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Experienced runner with good agility and short sprint skill


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I have been a competitive runner for 6 ½ years. The first sport I competed in was soccer where I developed my agility and short sprint skills. In running, I began my junior year at Niwot High School where I competed in the 1600 and 3200 meters. My senior year, I qualified for the CHSAA State Championships in the 3200 and placed 13th out of 22 runners with a personal best time of 10.14. Furthermore, in my one season of cross country I helped my team run to a 3rd place finish at the State Cross Country Championships.

My running took off in College, where I ran my personal best 5k of 16:05. I ran my first marathon at the Colorado Marathon in a time of 2 hours 57 minutes and ran in the 2012 Boston Marathon. In college, I founded Colorado State’s first ever undergraduate running club “Ram Runners.” The purpose of the club was to bring competitive and social runners together and create a unique atmosphere that empathized teamwork, perseverance, and fun. Runners were encouraged to compete in local races and meet other runners. I created track workouts and split our runners into three groups – advanced, moderate, and beginners. It was up to the runners if they wanted to participate in the workouts and I create alternative routes. On Saturdays I created long run workouts.

I have coached athletes ranging from high school to adult runners though Ram Runners. I am a personal coach who can help with track workouts or longer runs. My suggestions and mentoring will vary on the athlete or runner.

My vision is to create private mentoring plans that help the competitive or social runner excel in his or her goals. I want every runner that I mentor to feel comfortable and confident in their running. It is up to runners if they want me to jog with them or simply keep time and track progress.

Outdoor long runs are TBA but will vary from dirt trails or concrete paths. For track workouts I am looking into indoor track facilities.

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