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Level 200 USASA coach with 10+ years experience working with riders of all levels. I can help you learn your first turn to throwing your first rodeo 540. Speak 4 languages. View all coaching experience

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Standard Package any mountain
In-Person Training for a single athlete

1 session package with Coach Daniel. 180 minute session length

Session Length: 3 hours

$400 1 session + applicable fees

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Mammoth Mountain half day
In-Person Training for a single athlete

Half day with breaks 4 hour session. video footage amd review included

Session Length: 4 hours

$500 1 session + applicable fees

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big bear half day
In-Person Training for a single athlete

4 hour session at big bear with video footage and review to be provided. the 4 hours can be broken up to take breaks

Session Length: 3 hours

$360 1 session + applicable fees

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Mt creek half day
In-Person Training for a single athlete

1 session package with Coach Daniel. 4 hour lesson with breaks and video footage

Session Length: 3 hours

$350 1 session + applicable fees

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Make me an OFFER
In-Person Training for a single athlete

make me an offer , let's see what we can work out

Session Length: 1 hour

$1 1 session + applicable fees

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Snow summit half day
In-Person Training for a single athlete

3 hour sessions video footage included breaks in between

Session Length: 3 hours

$360 1 session + applicable fees

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Travel Guide
In-Person Training for a single athlete

personal guide to any ski area intermediate to advanced riders only

Session Length: 1 day

$300 1 session + applicable fees

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  • Anna Maria College (MA)

  • 20 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Freeriding, Slopestyle, Half-Pipe, Big Air, Racing

  • Absorbing, Angulation, Carving, Grinding, Jumping, Pumping, Turning, Counter Rotating, Riding Switch, Powder Boarding, Terrain Park


  • Anna Maria College (MA)

  • 20 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Freeriding, Slopestyle, Half-Pipe, Big Air, Racing

  • Absorbing, Angulation, Carving, Grinding, Jumping, Pumping, Turning, Counter Rotating, Riding Switch, Powder Boarding, Terrain Park

More About Coach Daniel

USASA level 200 coach.
Have coached for 12 years and instructed for 8 years before that.
I coached the mammoth mountain snowboard team last season 2014-2015 winter .
I have coached at Wachusett mountain , coached extreme team for two seasons
I also coached zero-g team at ski ward as well as designed and built the park there.
I have taken 16 riders to compete at nationals in Copper mountain over past 6 seasons.
I instructed at Wachusett, mountain creek and ski ward for over 10 years , worked my way into the freestyle portion through the love of riding with kids and getting them to achieve their dream on and off the snow

Never personally competed. Got in to the sport later in my life, have learned from the bottom up how to train riders from their first turns on the mountain, to spinning on their first rail or throwing rodeos off the booters. I have been nationally certified instructor with AASI for 10 years and am also nationally certified through USASA to coach all level riders at all sanctioned events. Have coached all aspects of snowboarding from freestyle, slope style, half pipe, rail jams, boarder cross and slalom. Have also judged at competitions and am up to date with what judges are looking for in every run. If competing isn't for you that's fine because we can work on every aspect of learning how to maximize fun at any mountain or hill. I'm comfortable on any terrain and there is nothing I can not teach on a snowboard.

I bring the aspect of being healthy and fit into every session. Offering coaching on how to get the maximum production out of your body in order to achieve what ever you desire on and off the mountain. Can teach anyone from 3 years old and up. Have experience working with kids of all ages and you can expect to get a good amount of one on one time to help fine tune any skill you choose. I offer video review sessions as well as off mountain fitness training. anything from your first turn to , anything you want to learn in the park, or anything you want to do on the mountain is all possible. I travel to almost any mountain if it's for enough days or sessions.

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Client Reviews

Coach Daniel was absolutely wonderful. My girlfriend has been snowboarding for several years but never could quite "get it." She had trouble linking turns and always reverted to the "falling leaf" method out of frustration. Coach Daniel knew right away what she needed to work on and knew how to explain it clearly, breaking it down into smaller parts that she was able to work on throughout the lesson. We spent the next day snowboarding again, and the difference between before the lesson and after the lesson was night and day. We spent that whole next day working on what Coach Daniel taught and it was the first time, after years of trying to ride, she actually enjoyed snowboarding. Wish we did this year 1.

Thanks so much!

Daniel was fantastic, great instructor with an easy to follow lesson plan

(no details provided)

Daniel took me from no control of my board to full control of my board in less than two hours. He helped me conquer my fears and provided me with the skills necessary to actually be in control and have fun. He is kind, patient and a great coach. I will be booking more lessons to master my board.

He is do patience and great! Def will have Daniel the next class when I go to Vermont!

Daniel was very patient and meticulous with our child. She had a lot of fun during her session, and was begging us to book Daniel again. Thanks Daniel for Mira's first snowboarding experience, can't wait to schedule another session again!

Daniel is a man of his word. We had a hiccup on what would have been our first encounter, we rescheduled it for another day and he went above and beyond to make sure my family was taken care of. Daniel trained my 4yo (beginner) along with my husband (intermediate). Daniel speaks multiple language and was able to train my daughter in her dominant language which is currently Spanish. He was patient with her, and sweet. He made sure she was having fun while also teaching her how to ride with control. Daniel has earned my loyalty and I look forward to booking many more lessons with him for my family.

Coach Daniel is wonderful! My son had sessions with him for two days and already can stand and ride on his own for a little bit. Daniel was very patient with young kid. He toured my son to the mountain and had him really enjoy the trip. I have fully trust with Daniel on taking care of my little one and teaching him. Can’t wait to book the next session!!!
Highly recommended!

My son learned more in one lesson than we could have ever imagined! Coach Daniel has an amazing attention to detail. Can't wait to book the next one. Highly recommended

Coach Daniel is a great coach, my daughter is three years old and she was timid on the snow at the beginning, Daniel was patient and calm her down and made her enjoy the snow and want to stance on her own board in fun way, I can trust him and can’t wait to see him for the next session

Highly recommended! Truly an outstanding coach who goes above and beyond to help you be the best you can be. He is extremely patient, very talented, and he makes snowboarding fun! He is always encouraging and comes on time to each session with a positive attitude for the day. He helped me progress more than I ever could've imagined both inside and outside of the park. The video reviews that he does are very helpful when trying to dial in a new trick. It was a pleasure to ride with him and I look forward to working with him again next season!

Daniel is truly passionate about snowboarding. He is very knowledgeable instructor who was able to detect and quickly fix all my riding problems. After two days of lessons, I was able to ride every single feature at the beginners freestyle park! I would recommend Daniel to anyone who wants to quickly improve his riding skills.

I highly recommend Daniel. The progression in a single day was very encouraging. He had great attention to detail and was able to help me greatly improve my riding in the pipe.

Highly recommend! Coach Daniel worked with my extremely cautious 11 year old son, who has never tried a snow sport, or board sport, and me (non-athletic 50-year-old) who tried snowboarding about 20 years ago. We weathered the basics through a storm, and fortunately, had beautiful weather for our second session where Coach Daniel got me connecting heel and toe turns down the slope. If my son weren't so exhausted, I believe he would have gotten his heel side and turns with a couple of more runs down the slope. My son went into snowboarding school for this third day, and after experiencing both, preferred Coach Daniel. My son progressed far more with Coach Daniel than in the school, where he was with two other boarders at the same level with him. Lastly, Coach Daniel took the time to review our progress and leave notes of what to keep working on, tips to remember.

I've had many coaches in my life and Daniel is hands down the best coach I've ever had. He has the keen ability to figure out how you learn and communicate in a way that makes sense and connects the words to actions and results. He is so patient and doesn't allow you to give up or stop short of your potential. He takes his time to identify your level, master the basics and then hit the slopes. To give perspective, I'm 31 and had only snowboarded a handful of times before lessons with Daniel. By the end of the lessons I was linking turns while gaining speed and confidence. I highly recommend Daniel for any level, age or experience!

Coach Daniel was excellent. My kids 10 and 6 loved working with him. What impressed me most was his ability to relate to the kids and have them be so stoked at the end of the almost 4 hour lesson neither one of them wanted to leave the mountain. They had 3 previous lessons at Bear Mountain last year and were basically taught the falling leaf. Daniel immidiatly pivoted to teaching them the toe side carv and how to use your edges effectivly. We used Daniel 3 straight days for a dad's and kids trip we do annually, The first day it was just my two boys with their friends who are the same age joining them on the final two days. Not only did he do an excellent job coaching my kids he was able to manage all 4 with the other two having never been on a snowboard before. All the boys were going down the mountain from the top by day three and were super stoked on snowboarding. We will definitly be using Daniel again and can't wait to see how my son's progress.

Daniel is one of the most technically knowledgeable instructors around. He provides personal and detailed analysis enabling one to progress quickly. My teenage daughter and her boyfriend were linking turns their first day. Thank you Daniel!!

My session with Daniel was more than I could ever ask for. He was patient, but also challenged me, and just from seeing me go down the hill once, he knew exactly what I wanted and needed to work on. He provided me with the tools and technique to continue practicing on my own, but I will definitely schedule more sessions with him, for I improved so much! Bonus points for making me laugh and recording my turnS. Would recommend in a heartbeat.

Coach Daniel is trustworthy, proficient and very patient. Before starting the sessions with him I was confused about techniques because of what I have been thought in the past. Now I am much more confident in myself and that thank to Daniel. I would recommend coach Daniel to anyone.
Thank you. See you next season:)

Trent (10): Coach Daniel was very patient with me even though I fell a lot. He taught me good basics and even more. He is a five star coach.

Coach Daniel was an amazing instructor! He had the knowledge to help me put all the pieces together for an awesome day on the mountain. It was by far one of the most fun, productive, and interesting days snowboarding. He had me on the Blacks!!! That's saying a lot. Hope to take more sessions from him in the future. This time working on the flats...lol
Thank you Daniel. Jackie

Coach Daniel is amazing - I'm a terrible snow boarder, but he is amazing. I'd never been on snow before. He quickly helped me acclimate to the situation, explained the equipment and literally helped me start from nothing. He is patient and meticulous. I snow boarded down a flipping mountain!! Highly recommend for snow boarders of all levels.

Coach Daniel was awesome!
We brought 4 San Diego teenagers to Big Bear with the hopes of learning to snow board.
Daniel was a master at somehow coaching them all at once. He was cool enough that they wanted to listen, and patient enough to get them all snowboarding. My only regret is that we didn't schedule more time with him. We will for sure call him next time we are anywhere near snow.

Coached our son all season and brought him to nationals where he competed in 3 separate disciplines. With 2 top ten finishes and second place at boardercross, we were very proud of the work Coach Daniel was able to do with our son. Coach Daniel is much more then just a coach, he is a mentor and a positive influence.
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