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Experienced full-time competitor and coach. Large club and competitions director. Learned from some of the world's top players. Unique angle on how to learn to play squash. View all coaching experience

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Session Length: 45 minutes

$130 1 session + applicable fees

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  • Princeton University (NJ)

  • 30 years

  • Qualified Private Coach

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Ball Control, Serves, Form, Footwork, Strategy, Decision Making, Drop Shots, Wall Shots, Deep Shots


  • Princeton University (NJ)

  • 30 years

  • Qualified Private Coach


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Ball Control, Serves, Form, Footwork, Strategy, Decision Making, Drop Shots, Wall Shots, Deep Shots

More About Coach Hunt

Squash and fitness/lifestyle coaching for juniors and adults from beginner to national champions since1990 with exceptional powers of observation and communication/didactic skills. I have spent 30 years as the Head Coach at three squash clubs in the Washington DC area. Lifetime promoter of the sport. US Squash National Referee Assessor and Instructor.

4-year member of Princeton University Varsity Men's Squash Team, 3-times US Championship Division 1, College Squash Assn. Ranked in top 5, USA national age groups for 10 years. Highest US ranking #12, open rankings. Champion, National Capital Squash 1st Division (Fisher Cup). Multiple first place finishes in open singles and national team championships. President's Award, National Capital Squash. 23-year Board Member of National Capital Squash. Founding Board Member of SquashEmpower. Studying for Personal Trainer Certification with National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)

[NOTE: Private "1 on 1" lessons are 45 minutes long. Semi-private lessons with 2 to 4 students are 60 minutes long]
I teach my students not just only to play squash, but how to learn it. My methods are based on swing and movement technique, tactics and fitness. We will get right to what you need most to improve your game. An efficient path to success. You might even hear me say something about your game that you've never heard from anyone else.

(1) There are common mistakes players make in technique (ball control, timing, swing and footwork mechanics). I spot deficiencies quickly and show you how to correct them in terms that are easy to understand and remember
(2) I relate to a diverse clientele, having taught over 24,000 private, semi-private and group lessons to people of all abilities from 5 year olds to one-handed players to 85 year olds
(3) You learn how to coordinate your eyes, hands, feet, awareness, focus, memory and the essential parts of playing to win. I do not merely feed the ball and yell at you when you do something the wrong way. Learning should be fun, interactive and positive!
(4) You get tools and keys to help you remember what you learn
(5) Most people are visually object-oriented. They focus on the ball so much that they block information that their bodies need to cooperate in order to function better. I teach you to focus on your eyes, hands and feet while being aware of the ball. Our approach is based on the best METHOD of learning, not merely on the outcome. Improvement comes faster this way than by telling you "hit the ball here or there". This works for everyone from elite players to novices.
(6) Often what works for one player does not work for another because body types, personalities and learning styles are different. I engage the whole person.
(7) You play as you train and practice. Most of the skill that you learn through practice is stored in your lower brain stem and spinal cord, reactive and reflex-based, not by a long process of decision making. There is no time in a fast rally to intellectualize and think your way to the best shot.

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Client Reviews

Hunt is a great coach. I learned a lot

This was my first time to play the sport of squash. Hunt created a very fun and relaxed atmosphere. He also managed to do something that is rare for a coach in any sport - to skillfully blend technical/fundamental instruction as we progressed through the lesson. As a result, the lesson flowed well and did not seen overwhelming (because the information came in small bits). I can't recommend Hunt highly enough!

I played squash competitively in high school and college. I hadn’t picked up a racquet in more than a year because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Coach Hunt was able to meet me where I was at as a player and quickly return my game to form. His in-depth understanding of the game of squash is unparalleled. So is his ability to relate the game to my previous experience in other sports. Hunt thoroughly understands the mechanics of the swing and footwork and the tactics of the game, seamlessly imparting both during our sessions. Outside of the details of our lessons, Hunt always arrives promptly, adheres to COVID protocols, and has a genuine love for the game of squash
I have taken private squash lessons with Hunt Richardson for several years. Hunt is both extremely knowledgeable about squash and an excellent and patient teacher. Hunt quickly identifies issues with both technique and tactics and demonstrates and explains how to make improvements using a wide variety of drills that keep lessons interesting and fun. I particularly like Hunt’s approach of focusing on particular skills with repeated focused drills and then applying those drills in a game scenario. I also like that Hunt believes in challenging his students in varied drills and practice games. I think this approach to learning to apply skills under pressure has helped me to significantly improve my game over time. Hunt is also very encouraging, upbeat, responsible in dealing with lessons, and also has a good sense of humor. He is also very helpful in suggesting and helping to connect students with good practice/playing partners. I recommend him strongly.
For the past year or so, a friend and I have been working with Hunt to learn how to play squash. In every respect, Hunt has been an outstanding coach. He has a deep and nuanced understanding of the game. He communicates clearly and effectively. He has developed our conditioning, our shot making abilities, our knowledge of the rules, and an appreciation for the mental challenges that it takes to develop a real feel for where you need to be on the court. We both have challenging work schedules, but Hunt has been extremely flexible and gracious about scheduling our lessons. He has tremendous patience and the ability to connect with his students on a sincere and meaningful level. His respect and passion for the game, as well as his students, is unmatched. In turn, he has fostered in us a passion and joy for the game. For any age and experience level, I heartily recommend Hunt as a coach -- you will not regret it.
I am writing to recommend Hunt Richardson to you as a first rate squash professional. Hunt was instrumental in helping create, manage and sustain a new squash program at Wilson High School in Washington, DC. I am the chairman emeritus of the parent board that was organized to oversee this program; I was also the program’s first coach, which was a labor of love somehow squeezed into my extremely busy work life. One thing quickly became apparent. For Wilson Squash to grow from infancy to maturity, it would have to be entrusted to a squash professional who could devote time and energy and expertise to the team, who could inspire our students to excel at the sport, and who could manage the many administrative details that happen behind the scenes but are indispensable to making the program successful. Hunt was absolutely the right person at the right time to whom to pass the baton. He did an outstanding job in all respects. There are many proof points I can offer. The Wilson squash program started with ten students in 2008. By the time Hunt left Sports Club/LA in 2013, we had 33 students participating. The sport achieved Varsity status at the school; with all the interest that was generated, we also added a full Junior Varsity team. Hunt was also largely responsible for bringing in new students from smaller British School and School Without Walls. He skillfully managed all the moving parts of this busy program. He worked with multiple school administrations, ran practices, gave lessons, scheduled matches against other schools, kept attendance and match records, taught refereeing classes, arranged awards dinners, created a stable financial platform that satisfied the players' parents and the club, coordinated fundraising, and was accountable to the parent board. One of his most exciting legacies is that two of the Wilson students whom Hunt inspired and coached went on to play Varsity squash at the College of Charleston and are fantastic players. But equally important, he put racquets in the hands of scores of students, taught them to play and love the game, and many (including my daughter) will continue to do so throughout their lives. And of course, he did all of these things while serving a busy club of 300 sometimes quite demanding squash members as well as club management. Hunt’s diplomatic skills were put to the test in coordinating the sometimes conflicting needs of high school students and club members for court time, lessons and more. From what I could see, he was able to manage these conflicts quite well. The fact that Wilson squash continues at the club today is testament to the thoughtfully way he integrated the programs together during his tenure. I noticed from time to time club members cheering the Wilson students on during their matches; I was hugely grateful for Hunt’s ability to secure meaningful financial contributions from some of those members to support our team. He made the Wilson squash players feel as though the club was their home club and they in turn treated him and the club with respect. For all he did to make Wilson squash an enduring success, it is a pleasure to recommend Hunt Richardson to you without reservation. -Bruce Charendoff
Hunt is dedicated to making his students' squash better regardless of their level of play. He is always able to assess what my game needs, and he is great at making his knowledge and experience easy to understand. Thanks to Hunt's instruction and guidance, he has honed my game to a higher level. I have a much greater appreciation for the sport of squash than when I started a year after I swung at my first ball. Everything has become clearer and more fun! -Carol Hahn
Hunt is a magnificent squash coach, and professional. While I learned the basics in college, I started playing in earnest after moving to Washington and joining the Sports Club LA. Hunt was a focused, patient, and encouraging teacher/mentor, who took me under his wing, taught me the fundamentals, and instilled a love of the game. It's been a few years, and I've had a marked improvement in my play and am nearly at the 3.5 level. -Ben Magarik
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