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Former professional baseball player, Provides for all sports a complete mental training program called Your Goal Mapping for athletes ages 11-18 and I'm completely online! . View all coaching experience

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Training Locations
  • University of Virginia (VA)

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Kids, Teenagers

  • Pitcher

  • Pitching


  • University of Virginia (VA)

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Kids, Teenagers

  • Pitcher

  • Pitching

More About Coach John

Excel at sports and in life, I work with young players on mental training using a tool I co-developed called Your Goal Mapping. Simple and easy to use, we assist young players to develop the same positive mental traits as their role models. Each player will get the most out of their physical skills training using Your Goal Mapping.

I was the No. 2 draft pick of the Washington Senators in 1969, 25th player chosen in the draft. I played for 6 years professionally in the Minor Leagues. I have co-developed a mental training program called YourGoalMapping.


For mental skills training: I have developed a complete specialized mental training package called Your Goal Mapping for players in all sports.

Your Goal Mapping takes a market proven step by step, easy to follow approach, and is based on the insights of professional athletes, coaches and sports psychologists. We begin to address many of the major issues facing young athletes today: having confidence, being responsible for their actions, setting proper goals, not afraid to fail when learning new skills, and much more.


1. Choose traits that make their role models successful and they want to emulate.
2. Setting proper mental goals to assist them in attaining their physical goals.
3. Better understand the challenges that stand in their way of success.
4. Choose those tasks necessary to improve their performance, so they can overcome the challenges that prevent them from meeting their goals.


Each participating Young Athlete (and parent or coach) who attends the session will receive the following entire training package!


1. The Your Goal Mapping™ workbook that will take you through each step to “map out” you own personalized mental training program.
2. Once you complete the workbook and send in, you will receive your personalized Your Goal Mapping™ map poster, which allows you to better work with your coach or parents on your mental training plan. Hang it on your wall!
3. You will receive a link to watch a TRAINING VIDEO that will take you through each of the steps to fill out the workbook. We cover the entire workbook outline and go through each step in detail.
4. 4 AIDS to assist you in filling out your choices for each of the bases.
5. WHEN YOU HAVE COMPLETED THE WORKBOOK AND RECEIVED YOUR MAP you will also receive an additional 5 TRAINING AIDS to get the most out of YOUR GOAL MAPPING™ training program.

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Client Reviews

Your Goal Mapping has become a great tool for our 14 year old son Jaiden. John introduced us to his program about eight months ago and we have seen a big improvement in the way Jaiden prepares not only for sports, but for school as well. He has a different approach, thinks things through more, and has shown a better work ethic. I think one of the biggest benefits to Your Goal Mapping is how it makes the person concentrate more on the mental aspects of sports and life. As a coach and former player we all concentrate on the drills that can improve our athletic abilities, but forget about how important the mental preparation is. Your Goal Mapping makes this a priority and will benefit all Student Athletes.
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