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I have experience training all kinds of athletes, it's what I'm best at. I took athletic training in college, and I hope to make every athlete an elite contender in their sport. View all coaching experience

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Training Locations
  • Louisiana State University--Shreveport (LA)

  • 2 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Catcher, Infield, Outfield, Pitcher

  • Fielding, Hitting, Baserunning


  • Louisiana State University--Shreveport (LA)

  • 2 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Catcher, Infield, Outfield, Pitcher

  • Fielding, Hitting, Baserunning

More About Coach Jared

I assisted high school softball select teams in Shreveport while I coached baseball at Byrd high school. I did the majority of my work as individual private lessons during practice, ranging from hitting to fielding to catching.

I am currently Playing in the Tampa bay Rays organization in AAA Durham. I have spent the last three seasons playing for the Rays minor leagues. I learned the key differences between softball and baseball while coaching high school baseball and softball at Byrd high school.

My athletes can expect to learn the basic fundamentals and mechanics of pitching, hitting, fielding, and throwing before moving into advanced drills. You can expect to take your game to the next level at a pace that suits you and at a level you are able to handle. I will never put too much into a lesson that my athletes cannot attain or keep up with. This is about learning and developing not forcing progress.

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Client Reviews

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Coach Jared is awesome. He works extremely well with my daughter, she is always looking forward to her lessons. I've noticed such an improvement all around with her since has begun working with Coach Jared. We are looking forward to continuing our coaching with him!

Jared is patient and explains the why behind the drills in a way that is easy to understand. He's great!

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It's clear that Coach Jared has a passion for the game and shares that with the athletes he's training. He's upbeat, knowledgeable and relatable and our 11 year old son has enjoyed his sessions. He keeps our son engaged with the perfect balance of hard work and fun. Not only is Jared able to break down the mechanics in a way our 11 yr old can absorb, he's also able to recognize when our son simply needs a little TLC on his mental game to advance instead. Priceless. We've already noticed improvements within a few sessions and look forward to seeing further growth with Coach Jared's guidance.

He did an awesome job with my son. We be continuing lesson with him

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Coach Jared really helped my son (age 11) understand why and how things are when it came to his batting stance, swing, etc. We have only had one session so far but he helped my son learn more in that one session than he has in years. We are focusing on batting for now and will move to some fielding in later sessions. He finds a way to relate to the kids so that they can understand. My child has a very hard shell to crack. He is quiet and doesn't smile much until he feels comfortable with you. Jared got more smiles from my child in one session than his coaches have for years. My son is so excited to go back and learn more. I have no worries that he will become a well rounded player after working a little more with Coach Jared. I am very glad that I chose him after a lot of looking around between options.

Great first session! My son really understood the concepts and Jared explained! Super excited to see where the lessons lead him.

Very in tune with body mechanics and the “why” of things.
My son Couldn’t be happier.

Very knowledgeable great with my son

Awesome! He’s learning skills that will last him a lifetime. (Besides his immediate improvement and confidence with his game). So happy to have Coach Jared!!

Coach Jared is a really good teacher. He maintains a positive attitude with and has made a noticeable improvement with my 10 year olds hitting and pitching with just 2 sessions. I I highly recommend him.

Very good with my son, Helps him learn all aspects of the game.

I wish I could give more than 5 stars. Jared’s pitching techniques focus first and foremost on safety. My son is so efficient in his pitching motion now that he finally has the consistency throwing strikes that he had lacked beforehand. Oh yea, he also picked up 13 MPH on his fastball as well. Also, first game back from his off season after also working with Jared on his hitting, he hit his first homerun ever. He now has the confidence that he lacked before and the momentum heading into High School tryouts. Well done sir!!!!

I can’t say enough good things about Jared. He’s been an amazing coach for my 12 yr old son. Jared teaches the mechanics of baseball the best way I’ve ever seen. He is patient and incredibly nice. I just wish we would’ve found him sooner.

My son had one of the best sessions withJared! Thank you for everything and he’s excited about working with you again!

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My son had his first lesson with Coach Jared, and it was great! He's a really nice gu and makes it fun but still explains everything so that at my son understands what he supposed to be doing and why. We couldn't be happier!

Excellent instruction, providing my 12yr old son plenty to work on outside of our session. Kept the lesson entertaining with just the right amount of clear instruction. Would highly recommend.

Great instructor. I was amazed to see the results he got out of my son’s swing in one lesson. My son is a Junior on his varsity team and has had a lot of instruction over the years, and Jared is one of the best my son has ever worked with. We will be repeat customers for sure!

Coach Jared was awesome. He was prompt and patient. He seemed genuinely interested in the goals and expectations of m son. He was systematic in his teaching approach. He also reviewed throughout lesson and at end of lesson. Very pleased with lesson. I can't wait to see my son put it to use in games. We will be continuing lessons.

Coach Jared is very knowledgeable and passionate about coaching and baseball. He is very patient and after one session already helped our son grow and learn so much! We are very excited to continue lessons with him!!!

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(no details provided)

Words can’t describe how awesome of a coach Jared is. Off of one session so far my son has improved tremendously. He has the heart and dedication to the sport and makes sure to put all his effort into his lessons.

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(no details provided)

My son has taken three sessions so far with Coach Jared. He is an advanced player in his age group but he felt the lesson was an eye opening experience. Coach Jared paid great attention to fundamentals. He analyzed the issues in details and explained in such clear logic that totally made sense to my son. We both learned a lot. He is a great coach.

Thorough, knowledgeable, personable and great techniques.

My son has really enjoyed his lessons with Coach Jared. He takes his time and explains all the drills to him. I would recommend Coach Jared to anyone.

Jared has been great! My daughter has learned a lot and really likes him as a coach. He is easy to communicate with both during the lessons and for scheduling. He comes prepared for the lessons and has a plan for what we are going to work on. Really nice guy and a great coach. We have had 4 lessons so far have seen great improvement. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a coach.

Great coach who takes time to break down every detail. Superior knowledge and cares about the health of the kids over time.

Jared explains everything and works well with my 10 year old son.
You can tell he truly enjoys baseball and developing young players.

James loved working with Jared!

(no details provided)

So patient

Jared is wonderful! A lot of solid instruction, especially for a first session!

(no details provided)

Jared is great - very patient and has a good way with younger kids.

Coach Jared was great!! He took extra time to evaluate my son's game in each area and then worked with him on subtle changes to up his game. My son can be hard to please and he spoke highly of Coach Jared and felt his coaching tips were very helpful.

(no details provided)

My son has never played baseball before, Jared shows patience and passion that rubbed off on my son, just after one session he has shown GREAT improvement, I definitely recommend this coach, he's a life saver!!!!!!

After the first lesson my 7 yr old grand daughter showed much improvement and was very excited about practicing outside of her regular softball practice. She has learned so much after just two lessons. Coach Jared is very good with my grand daughter. I can see he enjoys working with kids. She can't wait for her next lesson. Well worth the lessons.

Jared is the best of the best. He is the best I've seen at communicating baseball where anyone of any age can understand and retain what is being taught. He has an eagle eye when it comes to hitting and pitching mechanics.

Amazing coach, would recommend him to anyone

My son learned alot from jus one session he explains everything to him step by step great coach

Jared is an excellent coach and a great mentor. If you are looking for someone who is willing to work with you and make you better, I recommend booking a session with Jared ASAP

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(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Jared has been doing a great job with my 8 year old. Jared has been good about working on all facets of the game and taking each skill to the next level has the lessons continue. He is patient and utilizes a lot of really good drills for players of this age.

Coach Jared is a great coach my likes him I have never seen my son pay attention to other coaches. He gets excited when it's time for a session

My son had his first pitching lesson with Jared a few days ago it was money well spent. He asked a lot of questions and spent time getting to know my son. He demonstrated his warm up routine, making sure my son understood how a professional ballplayer prepares his body before ever picking up a baseball...very important for a developing 12 year old to understand. The rest of the session was spent on drills and exercises, with an emphasis on lower body mechanics. This is exactly the type of instruction I was looking for and my son is looking forward to his next lesson.

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