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Elinor M.

Former Olympian for Romania with 14 years of coaching experience


Vernon Hills, IL





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Hi. I'm Elinor. I am originally from Romania started gymnastics when I was six.
Ex rhythmic gymnast, national champion, Olympic team member of Romania. I trained in my home town Timisoara and at the Olympic training center in Bucharest Romania.

Since 1998 I have been coaching here in USA. I had several national, regional and state champions. Became one of the elite squad coaches for USA preparing the athletes for the Olympics.
So I have trained and study the development of the athletes with the best coaches in the world.
I recently relocated to Chicago area.
I would love to work with athletes and help them with my knowledge.

My skills are very diverse. Starting with warm up, stretching, flexibility, coordination, agility, strength, ballet, dance to more detailed needs depending on what the athletes needs are.
Body techniques for elements: leaps&jumps, turns, balances, flexibilities and acrobatics. I am an incredible choreographer. I use to choreograph at list 50 routines a year both for artistic and rhythmic gymnastics.
So from my experience after more then 30 years in gymnastics and after coaching in USA I know that the major problem that the athletes have is most of the things that I mentioned above.
Most of the coaches don't have the knowledge or the training on those skills. That's why I decided that I would love to focus my career in helping athletes to become successful.
I would love to hear from you and work together.

As an athlete I was national champion of Romania. Won every event so I was an all around national champion. Became olympic team member of Romania.
I actually started coaching in high school at the age 14 helping with the high school gymnastics team.
Went to the University of Sport in Romania.
Moved to USA California in 1998. Since then I coached here in USA and had several state, regionals and national champions. I became one of the elite squad coach for USA and trained at the olympic training center in Lake Placid and Colorado Springs with the best coaches and trainers in the world.

Back in California I was part of a great project and helped build an amazing athletic center to emphasize the importance of athletics on kids life. We had different sports programs: gymnastics, wrestling, boxing, judo, tae kwondo, dance, ballet and an academic room. Because of my background and expertise I was really involved with all the programs at the center.
So besides coaching my team and my program I was involved in every program at our center. I was helping with all the other programs coaching speed, agility, coordination, flexibility, strength, ballet, dance, and choreography

My session plan would be depending on what the athlete needs would be. I like to customize my training depending on what the athlete needs are. Anything from flexibility to strenght, speed, agility, dance, ballet and choreoghraphy.

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