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Club Squash Pro with over 30 Years of Coaching and Playing Experience. View all coaching experience

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  • Tufts University (MA)

  • 30 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Ball Control, Serves, Form, Footwork, Strategy, Decision Making, Drop Shots, Wall Shots, Deep Shots


  • Tufts University (MA)

  • 30 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Ball Control, Serves, Form, Footwork, Strategy, Decision Making, Drop Shots, Wall Shots, Deep Shots

More About Coach Cliff

Cliff Wenn has over 30 years experience teaching and playing squash.

He is certified at the highest level by the WPSA, a member of the Harrow Squash Advisory Staff, a US Squash National Verifier and a US Squash SPA (Squash Professional Affiliate) member. Cliff holds a B.A. in Economics from Tufts University and an M.S. in Sports Management from Northeastern University.

Cliff learned the game under regional coaches in Singapore and Malaysia. His formative years were spent training in Singapore at the nation's top squash clubs during the period when Singapore was an Asian and world squash power.

Over the past 30 years in the US, Cliff has been the Head Pro at several Boston area clubs, and was a Head College Squash Coach for 10 years. He is also the founder & director of the successful Learnsquash Junior Squash Camps at Nobles that have now been in operation for 11 years. This past summer Learnsquash added 3 new squash camps at the Winsor School in Boston that were all fully subscribed.

Currently Cliff is the Squash Director at the Maugus Club in Wellesley, MA, where he has taught for the past 20 years. Cliff coaches several top ranked juniors from the surrounding prep schools, and many adults from rank novice all the way up to international standard.

- Coach to many juniors who achieved top US national rankings in their respective age groups, including No. 1's and many players ranked in the top 50.
- Coached several US national age group champions.
- Worked with national team players from around the world.
- Visiting Pro at clubs and resorts around the world.
- Winner of the 1996 Newport Open Squash Tournament.
- 5 years training and sparring partner to former Malaysian National Squash Champion, Razlan Hashim.

My lessons are structured in this general format:

- Welcome
- Warmup/Catchup
- Diagnosis/Analysis
- Design/Drills
- Theory/Demonstration
- Conditioned Games
- Review
- Homework

- Welcome: For first time students, I will tell them a little bit about myself and also ask them about themselves. I will explain how I operate and conduct my lessons. For regulars, just a little bit of normal conversation.

- Warmup/Catchup: A couple of minutes per side of crosscourts during which time I will find out how their game is doing or why did they come to me, is there a specific reason?

- Diagnosis/Analysis: I have personally designed a set of test/drills that I use to diagnose where my students strengths/weaknesses lie.

- Design: Based on what I have observed, and/or with student input, I will design the day's lesson.

- Theory/Demonstration: I will demonstrate the drills/stokes/techniques that will be needed in the lesson.

- Conditioned Games: This is where the workout part occurs! During the conditioned games we will work on the ideas covered in the lesson, but in a match play format. I want my students to get a good workout here!

- Review: I will go over with my student what I have discovered as well as proposed fixes. I will also remind him/her of any personal cues we had used during the lesson that seemed to work for them.

- Homework: I will let my student's know what they should be practicing between lessons; either by themselves or with a partner in order to get the most out of the lessons.

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Client Reviews

Coach Cliff Had a session for my daughter this afternoon.My daughter enjoyed it so much. Hopefully she could find time has more sessions with Cliff. Thanks a lots!

We had a great experience with Coach Cliff! My son had never played squash before and in 3 lessons Cliff taught him the fundamentals, strategy and rules so that he would feel confident trying out for his high school team. He is a very patient and enthusiastic coach, provided detailed feedback and practice notes after each session and was very responsive to emails/scheduling requests. We highly recommend working with Cliff!

Cliff is detailed-oriented and takes the time to observe and assess his athletes’ strengths and weaknesses. He is clear in his instruction and feedback, and patient in helping the pupil to make the slight adjustments that make big differences in her or his game.

(no details provided)

Coach Cliff was helpful on the phone, discussing the sport which is new to us. My daughter loved the lesson, and learned an amazing amount for her first time trying to sport. He is patient, explains well, and genuinely seems to enjoy what he is doing. My daughter is hooked! Thanks!

Coach Cliff was outstanding! He introduced my 15 year old son to squash. He made it fun while giving excellent instruction. My son felt comfortable with Coach Cliff and after the lesson said he wanted to continue with squash. I highly recommend Coach Cliff!

I highly recommend Cliff to others. He is extremely helpful, highly communicative and was quick to diagnose problems with my game.

(no details provided)

Cliff has coached two of my children for more than a year. They have both improved tremendously under his guidance. As important, they look forward to working with Cliff as he is a very encouraging and supportive coach. We can't recommend him highly enough!

Coach Cliff is absolutely fantastic – I learned so much in just few lessons!

Very effective coach! Great post-training feedback!

(no details provided)

Cliff was great! I came to him as a novice squash player and, in three sessions, he taught me the basics of almost every aspect of the game. All of my footwork and shots improved significantly with his help. He also supplied me with a list of things to work on along with links to some training videos so I am equipped with material to continue improving on my own. He made all of our sessions extremely fun and I highly recommend him for a beginning player.

Last week, Coach Cliff gave me my first squash lesson ever. I learned an incredible amount in just an hour and a half. He is patient, challenging, and rewarding. Coach Cliff strikes a perfect balance between offering advice and listening to the player. The lessons are also fun! The drills are carefully designed to meet players needs/match the skill level. Plus, it's a great workout! I would highly recommend Cliff to any level player.

(no details provided)

Enjoyed a perfect first lesson with Coach Cliff. His attention to basics and form have my compass set for better playing, and I look forward to my future lessons with him. Patient, courteous and knowledgable, enthusiastic, a great coach all around!

Cliff is an excellent coach! He is extremely patient and provides unique techniques to master the game. His provides a detailed post session analysis and detailed feedback on improving your weakness. I highly recommend training under him.

Excellent first session with Cliff. Great demeanor. well spoken. Focussed on teaching foundations and building up a player. Will schedule more classes definitely. Great courts too where he teaches.

Cliff has worked with both of my teenage sons for over a year. He is consistently positive, prepared, and thorough in his approach. He knows how to diagnose and then gradually improve their level of play. My boys love taking lessons with Cliff because they always have fun and learn a lot. Not only have I found Cliff to be 100% professional 100% of the time, but Cliff is the kind of coach who will go the extra mile. He is also such a nice guy. Jennifer Uhl

Cliff is truly awesome. From the first lesson, my two children took an immediate liking to him. He is very supportive and helpful. Our children are total beginners and now really love the game.

Cliff is a fantastic squash coach. He combines an incredibly in-depth knowledge of both the technical and mental aspects of the game with uniquely creative coaching techniques and attitudes about competition at all levels. I worked with Cliff for a number of years as a junior and his mentoring was absolutely fundamental to my success and overall understanding of the game. Most importantly though, through all my time on court with Cliff I was always having fun and I attribute much of my continued enjoyment of the game of squash to my experiences training with Cliff.
In the Boston and Metro West area, Cliff Wenn has served as both the best point of entry for those who wish to learn squash and the most frequent ongoing resource for serious squash juniors competing at the interscholastic level. His methodology molds players from very different clay, because Cliff is as skillful at communicating to young and old and he is with teaching technique in difficult corners on court.
Cliff Wenn is an extraordinary squash coach and teacher. I speak as a past Varsity Tennis Coach at the University of Michigan, and I have seen hundreds of racket sports instructors. Cliff is among the best. He has been coaching my 15 year old son for a short time, and brought him from a low intermediate level to challenging onto the varsity squash team at Nobles School in Dedham, MA. Cliff broke down my son's game into details that he could grasp and quickly execute at a new level. He is remarkably supportive as his student's struggle through learning a new skill; and his sense of how to structure and move along each lesson just at the right time is a gift.
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