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Former college player and pitching/hitting/catching coach for baseball players of all ages, with the knowledge and ability to improve your skills while having fun in the process. View all coaching experience

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Training Locations
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  • University of Notre Dame (IN)

  • 5 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Outfield, Infield, Pitcher, Catcher

  • Pitching, Hitting, Fielding, Baserunning


  • University of Notre Dame (IN)

  • 5 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Outfield, Infield, Pitcher, Catcher

  • Pitching, Hitting, Fielding, Baserunning

More About Coach Eric

A big THANK YOU to all of my students for helping me become Maryland's #1 ranked baseball coach and #3 in the nation on Coachup! I'm an active baseball player who loves passing on my knowledge of the game to the next generation. I've played competitive baseball at the college level and played t-ball as a kid. I've had good coaches and bad. Through it all, I've learned how to communicate effectively and positively so my students learn faster.
I provide mainly pitching, catching and hitting lessons for ages 8 and up, but I also run day clinics for almost every position, as well as summer camps. I'm very technical in my coaching approach, but also realize that ultimately, baseball should be fun and lessons should be easy to understand. Starting in 2017, I will be taking a select team to Cuba every Spring to play baseball for a week. This is a dream job and a great opportunity for my players.

30+ years of baseball experience. Division 1 pitcher. Teammates call me the "Super Utility Player" as I play every position and switch hit. I still play competitive baseball and never plan to quit! Baseball is my passion and I feel my experience as an active baseball player helps me continue to learn more about the game, and share that knowledge with the next generation.

This is not a boring classroom; this is a workout session! I believe in more reps vs. more explaining. All purchased sessions are 30 minutes, but they can be combined to create 60, 90 or 120 minute sessions for maximum flexibility. A typical session includes proper warm-up and stretch, drills, instructional work-out time, and proper cool down/stretch. Optional video analysis provided on first session and then repeated on a monthly basis. Radar gun clocking also provided. I have my own professional 75 foot long batting cage with pitching machine (up to 100mph) and a pro pitching mound in my large backyard. It's a great and convenient place to hold various types of sessions. I'm also walking distance from a private school's baseball field where I have been allowed unlimited access to their field.

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Coach Eric was great with my eight-year-old who needs hitting instruction. He is very effective at teaching sports skills -- communicating well with kids (and parents) and having good drills for developing batting skills. He also kept it fun and exciting. We'll be going back again soon. I recommend him highly.

I finally learned how to update the review. We have had about 10 sessions with Eric, some one hour some two. My son loves to practice with him, and each time he improves some aspect of his game. The sessions are very efficient in terms of seeing clear improvement in a short period. We added switch hitting and his lefty hitting mechanics have gotten much better. Eric is now also working with my son on pitching, and his fastball speed and location have improved a lot. Eric makes a game out of many of his drills, increasing kids' interest and enjoyment. He is also great at breaking up complex processes like pitching and hitting into pieces that kids can learn. And he really communicates well with kids (and parents).

We have several additional sessions with Coach Eric. My son has progressed a great deal as a pitcher, throwing much better -- faster and with more command -- and with much more confidence. Eric does a great job of teaching while making the process fun and interesting for my son. He is very good at explaining to parents what he is teaching and how to work at home. Hitting has improved markedly. He has also taught us some great drills for defensive quickness. I highly recommend him.

(no details provided)

My son has been going to lessons with Eric and his camp for a couple of years. He really likes the one-on-one lessons - both hitting and catching - that give him a chance to work on what he feels like he needs to work on. Each lesson focuses on one or two things that he can think about and drills that he can do at home. Subsequent lessons go into more and more depth so that the student is not overwhelmed or given too much to try to change at one time. I have been impressed with how they worked on one aspect of hitting and how much improvement there was in that one aspect. My son also always does better in a game if he has done hitting drills in a cage the day before. It is amazing to see all the progress over time. The pitching machine in the cage allows the hitter to go slowly up to very high speeds, then going back down to slower speeds seem easy. Having Eric pitch to the student is also very helpful because as an excellent pitcher he can let the students recognize the different pitches and develop strategies on how to deal with them. The catching drills have also been excellent and has really improved my son's confidence and in game performance. He absorbs what is taught but still finds the catching drills helpful before a game to keep him sharp. He doesn't always get that in team practices or group hitting in a cage. Thank you coach Eric!

(no details provided)

My son enjoyed the camp. I thought it was ok. Communication from Eric was ok over email and the phone but in person he didn't give much feedback or seemed to have recognized any of my son's strengths or weaknesses regarding baseball. I had to ask him for a week end summary (i.e. what he should focus on, how he improved, etc.) and even then, it was my son who spoke up about what he could improve upon, Eric seemed disinterested and talked to us from the porch of his house, with half of his body still in the house. I got the impression he was often working for his other job as an architect. He was very helpful one day when traffic kept me from getting to my son before 5:20p (20m after after care ended).

Overall, it was ok.

Coach Eric recently worked on pitching with my team of 10-year-olds. His knowledge of the game is remarkable and is equally matched by his teaching skills and rapport with the players. He kept everyone engaged and they (and the coaches) learned a great deal because of his simple, enthusiastic approach. The kids loved his drills and provided great feedback to their parents. Coach Eric also spoke to the players about mental aspects to the game, sportsmanship, and work ethic. People like Coach Eric make youth baseball what it should be -- a joyous, awesome adventure.

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(no details provided)

We have only had one session with coach Eric. Eric was able to establish a good working relationship with my 10 year old son. Coach Eric gave him drills and pointers that my son can work on in the backyard to improve his hitting and pitching skills.

Hugo had a great time at camp last week and I could see that Eric and the other coaches got his fundamentals back in line (even improved) after a long summer not playing baseball. Thanks Eric! Looking forward to next time!

Coach Eric and his staff were great! My son came home every day more and more excited about what he was learning and how much fun he had. We will definitely be coming back.

My sons attended Coach Eric's end-of-summer baseball camp and had a wonderful time. It was very well run and a great combination of fun and skill development. It was a great way to end the summer.

A coach that knows baseball! Not just coaching, but playing the game too. Gave specific pointers on being more aggressive at the plate, and helping my son recognize good pitches vs. bad pitches. Didn't have too much time this session to work on catching, but one suggestion regarding placement of feet was made. No other coach before has paid attention to the finer details like this. Definitely a coach worth trying. Highly recommend.

My son has enjoyed his first few lessons with Coach Eric. In just a few hours, Eric has identified the specific areas for growth and used targeted drills to adjust and strengthen my son's approach, all the while providing positive and encouraging feedback.

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(no details provided)

Coach Eric was awesome, he saw things that several other coaches including myself didn't. My son Christian used to hit 6-8 coach pitch, then we went to kid pitch and all of a sudden he either walked or strikeout. We also needed help with his pitching, he is accurate but no speed behind it. Coach Eric was great in pointing out several adjustments to his batting and pitching and almost instant we are seeing results. We had a game the very next day and Christian had a double and 2 walks, he also pitched 2 scoreless innings striking out 5. Then a couple of days later he had a game in a more competitive league where he never has gotten bat on ball it was either strikeout or walk, he grounded out to third and he flied out to left. They both were well hit balls. I know it doesn't sound like much but you have to understand he had never hit in this league all season long.

Coach Eric has a really nice setup, he has all the tools and knowledge, we will definitely be going back for more sessions in the near future. I highly recommend him to anyone wanting to better their game.

Coach Eric does an exceptional job breaking down the skills into bite size steps and teaching them in kid friendly terms. Very impressive.

Coach Eric was great. He really helped fine tune my mechanics, and he gave me some great drills to do on my own. I can tell he's going to help me get better.

(no details provided)

Coach Eric was wonderful. He was so welcoming and put my shy son at ease immediately. He adapted the pitching session to my son's injury without skipping a beat. Easy to find and lots to do for the waiting parent. Finished all my grocery shopping and got a latte. Love the location.

(no details provided)

My son, who is a high school sophomore, said that Coach Eric is a great coach. He tailors his coaching specifically to what he needs, and all parts of his game have improved as a result. He made the high school baseball team, and continues to work with Coach Eric on improving his skills.

Coach Eric was excellent his approach to the evaluation of my son was spot on. After just one session my son says he understands exactly what he was doing wrong. I will continue to have my son work with coach Eric to help him continue to improve.

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(no details provided)

Great hands on coaching

I highly recommend Coach Eric to anyone. He found my weaknesses right away and worked on them diligently until they became my strengths. He's patient, knowledgeable and over all a good guy. I fell like i'm ready to have a great season!

I found Coach Eric on Coach Up, and reached out to help my 9-year-old reset his basic hitting mechanics and start to build a stronger, more consistent swing. We met up in his backyard, where he has a fantastic full-size 15' x 72' hitting cage, complete with turf and pitching machine (although for our work he personally threw every ball, from soft toss to full-speed kid pitch). In our first one-hour session, Coach Eric identified our existing issues, put corrective measures in place and drilled basic movements over and over and over. In our second session the next day, we graduated to more nuanced footwork, and left with a mental checklist of four or five things to think about on every set-up and swing. The improvement in my son's swing after just two hours has been profound, as he has learned to really unlock his hips and power for the first time, while staying balanced enough to make consistent contact.

I think a good coach (in any respect) does three things really well: 1) knows a craft well enough to see problems, 2) knows how to communicate the fixes in a way that makes sense, and 3) has the time and patience to drill proper technique over and over. Now try doing that with kids. Coach Eric is great at all three aspects. He knows hitting, he knows how to teach and provide the right cues, and he knows how to work with a self-motivated kid in a way that makes an hour of drills fly by, with lots of fun little games and challenges buttressed by a lot of encouragement. We're looking forward to more work this spring and seeing all of our hard work translate into success in our games.

Coach Eric did a great job with my son who is a senior in high school. He was always on time and flexible with his scheduling and gave my son all the tools and techniques to succeed! I recommend him without any reservation!

My son is particular about which coaches he trains with. He's a reserved kid but when I read coach Eric's profile and spoke to him before scheduling 2 sessions, I knew that he was understanding about the dilemma that my son goes through while playing Little League and Travel Baseball while being a switch hitter. After the 1st training session, my son was already implementing what coach Eric taught him and he was enthusiastic to go back for a 2nd training session. My son has the confidence now to train with his travel team as a switch hitter and he even hit from both sides of the plate at his little league tryout. He also picked up a few tips to help him with his pitching and as a catcher which I am sure will help him this season. We'll definitely be back to train with coach Eric!

Coach Eric was nice enough to fit us into his schedule..at 7am on a Sunday no less! My son is trying out for his baseball team and needed some feedback and redirection. Eric was amazing...he definitely knows his stuff and more importantly, how to coach. My son found the training super helpful and plans to work on Eric's suggestions..he said coaches have told him things before but they don't really have the time for 1:1, so his time with Eric was really useful. I would and will totally recommend him to anyone needing to work on their game. Thanks Eric!

My son has gotten a lot out of working with Coach Eric. He pitches and hits with more power now. Coach Eric's approach is great, too--very supportive. Great coach.

Coach Eric has done a terrific job working with my daughter to improve not only her fundamental skills but also her self-confidence and enjoyment of the game. He is patient, thorough and always encouraging. I would definitely recommend him!

Coach Eric was fantastic. He is able to make the lessons fun and educational at the same time. My 6 year old daughter loved it!! It was so much fun watching her learn to hit, run the bases and work on her catching skills. Eric did a great job of making her feel confident and providing for entertaining classes. Thanks!

Coach Eric is great. He listens, he explains, and he cares. Highly recommend him.

After one session ,I feel like I am a totally different person. My strength and skills improved a lot but still need more practice ,Thanks Coach Saul!

It's hard to pick a coach for your son based on reviews, luckily I was referred to Eric by a friend. This has been the best decision I have made for my son's baseball game. Eric has experience and knowledge, as well as a great facility for pitching and hitting in his own back yard. His ability to build on kid's strengths and push thier skills is unlike any coach I've seen before. My son enjoys being pushed and challenged and is seeing amazing results on the field.

Haven't played in a long time, and after one session i can really see what I need to do to improve before the spring season. Thank goodness Eric is so patient! Highly recommend him.

Coach Eric is a keeper! He coached our kid with valuable lessons that were key to helping our kid make it onto one of his favorite baseball leagues!

Coach Eric is a kind supportive teacher and he really knows how to teach baseball skills. My son really liked him and his skills in pitching and batting really improved!

(no details provided)

We very much enjoy working with Eric.

Coach Eric was great. MY son Max who is 10 and has never played baseball before really felt comfortable with him. Eric broke things down for him so he felt really good about his accomplishments. We look forward to more sessions!

This was an excellent lesson. I was really able to review my fundamentals, as well as learn new skills with some of the drills. The gloveless toss seemed to help my framing skills. The throwing and blocking drills were valuable as well. Coach Eric not only knows his stuff, but has a positive attitude as well. He is able to focus on strengths, and improve areas that need improvement without putting people down.

(no details provided)

My wife, 4 year old son and I came over from England for a holiday and wanted an authentic experience. Eric coached all 3 of us for the hour and gave us a run down of how the sport works and the basics, finishing up with a mini game. it was a great experience and he was brilliant with our son too. Thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend.

We've had a great experience with Coach Eric. His style and demeanor are fantastic. He does a great job with skill development through drills, but makes it fun. We would definitely recommend Coach Eric!

Great coach! Really takes the time to explain the rationale for what he's trying to teach. Really appreciate the feedback that he gives after a lesson.

Great instructor, he gave my son a lot of helpful advise, we will definitely be setting up multiple sessions.

Coach Eric was really good with my son. He is very professional and my son responded well to him. Coach Eric also gave some great pointers and tips for my wife and to use at home when we practice with him!!! Would definitely recommend!!!

Coach Eric was excellent! He made an immediate connection with my son and my son felt comfortable with his coaching technique. Not overbearing, but very easy going and non-pressured, but very instructive. He showed him a lot a little techniques that will make a real difference in his performance. Very satisfied and would recommend him to others.

Coach Eric is great

Coach Eric was wonderful. He helped my 11-year-old improve his swing and his throw. My son also really liked Eric. As my son put it, "he's a fantastic coach."

Great experience! Eric really helped my son with his hitting and helped him learn to be more aggressive at the plate with a full count. We will definitely be booking him again in the future for more hitting sessions and look forward to working with him on pitching as well.

Eric was awesome with my 8 almost 9 yr old son! He si concentrating on improving his pitching skills and Eric's tip, techniques and drills are helping to do just that! So glad we found this site and Coach Eric! Highly recommend him!

Coach Eric is terrific. He has an evident love for baseball and seems really to enjoy teaching my 13-year-old how to play better. He also has a great physical set-up consisting of an enclosed pitching/hitting area. I highly recommend him!

Coach Eric is fantastic. He is really helping my 11-year-old with his hitting after his confidence was shaken after moving up to a select league. He is encouraging and has a sense of humor. I highly recommend him.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Great Pitching coach!!!

My son is really improving his catching skills and we owe it all to Eric. His simple, yet effective drills have given my son confidence behind the plate that is very noticeable after just a few sessions. I highly recommend him for any child learning to be a catcher.
Eric has been absolutely wonderful while working with my son on his pitching skills. Eric has a special gift of balancing technical information with easy to follow instructions for younger players. Most importantly, my son is having a blast and keeps wanting to go back for more!
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