glad we did . He works with him with great results and passion . Teaching him with great one on one session . That club coaches can’t do . He comes out of the session with mor confidence and wanting to go home to practice more . Thanks so much Dave

(no details provided)

In our first session, Coach Kyle helped my son improve on a weakness by giving clear instructions, being positive, being a fun person to work with, and connecting with my son at a personal level. Coach Kyle didn't use any gimmicks to make the practice fun, he was able to make the actual work at hand fun. I loved that Coach Kyle affirmed my son's skills and believed in my son's potential to grow as a player in specific ways. Any extra practice helps, but I believe that Coach Kyle is someone who can help a player move to the next level in a significant way and is genuinely driven by this mission.

(no details provided)

Coach Kyle is a great coach and my daughter is already seeing positive results through the first 2 sessions! Her footwork skills are improving and her confidence has grown after each session. The 2 things that separate Coach Kyle from other coaches we have had is his knowledge of the game and the positive reinforcement he provides during and after each session. I have recommended coach Kyle to other members of her club team.

(no details provided)

Coach Kyle was awesome! Not only did he respond quickly to inquiries and messages, but we were able to schedule a session with him that weekend. He gave us easy to understand instructions on where to meet and explained every part of the training session in great detail. He took our input into consideration on things we’d like our son to work on and made each skill/drill applicable to real game situations. Coach Kyle was very organized, friendly, and understanding. Our son is a young soccer player (6yrs old- plays on U8 team) but Coach Kyle was able to quickly find his strengths and weaknesses and modify his training to fit our son’s needs. We would definitely recommend Coach Kyle and look forward to training with him again!

We are very happy to have found coach Kyle to work with our 9 year old son. Our son is very excited to work with coach Kyle and is a chatter box the entire way home from the lesson. From a parent perspective its great that coach Kyle and I are in alignment on what to expect and what needs to be done to get my son more comfortable on the field. I am excited to see how my son is going to progress over the winter. Coach Klye is definitely worth a try if you are looking to get your child the extra help.

(no details provided)

After just a few training sessions with Coach Kyle, my daughter showed definite improvements in her performance during games and we could see a change in her confidence level. I appreciate how he gives both the player and parent a summary of each session and also gives homework to work on during the time between training. Training with Coach Kyle has already shown to be a good investment into her future as a soccer player.

Simply put, you won't find a better youth soccer coach (my son is 8)! Coach Kyle is super positive and high energy throughout. Awesome drills and advice along the way made the time fly by - I would and have recommended Coach Kyle to other friends. We are going back for more lessons for sure.

Coach Kyle was an excellent coach. After just one session Coach Kyle taught me how to improve on my mistakes and get better. I saw the value and understood what I needed to focus on improving.

Coach Kyle has been coaching my girls for the past months. He tailored each session based on my input and his observation my girls' progress. He knows how to get the best out of my girls, great with kids, and excellent with explaining new techniques. My girls will be having many more sessions and we are glad that we found him. I will definitely recommend Coach Kyle

Coach Kyle took the time to come to my sons game. Coach did this prior to the first training session. Coach Kyle went above and beyond to get to know my son as a person and as a soccer player.

Coach Kyle worked with my 11 year old daughter and offered a nice balance of positive support and insightful correction. She was able to see progress in her skills in a brief period of time giving her more focus and confidence. Looking forward to continue working with Kyle.

My daughter really enjoyed working with Kyle and looks forward to her next session. This is great because her self confidence was wavering a little with high school tryouts looming, and her session with Kyle really seemed to energize her and get her motivated to go play again.

Update 2-27-16:

My daughter did 2 more sessions with Kyle after my initial review and the experience with him was fantastic, so I felt it only fair to update this review. He went so far above and beyond to help her focus on specific areas where she needed improvement and I watched her implement these things in her live indoor games just days later.

Today she starts tryouts for high school and she is much more confident and feeling really comfortable going into it.

Kyle's demeanor and personality was perfect for her and you can just tell he really cares about the people he trains. I would recommend Kyle in a heartbeat to anyone that is looking for a trainer to coach their kids (or themselves).

The session was great. Coach is very attentive to my sons needs and is providing skills he can utilize during a game. Great job

Coach Kyle is a great coach. My daughter loved her session and can't wait for the next one. He gave great advice on her kicking technique. He is patient and encouraging. I would definitely recommend him to others!

Kyle is a 5 star private coach. He knows his soccer. He can teach so many technical aspects of the game as well tactical.

My son absolutely loved his time with Coach Kyle. He feels like the instruction from Kyle has made him a better player after just 1 session and I agree. He can't wait to schedule another session.

Kyle's passion for the game and the players that he instruct is second to none. His positive attitude, knowledge of the game, and facilitation of training is the reason why we will continue to utilize his service and recommend him to everyone who is looking for private lessons. What a great find on CoachUp!

(no details provided)

We were looking for some extra coaching for our 9 yr old daughter in travel soccer. My daughter enjoyed learning with Coach Kyle very much. She really liked the instruction and had fun in the process. She keeps asking when she can train again. That is better than a five star rating for any parent!

Excellent combination of knowledge, experience, and most importantly, Enthusiasm. Very patient with two very energetic kids.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

My son just had his first session with Coach Kyle this evening. In one meeting I have so much to say about this coach. First, Kyle's love and passion for the sport is infectious. You can tell he loves it and wants to pass on his love to the kids he works with. Next, he is so good at positive reinforcement, pointing out how my son was doing things well and what he needed to improve on, then would ask him when he made a mistake, "tell me what do you think you did that time?" when something did not work right. It challenged him and made him pay closer attention to what he was doing and think about it. Also, he explained not only how to do something, but why to do it a certain way, or why to not do something a certain way. He engaged him and made him feel good about the learning process.

My son use to have a love for soccer that I saw dwindling due to coaches in the program he was in picking out the most athletic kids in the group and focusing their efforts in training on those that they deemed worthwhile verses all of the kids. Kyle understands that soccer is as much a mental game as it is physical and fosters encouragement on both sides. My son left the field today with a smile on his face telling me he could not wait to work with him again and that he felt a joy for the game again that he had not had for a long time.

To me, what Kyle did for my son in an hour of time was well worth the price of the session and the sessions going forward. And even if my son does not become a superstar soccer player, which we all know most of our kids won't, Kyle is inspiring his love of the game again and I truly believe he will become a better player, and potentially a better person by working with Kyle. And that I have to say is actually priceless!

I can't say enough good things about Kyle. He spent time with my 9 year old daughter working on core soccer fundamentals. Speed, shooting, passing, trapping. He provided her a number of drills she could do at home or with her sister. Kyle works through consistent positive feedback. He constantly was providing correction and encouragement throughout the session. Kyle made the session about having fun while working hard. My daughter love working with coach Kyle and wanted to bring him to practice to work with her other teammates.

Kyle's style and holistic approach not only helped my 7 year old son in skill development but grew his passion for the game! I traveled 40 minutes each week to have my son practice with Kyle. He worked my son hard and challenged him the entire time, yet my son never asked to stop and was disappointed when practice was over. When my son would ask when he could practice again with Kyle, I knew that he was developing my sons desire to achieve at a higher level. Kyle strong attributes with younger children is developing thier ball striking and handling skill sets. Kyle is approachable and values the parents input which allows further insight in your child's development. If you need a coach to develop your child skill and passion for the game, I would recommend Kyle.

Training with Kyle has made a huge difference not only in my daughter's technique and skills, but her confidence as well. But Kyle's passion for his atheletes goes beyond the pitch. He offers advice on healthy living, nutrition, and conditioning. His positive attitude is infectious and we hope that our training can continue for a long time. Anyone considering training for their child should take full advantage of this young man's skill, knowledge, and passion. I fully recommend him without reservation.

We were looking for a trainer to work with our daughter who is 14. Wow we were so pleased to have found Kyle. He is true to his bio. He loves what he does and is evident in all aspects of his training sessions. He challenged and motivated her with new skill and technique that she was excited to practice on her own. He took time to find out what she wanted to improve on. He always had feedback for her and for us. He shared his love for the game with her and his knowledge especially about midfield. But above all he is a very kind and caring man. She loved working with him and I could always tell because of the smile on her face. I recommend him 100%. Your child will benefit from working with Kyle. I know because mine did.

I had been thinking about a soccer trainer for my son for quite awhile. Going in to high school soccer where the age range was so wide, he was intimidated by the size and speed of his teammates and opponents. Combined with battling through some injuries, his confidence was just not where it should be and we started to see his love for the game diminish. When I saw Kyle's Bio for training, I immediately knew that he was exactly what my son needed. Kyle teaches more than just soccer, he teaches life skills such as hard work, determination and integrity. Every interaction with Kyle brings out the best in my son. Kyle looked at my son's skills, identified what skills needed improvement, and what skills he has that he could capitalize on. In addition, he taught my son skills that he needed to know for the position that he was playing that was new to him this year, and gave him some pointers on how to play that position. Almost immediately, you could see the improvement in his game and his confidence on the field.

Even if my son never plays a minute of soccer past high school, he is a better person for working with Kyle.

Kyle also trains my daughter, she is much younger and had a different situation, her team is of mixed ages and has a wide range of skill level. We wanted to make sure that her individual development continued to progress. After their first league game, my daughter said she was intimidated by the opponents size, and she didn't play the way she normally would. The next session with Kyle, he gave her a pep talk and taught her how to play against the bigger girls. After that she has played with confidence regardless of the size of the other team. She loves to go to train with Kyle and works so hard for him. Kyle teaches her not only skills but confidence, and it shows every time she steps on the field. After a good game she says to me "Kyle would have been proud of me today".

As a parent, I love working with Kyle, he tells us what he is doing with the kids, why he is doing it and how they are progressing. His training has made a positive impact on my children both on and off the field.

We are so thankful we were able to connect with Kyle as a soccer trainer for our 2 daughters. He is so encouraging, knowledgeable, skilled and positive at all of their training sessions. We have seen great improvement in each of them and it has boosted their confidence on the soccer field. They love Kyle’s easy going demeanor, his exceptional knowledge of the game and how well he can explain things to them. They are learning so much about soccer under his instruction and are having a ton of fun doing it. Not only are my daughters gaining valuable soccer skills from Kyle, they are also learning valuable life skills from his positive influence and belief in them. Kyle is by far the best trainer we have ever seen! My husband, kids and I would all highly recommend Kyle for soccer training for anyone at any level. He is truly exceptional at what he does. Thank you Kyle

We cannot say enough good about Kyle's teaching ability. In just a couple of lesson's we could see the diffeerence in our daughter's ability. Kyle's love for the game and his attention to detail makes all the difference and what put's him as one of the best intructor's we have ever used. We are going to miss him dearly. Our next instructor will have some very BIG shoes to fill. Kyle thank you, good luck in your future endeavours and God Bless.
Jenna and Randy Shupert

Excellent Session! Kyle hit all of the areas that Michael wanted to work on. I am very impressed with his approach to training and how he is able to break down the skills to the smallest of details. Kyle is a true teacher and I am looking forward to Michael continuing to work him!

After my son's first session with Kyle - he was fully energized for the upcoming fall season. Kyle was very up-beat, energetic, and very skilled at giving positive constructive feedback. He immediately identified that Jordan had never received proper training at shooting the ball, and took his time to teach him the correct form. We are looking forward to more sessions with Kyle

Absolutely a terrific experience. Kyle's knowledge and passion for the game showed through in the enthusiasm to train and take the player to a higher level. I would recommend Kyle to anyone at any level. We chose to make a long drive to train with Kyle, and it was worth every mile.

Kyle's training has been, quite literally, a 'game changer' for my sons. He has very quickly been able to enhance existing skills, and teach new skills. More importantly, he has imparted confidence and motivation to my sons. Kyle's training sessions are fantastic. He has a gift for instruction! My sons are already playing at a very high level, but, having individualized, professional instruction has made a huge difference to them. I highly recommend Kyle!

Was able to give excellent pointers

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