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Former Professional Player with over 10 years training and instructional experience. I train hitters to become Hitters! I train catchers to become Leaders! View all coaching experience

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  • California State University--San Bernardino (CA)

  • 15 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Kids, Teenagers

  • Infield, Catcher

  • Hitting


  • California State University--San Bernardino (CA)

  • 15 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Kids, Teenagers

  • Infield, Catcher

  • Hitting

More About Coach Chris

Former Professional player with over 15 years training and instructing baseball/softball players from 6 years old to professional players, along with running training facilities and planning/operating group lessons and camps. I have coached youth camps with ages ranging from 4 years old to high school. I have privately instructed youth, amateur, and professional baseball players on hitting and catching.
Spent 7 years at Sports Medicine Institute in Anaheim, CA rehabbing professional players from shoulder and elbow injuries. I helped in creating and executing summer baseball camps for PFA Baseball Training Facility in Upland, CA.

I spent 7 years in the Frontier League as a catcher/infielder. During the off-season, I assisted in planning and participating in baseball camps and/or group/team instruction. My ongoing highlight in athletics, particularly baseball, is watching players mature and realize how to allow their talent prevail. On top of this, I spent time rehabilitating baseball/softball players with elbow and shoulder injuries, including rehabbing several MLB players to return to game ready status.
I played on 2 CIF Championship teams at South Hills High School and 1 professional championship team with the Rockford Riverhawks.
2 particular highlights in the past few years were when I worked with 2 high school players who wanted to play in college. Took 1 hitter from being an average hitter, to a hitter who hit for both average and power. This player has received a scholarship to Cal Poly Pomona. The other player never played organized baseball prior to his sophomore year. We worked every week on throwing and hitting and is now starting on the Varsity team for Claremont High School and also received a scholarship for baseball to play in college next year.

1st session typically is an evaluation of skill level and discussion of expectations and goal setting. Every session will build on last, and every session has a purpose. Other than the physical skills being a priority, the mental aspect of sports will also be included throughout every session. Players who work with me will become more confident and independent players.
Throughout the years, I have grown accustomed to doing lessons that are solely structured around the athlete and the goals set forward. This has been the best as every athlete is different and functions differently in almost every sense. My lessons can be structured into a progressive plan, or a simple tune up or quick fix. I do not provide institutionalized style teachings, I only teach the core fundamentals that can be built on.
For Pitching, an evaluation session is required to establish skill level and create plan to achieve goals. Also, pitching lessons is done with my wife who pitched competitively through her collegiate career. Pitching lessons include instruction with a catcher, and video analyses after each session.

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Client Reviews

Chris is amazing. My son can’t wait to go back. The facility is welcoming and very clean.

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My son's attention span is all over the place, but Coach Chris was able to provide some great substance and attention into just 1 session. We are excited to schedule many more!

Great coach really good with my son. Looking forward to more sessions.

Coach Chris was great! He did an amazing job connecting with my nephew, and gave us some great skills to practice and work on going forward. My nephew left feeling confident and more importantly, left really enjoying the experience. Would highly recommend coach Chris to anyone!

Met with Coach Chris for a lesson with my 10 year old son, he was very helpful and infomative. He wasn’t just a robot going through the motions, just trying to get money. He broke down what my son was doing good or bad and gave tips on how to change his bad habits. We are looking forward to his next lesson, my son is already talking about it. We would definetly recommend Coach Chis to any player looking to improve on any aspect of their game. Thank you Coach!

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(no details provided)

Chris is a professional with expertise for recognizing areas to improve, providing the direction for improvement and helping the athlete build an understanding within themselves.

Coach Chris did an awsome job with my 6 yr old son. My son couldn’t hit at all when we first met Chris. Now my son had confidence he never had at the plate, he’s hitting the ball consistently. I even learned the proper technique I never knew from watching him coach my son. I will be going back to him in the future. I highly recommend him.

Coach Chris was patient with my 5 year old. He had a 30 minute session and adjusted my sons swing. Every time I practice with my son now, he remembers what Coach Chris taught him. Keep in mind, we've only worked once with Coach Chris. My son enjoyed his session with Chris. We look forward on working with Coach Chris. If he could teach a 5 year old kid how to fix his swing in 30 minutes I could only imagine what he can do as we work more with Chris!

Coach Chris knew exactly what Andrew needed after just a few minutes of evaluating him. He made my son feel confident and comfortable. Andrew left there smiling and excited for his next session. I was very impressed and look forward to my son's journey learning with Coach Chris!

Thank you very much coach Chris! You really helped develop my sons hitting.

Coach Chris is the best! So patient with the Lil guys and works with them until they truly understand. Recommend coach Chris very highly.

Very patient and nice. Did a great job teaching my son some fundamentals.

I recently took my grandson for his evaluation lesson. I felt that his method of evaluation was excellent! His approach to coaching was perfect for encouraging kids to learn. You can't fake passion for what you love to do and it is obvious that Coach Chris loves coaching.

Coach Chris is very patient & precise with his batting instruction. I have passed his information to a few close friends.

Bubba and I met with Coach Chris for Bubba's first session and it was a success. Bubba is 15 and hard to impress but Coach Chris made him feel comfortable from minute one! Bubba is excited about going back for more lessons and that makes me one happy momma! Thanks Coach Chris!!

Coach Chris is awesome. My son is 8 years old and really enjoyed working with Chris, he asked if he could continue training with him. Coach Chris takes time to talk to your son/daughter and explains things in a way they understand and helps them make the necessary adjustments. Highly recommended.

I am very impressed with Coach Chris. His high caliber of coaching skills has made a valuable impact on my 11 year old son's overall mechanics. What a difference an extra 30 minutes a week can make on an athlete's overall performance. My husband and I are extremely pleased with Chris. He takes great concern to prevention of injury to your child. Safety is an upmost concern, and this is obvious during training sessions. My child enjoys coming to see Chris each week. And as a family, we agree that this type of one on one private instruction is more beneficial than two to four hours of team practice two to thee times a week. If you want to step up your child's performance or just keep them warmed up and their skills honed, this is the right place to be with your athlete!

Coach Chris was quick and to the point of breaking my son's swing down, I was very impressed with his knowledge of hitting mechanics . This was our first time ever seeking outside help and we are very pleased to have gone with coach Chris. Most importantly, my son had a very good time working with him! We are looking forward to our next session!

Coach Chris was very inventive and offered a lot of instruction. I only wish he was closer to my house so my son could continue to go. Thank you.

Coach Chris was great. My son really enjoyed his session and after only one session is ready to take his advice and get to work on his game even more. He is excited and looking forward to the next session and is eager to learn new training techniques to become a better hitter. He shared a lot of good information with us and was extremely knowledgeable about baseball. I highly recommend coach Chris.

During our first session, Coach Chris quickly identified my sons problem when hitting and showed him some drills to help him out. My boy was very comfortable with Coach Chris and had no trouble understanding what he was teaching him. We will definitely continue to use Coach Chris' services.

My son really liked Chris, he made him feel comfortable and he enjoyed the way he explained the hitting mechanics. We will continue to use him. Thanks coach up!

My sons first session with Chris went great, my son was very happy with his coaching technique and his knowledge of hitting fundamentals. His communication skills with my son was great, he made sure that my son understood the corrections to his stance, approach and swing and the reason
for them. We are looking forward to more sessions with Chris and seeing my son reach his full potential as a hitter.

Thank you very Much. Coach Chris helped my 17 yr old son on our first lesson with techniques we have never experienced before. He really need that quality training , workout and coaching wisdom. It couldn't have been a better session. And my Son really appreciated it
Thank you and will continue with Coach Chris

Good coach helps my son a lot

Coach Chris was wonderful! It was my boys' first time learning baseball, and they were apprehensive. Coach Chris encouragingly coached them step by step, pointing out what to change/improve. My boys look forward to the next lesson.

My son had a great first session with Coach Chris. Initial evaluation of my son's hitting and where to go from here for future sessions went well and we're sure his tips and instruction will result in improvement on the field. Highly recommend.

My son is 14 and has had some one on one lessons before and seeing Chris break things down and explain things to him was great!! Very knowledgeable.

(no details provided)

My son has been seeing Chris for about 6 weeks now and is really responding. He is learning how his hips, hands an other parts all affect his swing. I have definitely seen an improvement in my son as well as his passion and confidence in the game increase.

(no details provided)

Coach Chris gets 5 stars across the board from me. From day 1, Chris observed areas in which my son's swing and approach to hitting that could be adjusted. I enjoy the fact that he asks my son questions about his swing and ways that it can be improved. My son is now thinking of the adjustments he has to make in his last swing and has him thinking about the next pitch coming in regards to the pitch count. He continues to make my son a better student of the game.

Josh was really comfortable with Coach Chris right away. Just in 30 minutes Josh was able to be a better hitter. Prior to the lesson with Coach Chris, Josh had a good swing but was having issues hitting the ball. After the lesson, during the very next practice Josh hit better in the batting cages, and a few days later had a double header. During the double header Josh was able to go 2-3 in the games. Coach Chris was able to explain to Josh in a way that he was able to understand what he needed to do to be a better hitter. Coach Chris was also good at teaching in an upbuilding manner rather than in a demeaning way. Joshua's improved hitting led to multiple other players parents requesting Coach Chris' services!

(no details provided)

Coach Chris does an excellent job of breaking down the swing and utilizing different drills to focus on each aspect the swing. My son has a significant difference in just three sessions. Coach Chris also does a great job of explaining the different drills, what they are meant for, and the importance of the drills in relation to the overall swing. He explains the drills so that my son can understand the purpose of them.

We really enjoyed the way Coach Chris worked with our son.What we liked was the way he evaluted our Son and worked with him on a individual bases instead of a routine training program . Looking forward to future Lessons with Coach Chris .

Coach Chris was absolutely wonderful with my 8 year old. He explained why he was doing drills and was questioning him to ensure he was understood! We have had coaches in the past who barely said a word or two and didn't break things down! We will definitely be sticking with coach Chris!

Chris is great with kids, knows his baseball, and how to teach proper, modern baseball skills

My daughter's first visit with Coach Chris was great. Not only did Coach Chris show her the drills she needed to improve her skills as a catcher, he explained the reasoning behind the drill. My daughter left her session feeling motivated to get back behind the plate. She will definitely be returning for more lessons.

It was my sons first training with Coach Chris and he had fun and picked up some pointers - I can already see that at the end of his 6 weeks he will improve a lot.

My son loves practicing with coach Chris. This been our third practice with him and have enjoyed the experience.

(no details provided)

Coach Chris has patience and adapts to the child's playing level. He focuses on the player's area of concern and customizes his training accordingly. Communicates effectively with the player and creates a positive learning environment.

Coach Chris was what I was hoping for my son. I saw positive changes in the first session and my son was more excited to hit than ever. Thank you coach.

Coach Chris was awesome! After only one lesson, my 8 year old son has already shown improvement in his batting technique. Coach Chris worked closely and patiently with my son to not only teach him different skills but to make sure he understood why he was doing them. I have already booked more sessions and am excited to see my son further progress. Not only did he learn, but my son had fun while doing it. I would definetly recommend Coach Chris to anyone!

My daughter loves working with Coach Chris! He has taught her so much in just 2 sessions! We look forward to working with him for many more !

Coach Chris has helped my son become more confident as a hitter, and now as a catcher since his High School coach said he would be catching full time now. Coach Chris can work with any player and make them better.
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